Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 4

Regina’s Wedding Day

The young bride looked at the large wrapped gift; she straightened out a wrinkle in her dress that was caused by the unnoticeable bump. She desperately wanted to know what was behind the smooth cream packaging; Rumplestilskin had told her that it was A portal. A passage between lands. This is a portal to a specific, annoying little world. Use to me, but, for your purposes, a perfect. You’re unlikely ever to see her again. All she needs is a little push. She wondered how a portal could be so big and so obvious; if she was to surprisingly push her mother into the portal how could her mother see it like this? The logic confused her. Regina smiled at her stomach as she felt her little Lily kicking against the tight corset that held in the bump; Regina knew it was bad to restrain her bump and it would probably effect Lily in some way but the troubled woman thought it better that Lily wasn’t as normal babies were rather than subjected to the evil ways of Regina’s murdering mother.

On that precise morning it wasn’t the wedding or how she looked in her fine white wedding gown that worried Regina; it was how she was going to get rid of her mother, since being first exposed to the hideous ways of magic when she was just a child she had always feared the price that magic came with. She swore to herself back when her mother killed the young girl’s favourite handmaid that she would never use magic; yet here she was, on her wedding day contemplating using magic to throw her mother through a portal. She knew it was for the best, Lily didn’t need such evil in her life and with her mother gone Regina could find a way to bring Daniel back without her mother getting in the way.

Regina was looking on her balcony looking at the kingdom that was soon to be hers when she heard heeled footsteps progressing through the room, she knew it was her mother. Cora noticed the gift that stood in the middle of the room and started to inspect the odd object,

“What’s this?” The old woman asked, looking at her daughter. Regina turned on her heel looking at her mother then at the gift

“I don’t know. A gift?” Regina mumbled pretending that she didn’t know that this particular ‘gift’ would send her mother somewhere far. Regina walked slowly over to where her mother stood

“Maybe it’s a portrait.” Cora presumed, she flicked her hand removing the cream wrapping from its place. Regina and her mother stood looking at the portal which took the innocent shape of a looking glass, the unwilling bride sighed as she looked at the gift that was so unobvious that Cora would never guess it’s true value,

“Oh, a looking glass. Not nearly as personal. I wonder, sometimes, if the people really love you.” Cora stepped into the view of the looking glass yet she did not look at her image; she shook her head thinking of the reasons why the people wouldn’t like her kind and beautiful daughter,

“I’m doing my best, Mother” Regina shrugged, she was offended by her mother’s comment; she didn’t choose to be the new Queen and she certainly didn’t want to be loved by people because she was of higher status, she wanted to be loved by people that wanted to get to know her because she was kind and caring.

“Oh, honey. I’m sorry. Come here.” Cora hummed as she proceeded forward towards her daughter, she took her daughter hand and guided her closer to the looking frame

“Look at you with your whole life ahead of you. And it’s going to be better than you can imagine.” It was then that Cora stepped in front of Regina’s reflection making sure all forces was on her, “The King’s not a strong man. The kingdom will be yours. Raise the tributes, form a personal guard, let everyone know where the new power lies, and you’ll hold the hearts of your people in your hands.” Cora explained. The old woman looked at her young daughter in the mirror taking in the essence of the long awaited success; Cora knew from the beginning, that one day her daughter would be Queen. Now this day was here and the woman couldn’t wait to spend more days making her daughter more powerful; making her daughter just like herself. Regina however didn’t see it that way, her mother’s plans had made her even more motivated to push the stupid hag through the looking glass to that other annoying little world. Cora was using Regina and the Queen-to-be was sick of it, Regina turned from her mother looking over the poor kingdom

“Is that what you would do, Mother?” Regina asked

“That’s exactly what I would do.” Cora chuckled to herself,

“Well, the thing is, I don’t want to be you.” Regina cried, she turned back to the hag and lunged to push her controlling mother through the looking glass but Cora had stopped her daughter she had wrapped the distressed bride in a blue magic stopping all movement.

“What are you doing? You think it’s that easy to get rid of me? You’re stuck with me forever, darling. Because I’m your mother, and I know best” Cora explained holding her daughter in her control. It was during this speech that Regina saw the magical being that was Rumplestilskin appear in the mirror he pushed his hands forward signalling for Regina to just push her mother. Anger boiled up inside the bride, she felt hatred that she had never felt this deeply before. She pushed her way out the bounds that her mother had formed around her and with a force that was unknown to Regina pushed her mother through the looking glass. Cora looked at her daughter desperately as she held tightly onto the frame of the gift yet her daughter did not help, Cora then realised that she had pushed her daughter too far but it was too late. Cora’s wrinkled old hands let go on the golden frames and she disappeared into a ripple of the glass. Regina shielded herself as the glass from the gift shattered into a million pieced across her floor, she looked at her hands as she realised the power that pushed her mother through the glass was magic. Regina had used magic, she instantly felt guilty but a buzz tickled down her spine causing Lily to move; it was when the buzz stopped that she realised that she loved using magic.

Later that night Regina lay in bed thinking about the magic that she would learn with Rumple, she had always thought that magic was bad but she wondered how magic could be so bad when it felt so good. The new queen decided that it was best that she learnt how to use magic; she could use it for good, she could protect Lily from all the dangers in the world. She sighed as she raised her hand looking at the shining ring that reflected the moonlight on her finger, she let a tear crawl down her cheek as she looked at the ring that hung from a small silver chain around her neck,

“I’d rather I was wearing your ring Daniel, I should be far away from here with you saying my vows; I miss you” she mumbled wiping the tear from her face. The new Queen felt a crunch in her stomach, yet this one was unlike the others it felt like she was being stabbed, she arched her back as her stomach twisted and turned.

“No Lily, not now” she puffed. Regina pushed herself off her bed and pulled a silk robe around her body, she hobbled down the corridor she had to find a handmaid that could help her. She got to the end of the corridor when she spotted strawberry blonde hair shutting the door to Snow’s room,

“Johanna?!” she cried as tears started to tumble from her eyes,

“Your highness, are you ok?” The old handmaiden asked running towards the Queen who was now leaning heavily against a wall,

“You have to come with me” Regina ordered pressing her teeth together, she couldn’t scream

“Ok, ma’am take it easy” Johanna nodded walking over to Regina, the handmaid slipped her arm under Regina’s shoulder allowing the young woman to lean on her. Johanna helped Regina back to her bed,

“What’s going on your majesty?” Johanna asked propping the pillows up for Regina to lean on,

“You cannot tell a soul, do you hear me? This has to be a secret!” Regina said in between puffs,

“I promise my lady, I will not murmur it to anyone without your permission” The confused hand main promised,

“I’m pregnant, I have been for months and she’s coming” Regina cried clutching at the covers,

“What? But you only just got married to the-”

“She isn’t the kings, her father is dead. My mother murdered him” The young woman let out a small cry as she remembered the night that Cora ripped out Daniel’s heart.

“Oh dear your highness. I am sorry for your loss, Ma’am are you sure your pregnant though. There doesn’t seem to be a baby bump” Johanna sighed feeling Regina’s stomach

“I am she’s been kicking a lot recently, and this pain its unbearable please just get her out!” Regina shouted,

“You think it’s going to be a girl?” Johanna smiled as she left the room, Regina clasped at the white linen sheets as a tight pain shot through her body. The handmaiden returned moments later with a bowl of water and a cloth,

“I know it’s going to be a girl” Regina snapped.

It wasn’t long after that Johanna relieved Regina of the pain that labour was causing her,

“You were right, your highness it’s a very tiny little girl” Johanna smiled as she washed the child off in the bowl of water, Regina sat up to look over at her baby but Johanna was blocking her vision,

“Let me see her” Regina ordered wiping the sweat of her head with the clothe that lay beside her,

“Have you got something I could place her in?” The handmaid asked, still leaning over

“No but go into my drawer over there” Regina smiled pointing over to the drawer that sat next to the balcony. Johanna did as she was told and pulled out a small pink blanket,

“Whose is it?” Johanna asked,

“It was mine, from when I was born” The new mother replied, she held out her hands beckoning for the old woman to place the baby in her arms,

“Here you go your highness” Johanna smiled as she placed the child in Regina’s soft arms, Regina smiled looking down at her baby,

“She’s tiny” Regina chuckled, “I thought that she would have some deformities because I restrained the bump but she doesn’t; she’s beautiful, just very small”

“What are you going to call her?” The thrilled handmaid asked walking to the other side of the bed to pick up the cloth and bowl,

“Lily, her name will be Lily. But Johanna you have to listen to me, you must never mention her existence; not to Snow, not to the king not even to my father” the queen said looking at Johanna as she rose from the floor with the bowl in her hand,

“Ok” Johanna simply nodded, and bowed as she walked towards the door,

“By the way, I’m going to need your assistance much more now. You will be the only one to know about Lily and you will help me” Regina shouted, the handmaid nodded in return

Regina looked into the resting face of her baby and couldn’t help but smile, “You’re a beautiful girl for Momma, aren’t you? I will get Daddy back for you”

The new Queen fell asleep with Lily tucked into her arms, a small smile lay on Regina’s tired face as she dreamt of Daniel’s face when he meets Lily. Magic would bring back her Daniel.
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