Come What May

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"Your love is the most precious thing in this world to me, Even death can't stop me from having it.. I'll never stop loving you, come what may." Berenice wanted nothing more than to meet her mate and live her life like the beautiful fairytale her parents always told her about. Her dreams come true when she recognizes the Alpha King as her mate. She's is all set and excited to be the queen and rule over her people alongside her mate but is slapped with the harsh reality of life when the King takes her away with him only to serve the Royals as a maid. What will happen when she discovers the dark secrets of her mate's life and an unknown threat makes its presence known? Let's find out. :)

Fantasy / Romance
Ayushi Jain
4.9 30 reviews
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Chapter 1

Berenice’s POV

The sun shines bright as the birds fly in the sky, their chirping heard all over. Flowers dance in happiness, swinging side to side and greeting each other as the wind blows past them gently.

Streets are busy as people make their way to their workplace, happy squeals coming from the kids playing together. The place looks blessed by the goddess of peace and happiness.

Welcome to the Harmony pack. Yes, pack. All the members of the pack are werewolves. We are under the rule of the mighty Lycanthropes. The Knight family, also known as the family of Royals, have ruled us from thousands of generations.

Our world is hidden by the humans, separated by dimensions.

Humans are known to be a very dangerous species. If they come to know about the existence of our kind, they’ll try to intrude and harms us. They think they have all the right in this world to capture anyone that is not of their specie and perform dangerous experiments to know more about them.

They are not loyal even to their own kind. Even though we are the one who are part animal, they’re the one with whom we should be afraid of. They show no mercy, they are ruthless. They kill mercilessly in the name of development, or so I’ve heard.

Wolves who are not shifters are stuck in that dimension with many other species. Their heads hang on the walls of the home of these vile humans. Our heart cries for them, for the pain they go through.

No one ever dared to enter that dimension, and hopefully never will.

I’m Berenice Raine, the daughter of the Alpha of The Harmony Pack, Richard Raine. Our pack is known for its kindness, loyalty and peaceful nature.

My eldest brother Ethan Raine is the next in line to Rule the pack. My second brother Jonathan Raine wants to be a part of the army and serve our entire kind, not just our pack. I’m the youngest one in my family.

My Mother, Rosaline Raine, always told me that one day I will meet my mate. He will love me unconditionally and will protect me. He is the one born only for me. He is mine and I am his. I don’t know who he is, where he is but I know one thing that whenever we will meet, it will be the best day of my life.

My dear mate, I’m waiting for you.

Now comes my best friend Sasha Crescent, the daughter of the beta of our pack, Anthony Crescent. She is like a sister to me. When we were fifteen, she had a huge crush on my brother Ethan. But could never gather the courage to confront him about her feelings. It’s not her fault though. My brother can be scary, very scary sometimes.

She dated a lot of guys, but is currently single. She believes there is no harm in having some fun. No one knows if we’ll meet our mate or not so we don’t need to worry about that right now. I however, disagree. I will wait for my mate no matter how much time it takes.

Let me tell you a secret. Despite what Sasha says, she never touched any male. That is enough to tell me that she also wants her mate. She can pretend not to want him all she wants but I know the truth. No one can survive without their mate.

I just wish that my mate accepts me as I am. I don’t know how he’ll react when he comes to know about my truth. I have no control over this situation. Even my parents don’t know how to handle this.

Don’t worry Berry, everything will be just fine. Your mate will accept you despite all your flaws. You'll be the perfect female in his eyes.

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