Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 6

“I was told that he was a wizard Lily, I thought your daddy was actually going to come back. I’m sorry. I failed. The heart wasn’t strong enough. It couldn’t withstand the procedure. The wizard said, but in fact he was not a wizard just a fake; he was just Victor Frankenstein and I was lied to. But don’t worry Lily, if Daniel can’t protect you I will; I’ll learn magic and use it to protect you. I will keep all the evil away from you, and I will keep you away from the evil of the world, you are my world Lily and I won’t lose you like I lost your Daddy” Regina whimpered, Lily lay in her arms asleep and unaware of the events that occurred earlier in that day. Regina pulled her necklace that she kept Daniel’s ring from around her neck and held it tightly in her hand, “Darling, I’m going to give you something special and you have to take care of it because your Daddy gave it to me” Regina smiled, she then placed the necklace around the small child’s neck. The mother couldn’t help but smile and chuckle slightly as the necklace was nearly the length of her daughter “It looks beautiful on you honey”

15 years later

“Lily?!” Regina called in her family tomb; she’d already checked the castle and the gardens for her daughter. She franticly ran down the corridor towards the room, in which she kept Daniel’s body,

“Lily! Where are you?” she shouted, she threw the doors open to Daniel’s room and smiled as she took in the image of her small child

“Lily” The Queen sighed walking over to her daughter’s side. Regina tucked a piece of Lily’s thick brown hair back into the braid that she had lining the crown of her head,

“I was talking to Daddy about things, he listens best” Lily mumbled wiping a tear that was crawling slowly down her cheek.

“You can always talk to me about it?” Regina asked, as she ran her hands through the loose hair that flowed down her daughters back,

“You are too wrapped up in your Business to listen to me properly” the child sighed as she twirled her father’s ring in her fingers,

“My business will never ever be more important than you Lily, do you hear me?” Regina said sternly. The Queen took hold of her daughters chin and pulled it slowly so that Lily’s eyes met with her own,

“It doesn’t seem like that sometimes” Lily admitted, looking up at her mother

“I’m only learning magic to keep you safe my dear; I don’t want to lose you like I lost your father. For the same reason I asked you to stay inside the castle” The woman said,

“I know, but I thought it would be fine because it’s Daddy and I got Johanna to bring me anyway” Lily mumbled pulling her head from her mother’s grip; Lily didn’t understand why she had to stay inside she’d watch girls playing together from her balcony ever since she was young and wished that she could be part of their fun. Her mother said that the outside was dangerous but it didn’t look that way at all,

“Even with Johanna you were still exposed to the outside world, there are nasty people who want to ruin the light in your life. Look at what happened to Daniel” Regina reasoned as she ran her hand again through Lily’s brown locks,

“I won’t do it again” Lily muttered with disappointment dripping from her voice,

“Good girl” The Queen smiled, “You know you look so much like your father”

Lily truly did look like her father’s child, her eyes glowed a crystal shade of blue and her long brown hair was the same shade as Daniels. Regina was proud of what her daughter had become, her beauty was like nothing that she’d seen before and the child was rarely ever disobedient; the matter of Lily’s height only added to the perfection that Regina saw. Only being 4ft 11” worked to Regina’s advantage.

“I hope so, tell me what he was like again” Lily smiled,

“He was warm and loving. When I was with him he made me feel like the most special person in the world, he would have been such an amazing father. He would have spoilt you rotten and you would have been the luckiest girl in the world. His eyes were to die for; I’d often find myself melting into his eyes and getting lost; just like yours actually. You have the same eyes they sparkle the same way in the light, I’m glad I have you because you are my last connection to him” Regina smiled stroking her daughters hair, Lily looked at her father in the class casing as her mother described him. She imagined him running after a younger version of herself in a big green field, where the air smelt like roses and the three of them where the only people for miles. She imagined him catching up to her and throwing her over his shoulder as her giggles were searching to find an end and failing. Then in her daydream her momma came over and smiled a genuinely happy smile at the both of them before embracing her husband and daughter in a large hug.

It was when the child realised it would never be a reality that she let a cold tear hop quickly down her cheek,

“Oh baby, don’t cry. Daddy wouldn’t want to see that… he wants to see his little girl smiling and happy” Regina cooed turning her daughter around and wiping her tears from her small face.

“Sorry, sorry. I was just thinking about Daddy being here, what life might have been like” Lily pushed her mouth into a smile and wiped her eyes; she sniffled as she tried to dry her face and hold back the tears,

“It’s ok Lily, shall we go home now?” Regina asked looking at her daughters teary eyes,

“Yes” the young girl smiled as she tried to keep the remainder of her feelings inside her,

“Bye Daniel, I love you” Regina muttered placing a small kiss on her hand which she then touched lightly on the glass coffin then walking to the door of the chamber,

“I’ll see you soon Daddy, I love you lots and lots” Lily confessed as she placed her hand over the glass cabinet by her father’s face, “Don’t worry I’ll be back soon” she whispered before another tear fell quickly onto the glass,

“Come on Darling” Regina urged her daughter away from the coffin hoping to take away the sadness that it was bringing her. The last thing she needed today was for her daughter to be sad.

Later that day

“But momma why can’t I come?” Lily asked as she followed her mother across the room,

“Lily, I’ve told you over a thousand times. People down there will want to hurt you and you know I don’t want to lose you!” Regina huffed as she threw the lid to a small trinket box open and pulled out a rather nice pair of silver earrings,

“So you’re just going to hide me forever?” the girl asked looking at her mother’s reflection in the mirror,

“Look, I know in your opinion I’m doing this to be nasty… but Lily, I’m not. I’m doing it to keep safe; the world is full of evil people, one of them killed your father and if they get hold of you, Lily…” Regina shook her head trying to erase the thought from her mind, she turned to her daughter and held her arms making sure that she listened, “Lily you are so important to me and I don’t know what the hell I would do if I lost you. So, please, if not for your sake for mine; stay away”

The Queen then rose from her bent down state and started walking towards her bed,

“But what if I were to act as-”

“I SAID NO LILY!” Regina shouted dumping herself on the silky bed; she buried her head in her hands, and she heard Lily run quickly out of the room,

“Lily? Sweetie… ugh” Johanna tried to stop the upset child but she carried on running past. The handmaid shook her head as she walked quickly towards the Queen,

“My Queen, May I ask what is wrong with Lily?” Johanna asked nervously as she played with her apron,

“She’s just questioning why she has to keep hidden, again” Regina sighed lifting her head from her hands and reaching down to retrieve her heels,

“Maybe she just doesn’t understand?” Johanna smiled; she went beside the Queen and tucked a small piece of hair back in a grip,

“Johanna, I’ve explained numerous times; it’s getting tiresome. But she still will not believe me, I hate the fact that I have to have arguments with her about it” Regina sobbed as she yanked the straps on her heels to their place,

“She’s young-”

“She’s 15 Johanna, she’s not a baby anymore” The Queen snapped, she then immediately took a deep breath and smiled “Sorry, I’m just angry and frustrated. Would you be able to find Lily and Make sure that she’s ok?”

“Of course your highness” Johanna bowed her head down and ran from the room. Johanna cared for this child, she guessed probably as much as the Queen did she ran to the young princess’ room but she wasn’t there.

Regina sat in her chair at the table watching all her husbands close friends dancing around to celebrate the King’s birthday; even with the room full of adoring subjects the young queen never felt so alone. She didn’t focus on a particular person until her husband, went to the front of the hall to make a speech

“No gifts are required to mark this special day, for they all pale in comparison to the greatest gift of all – my daughter, Snow” The man smiled as his daughter smiled lovingly at him,

“Father…” Snow blushed as she climbed onto the small stage accompanied by clapping, “Father, you make me blush.”

“Every day I look upon your face, and I am reminded of your dearly departed mother. Who, like you, truly was the fairest in all the land” Leopold smiled as the father and daughter looked deeply into each other’s eyes. The Queen sniffed in her tears and pushed her chair back as she got up; she walked quickly from the room trying to get from the scene as soon as she could.

Her apple tree from home would bring her comfort so she made her way out into the gardens and stood by it, looking into the glowing moon as it teased its happiness.

The Genie who hand been freed by the kind king followed the beautiful woman to where she stood

“Not in a festive mood?” The man asked surprising the young Queen,

“No one seems to notice my absence” Regina whimpered not diverting her eyes from the white moon,

“I noticed. Such a lovely tree.” The Genie said inspecting the leaves and apples that took seed on the tree,

“Yes, it’s from my childhood garden. Well, the tree and I share something in common – neither of us can leave the palace and neither of us truly belongs. No matter how hard I try to please the King, he will never love me the way he loved his first wife. I’m trapped by the memory of a life they used to share.” Regina explained as she turned to the tree and held one of the apples delicately

“I know about being trapped more than anyone. Maybe this will lift your spirits.” The Genie smiled, presenting a small mirror to the Queen,

“So you can see yourself the way I see you.”

“And how do you see me?” The Queen asked, as she plotted a plan in her head

“As the fairest in all the land.”

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