Come What May

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Chapter 23-Season 2

2 months later...

Ryder’s POV

“We need to do something about this and fast.”

“It never would’ve happened if she already gave Alpha King a pup.”

“She was a weakling, couldn’t even defend herself.”

“She was not fit for a queen.”

“Thank God, she’s gone now.”

“ENOUGH!” I roared out loud. I’ve had enough.

I’ve been here for three hours now, stuck in this stupid meeting. All the powerful Lycans and Alphas of almost all the packs are present here to discuss about the tragedy that happened two months ago.

Everything is out of order. These people are getting out of control. They have said countless of degrading things about Berry and I am a second away from killing them all.

“I did not call this meeting to hear you all rant about your Luna Queen. Do you all not know that disrespecting your Luna in an official meeting is a punishable offence?”

“But she was never crowned.” One Alpha spoke up.

“It doesn’t change the fact that she’s your Alpha King’s true mate which makes her your Luna. You all should be ashamed of yourself. This is a time when your Alpha king needs your support the most and here you all are busy disrespecting his mate.”

“We did not mean to disrespect Berenice. We all know the solution is Alpha king’s heir. It was her duty to give him a child but she didn’t. it’s her fault we have no one to save us from this situation.” The other alpha argued.

“It is such a shame that you have no trust in your Alpha king. He is more than capable to save you all from those creatures. That day’s incidents are proof enough. It saddens me to know that you all have such shallow thinking. Berenice is not bound to pop out a child just because you people think so. Now that I hear your thoughts, I doubt that you people are capable to lead your packs. Do you treat your females this way? Are they machines to pop out children and carry your legacy? No! they are not.

Alexander would never force his mate to have his pup just because of a prophecy. They are mates. The deserve to live every moment of their relationship. He loves Berenice. The child will come when they think it is the right time. No one has the right to force them.”

“So, what do you suggest we do now Royal Beta?” a Lycan asks.

“I called you here to discuss this but you all chose to rather badmouth Berenice than to actually find a solution to the problem.” I spat at them. I was getting agitated now. One more minute with these people and I will lose my shit.

The door of the meeting room opened and Charlie walked in. My hands were itching to touch him. I just wanted to bury my nose in his neck and take in his scent but I cannot do it with all these people here.

“The food is ready gentlemen. I suggest you all take a small brake and enjoy the lunch.”

“Alright everyone, the meeting will continue after lunch.” I said and everyone one got up and left the room.

Charlie came towards me, I pulled him in my arms and nuzzled his neck.

“Let’s go to our room. I’ll set up your food while you freshen up.” He spoke softly.

I smiled at him and nodded. He then left to get the food. I really feel lucky to have him as my mate. Things were rough between us at the beginning but slowly we both got closer to us. Now, when all the responsibilities are on my head, he is the one who keeps me sane.

I went to my room and took a hot shower to calm my nerves. I dried myself and wrapped the towel around my waist before getting out of the bathroom.

My angel already brought food for me. He was arranging it on plate and turned towards me.

“Food is rea-” he stops mid-sentence when he notices my half naked state. His eyes traveled from my chest to my abs and then below my belly button. I saw him gulp and then he looked up at me, his face now, flushed red.

I smirked and walked towards my shy mate.

“What happened baby? Like what you see?” I held him by his waist and whispered in his ear. I felt him shiver in my arms and he hit me lightly on my chest.

“Don’t tease me!” he whined, making a puppy face and I chuckled at his antics.

“You don’t need to be shy, mate. It’s nothing you haven’t seen.” I said and sank my teeth into his neck, over his mating mark. He couldn’t contain the loud moan that left his mouth.

It’s been a month since I marked him. It’s been a month we sealed our fates together, we bound our souls together.

I love to refresh the bite mark on his neck. He is finally mine. The soothing presence of my angel at the back of my mind is the reason I’m able to keep my sanity otherwise, I would’ve wiped the floor with all the Alpha’s here.

I retracted my teeth from his neck and gave a final pack to his mark. My angel’s eyes were still dazed from the pleasure. I took the advantage of his dazed state and pulled him for a passionate kiss.

I broke the kiss when we both got breathless and pecked his lips a few times. He buried his face in my chest.

“You need to eat.” He mumbled shyly. I held the back of his neck gently and pulled his face away from my chest to look at him. The sight in front of me was enough to make me lose control.

His face was flushed a beautiful shade of red and his lips were swollen. He was squirming in my hold, his breathing intensified, sensing my arousal.

“I want you baby.” I said roughly and pulled him in for a kiss again but he resisted.

“Please, finish your lunch. You have a meeting to attend.” He said softly, trying to persuade me. I know he’s right. If I start now, I won’t be able to stop.

“Alright. But let me tell you something, I won’t listen to any of your excuses tonight.” I said and sat down to eat.

“Wear your clothes atleast!” he shrieked.

“Nope.” I declined and pulled him on the bed to have lunch with me.

I took Charlie with me to the meeting. I know I would snap if these males said anything offensive about Berry. But now I think that it was a bad decision. They all just keep on staring at my mate.

Their eyes seemed to be focused on the very fresh bite mark on his neck. Whenever Charlie looks towards them, they avert their eyes. They no longer have the power to hold his gaze. He is mated to the royal Beta. He has my mark standing proudly on his neck, telling the entire world he is mine. My scent intertwined with his to ward of anyone who decides to sniff around his tail.

“If you all are done staring at my mate, I think we should proceed with the meeting.”

Everyone seems to be surprised by my words and muttered apologies. Even Charlie was surprised. My angel is so oblivious.

“We didn’t mean to offend you, Royal Beta. It’s just that we never thought you would be mated to a male. When we heard of it, we thought you’ll reject him, so it came out as a shock to us that you accepted him. now I know why though.” An Alpha wolf said, ogling at my mate.

I growled in annoyance. Charlie shrunk beside me on his seat.

“We are not here to discuss about my mated life. Get to the point.”

These people are getting bolder day by day. They had the guts to badmouth Berry and now they are ogling my mate in front of me.

“We need to find our King and bring him back. It was not our fault that Berenice was targeted by those creatures. Our King needs to come back from his mourning period.” One of the Lycans said.

“Yes. He is the Alpha king, he needs to think about his subjects. It’s his duty to take care of us. He needs to move on and produce an heir. What’s done is done.”

“Berenice was a weak female. She didn’t even turn into her wolf form. She was not suitable to be his mate. I would say it’s good riddance.”

That’s it. That was the last straw.

I leaped around the table and held the Lycan and that pathetic Alpha wolf by their throat.

“HOW DARE YOU!” I roared at them.




I roared and threw them both on the wall, hard.

Both of them exposed their neck in submission and others present in the room whimpered because of the dominating aura radiating from me.

I am their superior, they need to accept this.

I picked up the Lycan and punched him on his face continuously. I heard his nose crack. His face was smothered with blood. I threw him aside and picked up the wolf by his neck and slammed him head first on the wall.

No one dared to stop me.

They can’t even if they want to.

I walked towards the Lycan and my claws extended, ready to slice his throat when I heard my mate shouting.

“Ryder, stop!” he ran towards me and held my hand from murdering these useless creatures. I was heaving from anger.

“Let me go Charlie. Let me teach them a lesson. These two don’t deserve to live.” I tried to pry his hands away when he encircled his arms around my neck and pushed my head into his neck, directly over his mating mark, my nose firmly pressed against it.

I took a deep breath and inhaled the heavenly scent of my mate which helped me to calm down. I encircled my arms around his waist and continued to sniff his neck. The anger was slowly fading away and I was able to think clearly.

I inhaled his scent deeply, kissed his neck and pulled away from him.

“GET LOST!” I screamed and everyone ran out of the conference room.

“Adam!” I called the Royal Delta. He came running inside the room.

“Yes, Ryder.”

“Make all of them leave the castle. This meeting was in vain.” I stated. He nodded and left.

I took Charlie’s hand in mine and dragged him to our room. I am done with these people. I can’t take it anymore.

We entered our room and I slammed the door shut.

“Why did you stop me Charlie?” I asked him, shaking his shoulders.

“Yo- you could have killed them. You know how bad it will look for you and our King. It would be misusing your power. I did not want anyone to think ill of you.”

“You put yourself in danger because of that, Charlie!” he looked at me confused.

“What? How?”

“Now, they all know that you are my weakness. I can’t put you in danger, Charlie. Alex is not here. Everything is my responsibility now. I can’t let anyone use you to get to me. I won’t let any harm come to you. You will not leave my sight. If you want to go somewhere, I will go with you. You will not go anywhere without me, do you understand?”

I was worried for Charlie. I can’t live without him. I know what happened to Alex when Berry…

I don’t want to think about it.

“I know you won’t let anything happen to me.” Charlie said softly and hugged me.

“I will go crazy if anything happened to you Charlie. I can’t afford to lose you.”

“It won’t happen. I know you will protect me.”

“Promise me, you won’t go anywhere alone. Berry didn’t listen to Alex and look what happened. Promise me, baby, please.”

“I promise.” He whispered. We remained like this for a few minutes when Charlie spoke up.

“I can never forget that dreadful sight. It as clear as day in my memory. Our Alpha king is truly terrifying.”

“There is a reason he is feared all over the world. Those creatures paid the price, but we suffered more.” I said.

That day, Alex was out of control. He showed everyone why he is the king and what will happen if you mess with him. the sight was terrifying even for me.

That day was the doomsday for all of us. The day he lost everything.

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