Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 7

The only noise left in the room was the scrapping of the metal key against the hard wood of the door as the guard twisted the key in the lock, Regina sobbed as she swept her hand over the place where her Diary and Mirror had once lay. Fear dawned on her as her fingers fell around the ridges and patterns of the small music box that the Queen played as her daughter attempted to sleep.

She ran to the door and banged on the wooden barriers that shut her in the small room,

“I need my handmaiden!” The young woman cried continuously, her fist began to ache as she pressed down hardly on the door; she pounded one last time before she shrunk to the floor and immersed herself in the thought of her daughter being found.

The door creaked open causing Regina to fall back as her back had no further support. She looked up at the angered Guard, who stood looking down at his Queen

“I need my handmaiden please” The woman frowned as she pushed herself carefully off the ground,

“Why?” The guard snapped looking through the open door and nodding at his colleague,

“That is none of your business sir, I request my handmaiden now” Regina ordered keeping an authoritative tone in her voice,

“Of course your highness” The guard smirked as he bowed down and made way for Johanna to slip into the room “Don’t be long” The guard hummed, shutting the door and locking it again.

“What’s wrong My Queen?” Johanna asked as she quickly tucked a small tuft of her hair back into the tight net that kept it neatly out of the way,

“Johanna, Lily is not here!” Regina gulped back her tears,

“Yes Ma’am, she is downstairs watching the King and Snow” Johanna announced,

“What? No, she can’t be that close to them and plus you need to sneak her in here so I can look after her” Regina gasped, her mind was running wild with things that could go wrong with her daughter being near her husband.

“Sneaking her in may not be possible your majesty, John out there is one of the King’s most trusted guards. The man tells his royal highness everything including who is visiting you at the moment!” The handmaiden sighed,

“Just get her in here; I don’t care how just do it!” The Queen snapped turning to the table and running her fingers over the music box again.

“Of course your majesty” Johanna nodded even if the young woman couldn’t see it and departed from the room.

Meanwhile the King was in the main hall revealing all his troubles as he confided in his daughter; little did he know that two pairs of crystal blue eyes were investigating his every move from behind a large pillar. The young girl had never seen anyone like him in her life; his actions towards the older girl sitting next to him expressed the feeling of love and happiness when the man was around her. She didn’t dare blink; the thought of missing a slight moment was too saddening.

“My daughter, I don’t know what to do about the Queen. I fear that she does not love me as I wish her to” The man sighed; Lily’s eyes widened as she realised that the older girl was in fact the man’s daughter, this is why she had felt so drawn to look at him. The young child had always had an interest in the relationship between the young woman and the older man now she realised why; a tear soaked the girls warm cheek as she realised that she wanted what that other girl had, a loving father. It wasn’t till that thought had passed that she focused on what else the man said; He wanted the Queen to love him. But the Queen was her mother, which meant that this man wanted her mother’s love but he couldn’t because the child’s Momma was married to the King.

“Father just give her time, once this man who stole her heart has gone she will dedicate her love to you! I know it; she did not mean to hurt you like this. I know the Queen and she wouldn’t do something so evil” The girl smiled, Lily smiled as well as she watched the young woman’s teeth gleam in the light as she looked adoringly up to her father.

“Lily May Mills, now what do you think you are doing?” Johanna whispered creeping up next to the child,

“Who are those two people?” Lily whispered back completely ignoring the previous question, she gazed wide-eyed at the father and daughter,

“That’s King Leopold and Princess Snow” The handmaid smiled pointing instinctively at the two of them,

“They’re amazing!” Lily chuckled quietly. The two hidden figures jumped as a large cough rang through the large room,

“Johanna, what are you doing?” Leopold asked, the servant bit her lip as she moved her head from behind the pillar and tried to put on her best smile.

“Just running an errand for the Queen” She smiled looking quickly down at the child who sat with her hands covering her mouth behind the pillar

“What behind the pillar?” Snow chuckled as she rose from her place kneeling next to her father,

“Yeah I had to get… err” The woman looked down at Lily who passed her up a small broach from on the floor “This broach that she lost! She needs it terribly; you know what she’s like with her outfits everything has to be in place!” Johanna’s laugh was uneasy as she showed the broach to the two royals,

“Ok” Snow smiled as she held her hand out for her father “Shall we go for a walk in the gardens?” She asked before her father nodded and took her hand, they wondered slowly out of the large hall leaving Johanna smiling slightly at Lily,

“That was way too close Lils!” Johanna chuckled, as Lily huffed loudly “Come on, your mother is going to be entering into a panic attack if we don’t get you up there soon” Johanna said raising an eyebrow at the young child as she rolled her eyes,

“Ok, just as long as you do not tell her I was down here” Lily smiled pushing off the floor and brushing down her pastel blue dress,

“I already did, sorry sweetie but she wondered where you were and… ”

“It’s ok” Lily smiled and she slipped her hand in the old woman’s “You were only doing your best for me and Momma”

Johanna smiled at the young child as she pulled the child’s hood over her head before they walked up to the door of Regina’s Chambers.

“Who is this?” The guard spat as he pushed his knife lightly into Lily’s bodice, Lily gasped as the sword came into view; the sharp weapons had always scared her she associated them with pain so she didn’t like them.

“Just a servant girl to clear up some mess that the Queen made” Johanna smiled as the Guard moved his sword from the child’s belly to her neck; he used it to instruct the young girl to lift her head.

Lily gulped as the hood fell off her head,

“Looks too pretty and fine to be a servant girl” The guard chuckled as he looked behind him at another guard,

“Who would she be if she wasn’t a serving girl?” Johanna snapped causing Lily to jump and the guard to quickly move his sword,

“In child” The guard ordered as he unlocked the door and let the two women in.

Regina waited by her vanity table until she heard the lock click, when the small sound occurred she turned quickly to her daughter,

“Lily” She smiled running over to her and embracing the girl in a tight hug, she then pushed the child out of her chest and looked sternly at her “What were you doing downstairs watching the King?”

“I didn’t know he was the King, he has always fascinated me so I went to go look” Lily mumbled looking at her feet, Regina had to lean down to get eye level with her daughter,

“It’s dangerous to get that close to him and Snow, do you hear me?” She asked, “Johanna you may leave”

The handmaid nodded as she kissed Lily on the head then knocked on the door to get it unlocked, when Regina was sure that the woman was out of the room and the door was looked she proceeded “Lily if my husband finds out who you are and who your father is he would take you away from me and never let me see you, do you want that?”

“No” Lily sniffed as she started to feel guilty for her actions; she hated to disobey her mother even if it wasn’t purposefully.

“I love you and I don’t want to lose you like I lost your father” Regina smiled, as she investigated every inch of her daughter’s face thinking once again of her resemblance to the Queen’s True love. Lily smiled back and pushed herself into her mother’s arms.

Regina jumped as she heard the door being unlocked,

“Oh dear, I didn’t think about visitors” Regina gasped as she bit her lip looking around the room

“Open the door to my room and I’ll go in there” Lily sighed seeing the desperation in her mother’s eyes, the Queen flicked her hand and the Mirror on the wall opened up revealing a dim lit room. Lily kissed her mother on the cheek and then ran quickly through the Mirror and sighed as the light that came through from her mother’s room was shut away. The young girl hated this room; it was one of her mother’s weaker spells and had resulted in it looking like a dungeon. Lily didn’t mind being in there in circumstances like this but she much preferred to stay in her mother’s room in which she very often shared her mother’s bed when it was night.

Regina let a deep breath release from her mouth as the mirror clipped shut seconds before the door to her chamber was flung open,

“Daddy!” Regina smiled as she took in the figure of her small plump father; she ran to him and hugged him taking in his fresh scent. She huffed as she watched the Guard behind her father smirk as he slowly shut the door and locked it … again. Regina hated that he found pleasure in locking his Queen up; when she was in power he would be the first to pay the price.

“Regina, what is this of a secret lover?” The old man asked as he removed himself from the embrace,

“It is nothing father just a little way for me to help get power, he will help me kill the king” Regina smiled evilly at her father, the old man sighed as he looked at his daughter and saw Cora when she was younger. He knew his daughter was turning to the second version of her mother and there was nothing that he could do about it.

“How are you going to attempt that?” Regina’s father asked looking around the room quickly before looking back at his daughter,

“Them” She smiled pointing to a small box on her dresser, her father hesitantly wondered over the box he quickly glanced at Regina who nodded looking excitedly at him; he then turned back to the box and pressed his ear lightly on the box.

His eyes widened as he heard small hisses,

“Regina” Henry started; he looked desperately at his daughter begging her with his eyes not to murder the King. He just wanted her to live a normal life, maybe have a child and most of all not be evil.

“Daddy, look at me! I’m trapped her in my own palace, I’m supposed to be his Queen and he’s locked me away! I don’t want my life to be like that” Regina reasoned,

“This is the only way?” the old man asked taking hold of his daughter’s arms,

“Yes Daddy, the man he’s waiting for me. Take this to him and tell him that the guards won’t let you see me and that this is the only thing that will set me free. Once he brings them up to me then I will do the rest of the work” The Queen smiled releasing her arms before stroking the top of the box

“When and where?” Henry sighed looking at the box,

“By my apple tree in an hour” Regina smiled knowing that she had accomplished something by convincing her father to take part in this ever so evil plan. The old man took the box and tucked in under his arm, he kissed his daughter on the forehead and with a gulp he left.

Regina smiled as she flicked her hand opening the mirror, Lily coughed as she stumbled through the mirror

“I love you Lily” Regina smiled brightly as the child ran over to her, The Queen pulled the girl into her arms and stroked her hair as the child leant into her mother’s chest,

“I love you too Momma” Lily whispered as she rubbed her head into her mother’s chest,

“We’ll be free soon Darling”

(The Genie cuts an apple off of the Evil Queen’s apple tree. He hears footsteps behind him.)

The Genie slipped his knife from its case and pushed it lightly through the wood of the Queen’s tree. The heavy apple dropped in his hand as he lowered it from the tree, he cut a small piece off the side of the apple with his knife, and he looked at the big bulk of bark as he sensed a presence.

“I was beginning to worry you wouldn’t come” The magical man smiled before putting the piece of juice red apple in his mouth

“You were expecting the Queen?” Henry asked looking around cautiously to see if anyone would be a witness to the convocation he was about to hold. The Genie turned around horrified at the sight of the old man, the box he held confused the Genie,

“Who are you? What have you done with her?” The freed slave asked as he pointed his small knife at the intruder,

“The King has locked her away in her chambers. My daughter is a prisoner in her own kingdom” The old man mumbled still not taking his eyes off his surroundings,

“You are the Queen’s father?” The Genie stuttered looking at the older man,

“Please, take this to her. The palace guards won’t allow me into her chambers. They know I’d die for her” Henry asked quickly, he pushed the box towards the man

“But you…”

“The King trusts you. He doesn’t know that you have my daughter’s heart. The guards will allow you in. Give her this box.” Henry stated handing the small box over to his daughters ‘lover’, the young man looked at the box confused,

“Wait – I don’t understand. What is in it?” He asked

“This is the only thing that can free her from this wretched life. If you truly care for my daughter, I know you’ll do whatever it takes to set her free” The old man explained as he placed the key to the box lightly on the top, he looked at the magic man and nodded before leaving.

The Genie stood by his Queen’s tree holding the small box with still no clue as to what it was, he looked at the box and noticed the small key that lay lightly on top. He picked it up and fiddled around with it in his hands; he noticed then that the end of the key was engraved with something.

He lifted it further into the light, the light shone through the holes revealing a small skull and the Genie immediately wondered… What did this mean?

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