Come What May

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Chapter 2

The Next Day

All the people are running here and there to decorate the pack house. Today “The Royals” will visit us to sign the peace treaty.

They are not werewolves. They are Lycanthropes. The most powerful supernatural race known to exist. They can turn into their wolf form as well as their beast form, also known as their Lycan form. They are ruthless and always stand beside what is right. They have fought courageously a numerous times whenever our kind was attacked by foreign entities.

I have never encountered any Lycan in my whole life. But my mother always tells us about them, the tales of their bravery and sacrifice.

My brothers are visiting a neighboring pack for some reason that I don’t know so they won’t be here for the signing.

“Hey Berry! Let’s go, we need to buy our dresses come on!” My best friend Sasha said excitedly.

“Shopping... Why?” I asked.

“What do you mean why? The great Alexander Kenneth Knight will visit us and you’re asking me why? Girl, we need stunning dresses. Haven’t you heard how charming he is? There will be more hot guys with him and may be if fate will be on my side I will woo the Alpha himself!!” She told me her masterplan.

As if The Royals will take any interest in normal wolves and no one ever saw our king so how do we know that he is charming or not?

“Come on Sasha, you know I am not interested.”

“Yeah yeah, Miss I am loyal to my mate, I know”

“You should also respect the mate bond.”

“Oh please! I don’t even know who he is, where he is, if he even exists or not!” Sasha said defensively.

“Ok ok tiger! Calm down. Fine let’s go shopping.”

And with that she dragged me with her to our nearby store.

I bought a dark blue colored one piece and Sasha bought a black one piece with dark pink lining and belt. We both were looking beautiful. She helped me out with the makeup. We both were ready to welcome The Royals.

My nerves were starting to get to me. They are short tempered people. If anything went wrong it will be the end of Harmony pack. It will be the first time we will meet our Alpha King. People are scared of him but still admire him. He is a six hundred years old Lycan. I’ve heard that he looks like he is in his mid-twenties. Again, how do we know?

“Are you ready girls, to welcome the royals?” My father asked.

“Yes Alpha, we are ready.” Sasha answered. I nodded.

The whole pack was gathered outside the pack house, everyone eager to see the Alpha King. Anyone could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was dressed in their best attire to make a good impression on the King. The area was full of chatters. The pack was happy. I smiled looking at them.

We were standing at the entrance of the pack house when a huge, shiny black car entered the grounds of our pack house. Holy Moon Goddess, the car is coated with diamonds!

The front door of the car opened and I assume an enforcer came out to open the back door of the car. Everyone went silent. I could sense the nervousness coming from my pack. We all could sense the dominant aura of a mighty beast. I could feel the hair at end of my neck and arms stand up.

As soon the person behind the car door, the great Alpha King stepped out everyone bent on their knees and bowed down in front of him on instinct sensing their superior. Showing him the at most submission. I couldn’t see his face as my head was also down in submission. Despite my ‘condition’ I felt the urge to submit.

Suddenly, the most amazing and wonderful smell hit my nose. I knew then and there my mate is here. After a painful minute of displaying their submission everyone stood up and I finally got to see where the scent come from.

Standing in front of me was the epitome of perfection. A tall muscular man with height definitely more than 6 feet, fair skin, his eyes a beautiful shade of blue, his hair jet black. Standing in front of me was my mate, the mighty Alpha King, Alexander Kenneth Knight!


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