Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 2

7 months later

Regina jumped off her horse as she approached her and Daniel’s normal meeting place, she flinched as she felt a crunching pain from her stomach, however these pains were normal now, at first she thought it was her losing her child, she cried for hours but the bump kept growing; even if it only grew a little bigger she knew that her baby was still there, she knew the little one was a fighter just like her. At the moment the place that the baby lay looked like a fat lump, the young woman’s mother thought that her daughter was just putting on a few pounds; the corsets that had kept the bump from growing to full size had hidden Regina’s pregnancy from her controlling mother. The woman was non the wiser which made Regina feel bouts of joy daily.

“Regina are you ok?” Daniel asked running towards his love, she nodded slightly as she squeezed her eyelids together tightly. Regina handed the horse’s reins to her lover as she placed one hand on her thigh and the other on her small baby bump, holding herself up, she bit her lip and tried to breath to make the sharp pains go away,

“Is she ok?” Daniel asked feeling useless in helping minimize the pain that Regina was feeling, it was all his fault and he couldn't do anything to help her, he could only watch which pained him, the sooner the baby was here the better he thought.

“You’re sure that it’s going to be a girl, aren’t you?” Regina chuckled looking up slightly but was cut off quickly as she clenched her teeth together trying not to cry out,

“She’s going to be a little Daddy’s girl” Daniel replied trying to keep a positive vibe, “Is there anything I can do?” Daniel ran to the tree quickly tying the reins tightly around the bark, he then made his way back to his pregnant lover.

“No, I’ll be fine. I normally just injure it for a couple minutes and it goes away” she explained, scrunching her face up

“This has been over a couple of minutes” Daniel warned getting onto one knee in front of Regina to try and get eye contact,

“Daniel, it’ll be ok. I’m sure” Regina looked to her baby’s father and tried to smile as best as she could. They stood in that same position for a while longer, Daniel had finished trying to help; he thought it best that he left her to deal with it like she normally would. Regina appreciated his effort and tried to thank him as much as she could,

When Regina’s pain ceased to exist they moved further towards further towards the tree trying to shield their meeting, they feared the most that Cora may find out about their forbidden love.

“I thought we could take a ride to Firefly Hill.” Daniel explained as Regina smiled brightly up at him, “We can make it by sundown, have a picnic-”

“I can’t. I have to be back in an hour – tea time. A lady never misses her tea time.” Regina interrupted, she rolled her eyes as said the word lady she didn’t care about status, and she never had cared she just wanted to be loved.

“This is absurd. Stealing kisses between lunch and tea? When are you going to tell your parents about us?” The young man asked looking at Regina; he knew that her mother wouldn’t agree but if they were to be together, with their new child, Cora had to know.

“It’s not my parents.” Regina sighed, “It’s her.” Regina looked at the dull green grass as she cringed at the thought of her mother

“I don’t understand. So, I work in the stables. She started out as the daughter of a miller. Wouldn’t she, of all people, understand?” Daniel asked, Cora made no sense to him she had barely met the woman as she didn't spend much time with horses but she was sure that the woman loved her daughter enough to let her be happy, whoever it was with

“She does. But… But, she thinks one’s trajectory needs to keep moving up and…” the nervous woman’s voice faded quieter as she thought she may offend her lover

“And I’m down.” Daniel admitted, he wondered if Regina thought the same and was just too scared to say it; would she be the same as her mother is too his little girl?

“She believes that, Daniel. I know better.” Regina said re-assuring her doubting lover, he looked into her eyes and found truth. He smiled as her eyes reminded him of his undying love for Regina.

“Regina, tell her. She’ll get over it. What can she do?” Daniel asked Regina’s eyes flickered with disbelief; she couldn’t believe that he was asking such a silly question.

“Have you not seen her magic? Th-The real question is, what can’t she do?” Regina fearfully stuttered, nobody could comprehend what her mother could do. That’s why they had to get away from her before the baby was born; however Daniel didn’t exactly see it like that.

“Who cares about magic? True love is the most powerful magic of all. It can overcome anything.” Daniel was confused as to why Regina was so scared of her mother.

It was then when the couple heard a distressed shriek,

“Help!” A little girl’s voice cried,

“Shh. Someone’s here.” Regina whispered fearing the worst she looked to see where the awful noise originated from, she saw a speeding horse flying from the fields around them.

“Somebody, help me!” The little girl cried again, Regina looked at her lover; she couldn’t leave the girl to speed away from whoever she was with. She ran away from Daniel jumping back on her horse, she flinched as the baby reminded its mother that it was there. She kicked on the horse and whimpered a little at the movement in her stomach before shaking her head and pushing her horse on even more

“Come on, please, stop! Help me! Help! Help me! Please help me!” The girl, known by most as Snow White, let a small tear fall from her eye as fear spread through her veins, she didn’t want to die and if someone didn’t save her soon she would die; she was positive this was the end.

Regina caught up to the scared child; she extended her hand out to the small girl “Give me your hand!” Regina insisted

Snow grabbed the young woman’s hand quickly holding on for her dear life, Regina pulled the child off her horse and onto her own. Regina sighed as she watched the wild horse speed away, her own horse however was slowing into a halt; she let the little girl slip from her grip as she tumbled of the horse to the ground. Regina slid off her horse flinching as the pain from her tummy returned, she ran over to the little girl helping her off the ground; she tried her best to ignore the aching pain that existed in her womb.

“It’s okay, dear. You’re safe.” Regina told Snow as the little girl got to her feet,

“You saved my life.” Snow smiled her eyes dazzled with admiration for this woman that had saved her life,

“Are you alright?” Regina asked the quite shaken child,

“Yes. But I’ll never ride again.” Snow still couldn’t break the gaze she had on the beautiful woman that knelt before her.

“Nonsense. The only way to overcome fear is to face it. To get back on that horse as soon as possible.” Regina advised smiling at Snow,

“Thank you.” Snow chimed feeling a sudden sense of admiration for the woman, she had never met a woman who was so lovely toward her, especially as this woman knew nothing about who she was, she saved her because she was genuinely lovely; snow made a packed to herself that she had to tell her Daddy all about the beautiful lady who saved her life

“Regina.” The young woman smiled, Snow breathed out heavily as she accepted the name of her most wonderful savior,

“I’m Snow. Snow White” with that the princess threw her arms around Regina engulfing her in a hug, one that sent a tingle through Regina’s spine.

After Snow departed Regina jumped back on her horse and rode towards Daniel; she slipped off her horse as he emerged from behind the tree.

“Who was that?” he asked, taking his love in his arms and pecking her with a small kiss

“Snow white, sweet really; she hugged me and it was really nice. Do you think our baby will hug me like that?” Regina asked looking down at her small bump, every time she thought about the baby it bought her a mixture of emotions, most of her was happy, overjoyed even... but part of her wondered what kind of mother she would be, she'd never been shown how to be a good mother she had the worst role model.

“Of course, she will cherish your every breath just like I do” Daniel smiled caressing Regina’s cheek

“So, you know it’s going to be a girl, does that mean you have any names in mind?” Regina chimed looking up at her partner

“I like Lily, I like Lily a lot!” he laughed,

“I like Lily too” Regina smiled before kissing Daniel.

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