Come What May

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Chapter 28-Season 2


Alexander’s POV





My heart was constricting in my heart with all these emotions, my mate lying lifeless in my arms. I ran and ran, with praying to all the gods to save my mate.

My Berenice.


I heard a distant scream but chose to ignore it.

I need to get to Fatmagul as soon as possible. Time was slipping away from my hands.


A hand clutched mine and turned me around.

“Wh- where are you going Alex? We need to take Berry to the hospital. She needs medical attention.” Ryder’s voice wobbled, tears blurring his vision.

“I need to go Ryder. I know what I am doing.”

“Don’t be reckless Alex! Come back with me.”

“I need to go.” I said and turned around to leave but was again stopped by Ryder.

“Let me go, Ryder.” I said through gritted teeth. I was running out of time and he is making it hard for me. I need to take my mate to her. She is the only one who can heal her.

“No! you are not thinking clearly. Let me help you. Come back.” He kept on bothering me.

“I SAID GO AWAY!” I roared at his face, startling him.

I was getting desperate as the seconds tick by.

“I know what I am doing. I know who can heal her. Let me save my mate, step back.” I told him firmly.

He gulped and still look sceptical about letting me go. I will go whether he relents or not. I won’t hesitate to put him in his place if he tries to stop me one more time.

“Fine.” He said and let go of my arm. I did not waste a single second and left the place.

My father once told me, if I ever face a situation where I feel everything is about to end, the reason for my existence is about disappear, I should find Fatmagul in the mountains of Purua.

Not many people visited the place and came out alive. The climate conditions make it hard for them to travel further. At one place, it rains heavily, at one place the cyclone attacks and at one, there is greenery around.

Nature works in mysterious ways.

Many people give up and return back and those who don’t either end up dead or become the students of Fatmagul.

It is aid that all the elements of nature are at their full force on those mountains.

One could find all the wonders of nature but wouldn’t live to tell the tale. Only the most powerful ones can survive, which means the Royal blood, the Knights can.

I could see my destination getting close to me. I did not stop even for a second. I cannot afford any kind of delay. I couldn’t muster up the strength to look down in my arms. I did not have the strength to look at my dying mate.

My Berenice. The woman who has my heart, who will always have my heart.

The mountain range came into my view, surrounded by fog. It looked so close but was still so far.

I mustered up all my strength and increased my speed.

Stay with me mate, you cannot leave.

I stepped foot into the lands of Purua, the chilly winds blew at an unimaginable speed.

I was not able to see where to go, the fog becoming a big obstacle and the speedy winds adding to the trouble.

I hugged my mate’s body close to me, trying to save her from the impact of the wind.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my senses. As a Royal Lycan, I am gifted with special powers, my senses stronger than anyone to exist.

I moved in the direction where I sensed the presence of many wolves.

I managed to come out of that area and finally felt the warmth of the sunlight.

“Welcome Alpha.” I heard a soft voice that startled me. I turned towards the source of the voice and there in front of me was a skinny woman who looked like she was in her twenties, but I knew better.

She looked at me with her piercing eyes but had a small smile on her face.

I could tell I found my destination, the aura emitting from her was very powerful.

“Save my mate.” I said, all the formalities forgotten, desperation clear in my voice.

“At your service Alpha.” She bowed down and then motioned me to follow her, very well knowing that if she tried to take my mate away from her arms, it will be her last day on the planet.

I followed her to a small village surrounded by the beauty of nature which I had no time nor will to admire.

We entered a small hut and stood in front of a small wooden bed.

“Let Luna lie down here.” She said and waited for me to settle Berry on the bed.

“Please, save my mate. We don’t have much time.” I pleaded, putting aside my pride.

I would do anything for my mate.

She smiled at me again.

“We have more than enough time, my king. Your Luna will live.”

“We got the potion, Fatma.” A woman ran inside the hut with an earthenware cup in her hand causing me to growl at her. I was about to attack her when Fatmagul stopped me.

“She is with us, Alpha. She means no harm.” She said gently.

She took the cup and stood beside the bed where my mate is.

“She needs to drink this.” she said. I understood what she wanted to say. I sat near Berry’s head and gently cradled her. I made her back rest against my chest so that she doesn’t fall down and Fatmagul came near us cautiously.

My eyes were calculating here every movement. It was hard for me to trust a stranger but there was nothing else I could do. I need to save my mate.

She brought the cup near Berry’s mouth and tilted it, making her drink the blue liquid. She gave the cup back to the woman who entered the hut once it was empty.

I cleaned my mate’s chin and neck, where some of the liquid spilled and made her lie down on bed again.

“This potion will heal her. We will see its effect by tomorrow. Then we have to take Luna to the places where the elements are at their full force.”

“What? Why?” that place is dangerous.

“We have to perform the healing rituals.”

“No, that place is dangerous. I have heard that no one makes it back alive from there. I don’t care about my life but I won’t let you put my mate in danger.”

“Putting Luna in danger is the last thing on my mind, my king. I give you my word, nothing wrong will happen to Luna. No force can harm our queen.”

I nodded. I have no other choice.

“How did you know I was looking for you?” I asked curiously, holding my mate’s cold hand in mine.

“The moment I received the news that you found your mate, I knew this day would come. They are after her. they will do anything stop your heir from coming into this world.”

Her answer startled me.

“Do you who those creatures are?” I asked her.

“Yes, I know. And I also know that you know who they are too.”

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