Come What May

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Chapter 27-Season 2

I can recognize him anywhere. His back was facing us but I knew his face has a murderous expression.

There was a sudden change in the air around us. I knew then and there that everything will be alright. He is back to serve justice. I won’t have to take the burden of slaughtering his subjects.

I had the right to end their life. I am the Royal Beta, no one would question me about my decision but it didn’t feel right to me to do it in Alex’s absence.

All the warriors present with me came out of our hiding place, stood before him and went down on their knees to bow to their king. He acknowledged them by a little nod of his head and they all stood up, happiness radiating off from them as now they have their Alpha King back.

I wanted to know where Berry is, but this is not the time. I have to take my mate and his parents away from here. I don’t want him to witness anything that is about to happen now. It will scar my angel’s mind forever.

I took quick strides towards Charlie and pulled him to my chest. He was shocked to see Alex. We all were.

The warriors ran towards Charlie’s parents and brought them to us. I need to get them out of here.

I instructed them to take Charlie and his parents to the pack house. I promised Charlie I’d be there soon. He knew he didn’t have any choice but to follow what I say.

Charlie left with his parents and few of our warriors and I stood beside Alex and faced the traitors, the so-called council.

They were shaking out of fear and fell to their knees begging us to forgive them.

“P-please forgive us Al-Alpha.” the leader of the council spoke up.

“You showed your true colors in my absence.” Alex said through gritted teeth, his hands clenched in anger, his eyes blazing with fury.

“You tried to separate two soulmates from each other, you attacked innocent people, YOU DARED TO HARM THE FAMILY OF THE ROYAL BETA!” he roared.

Cries left the lips of the seven pathetic wolves kneeling in front of us, begging for mercy from their Alpha King. No one could meet the King’s eyes.

A sadistic part of me enjoyed the look of fear in their eyes. I wanted them to cry for mercy as I cause them pain. I wanted their cries for mercy turn into the cries pleading for me to simply end their lives. It’s been so hard on me to control myself and think rationally about the situation.

We cannot establish the reign of terror. The Royals have always been fair leaders and I wanted it to remain that way.

We are their protectors and we won’t change this until absolutely necessary.

“Sorr-y Alpha, please fo-forgive us.” The youngest of them cried out.

All of them came forward on their knees and fell on Alex’s feet.

“Mercy Alpha! Please show us some mercy!” they all cried out in unison.


Kneel in front of your king

Beg for your life

Plead for mercy

“Did you show any mercy to Charlie’s parents?” Alex asked, his voice gruff. He picked up the youngest one who looked like he’s about to faint.

“Please Alpha, please, don’t kill me.” he joined his palms together and begged him to spare his life. His body was shaking and he was unable to breathe properly.

Alex threw him aside and turned his attention to the other six in front of his feet. The head of the council was picked up by the scruff of his neck, fingers digging deep into the skin, cries of pain leaving his mouth.

“Do you want to have some fun?” the question was directed at me.

“I would love to.”

“No! forgive me! please, have mercy! I beg you, please!” the prey in Alex’s hold started thrashing, he could clearly see his death right in front of his eyes.

He was also thrown aside.

“You all will pay for your sins. You will be sentenced in front of the whole kingdom. Take them away.” His voice firm and strong.

The warriors arrested the seven men and took them away, they’re to be thrown in the prison.

“Alex.” I called him out.

He turned towards me and I was able to look at his face clearly. He looked tired. These past few months took a toll on him.

I gave him a hug, happy that he is finally here and I can live in peace.

“How are you, brother?” I asked him after releasing the hug.

“Just alive.” Came his reply.

“Wh-what do you mean? Is- is Berry alright?” I asked, scared out of my mind. He closed his eyes and he looked as if I’ve caused him physical pain by asking this question.

Please God, let Berry be alright…

“She is fine.” He answered but his eyes contradicted his words.

“Tell me the truth Alex, you are scaring me. I know you are tired, just answer me honestly and I won’t bother you anymore.”

“Come with me.” he stated and walked away.

I followed him silently to the pack house.

Ethan and Jonathan were waiting for us at the door. Both their eyes were tearful.

I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.

“Where is Berry?” I asked impatiently.

“In her room.” Ethan answered and I made a mad dash towards her room.

I opened the door of her room and there she was, lying peacefully on her bed, looking like an angel, my sister, our Luna Queen, Berenice.

I didn’t realize when my feet carried me towards her bed.

Her eyes were closed, her face didn’t look deadly pale. The natural glow was back on her skin.

“Berry.” I whispered and gently touched her cheeks. Her body temperature was normal, not icy cold like the last time I saw her.

Alex entered the room and stood by my side.

“She is still healing.” He said. I turned and looked towards him. His gaze was fixed on Berry, the longing for his mate visible on his face.

“Why did you come here?” I asked him.

“I wanted to inform her family first.”

I nodded at him.

“When will you come back?”

“With you and Charlie.” My ears perked up at his answer.

“Really?” I asked him, feeling elated.

“Yes.” He answered with a small smile on his face.

“Ryder.” My mate called out to me and ran straight into my arms.

“Are you alright, baby?” I hugged him close to me and felt him nod at my question.

He pulled away from me after a while and then looked at Alex with wide eyes.

“Alpha.” He bowed his head a little.

“Thank you for saving my parents, Alpha.” Charlie said in a small voice.

He cannot look straight at Alex as he feels intimidated by him.

“You don’t need to thank me. You are a part of my family, it’s my responsibility to protect you.” Alex replied and then turned his attention towards Berry.

“How is Luna Berry?” Charlie whispered to me.

“She is still recovering.” I answered and pecked his forehead.

I cannot even imagine the pain Alex went through all these months. If something like this ever happened to Charlie, I don’t know what I will do.

“We have so much to discuss.” Alex spoke up. I know he is already informed about the events that happened during his absence and he feels guilty for putting all the responsibility on me.

“It can wait. You need to eat and take some rest. We’ll talk when we reach home.”

We stayed there for two more days. Charlie’s mother was shifted to the pack hospital as she was severely injured. He couldn’t stop crying at her condition and blamed himself for the recent happenings. I will take him a lot of time to move on from this. I will be there to support him. He is my mate. It was written in the stars, it was supposed to be this way and no one can tell me that our mating is a mistake.

When my mate cried his eyes out in my arms, I swore to destroy anyone who makes my mate doubt himself or makes him feel guilty because of our mating. I won’t be so forgiving next time so, it’s better that there won’t ever be a next time.

Everyone was shocked to their core when they saw Alex entering the castle with us with Berry in his arms.

The news of Alex coming back and the council being arrested spread like wildfire and it created an uproar in the whole kingdom. They all demanded the public execution of the council members.

“They all really did show their true colors in my absence, didn’t they?”

We were sitting in my room, drinking coffee that my mate made for us. Alex felt guilty to make us go through all these problems.

“At least, now we know what kind of people we have in our kingdom. They really think that the mate bond is a joke and can be broken because of selfish reasons.” I said.

“These wolves need to be educated about the importance of the mate bond. We need to have a close eye on all the packs. I don’t want anyone to be mistreated because of someone’s selfishness.”

“I’ll make sure it happens.” I agreed.

We just sat there in a comfortable silence.

“I see Charlie can speak now. When did this happen?” Alex asked curiously.

“After I marked him.” I smiled at the memory. I was over the moon when my mate called out my name when my canines pierced through his delicate skin.

“He looks well and taken care of. I am happy for you both.” He smiled softly.

“Thank you.”

“Where were you all this time Alex?” I finally asked the question we were trying to avoid.

“In the mountains.” My eyes widened at his answer.

“You took Berry to Fatmagul?” I asked, completely shocked.

Fatmagul is the very first Lycan who decided to explore Ayurveda. She knows every detail about any plant that exists. She knows nature from inside out. She could cure any disease by using the herbs that we know nothing about.

She has always been loyal to the Knights.

She resides in the deepest parts of the mountains. She even started her own school, imparting the knowledge of nature so that her students can further travel and heal anyone in need.

“We could have called any of her students.”

“Only Fatmagul could do it. No one could save Berenice other than her.”

“How do you know?” I asked. He did not answer. Then I realized something.

He already figured out who those creatures are.

He found his answers in that green file.

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