Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 20

Regina’s eyes flashed open as the blinding light made her vision blurry; she waited for a second whilst her brown eyes adjusted to the setting. When all became clear she noticed a white ceiling,

It wasn’t right.

She looked down at the bed she lay in and that was a cream, beige colour to match,

It wasn’t her normal place of rest.

Following this thought she inspected the rest of the room,

She wasn’t in her palace.

Then in dawned,

The curse,

The new world,

Her new world.

She pushed her heavy covers off her body as she quickly sat up inspecting what she was wearing; her attire was like nothing she’d worn before, grey silk nightwear, a top that buttoned up at the middle and trousers. She pushed her body round so that her feet touched the carpeted floor; she looked once more down at her nightwear before running a hand through her hair. It felt different, at that moment she clenched her hands around both sides of her hair and felt the new hair-do, when it came to a short end her mother gapped in amazement. She let her hair go and pushed herself off the bed wondering quickly over the large window that mirrored her bed.

She pushed away the lightweight white netting to reveal a small town sitting on the other side of her window, she gasped in shock; this was the world she created, this was her curse. It actually worked. In disbelief she murmured to herself,

“I did it!” she grinned at this thought and let go of her curtains stepping back in pure shock, but happy shock. She couldn’t be happier with her curse and the fact that it actually worked,

“I won” She added thinking of the pain that Snow White - or should she say Mary Margaret - was going through now, not knowing her old life. She decided she wanted to investigate this new life, what she had for herself and Lily. She grinned at the thought of Lily and looked around the room to see the door, she saw a set of double doors and went to open them but when she progressed through the doors all the she saw was a large wardrobe filled with clothes, clothes that were unlike the old world. She grabbed a black dress and walked over to the mirror pushing it over her body; she smiled at her new attire and took it over to her bed before changing into it. When she was in the short dress with black tights on underneath she progressed through another door, this door led to a large corridor. She pushed open the door that she planned to be Lily’s and took in the room, the walls were coloured cream apart from one which was covered in duck egg coloured floral wall paper.

She scanned the room taking in it all before looking down at the duck egg sheets on the bed. Her eyes widened when there was no Lily in those sheets; she pushed the covers about roughly then gasped when she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. She rushed downstairs checking every single room for her daughter but she wasn’t to be found,

She checked the doors


She checked the windows


She checked the Garage


Her daughter wasn’t here and her daughter hadn’t left.

Her Lily wasn’t in Storybrooke, she didn’t know how but the curse hadn’t bought her over. Regina sat on her couch and wept; there was no way of finding Lily ever. The last convosation she would ever have with her only daughter was an argument; she would never ever forgive herself.

28 years later in the enchanted forest, after the curse is broken.

Lily shook her head, she didn’t remember falling to sleep nor did she remember why the huntsman hadn’t come back to get her. She pulled herself off the floor and looked around her, the trees were darker than they were before, and the sky was duller. A large gust of ice cold wind fled past Lily, the tiny particles of icy air crawled across her sensitive skin; she shivered and pulled her white cloak around her small body. She started to walk slowly through the thick ocean of tree’s every step taking her deeper in and making her even more fearful for her life.

It had been about an hour with no sight of any people or any civilisation; her eyes became damp as the level of her fear was becoming uncontrollable. A cold tear fell from her eye onto the stone cold floor as she looked around again,

“Help!” She yelped as she fell to the floor and wept, she lay on the floor until it started to shake, she heard a thump and the earth vibrated again. Her eyes widened and she looked up to the sky as she saw a flock of birds fleeing quickly in the opposite direction, she got up and looked around not knowing what it was and what it would do to her, before long a gigantic ogre appeared from in the tree’s. Lily looked up at its huge menacing body and screamed, it leant down to her as she fell back down to the floor. She looked at it as the monster got ever closer, she could feel its warm breath blowing her brown hair away from her face. She closed her eyes hoping that it wasn’t going to eat her but deep down she knew it would,

She shed a tear knowing this may be her last moment and that the last convosation she had with her momma was an argument. She would never forgive herself for leaving on that note.

Moments later she was being violently shaken by two strong hands, she opened her eyes expecting to be faced with the inside of the ogre but instead a largely built man stood in front of her, he smiled softly as he helped her off the ground.

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