Come What May

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Chapter 10

Warning- “attempted” sexual assault!

I felt someone shaking me softly. I slowly opened my eyes and came face with that old lady whose name I came to know is Marry. I sat up and stretched my arms. I smiled at her.

“You need to get ready soon girl. There is a party at the castle today and we need to get everything done. I’ve kept the uniform on the couch. We all have to wear the same one. Come on, hurry up.”

“What? A party? It’s so sudden.” I said confused. Marry paid no heed to me and left the room. Gah! I have to work so early in the morning. I got up and moved towards the window. I opened the curtains only to see that the sun is not out yet. Oh my poor sleep!

I hurriedly got ready and ran outside wearing that lifeless and boring grey uniform for the workers here.

There was a lot of commotion in the ball room. Everyone was running from here to there to get the decorations right. I noticed the main element for the decor were flowers. It was halfway done but still it took my breath away.

I rushed towards the kitchen as I’ll be helping with the dishes. When I entered, my mouth dropped open. There were at least hundred people working on different dishes. Oh my God! Well Berry, how can you forget that this is a Royal Event? Of-course it will be huge.

We managed to finish everything ten minutes before the food was ready to go out for service. It was such a relief. I mainly helped with the desert. I hope my mate likes it.

I left the kitchen to get cleaned up properly, then I have to go out and serve the people there.

I was about to reach my room when someone put a hand over my mouth and dragged me outside the castle. I tried to scream as hard as I could. I struggled to break free but the person who held me had an iron strong grip.

I felt weak and tears were streaming down my face. I was thrown into the ground very roughly and I fell face first and hit my forehead to the hard ground.

“Aww, don’t cry hot stuff. It’s just me.” I recognized that voice instantly. Xavier.

That dog!

“Why did you bring me here?” I screamed holding my forehead trying to stop the bleeding.

“For this.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he leaped at me and pinned me down to the ground.

“NO! NO! LEAVE ME!” I started yelling at the top of my lungs. I was afraid. What was he going to do?

He ripped my uniform from the front and dove towards my neck. I started panicking. No, no! this is not happening!

“HELP! ANYBODY? PLEASE HELP ME! ALPHA!” I started wailing. No one was there to hear my screams.

“Please Xavier, don’t do this! Please.” I begged but he didn’t listen. His hands went under my skirt and gripped my thighs. He parted my legs forcefully and settled between them.

He was pulling at my bra strap when he was ripped away from me. I saw Ryder standing there holding Xavier by his throat. His claws were out and canines elongated, his eyes were golden. He partially shifted!

“How Dare You touch my sister!” he growled out in a very heavy voice. It was his beast speaking and he was ready to kill. I on the other hand was shaking with fear. I never imagined Xavier will do such a thing. I knew he’s cheap but never expected him to stoop to this level.

“What is going on here?” a powerful voice yelled. It was my mate.

“He- help me Alpha.” Xavier managed to croak out. Ryder squeezed his throat harder. His nails were digging inside his skin. Just a little deeper and Xavier will be dead.

“I order you to stop this right now Ryder!” my mate shouted. He was enraged. Ryder couldn’t disobey his Alpha King. He threw Xavier across the garden.

“Guards! Put him in prison.” Ryder ordered.

“NO.” my mate said. He was about to say more when he suddenly stopped. He slowly turned to look where I was lying on the floor with torn clothes. I crossed my arms over my chest, hugging myself to cover myself from being exposed to everyone. Yes, everyone from the castle came out because of all the chaos.

His eyes took my condition in and he realized what was going on. He clenched his fists and closed his eyes. He opened them after a few moments and turned towards Ryder.

“This kind of behavior is not accepted here. I order you to leave the castle this instant Xavier.” He spoke out in a monotone. I just stared at him wide eyed.

He will just let him walk away? He was about to rape me! He deserves to die! Do they don’t respect women at all? He’s behaving as if he just committed a minor offence. I don’t know what to think anymore. I just know that he failed me as a mate and as a king. I could feel my world falling apart. If it weren’t for Ryder, I don’t even want to imagine what Xavier would’ve done to me.

“What are you saying Alex?” Ryder said through gritted teeth. His beast has subsided.

“I know what I’m saying, Beta. You take this girl inside.” He said to Ryder. My heart broke all over again. He really doesn’t want me and definitely doesn’t care about me. He then ordered everyone to get back in their rooms announcing that the party is over. He walked away without giving a second glance at me.

Ryder came towards me and knelt on the ground. He carefully extended his arms towards me. He was making sure that I won’t freak out.

“Let me take you to your room okay.” He said in a soothing, gentle voice. It was like he was talking to a child. He picked me up in his arms while I was still shaking, my heart was ready to beat out of my chest. The tears stopped though. Only thing I could think about was how my mate let that filthy man get off the hook so easily.

Ryder got to my room and gently placed me down on my bed. Marry entered the room and bowed down her head at Ryder. He nodded in acknowledgement.

“Help her clean up. I’ll check on her after half an hour.” Ryder stated and left the room.

Marry helped me inside the bath tub and left. She offered to help me wash up but I shook my head no. after the bath I got out of the bathroom and wore the clothes Marry kept out for me.

After I was dressed, she reached out for me and embraced me in a motherly hug.

“I’m so sorry my dear, this all happened to you.” That’s when the water works started again. I hugged her tightly and cried my heart out. She held me securely to her like a mother would to her scared child. When I calmed down she made me lay down on my bed and covered me with a warm, soft blanket.

“Sleep, my child.” She said and kissed my forehead.

“M- Marry.” I croaked out when she was about to walk away. She looked at me intently, urging me to speak up.

“Thank for being there for me.” she was the one who took care of me when Stella burned me with that soup and now also, she was the one taking care of me.

She smiled at me. “Always, my child. Now go to sleep.” She turned off the lights and left the room.

How could I sleep after all that happened tonight? After what my mate did today? Wolves are extremely possessive of their mates. He’s a Lycan, the king, the most powerful of them all, and he couldn’t care less of what happened to me. He let that man, that assaulter, walk away.

I was truly scared for myself. What if someone else tried to take advantage of me? I couldn’t even defend myself because of my condition. He doesn’t want to accept me because I’m a werewolf. What will happen when he comes to know about the truth? He will kick me out of the kingdom immediately. He despises me.

I don’t even know when I fell asleep thinking about all this.

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