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Tables Turn when hell comes crushing down on Lucy and the rest of Chesterville on her 10th birthday when raging werewolves take over the whole city. It's been 10 years since Chesterville has been colonized by the Lycanthrope cursed race.Some say it's a curse but science says otherwise - some virus has gone wild. The city has become the wolves domain were the few humans that are alive are prey and the wolves are predators. Who would have imagined a world like that. Humans used to hunt down werewolves,burn them down like witches or stake them like vampires back when they weren't so rabid and wild. However ,somehow the wolves have become stronger,faster,more wild and insane. The Lycanthrope curse is like a virus - one bite and you are one of them. Lucy and her friends are one of the lucky few humans that are alive and trying to survive in the werewolf domain. It's not exactly easy surviving in a world were humans have become the hunted,prey and food for wolves. But this is a whole new generation were Tables have Turned, the Lycanthrope species are everywhere like endless flies and humans might just go extinct.

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Chapter 1

It's crazy how the world can just change in a blink of an eye. I felt like I was still behind and the whole world was just moving without me. I didn't understand anything, all I know is that there was no winning with the Lycan King. I sat silently next to him as he led the after war meeting. My friends remained silent as they watched me in the crowd sitted a few feet away from the main table were the leaders sat.

"we have lost more than a thousand men my King. None of the fully aged boys are willing to join the warriors left after everything that has happened" Vladimir said with a frown

Alexander watched him closely with a straight face "recruit them all, they do not have a choice. Is that all?" he asked Vladimir

Vladimir looked a bit taken back with the Kings reply but he did not question his decision "A lot of our people are homeless now. Most of their homes near the borders have been destroyed and even if we built them new homes they nolonger feel safe staying there. Rumors are going that the banshees are still around"

"Rebuild the homes close to the borders and increase border patrol. Ensure that there are more warriors staying in that area. Put anyone who spits a word about the banshees in cages and let them rot in public while the rest of the world shames them." the King said without remorse

I wanted to cut in and tell him how extreme that was for punishment but I decided I had done enough damage already. None of these creatures would ever want to listen to me now. Not after everything I had done, I was shocked their king was still protecting me . Maybe the mate bond thing was clearly stronger than I thought.

I didn't miss the way Karen was staring at me the whole entire time. It's like these red heads all had something against me. "and what are we going to do with them, people are beginning to ask questions" she asked Alex. Everyone suddenly looked at me and I felt like disappearing.

"they can stay if they want to, seems like they make my mate happy and comfortable. If they want to leave nobody is going to stop them. My mate stays with me,thats final" Alexander replied her calmy

She didn't seem happy with that answer "after all the trouble she has caused? Don't you see how this is going to affect you?"

"what part of my decision is final did you not understand?" he narrowed his eyes at her. She didn't say anything, I mean who would have the guts to debate with the King.

I looked at everyone , they didn't seem happy with Alexander's decision. They didn't like me at all and I didn't blame them. I didn't like myself at all at the moment. I didn't know why Alexander was being... I wouldn't say nice but he was being good to me and my friends right now. After everything I expected him to kick us all out of his territory.

I found this situation weird. I didn't know whether I should be happy or scared. After the meeting I had a chance to settle down with my friends while he attended to some more of his pack business. We all sat quietly while the twins played with their toys.

"what happened? I thought you guys got away." I said with a frown

Marcia rubbed her head "about eight warriors caught us before we could make it. I would call it luck because the place was crawling with those banshees. We could have died if those warriors weren't there"

My heart dropped as I heard this. I felt so foolish for letting them go alone. I don't know what I would have done if anything ever happened to them. We had already lost one friend and losing anyone else would have killed me. I felt like puking just thinking about everything I had gone through and the people I had lost.

I sighed "I am so sorry I should have been there"

Amara shook her head "no, you have been there for us all the damn time Lucy. You don't have to feel bad about this,"

"yes, besides you were safer with the King. I will admit to that and everything that's happened has happened for a reason" Marcia added

Persius smiled at me "you don't have to babysit all of us love. Anyways we are all past that, how is your leg? How are you feeling?"

To be honest I didn't know how I felt, thinking about it now my whole body felt sore and I was extremely tired. The cramps had gone away but I was still exhausted and what worried me the most was that I have never felt this exhausted before.

" Lucy? Are you okay you look worried" Amara said with concern

I smiled at them "no don't worry I'm fine. Just a little tired but then again I'm always tired"

They laughed

"always is an understatement" Hakim commented with a grin on his face.

"shut up," I laughed rolling my eyes at him "so have you thought about what their King said... about staying" I asked and everyone's smiles suddenly dropped.

"I feel like we have been way safer here than out there and to be honest the twins are happier here.They need to be somewhere stable and this seems like the place for them" Marcia said honestly.

To be honest I didn't expect her to want to stay but this made me happy. Plus she was right I didn't want to admit it either but this seemed like the safest place for us right now.

Persius hummed "that is quite true, it sucks but we have food here. We have places to sleep and they have real human kids they are taking care of here. The twins can make friends and go to school."

"As long as you are here Lu... I'm not going anywhere" Amara said

I smiled because I was so glad my friends were actually going to stay with me however it immediately dropped when Trevor spoke.

"I can't stay here... I will be leaving early this afternoon. I have a few things I need to deal with and work on" he said with a straight face.

Nobody questioned him, he has been through a lot and I didn't blame him for wanting to leave. This place held too many bad memories for him. It made me sad that he wanted to leave but we all had to accept it. Especially if this decision made him happy.

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