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Chapter 2

Fear,darkness and pain. Why was I still feeling all of these emotions,there could only be one horrific reason for this.I was still alive and the reason behind my luck could only be the worst.I tried opening my eyes and groaned at the stinging pain on my left eye.I brought my aching hand towards my left eye and touched to feel it softly.“Ah!” I cried out,they must have scratched me.I could feel the dried up blood on the side of my face.

I slowly sat up straight on the cold hard ground and looked around me.Of course,there was absolute darkness everywhere I looked.I stood up and almost tumbled down back on the ground because my legs felt numb but the numbness faded away slowly the longer I kept standing.

I walked around blindly looking for a wall or something to touch or feel so I could have even the slightest idea of where I was.The first thing I bumped into was a wall then another wall,it wasn’t even long before my hand brushed up against the cold metal bars.I was in some sort of prison cell.

I sat back down and cried softly.Why didn’t they just kill me back there?it was way better than this!I heard a lot of stories about what they do to the ones they don’t kill on sight,they become slaves.They torture ,abuse and in time they kill them after making them suffer in the worst possible ways.Some rumors even say they eat their slaves slowly,a hand,a leg and the list goes on.I was in hell now and nobody would save me,all my friends were dead.

“There is no point in crying,save your tears for later.There are worse things to cry about ahead of you”a gruff male voice said weakly.His voice was so dry as if he hadn’t tasted water in a while.He also sounded like he was in another prison cell opposite mine.

I sniffled ,“Who ...are you and where are we?“I asked blindly looking ahead hoping I could see him or something but my efforts were useless.There was nothing but endless darkness everywhere I looked.

He coughed a lot before responding,“My name is O’zaak,I’m a scientist and I have been locked up in here for-I don’t know how long.I haven’t seen daylight or any light in ages.We are in hell...“he said coughing again,he sounded as if he was dying.

“what do you mean!“I asked impatiently.

“Ever heard of the original full breed Lycan?“he asked and continued when I didn’t answer,“Werewolves are nothing compared to that beast,a full breed lycan is something you do not want to encounter.There are only a few of them left,they rarely show themselves.Right now we are in one’s dungeons,were he keeps all his slaves.”

I scoffed “Dungeons,is this a castle or something?”

“I don’t know but what I do know is that this lycan is of royalty,he is a king or something and he is going to kill us all.You are going to wish a werewolf had torn you apart instead”he said with pity.

I didn’t need his pity,I crawled and hid myself in a dark corner.Why did this have to happen to me?I had a normal life once,then ten years ago exactly on my tenth birthday hell came crushing down on us.Scientists and doctors said it was a virus gone wild while people like my parents who were strongly religious came up with some biblical reason like the devil had come to wipe us all from the planet by using his demon wolves.As for me this was pure hell,the first time I encountered a werewolf was when one decided to gate crush my birthday sinking its teeth greedily into my parents flesh while I hid under a table like a coward.I became an orphan on my own birthday,a typical sad life story.

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