Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 5

Regina smiled as she smoothed down the small pile of silky brown hair that lay on Lily’s head, it had only been a couple of days since Lily was born but she already had proven to not be that hard to hide, her little body was only the length of Regina’s forearm. Johanna entered the room with a large basket covered over by a cloth; Regina had banned anyone else from entering

“Did you get the clothes?” Regina asked turning to the handmaid watching her place the basket on the dresser by the door,

“Yes but they’ll all be quite big, she’s a lot smaller than the average baby” Johanna said lifting the cloth off the basket,

“Did anyone suspect anything?” Regina asked her voice turned stern as she wondered over to the basket,

“No your highness, well snow wanted to know what I was carrying but I told her that it was something private for you” Johanna explained, the Queen handed the servant Lily and nodded as she took out a dress,

“Good – all these are nice. Thank you Johanna” Regina smiled, as put the cloth back over the basket.

“Not a problem my Queen” Johanna smiled in return, “Little Lily deserves the best”

Regina walked over to her bed pulling her riding boots from under the bed, she slipped them on

“Regina? Can you do my hair again? I want it nice like you did it before, remember?” snow babbled quietly as she wondered into the room, Johanna’s face dropped as she saw the little girl progressing towards the Queen. The handmaid looked into her arms; to the sleeping baby she gasped and turned to head for the door,

“Johanna where are you going?” Snow shouted back as she caught a glimpse of Johanna disappearing around the door,

“I just wanted to leave you and the Queen alone for a bit Sweetie!” Johanna shouted back shutting the door quickly behind her,

“Snow! What are you doing in here?” Regina snapped, standing up from the bed

“I just wanted you to do my hair, you know, like how you did it that other time? It was pretty!” Snow chimed, swaying side to side

“Snow I told everyone that they have to receive prior permission to come in here!” Regina shouted, Snow jumped back as her step-mother shouted at her, she didn’t expect that reaction

“I didn’t think that applied to me” Snow reasoned timidly, looking at the floor

“Well it does!” Regina shouted as she looked behind snow, “Where did Johanna go?” she asked,

“She said she was going to give us some time” Snow mumbled,

“She did? Ok, well I’ll come and do your hair later but I need to go out now. So just make sure you don’t come back in here” Regina told snow smiling at her,

“Ok!” Snow smiled skipping from the room; Johanna hobbled back in the room and smiled innocently at the Queen,

“Where is Lily?” Regina asked letting out a huff,

“She’s here Ma’am” Johanna responded pulling the child from under her robe,

“Thank you Johanna, but unfortunately I’m going to have to ask you for another favour” Regina sighed taking Lily from the handmaid,

“Anything you ask your highness” Johanna smiled,

“Look after Lily for a couple of hours? I have some business to attend to” The Queen asked, she looked down to her daughter and smiled as the child opened her eyes slowly, “Momma’s going to find a way to get Daddy back, so be good for Johanna”

“Of course my lady” Johanna smiled offering her arms out for Regina to place Lily lightly in them. Regina then left leaving Johanna smiling brightly at Lily who reflected the same big smile.

Regina quickly made her way to the forest just outside her palace, where Rumplestilskin waited for his new apprentice; she walked slowly towards the scaled creature as he revealed a small wicked smile.

“How does it feel to be Queen?” Rumplestilskin cackled bowing his head slightly

“What are we doing today?” Regina asked instead of returning the answer to Rumple’s Question, she looked at the pure black unicorn that lay on the floor not far from Rumple; the young Queen pondered why the pretty beast was present at her lesson.

“I want to recap on yesterday’s lesson” Rumple stated looking at the horse,

“Ok” Regina replied nodding, she straightened down her cloak as she prepared herself to do magic,

“Now, show me what you’ve learned. Immobilize it.” Rumple ordered Regina looked up to unicorn that reared as the nervous young woman stepped closer to it. She pushed her hands up towards the horse causing it to freeze, glowing in a deep blue magic.

Regina chuckled to herself as she watched her magic take hold of the black unicorn, “There. I did it” Regina smiled looking at her teacher

“Excellent work, my apprentice. Now there’s just one last tiny, tiny, teeny little detail.” Rumple snickered; he looked into the smiling face of his apprentice and pointed his thumb at the animal “Take its heart.”

“Like what my mother did to-” Regina started, her face dropped at the thought of her mother with Lily’s father’s heart glowing in her wrinkled hand; the memory of her lost lover deepened her thoughts,

“Oh, your true love. Indeed. Then, you already know how it’s done” Rumplestilskin smiled. Regina looked to the floor reminding herself of the ash of Daniel’s heart that lay on the stable floor, she then looked at the unicorn. She decided that she would try and take the heart so that after she could learn how to restore a human heart; that would surely bring her lover back.

The Queen shuffled towards the creature holding her hand up slowly towards its chest

“Gentle. If you do it right, no harm will befall it. Unless, of course, you will it” Rumple stated looking carefully at the woman’s hand which was hovering over the animal’s chest.

Regina pulled her hand away shaking her head “I can’t. It’s innocent” she cried,

“Nothing is innocent.” Rumplestilskin spat, his thoughts cursed his apprentice for not being strong enough to pull the heart from the unicorn. He pushed his hand through the creature’s chest, grabbing the beating heart before he pulled the living organ from the unicorn’s body. The blue force that covered the animal disappeared as the horse fell to its feet again under complete control of the dark one.

“Now, it belongs to me. You see, when you take a heart, it becomes enchanted. Stronger than a normal heart. You’re not hurting the beast – you’re controlling it. Now, show me you know what to do with that power” Rumple explained as he used his other hand to motion the magical horse to lower itself down from its standing state.

Rumple chucked the enchanted heart to his apprentice; the young Queen caught the heart and looked at it with confusion

“Kill it.” Rumple ordered,


“You’ve seen it done, now do it yourself. Show me, you can take the next step in your training. Crush it.” Rumplestilskin explained making a crushing motion with his hand, he wanted to see if the new Queen had the passion and motivation to take power over a creature and take its life.

To rumple’s surprise the Queen started to squeeze the heart, removing the life from the creature’s body. The unicorn withered on the floor, crying as the pain flowed quickly through its body, it was then that Regina relaxed her grip to the organ. She sighed as she realised she was unable to perform this cruel task

“Dearie, dearie, dearie. And I had such high hopes.” Rumple tutted,

“And I didn’t sign up to kill unicorns.” Regina spat looking disgusted at Rumple, all she wanted to do was use magic to return Daniel to his living state,

“Magic is power. Until you can take power, you’re not learning anything. Do you want me to teach you or not?” Rumple asked,


“Then there’s one simple question for you to ponder” Rumple started waiting for the young Queen to think about this statement

“I’ll tell you anything.” Regina stated looking at the scaly man,

“I don’t need the answer – you do. What’s holding you back?” Rumple asked, he knew the answer but he wanted the Queen to think about the answer and work out how to overcome this obstacle.

With disappointment playing on his mind Rumplestilskin left his apprentice hoping that they’d return to their lesson tomorrow and she’d be able to destroy a life. Regina wondered back up to the palace thinking about her lost love; she pushed the heavy door to her room open keeping her eyes on the floor. She didn’t look up to Johanna at all the Queen slumped on her bed and covered her face in her hands; consequently the handmaiden was confused about what to do with the situation she had found herself in.

“Your highness? Is there anything I can do?” Johanna asked looking at the distressed woman

“Pass me Lily” Regina sighed, holding her arms out for her child

“Here you go my lady, want me to get you or Lily anything?” The handmaid enquired walking over to the drawers to fix up the messy draws

“Just dress Lily whilst I change, I want to take her somewhere” Regina mumbled, stretching her arms out to give her daughter to Johanna

“Of course your majesty” Johanna replied nodding and taking Lily. Johanna slipped the tiny child into a small blue dress and lightly brushed her light brown hair, Johanna soothed Lily whilst she was waiting for the Queen.

Regina returned to the room dressed in a cream dress, she walked slowly over to the dresser and pulled out an ivory cloak, she pulled it around herself and turned back to Johanna.

“Your services won’t be needed for a while, thank you” Regina smiled taking her daughter from the servant’s possession,

Regina pulled her cloak over her arms so that Lily was hidden; she raced towards her family tomb trying to avoid anyone who may stop her for a convocation.

She pushed the heavy doors open and dashed down to the room in which she had stored her lover; she stood at the doors of the room wondering if she should proceed in. She felt warm tears sliding down her cheeks; she walked up to the glass coffin and waved her hand protecting Daniel with a spell that froze his body in time.

She smiled through her misery as she moved the cloak away from Lily,

“Lily this is your Daddy, he’s asleep for now but I will wake him up soon.” She looked down at her daughter who was looking back up at her smiling, “Daniel look, it’s your daughter, it’s Lily. Remember that? When you told me you liked the name Lily and I said I liked it too? And you said you knew it was going to be a little girl? You were right Daniel” She sobbed as more tears started to flow down her face “She’s your little girl, and you need to wake up so she can be a Daddy’s girl”

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