Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 3

1 month later

“Are you ready?” Daniel asked as Regina ran into the stables holding a small bag; just the necessities that they would need to get by for the first week or two.

“Let’s go.” Regina smiled as she took Daniels hand, they ran hand in hand towards the exit to the stables; Regina gasped as she took in the blockade that was stopping them from leaving,

“You could’ve at least left a note” Cora hissed, she flicked her hand causing the couple to fly backwards into the stable; Cora then progressed into the stable herself slamming the doors shut behind her and locking all the ways of escape.

Regina whimpered as she felt a stabbing pain in her stomach,

“Mother, I-” Regina started, she pushed the pain to the back of her mind focusing more on the fact that her mother had discovered Daniel,

“Don’t. You sneak out of my house in the dead of night, and think I won’t notice? How dare you.” Cora snapped, as Regina and Daniel helped each other up

“You’re impossible to talk to. Stop with the magic and listen to me. I want to be with Daniel.” Regina cried trying to get her mother to listen to her demands, yet she wouldn’t dare mention the baby. That would surely bring her mother into pure anger

“Oh, you don’t know what you want. But I do. I didn’t make the sacrifices I did in life, to get you to the cusp of greatness, so that you could end up the wife of a stable boy.” Cora shouted, anger boiled within her

“But it’s my life.” Regina reasoned,

“You foolish girl. It’s mine. After what I had to do… The deals, I had to make to get us out of poverty, to get us this life, and you just want to toss it away?” Cora asked, but Regina was sure it was a rhetorical question

“Stay strong, Regina.” Daniel whispered to his love, he kind of wanted this to happen; Regina needed to face her mother sooner or later.

“Your magic can’t keep us apart. I love him.” Regina spat,

“And I love her.” Daniel told Cora,

“And I love her, too.” Cora repeated back,

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t try to keep us apart.” Regina sighed, she hoped that her mother wouldn’t act rationally to this; this was the one time for her mother to show that she could love.

“And if you loved me, you wouldn’t try to run away.” Cora retaliated,

“I’m sorry, but this is my happiness. We’re going.” Regina snapped, taking Daniels hand

“No, you’re not.” Cora grumbled,

“So, what’s your plan? You’re going to keep us here forever? Because that’s what you’ll have to do.” Regina asked,

“So, this is… Your decision? This will make you happy?” Cora asked, her tone had softened now

“It already has.” Regina smiled looking at her love

“Then, who am I to stop you?” Cora smiled as her daughter embraced her,

“Thank you, mother.”

Cora then took the young man who was to be her son-in-law away from Regina; Regina smiled as she thought about her new life with husband and baby, and now also not having to hide from her mother,

“Daniel. If you want to have a life together, a family… Then, there’s one important lesson I can impart on you. It’s what it means to be a parent. You always have to do what’s best for your children.” Cora told Daniel, the young man couldn’t help but smile his lovers mother didn’t know how soon he would have a child

“Thank you. I understand. Because that’s what you’re doing now.” Daniel smiled

“Yes. It is.” Cora smiled back, she then plunged her in Daniels chest; Daniel had never felt such pain. He tensed his back as the stabbing pain ran through every part of his body

“Mother!” Regina shouted, she couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing. Her mother couldn’t kill her love, it wasn’t fair… she needed him… the baby needed him. Cora clenched her teeth as she pulled the young man’s beating heart from his tender chest; Regina let a tear fall from her eye as Daniel’s limp body fell to the floor. The broken hearted woman rushed to her lover’s side lifting his lifeless body onto her lap

“No! No! No, no, no.” Regina repeated letting her tears of disbelief fall on Daniel’s stone cold, white skin. Cora’s face showed no emotion as she squeezed the glowing heart crushing it to dust, destroying the life that it contained. The dust flakes settled on the ground, they blended with the dust from the stables, you would almost think they weren't there, but for the young pregnant woman they would always be there. She forever would look down onto that gastily stable floor and see the ash of her love scattered on the floor. “Mother, why have you done this?” Regina could only just bare to call the hag her mother, she murdered the young mother-to-be’s love, the one chance Regina had of true happiness.

“Because this is your happy ending” Cora’s face turned evil, her face presented a cruel smile,

“What?” Regina’s voice was broken, she was broken by death. The young woman looked at her lost loves face again, and then an idea sprung to mind. True love's kiss broke any curse, she kissed him and kissed him again, “Wake up, wake up” Regina whispered wondering why it wasn’t working.

“Oh, you have to trust me, Regina. I know best. Love is weakness, Regina. It feels real now. At the start, it always does. But, it’s an illusion. It fades. And then, you’re left with nothing. But power, true power, endures. And then, you don’t have to rely on anyone to get what you want. I’ve saved you, my love.”

Three small words would stay with the young woman for life, Love is Weakness, Love. Is. Weakness. They would never fade from her memory. Cora pulled her daughter from the floor; Regina yanked her arm from her mother’s grip as she rose from the dusty ground.

It was later that night, when Regina was locked in her room that she had a chance to cry properly. She stroked her small bump cooing the small child in her stomach,

“It’s ok; Momma will keep you hidden from all those nasty people. I won’t let her get you; I love you Lily, you’re Momma’s special girl.” She cried letting her tears trickle slowly down her cheek, “I will find a way to get Daddy back, he will come back and look after you; protect you”

She got off her silky bed and wondered over to her balcony, she ran her hand over the cold wall as she looked to the glowing moon

“Daniel, why did you leave me? I know it wasn’t you’re fault but I can’t do this without you – Lily needs her Daddy and I need to love you, I need you to love me. Why would she do this to me? Why would she put me through this? I love you Daniel, please come back” she asked as a small tear fell onto the cold surface.

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