Come What May

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Chapter 25-Season 2

Ryder’s POV

I never thought that our kind could be this selfish. They know that the Royals are in a difficult position and they are not holding back in taking advantage.

They know that Alex is not here and we cannot tell when he will return. The council that they formed a few decades ago are the ones brainwashing the common people.

The council holds no significance but the people think whatever the council will decide will be implemented. The council states that they are the well wishers of the people and they are responsible to convey their choices to the Royal court. They do nothing but manipulate people.

We allowed the people to do whatever they wanted, Alex didn’t want people to think that they have no say or that there is no one to listen to their thoughts and choices.

The ones who report to us about the events happening in the packs is not the so-called council but the elite spies who were chosen by Alex and myself. If the people want to convey anything to the Alpha king, they can very well do that themselves. Alex would never refuse to listen to them but no one takes the initiative. They just assume that they will not be allowed to meet him.

Heck, They can talk to me or any of the warriors who patrol the packs regularly.

I have a feeling that he will be back soon and will be very disappointed on the behavior of the wolves and Lycans for whom he is ready to give up his life for. There is a reason that the creatures cannot enter any of the packs under the Royals. He takes extreme measure to make sure no negative energy enters his territory.

“Ryder.” My angel called me and broke my train of thoughts. I put the file down that I’ve been checking, reading the pathetic petitions of the females wanting to volunteer to be Alex’s chosen mate.

“yes, baby.”

“You need to come out from the cabin.” He said, sauntering his way inside my office, closing the door behind him. He came and sat on my lap, wrapping his hands on my neck and pecked my forehead.

“You need to take a break.” He said and hugged me. I sighed. I know I he misses me. I miss him too. I couldn’t give him much time these past few months. But, until Alex comes back, I have to deal with all this.

I would’ve been easy if these people didn’t decide to be a rebel.

“I’m sorry.” I kissed his forehead and mumbled against his skin.

“Mhhmmhh, you don’t need to be.” He mumbled. I nuzzled his neck, enjoying the feeling of my mate’s skin against mine and basking in his scent.

“Let’s go for a walk, yeah?” I asked.

“Does it mean you and I walking in the garden or you picking me up and walking by yourself?” I chuckled at his response.

A knock came at the door and I groaned.

I want some time with my mate!

My little angel laughed at my reaction and got up from my lap. He took a seat on the other side of the table. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Ryder!” a shout came from the other side of the door.

“Come in. Adam!” I yelled back. The door opened and revealed a very tensed looking Adam. He came and took a seat next to Charlie.

Adam Clifford, the Royal Delta. He helps to train our soldiers along with the head warrior. The security of our people is his responsibility.

He is also very close to both Alex and I. Three of us grew up together and were trained by Alex’s father.

He towers over many Lycans with the height over 6.5 feet, just like me.

He is an easy-going person, though, you can’t tell that about him looking at his appearance. He is a muscled man and perfectly tanned. Us Royals got our great physique due to extensive workout routine, thanks to Alex’s dad.

“Why do you look so tensed?” I asked him.

“I-uhh, I have to discuss something with you.” He spoke and diverted his eyes from my face.

What the hell happened?

“Go on.”

He looked at Charlie and then at me. He didn’t want to talk in front of Charlie.

“uhh, I’ll leave you two alone.” My angel said and left the room.

“What is it Adam?” I asked once Charlie left.

“Situation is getting out of control.”

“What do you mean?”

“The people are targeting you and Charlie now.” I tensed hearing my mate’s name.


“They say that they are not sure if Alex will return or not so now you are the only one, they can rely on.” Adam explained.

“How is Charlie involved?”

“They want you to produce an heir. We all know Charlie can’t give you that, they want you to take any female for the good of our kind and continue your bloodline.” As soon as these words left Adam’s mouth I stood up from the chair in rage and threw it across the wall.

“HOW DARE THEY SUGGEST SUCH A THING!” I roared. Rage clouded my mind. These wolves are really ungrateful.

“Calm down Ry.”

“How can you ask me to calm down Adam? These people need to be put on their places.”

“No, No Ryder. We need to have a plan to deal with this. I think someone is brainwashing them. They were not like this. You need to understand Ryder. Think like a leader.” Adam reasoned.

“I don’t want to be a leader to such pathetic beings. They think so low of the mate bond. How dare they suggest this? they want me to leave my true mate whom I’ve already claimed. They need to pay for this.”

“What are you going to do Ryder? You can’t just go and yell at people about this.”

“Arrange a gathering.” I ordered.

“Are you sure?” I nodded.

“I would like to make a suggestion.”

“Go ahead.”

“I think we need to inform Alex’s father about this. If he’ll be a part of the gathering then these people will stay in their limits.”

Kenneth Arthur Knight, Alex’s father. The Man who proved his dominance all over the world. The people of his era know first-hand how dangerous he can be. People feared him. he gave them the reason to. The reason there are so many rumours about Alex is because of this great former Alpha King.

We call him Uncle. He loves us the same as he loves Alex.

The former Luna Queen, Victoria Knight, is a mother figure for us.

The former Alpha pair does not know that their son already met his mate. I am surprised that the news of Berry getting injured and Alex disappearing did not reach them.

I think I can handle the situation pretty well, no need to involve them.

“You think that these people are not afraid of me? are you questioning my authority, Adam?” I asked, clearly offended by what he is implying.

“No, definitely not. You know that Charlie has to be present in that gathering. I don’t want him to feel guilty because of all this. you know how selfless he is. I’m afraid, he’ll think that this is all his fault and will consider giving up the bond for you to continue your legacy. If Uncle Kenneth will be present, nothing wrong will happen. These people will try to pressurize you, I don’t want you to suffer, brother.”

“Do you know that Uncle Kenneth was ruthless? He is the opposite of Alex. Alex never indulges much with his subjects but still handles everything well. Many people have never seen him so they don’t know what to expect. If it was Alex, the people had to talk to, they would’ve tried.

No one will dare speak in front of Uncle Kenneth. They will pee their pants. Are you crazy?” I scolded him. He chuckled in response.

“It’s good. Whatever he will say will be drilled in the peoples’ mind and they won’t create any problems for you anymore. Seriously man, your mating life is none of their business. This is getting serious. They dared to think that they can intervene in it and try to make you leave your mate! This is crazy man. They need to be put in their place.

Call me a narcissist bastard but they need to learn a thing or two about hierarchy. You can’t be all nice to them.”

“You’re right. I will make sure they never do such a thing in future.”

“You don’t need to. Uncle Kenneth will.” He laughed and left the office, leaving me in my own thoughts.

I hate to admit it, but I miss Alex, as sissy as it sounds, I do. We’ve been through thick and thin together and I need him with me right now. We are each other’s support system and I feel empty without my best friend.

All the people who are discussing the crazy idea of me leaving my mate are retards. They know what a mate means to us, still the have the audacity to propose such a thing and what’s funnier is that they actually think I would entertain that idea.

Damn, these people are fools.

Selfish fools.

I entered my room and noticed my angel curled up in a ball on the bed, whimpering. I rushed towards him, worried.

He was fine when Adam came in my office, what happened?

“Charlie, baby, what happened?” I sat on the bed and took him into my arms. He was sweating excessively and was struggling to breathe.

“Hey, hey, take deep breaths baby, come on.” I cooed. The scent of his arousal was heavy in the air and it was affecting my senses. But I had to take care of him first.

He straddled my lap and buried his face in my neck. It was getting hard to control myself.

The scent of his arousal was intensifying as the minutes pass by and I was a second away from ripping his clothes off and have my way with him.

Control yourself Ryder!

“Cha-Charlie.” I managed to choke out.

“Mate.” He whimpered in my neck and started sucking. I closed my eyes and clutched his T-shirt, letting him do whatever he wants.

He bit down on my neck, where he is supposed to mark me when he turns into a Lycan and all my self-control snapped. I threw my angel on bed and removed his clothes hastily.

I took him hard, ravaged him. I couldn’t control myself. He was a withering mess beneath me. I didn’t stop until I was sated and that was exactly what my angel wanted.

Charlie slept peacefully in my arms as I tired him out whereas I was deep in thought about what happened.

Charlie has never been like this. I don’t mind him being needy but this was something different. Was he daydreaming about me? Is that the reason he was so aroused? It can’t be though. Because no matter how horny someone gets, it can never get this bad.


Heavy breathing


Air saturated with the scent of arousal

Losing self-control

It never gets this serious. Unless they are in heat.


This cannot happen! Charlie is a male, how can he experience heat?

Damn! Damn! Damn!

I am so fucked if this is true.

I won’t be able to do any of work if my angel is in heat. I will not let him suffer. I will be with him throughout his heat, duties be damned!

Three days later…

“What the hell were you doing for three whole days inside your bedroom, man?” Adam came barging inside my office, clearly annoyed.

“Why are you so angry? Your mate not giving it to you?” I mocked him and he chucked a pen at me which I easily dodged.

I was in a great moon. These three days were like heaven for me. I’m starting to like the concept of heat. It’s not that I like seeing Charlie in pain. I was with him the whole time so he didn’t have to suffer and I got to see a different side of my mate. I never saw him so needy for me. He is resting in our room now. I think he won’t be able to walk for a while.

“Stop daydreaming!” Adam yelled at my face, bringing me out from my fantasy land.

“Okay, okay, stop whining. Tell me why are you here?”

“Here, take this.” he handed me an envelope. His expression turned serious.

“What is it?”

“They have requested to have an official meeting with you, in the presence of their council.” I didn’t need to hear more. I tore the envelope into pieces without even opening it.

“They seriously don’t know that the so-called council has no power over anything?” I asked, I was in such a good mood today and these people just had to ruin it.

“We need to take some action, Ryder. The members of this council are manipulative bastards and they need to be stopped.”

“I know.” I sighed and massaged my temple. I’m starting to get a headache.

“I don’t know why Alex didn’t oppose this shit when it started.”

“The people were very keen on having a council and they never intervened in any of the major matters. Only small matters like theft or fight between families were solved. The people were ready to accept the council’s decision so Alex didn’t mind. But now I see that they think they can take decisions for the royals too.”

“I think they’ve stopped fearing the Lycans. The council members need to be punished. They are creating unrest between the people.” Adam was hell bent on making these wolves suffer.

“I will address all of them personally and handle the situation.” I reassured him.

“You just need to say Ry and I’ll be throwing each and everyone of them in a cage and give them a reminder of who we really are.”

“I too, want to beat some sense into them but this is not the way to deal with our subjects. Just because we are powerful doesn’t mean that we can abuse them. And the I’m just in charge of these people temporarily. I won’t take any serious action until absolutely necessary.” I explained.

“What if he never comes back?”

“He will. I know.” Adam stared at me, without saying anything for a few seconds.

“You know where Alex is.” He spoke up. It was not a question. It was a statement.

I didn’t answer.

“ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS YET YOU DIDN’T TRY TO BRING HIM BACK?” he yelled at the top of his lungs. Good thing that the office is sound proof.

“Calm down Adam.”


“I SAID CALM DOWN!” he tried to maintain eye contact with me but soon averted his eyes.

Hierarchy always comes into play.

I gave him few minutes to regain his composure.

“Will you listen now?” I asked him to which he stiffly nodded.

“Yes, I know where Alex is. It is in the best interest for everyone that no one else gets to know about it. He is there for Berry. They need to be there alone. I won’t tell you where they are but trust me, he will return soon and everything will fall into place.” I explained.

“Wait, what? He’s there for Berry? This means.. this means…”

“Yes Adam. This means Berry is alive!”

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