Mated to the King

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there's no fucking way he's my mate no way in hell he's my mate..... Ruby Death is a 19 year-old girl with some issues, her father loves when she would mess up cause then he could beat her, her mother died when she was a toddler by a rouge and well, her father just snapped and trained her harder than any other alpha could train their daughter. so basically she's a werewolve who could kill you painfully.

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Chapter 1

Ruby's POV
So, you know how everyone wants a mate? Well, I don't and I never do. I've been through a lot of crap throughout my life, and I don't need another person given me even more problems when I have enough of them. For one my bastard of a father, he never does anything but train me and make me feed him and makes me do every fucking chore in the house.
Me and my father just finished with my training session and he had told me to wait in the kitchen. I had a really, really bad feeling about this.
" So your grandma has called me up and asked if you could stay with her in her mansion I had yes. I had called someone before or training session and all of your crap is already at her house. I had them leave out a outfit and a pair of heels and wesr your red cloak" My father said. He sniffed the air and said with disgust '' and go take a shower will ya, you look like shit" Aw how sweet my father said I looked like shit!
I run upstairs and see the clothes on my bed, I quickly grab it and go to my bathroom and started the shower and got in letting the hot water run down my sweaty body until I smelt like my very sweet smelling vanilla soap and my vanilla conditioner and shampoo, I love vanilla. Anyway, after i got out of the shower and looked at the dress my dad told me to wear. It was a red puffy dress which was a little too short and showed a little too much of my long pale ass legs.
I finally got the dress to zip and looked in the mirror. All I saw was a albino girl with silver hair and soulless bright blue eyes. The girl in the mirror had a slim body but got all the curves. She looked real fragileand weak, oh but shes strong and more trained than any other alpha in the world. But, afte looking at her carefully I realized it was me. This girl was Ruby Death. I am Ruby Death a 19 year old with a lot of problems.
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