Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 8

Regina kissed her daughters head as Lily squeezed her mother’s waist tightly; Lily didn’t want to leave the young woman especially after hearing the convocation that had earlier occurred between her mother and a man. She didn’t want her mother to kill anyone, she was sure it wasn’t right but the child knew that Regina wouldn’t listen to her and would carry on with the deed anyway. The only way she could stop the task was to wait with her mother and make sure that she couldn’t meet the man that would help her kill the king.

“Baby, let go” The Queen whispered as she stroked her daughter’s soft brown hair, Lily ignored her mother’s comment as a tear slipped through her tightly shut eyes. Regina looked down at the young girl, she noticed the small tear that sat in Lily’s dark brown eyelashes; she forcefully pushed her daughter away making sure that the grip that Lily held was no longer intact.

“Lily, what is wrong with you? You’re just going to Johanna’s chamber whilst I do some business” Regina asked holding the upset child at a distance,

“I just…” Lily started but her thoughts stopped her from continuing the sentence, she hoped that her mother wouldn’t turn bad by committing this action and it was just a case of gaining more freedom. Regina pondered what her daughter was thinking about and why the hell she was crying over going with Johanna, it wasn’t like it was far. Regina’s attention turned to other such matters when she looked over her balcony to the outside world, the sky was turning dark; her mole would be here soon.

“Lily, just go with Johanna. Now!” Regina shouted Lily’s body shook with fear at the volume and forcefulness of her mother’s voice; she had never shouted that loud before. The young girl could see the anger boiling up in her mother’s eyes; she looked to the floor as she walked slowly over to Johanna who placed her hand softly on Lily’s back trying to comfort the child.

Regina breathed out heavily as she realised the anger from her body, she’d never got that angry at her daughter before and she knew why the child looked so frightened. It broke the Queen’s heart to see the fear in her lily’s eyes but she knew that it had to be done otherwise her child would have never left, she would be in a bad situation if the Genie found Lily or if Lily found out the true intentions of this ‘Business’ meeting. Regina knew for a fact that if Lily ever found out what she was doing it would break her heart; the Queen had already made a pact with herself that whatever she did to the King and Snow, Lily should never ever find out.

“Come on Dear” Johanna smiled at the child as she pulled the hood from the cloak Lily was wearing over her head, the handmaid always tried to look positive for Lily, whatever the circumstance. Johanna did not know (or want to know) what her Queen was doing, but if it upset Lily it upset her.

As soon as she heard the door click shut Regina’s thoughts turned to the matter in hand, she paced over to her vanity table and pulled the chair out before sitting on it. The Queen smiled at the thought of the freedom she would possess after the King was dead, not only the freedom to make her own decisions and move around but the freedom to make Snow White pay for her actions. Her smiled turned into a frown as her thoughts darkened, the young woman’s mind hissed at the memory of the night Snow White promised to keep the secret of Regina and Daniel’s love; that night taught the young Queen never to trust anyone again. Snow white would pay for the life that she took; she took not only the one chance that Regina had of happiness but the most important person in a child’s life, Lily’s father. Regina’s heart broke even more than it already had every time that she watched Lily admire her father’s lifeless body, what kind of a life is that? Watching your father sleep forever in a glass cabinet, whilst other selfish beings run around playing happy families with their father and a step-mother that she stole.

The Queen hated Snow with every inch of her being, the girl ruined everything and she would never ever be forgiven.

The thoughts of evil and hatred were stopped when she heard a loud bang on the door; she focused on the task, as she heard the door open and click shut meaning that the foolish Genie had entered. Regina smiled brightly as she turned to the magical man,

“It’s you!” Regina exclaimed as she rose from her seat. The Genie placed the box he carried heavily on the table as the Queen ran to him and they embraced; the man smiled softly as he took in the scent of his love, he couldn’t get enough of this woman and he wanted to make sure he never lost her.

“My love for you grows stronger with every beat of my heart. But the King has read my diary – found my mirror. Soon, he will discover the truth about us. There is no escape.” The Queen explained pushing away from the hug and looking into the eyes of the lovesick Genie, she had to keep her content, evil smile down as she acted like she was in love.

“There is always an escape. Your father said what’s in this box would give you your freedom.” The Genie said, placing a hand on the box. He wanted to know what was in the box so he handed her the key and watched as Regina studied the box intensely.

“Yes, I believe it will” She hummed; she placed the key slowly in the lock and turned it. She held her breath as she lifted the lid of the box revealing two hissing snakes; The Genie gasped silently, this was not at all what he expected… what would the Queen do with these poisonous reptiles?

“The Agrabahn viper. A snake so deadly, it can kill anything” Regina mumbled, the thought made her shudder even though she knew the snakes weren’t meant for her.

“With a single bite. This serpent is from my homeland – I know all too well of its poison. But why would you have it brought here?” The Genie asked, looking into the broken eyes of his lover he wanted to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be ok; he wanted to kiss her head and whisper quietly into the curve of her ear that he was going to make this pain go away. But he couldn’t, it would all be a lie.

“There is no happiness left for me in this life. One small bite and I shall be free from this prison forever. I’m sorry we couldn’t be together, my love. Perhaps, in another life, we will find each other again.” The Queen looked at the serpents and slowly moved her hand towards the snakes, she could see their teeth ready to latch onto her skin and send harmful toxins through her veins. She hoped that her plan would work and that the Genie would stop her, for her own sake and for Lily’s.

Regina let out a tiny sigh of relief as the man grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from the box,

“There is another way. What if the King…didn’t live?” The Genie asked, as he let go of the Queen’s wrist. The young woman hand to restrain her smile even more when she heard her plan going just as it was supposed to

“You would do that for me?”

“For you, I would do anything” The man smiled looking into the deep brown eyes of the woman he loved, Regina smiled and threw her arms around the man

“I don’t know what I’d do without you” Regina stated as she pulled away from the Genie,

“You will never have to find out” The Genie smiled, he looked at the box wondering how he was going to have the guts to murder the king and whether the king deserved to have his life ripped from him; especially by the man whom he freed. However, he had to do it for love … he had to do it for Regina.

The Guards stopped the handmaid and young child as they emerged from the room, everyone waited for the door to click shut before they decided to make any further movement. Lily held onto her guardian tightly as the guard who seemed to be more superior pressed his swords towards her again; a guard moved behind them twisting the key in the door, locking the Queen inside.

“This serving girl was in there a while to have been clearing up a mess” The guard snapped flicking the hood off the young girls head with his sword,

“I had some problems with her majesty; I didn’t want to bother you with having to unlock and lock the door twice so I told her to wait” Johanna explained pushing the sword lightly away from the position that it was in; on the child’s shoulder.

“If you say so” The guard hummed as he slipped the sword back in its holder by his side.

Johanna smiled innocently at the guards as they moved round them and away from the Queen’s room, Lily pulled her hood over her head as they proceeded down the corridor. The walk to Johanna’s chambers was only short but they walked the journey in silence,

Lily couldn’t help but re-live the moment that her mother shouted so violently at her over and over again in her head. She’d never seen her mother so angry in all her life, she didn’t like the side that she’d just seen and she never wanted to see it again. The child slumped miserably down on the soft bed after Johanna pulled the cloak from around her; Johanna noticed the sad mood that the girl possessed at sat lightly beside her.

Lily was like a daughter to Johanna, she loved the girl like she was her own; to see such a glum face plastered on the beautiful palette saddened the old woman. The handmaid pulled Lily into a hug and kissed the top of her head as the young girl started to sob into her chest,

“Lils, what is wrong my dear?” the old woman whispered,

“Nothing, it’s ok. I mean … I’ll be ok” Lily quickly murmured, she didn’t want Johanna to find out what the Queen was up to, the young girl didn’t want to lose the only friend she had because her mother did something awful.

“Well, there is obviously something wrong Lily because I’ve never seen you cling to your mother that tightly before” Johanna chuckled as Lily rose from the hug,

“I just love her, and seeing Princess Snow without a mother has made me cherish mine more” Lily fakely smiled, she wiped the tears from under her eyes and tried to look as positive as she could,

“Lils, you couldn’t cherish that woman more if you tried. There is obviously some other reason behind all this” Johanna tucked her hand under the girls chin as they looked into each other’s eyes “I’ve known you since you were born Lily; I know when you are lying, and you are lying”

“I’m… I’m just worried about Momma, she’s been acting strange” Lily confessed, she bit her lip knowing that it wasn’t a total lie but still was,

“Oh dear, your mother just has a lot on her plate, what with this mystery man and all … just give her time she will come around” Johanna advised,

“Thank you” Lily smiled.

“The guards are getting very suspicious your highness; it’s hard to keep making excuses as to why Lily is constantly in and out of your room” Johanna whispered as she shut the door behind the child and herself,

“What have you been telling them?” Regina asked as she smiled at her daughter who was taking off her cloak,

“That she is a serving girl, they think you need a lot of help; they are also growing evermore suspicious of her, as they say; she does not look anything like a serving girl” Johanna explained, Lily wondered over to her mother’s bed and sat on it, she fiddled with the ring that hung around her neck

There convosation was not able to be carried on as each female jumped in surprise due to the arrival of the king. Regina’s eyes dashed towards Lily who looked at her in fear then back to her husband who dismissed his guards.

“Johanna you may take the serving girl out” Regina ordered fearfully, Johanna nodded but the King pushed his arm in front of Johanna stopping her from moving,

Lily slowly got up from the bed and edged towards her mother; The Queen looked fearfully down at her daughter as the child came up behind her and held onto the back of her dress. Regina smiled weakly down at Lily whose eyes were fearful as she looked at the king from behind her mother. All three females knew that the king being here was not a good sign especially with Lily in the room; Regina and Johanna hoped that the King would buy their excuse and believe that she was a serving girl.

“I know that child is not a serving girl” The King spat pointing at the child, “I’ve held it back for years and years hoping that once of you would come forward and tell me yourselves, but 15 years is silly Regina; and Johanna Snow trusts you more than anything and your keeping this secret from her, is that fair?”

“You highness I was only doing what the Queen…” Johanna started

“The Queen shouldn’t be keeping secrets from her husband” Leopold cried, Regina felt Lily shake behind her

“Please sir, lower your voice you’re scaring her; how did you find out?” Regina asked,

“The guards told me about their suspicions about this serving girl and also do you think I wouldn’t have noticed baskets and baskets of clothes being brought into my castle, every so often getting bigger and bigger” The King explained, “Regina what is her name?”

“I don’t know, I told you she is the serving girl!” Regina stated trying to convince the king,

“Regina don’t you dare lie to me anymore, I know that this is your daughter, my question is… is she mine?” The King shouted looking at Regina,

“Please STOP shouting?” Regina asked, “She’s not yours”

“So you are with another man behind my back?”

“No, I was with a man before you married me. My true love, I fell pregnant with him and Lily was born the night of our wedding”

“Lily, her name is Lily. Why didn’t you just tell me? I would have been her father” Leopold sighed,

“She has a father, he may be dead but he’s her father and I didn’t want anyone to replace him. Plus, I’ve hidden her from everyone even my father, I don’t want her to get hurt” Regina mumbled looking round at Lily who was still tucked behind her back, Lily looked up at her mother but they did not exchange a smile; they looked frightened into each other’s eyes, frightened about what was to happen.

“I wouldn’t replace him just be there for her, Regina why do you think I would hurt-” The king started,

“Daniel is her father! She doesn’t need another one, if I decided she needed another one I would have said something! But I didn’t and I’m her mother, I’m the only person she needs in the world” Regina shouted,

“Regina, calm down please. May I just meet her?” The king asked smiling brightly, Regina looked down to Lily and then thought of the deed that the Genie was meant to perform so Leopold could meet Lily but not pass on the knowledge of her existence. It was late and he would go to bed soon before consulting anyone else,

“Of course” Regina smiled moving out of the way, Lily looked to her for re-assurance and Regina nodded smiling slightly.

“Hello Lily… Or should I call you Princess Lily” The King smiled as he leant to Lily’s height and held his hands out, Lily looked at him wondering what he wanted her to do by holding out his hands; she wondered forward straightening down the skirt of her cream dress.

“I’m not a princess” Lily giggled in a small voice, she stood in front of him as his hands dropped to his side,

“Of course you are my dear, you are the Queen’s daughter therefore you are a princess” Leopold smiled but then frowned suddenly as his eye caught the ring that lay on the curve of Lily’s chest, “What is this?” he asked pointing to the item on the necklace, the young girl looked down to her chest and started to twirl the ring in her finger,

“It was Daniel’s engagement ring, I thought it was best that she have it” Regina hummed looking at Johanna; the handmaiden was leant on the dresser rubbing her head excessively. Regina knew that she felt bad for lying to Snow but it had to be done, for Lily’s sake.

“You were engaged?” The king asked, he rose to his full height again and looked Regina confused,

“Yes, I was. But he died” Regina simply stated making sure that she wasn’t forced to go into it so much.

“Oh, well I am going to retire to my room now. I’m sure we’ll have so much more time to get to know each other Lily” Leopold smiled looking down at Lily then to Regina again, “Goodnight my wife”

“Goodnight your highness” Regina smiled,

“Goodnight Johanna, don’t worry too much about Snow; we’ll have to tell her tomorrow but she’ll be fine” Leopold explained turning to the handmaiden and smiling; he then exited from the room smiling quickly back before the door clicked shut.

“Everyone’s going to find out about me, what will happen after that?” Lily quivered, her voice shook with her fear; her mother had told her for as long as she could remember that people in the outside world were dangerous, she was scared about what would happen when she was revealed to the world.

“Nothing will happen, I promise” Regina smiled walking over to Lily and embracing her. Regina smiled in the thought that by tomorrow morning the King wouldn’t be able to reveal her secret. Her Lily would stay hidden.

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