Hiding The Impossible

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Chapter 9

Lily stood on the balcony looking down at her mother and the princess snow white; she twirled the ring around her neck as a single tear dripped to her cheek. She pulled her deep blue hood further over her head as she felt it slipping back, she hated the fact that her mother had killed especially someone’s father; the Queen knew that Lily needed a father and that she’d do anything to get her’s back. Yet, Regina still deprived another of a father and since the murder Lily had noticed that her mother had turned darker, everything about the young woman was dark and dim but Lily had kept these thoughts to herself the last the child needed was to anger her mother. She lifted her hand up and wiped the side of her palm under her eye removing the evidence of crying, she watched as her mother took Snow into a hug; the young girl’s heart sunk when she saw the teary face of Snow white. The princess had nobody left now; no mother no father, just her step-mother who hated her for a reason that wasn’t clear to Lily. The young child could not watch the upset woman anymore, she sighed as she walked along the balcony and down the stairs to the door to the gardens; her mother was too wrapped up in the death of her husband to notice that Lily was gone so she took the chance to go outside and sit in the beautiful palace gardens. She pushed open the heavy door and smiled as she took in the scent of the fresh air and flowers, one that she had only known from the window in her mother’s chambers. She clicked the large doors shut quietly hoping to avoid any attention and potential questions that she didn’t want to answer; she walked down the stairs of the castle and down the main path of the Gardens. Lily slowly flowed around the gardens until she found a seat on a ledge next to some flowers that she liked, the young child sat near the pretty flowers and started to caress the petals; she was careful not to pull any of the beautiful white petals off, she liked how the middle was light pink it made them even more pretty. Lily had only ever seen flowers in the palace where they were cut from their home and dying slowly, she lent down and smelt the flower smiling at the sweet scent.

Snow white walked through the gardens her eyes searched the ground in front of her as her tears dampened the warm cobbled floor, she wondered what she had done to deserve her parent’s being taken from her; especially her father who was taken by a man who he saved. Snow would never speak to a Genie again in her life, since a child she’d always imagined Genie’s to be good people who were helpful and kind but she was wrong. Genie’s were evil people who got jealous of things that other people had, who took lives because they were unhappy with their own; A larger tear fell to the ground as she remembered her father introducing the Genie to her,

“Snow, meet my friend … The Genie of Agrabah he is our guest now” Her father called him a friend, he didn’t deserve that pleasure. Her thoughts were broken when she looked up and saw a small child sitting by the Lily Flowers, she’d seen the girl around the castle before, she’d never looked at her face properly but the way she dressed was different from anyone else in castle so it was obvious when it was the same girl. Snow walked up to the girl and lightly placed her hand the child’s shoulder,

"What are you doing?" She tried to be soothing and nice but her teary face and sorrowful mood expressed otherwise, Lily jumped from her seat and walked quickly backwards before stumbling over the trunk of a small tree. The young girl fell to the floor squinting as her head hit the floor, Snow gasped as watched the small figure of the girl hit the hard cobbles on the floor she immediately knelt down and brushed the hair and consequently the hood away from Lily’s face. Lily opened her eyes she felt a tear drop from the corner of her eye as she looked around her; she couldn’t see much as she vision was blurred, but she could feel a smooth hand caressing her cheek,

"Who are you?" Lily asked in fear, her eyes started to become clear again and she pushed away from the girl as her identity became clear, “Snow white”

"You know me?” The older girl asked, looking at the tears falling from the young girl’s eyes

"Err, Yes. I have to go" Lily pushed herself off the ground and started to quickly pace away from the princess, she imagined what would happen if her mother ever found out about this encounter

“No please, I’ve only just met you” Snow shouted quickly running after her and grabbing her arm,

“Please you can’t tell my Momma, you need to let me go” Lily pleaded, looking back towards the castle to make sure that no-one was there and then back to Snow who smiling weakly,

“Who’s your Mom?” The princess asked,

“Nobody please, let me go” Lily cried, trying to pull her arm away. Snow white looked into the eyes of the distressed child and let go,

"Oh no, she's gunna kill me" the girl muttered under her breath as she tucked her wavy hair behind her ear. She then ran off, leaving snow gazing at her small figure in the distance still wondering who she was.

Lily slammed the door to her mother’s chambers as she panted from running, she looked up at the room and saw her mother looking shockingly at her then saw guards in the room packing up most of the furniture,

“Where have you been?” her mother asked, “Careful with that!” She shouted as a guard carrying a massive mirror caught her eye,

“Just with Johanna” Lily smiled walking towards the Queen,

“Darling don’t lie to me, Johanna is here getting your stuff together” Regina sternly said, stroking her daughters hair

“I was in her room, I fancied a bit of space” Lily lied again, smiling up at her mother,

“Ok” Regina smiled kissing the top of her daughters head, the young woman looked around her as the guards moved all of her possession out of the room

“What’s going on?” Lily asked, walking over to one of the guards who was squashing her horse toy under his arm, she pulled it from his grip and held into it tightly. Regina walked over to her daughter and smiled as the girl looked up to her,

“We’re moving Chambers, well I am, you’re moving into here” The Queen explained, “You’re going to have a room to yourself!” Lily wondered why her mother sounded so enthusiastic about the move; the young girl didn’t want to be on her own in a room and so far from her mother, “Hang on, I want my mirrors in my room not my Chambers, along with my vanity” Regina ordered before the guards nodded as carried on their business,

“Where are you moving to?” Lily asked,

“The main chambers and the room next to it will be where I do all my business and things like that” The Queen said before walking away and disappearing out of the room. Johanna saw the distressed expression on the small child’s face and decided to stop helping the move to help Lily; she walked over and took Lily in her arms.

“What’s wrong?” She asked,

“I don’t want to be on my own” Lily stuttered,

“You won’t be, I’m only in the next room” Johanna smiled pulling away, the handmaid nodded and went back to moving furniture and clothes around between rooms. Lily sighed and decided that she would go and find her mother.

She pulled her hood over her head and dashed down the corridors of the castle stopping at every corner to make sure nobody was there, she presumed that her mother had told her guards about the daughter that she had so she didn’t mind about them; it was courtiers and Snow white that she was worried about. Her paced slowed down when she arrived at the corridor that led up to her mother’s new chambers, she slowly walked up the corridor looking ahead to see what room her mother was in. She couldn’t see her mother so she decided to look in her room first; she walked through the arched doorway and looked around the room, she saw her mother sitting at her vanity, she looked annoyed so Lily hid behind the wall on the other side of the doorway.

“She has no idea, does she?” A Man asked, Lilt did not know who this man was especially due to the fact that when she previously looked in only her mother was in the room,

“That I’m responsible for his passing? She sought comfort with me. Sickening. I could’ve ended her miserable existence right there. Believe me – it was tempting” The Queen spat, she hated the young girl so much and she deserved to be dead in Regina’s eyes. Lily quietly gasped at her mother’s remark, The Queen’s thoughts were dark and they were darkening her sole however Lily didn’t know how to stop it and she knew that soon her mother would be evil.

“It would have sated your soul” The mysterious man stated, Regina looked at the man in the mirror and nodded at his statement

“The kingdom’s still loyal to her. They would turn on me. They don’t know the wretchedness inside her as I do. They don’t know what she did to me. We must be delicate in this next phase. Her demise must be handled with care” The young woman explained as she got up from her vanity and started to walk towards the doorway,

“Perhaps, one of your knights, Your Majesty?” The Mirror suggested,

“No. I need someone adept at murder. Bereft of mercy” Regina stated, looking once more at the mirror, she was confused as to who she could get to complete the evil deed but Lily was even more confused; she didn’t understand who her mother wanted to murder and why.

“Someone with no heart”

“Now you understand” The Queen smiled,

“Well, in that case, you need a huntsman” The man said. Lily looked around her and ran her hand quickly threw her hair causing her hood to fall on her shoulders; she turned to the corner into the doorway and smiled as if to show that she hadn’t heard anything.


“Lily, what the hell are you doing here?” Regina snapped looking at her daughter; Lily jumped slightly at the volume of her mother’s voice but stayed on the spot where she stood,

“I just came to see you” Lily muttered, she looked around the room searching for the man who her mother was talking to, she then saw a face in the large mirror that hung on the wall to her left; maybe this was the man?

“Oh… ok” The young woman sighed smiling at her daughter,

“Who were you talking to?” Lily asked walking towards the Queen,

“My Mirror, look” Regina smiled pointing at the large mirror, the man smiled “This is Lily”

“Hello Lily” The Mirror said, Lily smiled back the man then looked back to her mother

“Momma it’s a lovely day can we-”

“No Lily, you are to stay inside do you hear me?” Regina shouted, pointing her finger in her daughter’s direction. Lily nodded rapidly in response and nervously bowed away, she knew her mother never meant to get angry at her it had just turned into a force of habit; so Lily didn’t think too much about the outburst and went back to her own room.

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