Come What May

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Chapter 19


My eyes shot open when I heard his voice. It was the first time he called me by my name. He called me in a soft voice. I was surprised. I want him to speak to me in this voice only, it’s melodious to my ears.

“Yes” I whispered, but I knew he heard it. I was so shocked by his tone that I couldn’t speak properly.

“Come with me.” he held my hands to lead me out of the room. As soon as his hand touched mine, I felt thousands of sparks travel through my body and I shivered from pleasure. He held my hand so gently as if I would break.

I’m not used to this treatment from my mate. I was overwhelmed with the amount of happiness I was feeling. My eyes got blurry.

My mate is being gentle with me.

I didn’t even question where he is taking me. I just followed his lead.

When we exited the room, he stopped and turned to look at me. he came closer and wiped my tears that I didn’t realize have fallen down. He caressed my cheek gently and I closed my eyes to savor this rare moment. I don’t know why he is behaving this way but I’m not complaining at all.

I will take everything that he is willing to give me. Maybe my fate had mercy on me and gave me this precious moment with my mate.

He started walking again, still holding my hand and exited the castle. What surprised me was that no bodyguard followed us.

We were walking silently beside each other, holding hands and enjoying the view of nature.

My eyes widened at the view in front of me.

After crossing the path adorned by the greenery of nature, we arrived at a place that seemed like a Cherry Blossom forest. The path in front of us was surrounded by huge Cherry Blossom trees. I was mesmerized by the beautiful pink view in front of me.

Cherry Blossoms are my favorite. I always wanted to visit this kind of place. It has Cherry Blossom everywhere.

I just stood there to take in this amazing view to my heart’s content. I didn’t realize that my mate was looking at me and observing my reaction.

“Do you like it?” he decided to break the silence.

“I love it.” I whispered. I did love it. My eyes were still wide as I looked at this beauty of nature.

My mate squeezed my hand lightly that was still in his hold and started walking in that path. I walked with him and enjoyed the view, looking everywhere like an excited child.

I cannot believe my mate brought me here. Oh God, this the best day of my life!

We kept on walking for a long time and stopped when we reached near a bench. My mate made me sit on it and then took his place beside me. he did not leave my hand even once.

What he did next made me gasp out loud.

He kissed the palm of my hand that was in his hold and then did the same to the tips of my fingers one by one.

I just looked at him with my eyes wide open.

Oh My God, please tell me it’s not a dream!

“I brought you here to talk. I know I have a lot of explaining to do.”

My heart stopped for a second when I heard this. So, this is the moment of truth. I had a hard time forming words, I didn’t know how to react to this so, I just stared at him. He sighed when I didn’t react.

“I know this is all sudden for you. Let’s start by you telling me what all you know about me and my past.”

“I-I uhh..” I stammered. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

You can do this Berry.

“I know you waited for many centuries for your mate. A prophecy states that your child will save the world from the evil forces. You went berserk when you couldn’t find me. You killed a male wolf who was preparing to please his mate. The she-wolf cursed you. When you fall in love with your mate, she will die. You didn’t want that to happen so you gave up on finding your mate.

And then- and then you…” I couldn’t continue. My voice wobbled. My heart clenched in pain. My mate didn’t say anything. He patiently waited for me to compose myself and continue. I didn’t look at him even once while speaking. I know I won’t be able to talk if I do that.

“You then slept with every female. You didn’t care she was mated or not. The prophecy didn’t state that the child would be with your mate so decided… so, you decided to have a child with any of the females you have. I don’t know how any of them got pregnant though.” I said bitterly.

My tears were flowing freely and I couldn’t contain the sobs that broke through me.

I gasped amidst my crying when I was pulled up from the bench and was enveloped by the warm embrace of my mate. He made me sit on his lap, facing him with my legs on either side of his waist and hugged me tight.

He kept on peppering my head with his feather light kisses until I calmed down.

“Are you ready to listen my side of the story?” he asked when I calmed down. I nodded my head which was comfortably placed in the crook of his neck.

“Look at me.” I said gently. When I didn’t, he lightly pulled my head away and held both my cheeks to look me in the eyes.

“Listen to me carefully now, okay.” I nodded.

“There is a reason I killed that male wolf. I didn’t kill him because of jealousy. As you know all the Werewolves and Lycanthropes are under my rule, they all are connected to me. I can invade anyone’s mind and they cannot block me from doing so. I just choose not to do so.

That day I was going crazy because I wanted to meet my mate. All my senses were hyper active and I was transformed into my true self, into my beast.

I heard his thoughts that day even though I didn’t want to. What I heard angered me and made me lose the last bit of control I had on myself.

That wolf didn’t want his mate because she was an omega. He wanted to have strong pups so his mating was already arranged with some other she wolf. He would’ve left his mate brokenhearted to be with another female. He made false promises to keep her happy. He was about to perform the ultimate betrayal.

He disrespected the sacred mating bond. I was going crazy for my mate and there, that pathetic wolf was about to abandon the most beautiful gift he could ever had. I ripped him into pieces. Then, the curse happened. She died. I couldn’t save her. And I put my mate’s life in danger.

When I found you, I felt like I was the luckiest one in this whole world. I wanted to hug you, to kiss you, to hold you and never let you go. I wanted to treat you like the queen that you are. I wanted to give you the world. But I know I couldn’t.

I didn’t want you to die. So, I mistreated you. I wanted you to hate me, but you didn’t. you just kept on loving me. I’m sorry that I put my hands on you. I was supposed to protect you but I caused you pain and only pain. I know my apology isn’t enough. I promise you that I’ll prove it to you that I deserve you. I will earn your forgiveness.

I did all this to protect you. Then I realized that I am just hurting you more and more. Every time you cried because of me, I wanted to kill myself. I cannot see you cry.

I got the wake-up call after I marked you. I felt your sorrow, I felt your love, I felt everything. I realized that I am the one who is slowly killing you. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I fell in love with you the first time I met you, Berenice Raine. I will not let the curse come true. If anyone wants to harm you, they have to go through me and I promise you that they will not survive. I can do anything for you, my little mate, anything.”

I just gaped at him. My mind was still processing everything he told me.

He said he loves me..

He said he loves me..

He said he loves me..

He said he loves me..

He said he loves me!!!!!!!!

“You- You… I—I…” I couldn’t form any words. I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know what to do. So, I hugged him with all my might and cried my heart out. He returned my hug and kissed my head over and over again.

“My Mate!” I kept on repeating between my cries.

“Yes, completely yours.” He answered each time.

We just stayed in each other’s embrace with our eyes closed for a long time, enjoying each other’s company. I felt happy and safe in his arms. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought I would see this day but here I am, in the loving hold of my mate.

“Berry..” he muttered.

“Mhhmm” I didn’t open my eyes.

“This is the first and the last time I will talk to you about my intimate life before you.” I tensed in his arms but nodded, my eyes still closed. My heart started beating loudly. I really didn’t want to know anything about it but I guess he needs to let it out.

“Just listen to me okay.” I nodded again.

“I have been with many Lycan females in my past, I will not deny it. But they were all unmated. I wouldn’t do that to any mated female. The reason that no female ever got pregnant with my child because no female ever had my seed inside them. I also never did any kind of foreplay with them. I just needed to find my own release. I hope we will never discuss about it in future. All those things that people say about me are lies.”

I simply nodded. I just wanted to close this topic. I was really happy to hear that he never wanted to have a child with any other female.

I pulled away from him when a question popped up in my head.

“I- I wanted to ask something.” He nodded at me to continue.

“Do you know who- who killed Xavier?”

“I did.” He simply said.

“Wha- what?”

“No one touches my mate and lives to see the other day!” he snarled and brought me back to his embrace. He kept on sniffing my neck until he calmed down.

“It was very hard for me to control myself when Stella disrespected you. I wanted to rip her throat but I didn’t. all because of my stupidity. It will all change from now on. No one will hurt you. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

“Thank you.” I whispered. He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes, enjoying his touch. I was feeling over the moon. I finally have my mate with me.

“I want to take you somewhere.” He spoke up. I looked at him confused.

“Where?” he didn’t answer. I simply picked me up in his arms and ran in his lightning speed.

After a few minutes we arrived at a secluded place and he put me down gently.

The sky was getting dark and we were in the middle of a forest in front of a very small cottage.

It was small yet very beautiful.

“I built it when I was young and learnt about soulmates.” My mate spoke up. When I looked at him, he had a small smile on his face.

“I built it for us. It’s not big or fancy but I hope you like it. I never changed anything about its design. I wanted it to be simple and cozy.”

I just stood there in shock.

He built this beautiful cottage for us? Oh my god!

My eyes welled up with the tears of happiness. This is so thoughtful of him. He built our own personal space.

“Let’s get you inside.” He took hold of my hand and led me inside.

As soon as we entered, I gasped at the beautiful sight in front of me. the interior was beautiful, it was perfect.

There was a little wooden table in between and two mattresses on either side of it with many pillows on them. The lights were dim. It felt like home, warm and cosy.

My mate left my hand and went straight up to the fireplace to light up the fire. After it was done, he stood before with a nervous look on his face.


“Do you like it?”

“I love it. Thank you so much. It is perfect.” I answered instantly and the nervous look on his face vanished and he gave me a full-blown smile.

Don’t faint Berry, don’t faint.

“Come, sit over here and make yourself comfortable.” He made me sit and went somewhere. I just sat there and enjoyed this warm feeling. It was a beautiful view of the sky from inside the cottage. The evening sky looked so beautiful.

He came back after a few minutes with a bag. He sat down beside me and opened it. The bag was full of snacks.

“I still need to get the kitchen in order so we have to stuff ourselves with this for now.” I laughed at that.

This Alpha King, who had thousands of servants waiting for his command, ready to serve him, is here, sitting beside me, with a bag full of chips and chocolate bars and a bottle of cold drink like a young child out for picnic.

We ate all the snacks and finished the cold drink. We spent the night in that beautiful cottage by talking about ourselves, our childhood experiences, our likes-dislikes and what not.

We slept late at night, in each other’s arms, cuddling.

It was the first time in a while, I slept with my heart full of happiness.

This was the best day I had in a very long time.

We both slept peacefully forgetting all the problems in our lives.

We will overcome all the troubles together. This day gave me hope for a better future, where my mate and I will be together and have each other’s back. Where our lives will be full of love and happiness.

This is the starting of our future together.

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