Come What May

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Chapter 24-Season 2


Alexander’s POV

I searched for Berenice after I returned from the meeting with her brothers. She was nowhere to be found. I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I told her not to go anywhere without me but she didn’t listen.

I called her out multiple times but I got no response. Ryder and his mate came running down the stairs when they heard me yelling for Berenice.

“What happened Alex? Where is Berry?” Ryder asked, his eyes wide in panic. He never saw me this disturbed, ever.

I didn’t answer him. Something is wrong. I can feel it.

I closed my eyes and focused on Berry’s scent. She is marked, I’ll be able to find out where she is.

I can feel her emotions. She is scared, very scared. I need to get to her fast, she is in grave danger.

“She’s at the pack border.” I said and ran out of the house without anyone in lightning speed.

I will lock her up once I find her. She’ll never be able to defy me again. I told her not to leave but no, she goes out and now puts herself in danger.

If even a hair on her head is harmed, I am going to destroy this entire world. No one tries to harm my mate and gets away with it.

I reached the borders and the sight in front of me stuns me for a moment.

That disgusting creature had my mate up by her throat, her entire body turned blue. I could see ice on her hair. The creature was freezing her to death.


Uncontrollable fury

That’s what I felt.

I let roared out loud and charged towards the creature in full speed. I transformed into my Lycan in mid-air and gripped it by its throat. My mate fell down on the ground.

I had only one thing in my mind, to end this creature in the most painful way.

I squeezed its throat and could hear the sound of bones cracking. I loosened my hold before I could squeeze the life out of it. It did not have any strength left to use its magic on me. I buried my claws on his abdomen and ripped him apart bit by bit, piece by piece.

I could see him thrashing from pain, I could not hear anything as my mind was clouded with blood lust.

There was only one thing on my mind.




I will not leave any of them, I will finish them!

As soon as I tore that creature apart, a swarm of similar ones appeared out of thin air. I charged towards them and got hold of two of them. The others surrounded me. I finished the two in my hold by biting their head off from their bodies.

They turned into ash as I ripped them.

No remains left.

I threw away every one of them, who were clinging on my body and they all met the same fate.

I ended every single one present there.

I was heaving with anger. How dare they touch my mate? HOW DARE THEY?

Charlie’s POV

As soon as the Alpha King ran out of the pack house, we ran after him. It was hard for me to keep up as I can’t match their speed. Ryder noticed this so, he picked me up and carried me to the borders.

When we reached the borders, what I saw, scared me to my bones. A massive black Lycanthrope was tearing the mysterious black entities recklessly.

My gaze was transfixed on that Lycan. He looked magical yet terrifying. His fur was of the darkest shade of black I’ve ever seen. There was no doubt in my mind that this Lycan is our Alpha King.

Many of those entities attacked him at once. They tried to do something to him, I don’t know what but they were radiating black smoke and tried to tear through his skin, but they couldn’t.

There was a dangerous aura surrounding our king. His eyes were blown golden and he was ready to murder anyone who crossed his path. It looked like he lost control over his senses, he was roaring and growling loudly that would have anyone tuck their tail and run for their life. I have never seen such a terrifying scene in my entire existence.

I was shaking with fear. I wanted nothing else but to leave this place and hide somewhere but I cannot do that. Tears were flowing freely from my eyes.

What is happening? Please, someone make it stop.

I was always scared of our Alpha king. He always intimidated me. I’m a low ranked wolf so, it is natural for me to feel this way towards him but this time, I am terrified of him. I will die from panic attack if he even looked at me right now.

Ryder and others charged forward and crossed the border, to help our king. As soon as they got hold of those black creatures, they would turn into black smoke and escape from their hold and would charge for the king.

Only our Alpha king was able to get hold of them and finish them.

I saw our Luna lying lifeless on the ground. I ran towards her and kneel on the ground to inspect her. When I touched her cheek to wake her up, I retracted my hand instantly. Her body was ice cold, freezing. Her hair had ice on them she was limp. No sign of life in her.

I panicked. She cannot die!

“uhh, uhh” I tried to speak and shook her body.

I rubbed her hands to provide her warmth. I took off her sandals and started rubbing her feet but nothing was working.

Please wake up, Luna!

I looked up and saw everyone frozen on their feet, staring at our king. Those black entities nowhere in sight. Alpha king was roaring crazily. He looked possessed. No one dared to approach him, even Ryder.

Ryder looked at me and then looked down at Luna Berry. He was beside me in an instant and checked me for injuries.

“Why did you cross the border, Charlie? What would’ve happened if they hurt you?” I scolded me while checking Luna’s breathing. When he did not feel her breath, I could tell, his heart beat picked up.

“Berry! open your eyes Berry!” he said and shook Luna frantically. He looked at our and king called him out.

“Alex! Berry is not breathing!” Alpha’s head snapped in our direction as he was heaving with anger. Slowly, Ryder’s words registered in his mind and he ran towards us.

“MATE!” he growled and took Luna in his arms.

“Uhh-uhh.” I choked a sob and clung at my mate. Luna Berry was a kind woman. She did not deserve all this. how can someone hurt a sweet person like her?

When I looked back at Alpha, I noticed a rarely visible glow emitting from the fur of our Alpha King.

Suddenly, our Alpha king leaped into the air with Luna in his arms and was out of our sight in mere seconds.

“ALEX!” my mate shouted and went behind the Alpha king.

We all could do nothing but wait. Alpha Ethan was getting restless, he even tried to follow Alpha and my mate but his younger brother stopped him. He said that Alpha King will take care of their sister and nothing will happen to her. I hope whatever he is saying is true and Luna Berry remains well and good and nothing happens to her.

After four hours of wait at the pack border, my mate came back with a glum expression on his face.

I ran to him and hugged him.

“Nghhh” I whimpered and buried my face into his chest, wanting to be as close to him as possible. I was scared out of my mind. All the events of today were catching up to me and I didn’t want anything else but to remain in the comforting hold of my mate.

He encircled his arms around me but didn’t say anything.

“Where is my sister, Ryder?” Alpha Ethan asked. Panic and distress clear in his voice.

“I don’t know.” He replied in a monotone.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW?” Alpha Ethan growled and tried to attack my mate. I got scared and tightened my hold on him, the action was not missed by my mate.

“DON’T SCARE MY MATE!” he yelled.

“Stop!” Jonathan yelled who was trying to restrain a very angry Alpha.

“Ethan, stop. This is not the time to fight. Let the Royal Beta explain.” He tried to reason with his brother.

“I don’t know where Alex took Berry. But I’m sure he will be able to save her. I could not catch up to them. You don’t need to worry. I know he took her somewhere safe. All we have to do is wait.” My mate explained.

“Easy for you to say, she is not your real sister. Your friend ruined my sister’s life from the day he met her. Why was the fate so cruel to pair up my innocent sister with him, I will never know! But one thing I know is that you people are no good. You ruin the lives of the people you meet.

Your friend ruined Berry’s and you ruined your mate’s.” Alpha Ethan spat bitterly. Ryder growled at the insult but didn’t say anything. He knows that Alpha Ethan is worried for his sister. I rubbed my face in the crook of his neck to make him relaxed.

“We are as worried about Berry as you are, Ethan. Believe it or not, I love Berry as much as I would’ve loved my own sister. Alex will not let anything happen to her. You need to trust him. He is our king. He is very much capable of taking care of his mate. He wouldn’t have left the place if he didn’t know what to do.

Berry will be alright. Trust me.” my mate said calmly. Alpha Ethan looked away. He was still distressed.

“We’ll take our leave.” My mate said and pulled me with him. Our ride already waiting for us. We got in and left for the castle.

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