Come What May

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Chapter 17

Ryder’s POV

I could clearly remember that day when I saw him. Alex and I were at the funeral of Berry’s parents when I was hit by the most pleasant fragrance I ever came across in my life. It forced me to go and find its source. It was coming from close by. I was standing with Alex when I looked around for that smell.

Then my eyes came in contact with the most beautiful pair of blacks ever and I instantly knew the person was my mate. But what I didn’t expect was my mate being a male. He noticed me too. He looked so young, barely an adult. I roamed my eyes on his milky white skin that was exposed to my eyes. He was wearing a light blue Tee-shirt and shorts. His raven hair all messy because of the wind. He looked so adorable.

I noticed a light shade of pink appear on his ears and neck and his eyes cast downwards. He noticed me checking him out. He was blushing like crazy. I wanted to approach him but I couldn’t. I had to wait until the funeral is over. He looked like he wanted to rush to my side, he was having a hard time controlling himself. I looked away.

How is he my mate? I mean, he is a male. I cannot be mated to him, right? I have always been interested in females so, how come my mate is a male? I don’t know what to think anymore. And he is not even a Lycan, he is just a barely grown up wolf. What will people think about me? What will Alex think about me? I can’t live with my best friend looking at me with a different way.

We recently got in a big fight because he accused Berry that she has interest in me. I was so mad at him. And that idiot even marked her because of his stupid jealousy. I don’t want hi to be wary of me. I don’t want anyone to think low of me. I am the Royal Beta. I can’t accept my mate being a male. It is a mistake.

I will reject him.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything anymore. My mind was swirling with so many emotions. I was feeling nervous. Well, I was about to reject my mate so obviously, I will be nervous. Alex kept asking me what am I thinking about but I told him it’s nothing. He was getting suspicious because I kept spacing out. The only face that occupied my mind was of that young, black eyed boy.

As soon as the funeral was over, I excused myself and went in search for my mate. He was standing in a faraway corner looking towards the ground where the funeral was just held as if searching for someone. I knew he was looking for me.

I sneaked up on him from behind. Jolts of electricity ran through my body when I touched his arm to turn him around. He was shocked to see me standing in front of him.

His face looked angelic from up-close. He looked at me with his innocent black eyes. I could get lost in them forever. I could feel my beast rumbling at the sight of his mate. My chest rumbled and I let out a low growl, my beast making his presence known. My mate’s eyes widened when he heard the growl. He got scared. My mate should not be scared of me.

I could feel my primal instincts taking over, my body itching to feel his. I held him by his shoulders and brought him closer to me, our chests almost touching. He was shivering. Out of nervousness or fear? I couldn’t tell.

He let out a small yelp when I buried my nose in his neck, breathing in his scent like a crazy person.


My beast voiced his thoughts in my head.

I reluctantly pulled away from him. I have to talk to him. He can’t be a part of my life.

He was looking at me with his big doe eyes, wondering why I pulled away from him.

“Where do you live?” I asked him, my voice deeper than usual. I was getting aroused by just looking at the tiny form of my innocent mate.

He was looking here and there, avoiding eye contact with me.

My mate is so shy. But I was not having any of it. I held his chin and made him look into my eyes. His whole body quivered at the physical contact.

I could hear his heartbeat sky rocketing, he needs to calm down or he’ll have a heart attack.

I pulled him closer to me once again and hugged him tight. His head came till my chest.

He’s so small. My little mate.

I weaved my hand through his hair while my other was around his waist. I knew if I don’t hold him, he’ll fall down.

He was clutching on my shirt so hard I’m sure it will have wrinkles on it. But I didn’t care, my mate was getting calm. I can’t allow him to have a panic attack.

He buried his nose in my chest and breathed heavily. I was having a hard time controlling myself from doing something that we’ll regret later. His close proximity was affecting me big time and he didn’t even know. I just stood there, letting him calm himself down.

“We just have to walk a little and we’ll reach there.” My mate mumbled into my chest. His voice is angelic. I can listen to him talk forever.

How will I reject him?

“Take me there.” I ordered him and pulled away from him completely. I have to be strong. He got startled by my sudden change in demeanor. He stared at my face but I managed to maintain a cold look. His eyes welled up with tears. He walked past me signalling me to follow him.

I wanted nothing more than to take him in my arms and kiss his tears away but I didn’t. I followed him and soon we reached his house. We went inside and he offered me a glass of water which I politely refused.

He drank the water instead. He held the glass with both his hands while drinking because he was nervous.

I could tell he is a low ranked wolf, that’s why it was so hard for him to maintain his composure in the presence of a royal who happens to be his mate.

Some water spilled down from the glass, travelling down to his chin and then neck. My eyes fixed on the droplet that travelled down his neck. He caught me staring at him and turned red. He could give competition to Berry when it comes to blushing.

I’m not complaining though.

But he did one wrong move. He bit his lower lip out of nervousness and that action was not missed by me. All the control that I had snapped and in a blink of a second, I had him pinned on the sofa of his living room, the glass of water, fell on the floor somewhere.

We kissed. Hard. The fireworks exploded and I was on cloud nine. This is what it feels like to be with your other half? This is heaven on earth. If I die right now, I’ll die a happy man. His eyes were shut close and he was trying to keep up with my pace but failed miserably. I could tell it was his first kiss and both my beast and I were very pleased to know that.

He moaned into the kiss and I lost the control over my body and my beast took over. I speared my tongue inside his mouth and tasted him.

My mate is the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.

He started to struggle and scratched my back and I pulled my mouth away from his. I understood he wanted time to breathe. I made my way towards his neck sucking harshly. I bit his skin occasionally which made him yelp out in pain which I soothed instantly by licking it. I made sure to leave marks on his neck that won’t fade away easily.

Have mate! Have mate right now!

My beast was chanting continuously. And I agreed.

I got off the sofa and gathered him in my arms which made him open his eyes. He was about to ask what am I doing but I shut him up by slamming my lips to his once again.

I took him to a room where his scent was the strongest and threw him on the bed.

The next all happened in a blur. We were both naked on his bed and I was all over him whereas he was a moaning mess beneath me.

All the cries and whines that left his mouth were music to ears. I couldn’t wait any longer and rammed myself inside of him. He yelled out in extreme pain while I moaned out in pleasure.

Shit, I forgot to prepare him first!

Shit, shit, shit! What have I done?

But we were too far gone to stop.

“It- It hu- hurts.” He sobbed. His face displayed how much pain he was in.

I’m so sorry mate.

“It will get better.” I said as I held him. I didn’t move an inch. I waited for him to get comfortable.

It took him a lot of time to get acquainted with my size. But once he allowed me to continue, I didn’t hold back. I took him hard and fast and multiple times. It completely slipped my mind that it was his first time.

I fell on top of him after I finished, exhausted. I lost count on how many rounds we did. I looked towards my mate and found him sleeping. He must be really tired.

I pulled out of him and instantly missed his warmth. I could see my seed leaking out of him along with blood. My eyes widened when I saw blood stains on the bed sheet too.

What the hell did I do to my mate?

I immediately sprung into action and cleaned him up. I then went inside the bathroom to do the same.

I changed his bed sheets and covered him with a warm duvet, but not before admiring all the love-marks I left on his body. They were almost black and were scattered all over his body. My beast was content too.

How the hell am I supposed to leave him now? I just had him, I don’t think I can be with anyone else now, nor will I allow anyone else to have him.

But I can’t be with a male. No, I have to leave. How will the Royal Beta bloodline continue if I stay with him? This had to be done.

I was sitting on his bed, staring at the face of my sleeping mate. My heart was breaking into pieces looking at him. I was about to break this angel’s heart. My sweet, innocent angel.

I’m sorry my angel.

He stirred in his sleep and turned the other side.

My beast was getting restless. The idea of leaving his mate behind was enough to make him go crazy, but this had to be done for a better future.

He opened his eyes after three hours. I was still on his bed looking at him. He scrunched up his face cutely while he was trying to adjust to his surroundings. When he noticed me sitting on his side he immediately sat up as if he saw a ghost. His face turned red and he resembled a tomato. I wanted to laugh but I controlled myself.

“What is your name?” I asked him, keeping a straight face. He looked down towards his lap. He was being shy and couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Ch- Charlie Wilson.” He stammered.

“I’m Ryder Black. The Royal Beta.” He immediately snapped his neck to look at me, his eyes wide like saucers and mouth open in shock.

“Ro- Royal Beta?” he asked.

“Yes.” I confirmed. He gulped. I decided to continue.

“So, you understand that we cannot be together right?” I asked.

“What?” he asked. He looked as if he didn’t believe that I said that. It is all my fault. I should’ve controlled myself. But I didn’t. but I have to leave him. I can use whatever happened between us to our advantage.

“I’m a Royal and I need to continue my bloodline. It is obvious that I cannot be with a male.” I could see the exact moment I shattered his heart into pieces.

“No- No. you’re lying.” His voice wavered. His eyes got teary. I made my mate cry the day I met him. I am terrible.

“You know I am not.” I said in a flat tone. I then got up from the bed. I was already dressed but he was naked under those sheets.

“I know we just mated. I needed to have my mate once. Now it’s done. We go our separate ways from now on. You need to forget about me and move on in your life because I promise you that I will.” I said and left his room.

I heard some shuffling sounds from his room and I turned around. He came running out of his room, sheets wrapped around his body.

“Wait! Please, don’t go. You’re-you’re my mate, you can’t leave me.” he looked at me with his pleading eyes, tears streaming down his face. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

“I have to.” I answered him.

No emotions shown.

“I can’t live without you.” I cried.

“But, I can.”

A soul crushed.

“We- We just mated.”

“It didn’t mean anything to me.”

All hope gone.

He fell down on his knees, crying and begging me not to leave him behind. But I left, without giving him a second glance. The beast inside of me was becoming restless. It was for the best that I leave.

I hope, someday, you have it in your heart to forgive me, my angel.

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