Come What May

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Chapter 29-Season 2


Alexander’s POV

What did my mate do to deserve all this? She did nothing wrong. Her only fault is that she is mated to me.

Whenever I look at her pale, lifeless body, it reminds me of my failure. I failed as her mate. I was supposed to protect her. I always end up hurting her one way or the other.

I looked at the stars and the moon, shining bright in the sky, sending my silent prayer to the Gods above to save my mate.

I went inside the hut and settled on the floor beside the bed on which my mate was deep asleep. I gently caressed her cheek, wishing for her warmth to return. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, my eyes closed as I did so.

“Come back to me my Queen. I need you. I cannot survive without you.” I whispered and kissed both her eyes.

I clasped her hand in mine and nuzzled my face in her neck, taking in her scent, assuring myself that she is still here, she did not leave me. I closed my eyes and pictured our future selves with me feeding my mate fruits when her stomach is swollen with my pups. Just thinking about that future made me smile. I want that future with my mate.

A knock on the door brought me back to reality and I sat up straight.

“Come in.”

Fatmagul entered the room.

“I think you should take some rest, my king. It is past midnight. We have to leave early in the morning tomorrow.”

“Don’t call me that.” I snapped at her, not liking the way she addresses me.

Her eyes widen for a second then she regains her composure.

“As you wish, your majesty.” She said.

“I have prepared a space for you to sleep.”

“I will stay with my mate.” I said gruffly, not wanting to speak to her. She bowed her head and left without saying anything else.

I know how she really is. She always lures men towards her, it is easy to fall for her hypnotizing eyes. She was the one and only reason for the conflict between my parents. That was the first time I saw them fight seriously.

I was still a kid back then. My mother was ready to leave my father as she was convinced that he slept with this woman. My father had to go through a lot of hardships to prove his innocence. The thought of his mate leaving him scared my father to his core.

I am not strong like my father. It is way worse for me.

I shook my head to get these thoughts out of my mind.

I decided to sleep on the floor, not wanting to leave my mate alone for a single moment.


I picked up my mate in my arms and followed Fatmagul into the deeper part of the forest.

“Hold her tight, Alpha. Don’t want to lose her because of these strong winds.” She said riling me up. I wanted to rip her throat out.

The wind started to pick up the pace. I could feel a storm coming.

We traveled for almost an hour when we stopped at what looked like an entrance of a cave.

“We have to go inside the cave, Alpha.” Fatmagul said and entered the cave and I followed suit.

It was dark inside, the only light in the cave was from the glowing patches on the roof. These was hardly any land to walk on. The light reflected the water that covered most of the ground, depth unknown.

“We need to stand in the water, Alpha.” I nodded and stepped into the icy cold water, protecting my mate from touching the water. She also stood in the water and asked me to do something absurd.

“We have to submerge Luna’s body in the lake, Alpha.”

“Are you out of your mind?” I growled at her.

“It is a necessary step in order to save her. Please do as I say, Alpha. I assure you it will heal our Luna.” She pleaded.

I took a deep breath and reluctantly submerged her body into the lake, still holding her.

Fatmagul held my mate’s hands under the water, closed her eyes and started chanting some charm.

My heartbeat increased tenfold when my mate’s body started shaking violently in my arms.

“What is happening, Fatmagul?” I asked, panicked but got no reply from her.

Her voice got louder and louder to the point that it looked like she was screaming.

I tightened my hold on my mate’s thrashing body, scared out of my wits.

A whirlpool started to form around my mate and Fatmagul opened her eyes.

“Stop this right now, Fatmagul!” I yelled at her.

“Don’t worry, Alpha. Let Luna’s body go.”


“Please, trust me, let go.” When I did not do what she told me to, she pulled Berry from my arms and let it float at the core of the whirlpool.

The whirlpool suddenly raised from the lake and floated in the air, taking my mate with it.

It started to close on my mate, within a few seconds, I lost the sight of my mate. She was inside this closed whirlpool. Its size started to increase gradually, it looked like it was ready to explode.

Something was happening, something unbelievable and I could not do anything but stare at it dumbfounded.

Soon enough, the whirlpool exploded, the water splashed everywhere and I rushed to get my mate that fell into the lake like a corpse.

I pulled her out of the water and looked at Fatmagul.

“What was all this? You said it will heal my mate, nothing changed, she is as lifeless as before!” I yelled at her.

“This was just the first step, Alpha. We have to get out of the cave.” She said, ignoring my anger towards her and stepped out of the lake.

It took us fifteen days to reach our next location. We only took two short breaks everyday and then continued our journey.

We were at a sea shore, the weather was bad as we knew a thunder storm was coming.

Fatmagul was calculating something in her mind as she looked at the clouds and then tried to look for a location at the shore.

After a while she stood a few meters away from me.

“The first lightning will strike here.” She pointed at the ground where she stood.

As soon as she left the spot and stood beside me, the lightning hit the exact area that she pointed out.

“Hurry Alpha, put Luna there.”

I did as she said and she chanted that charm again as the thunderstorm grew stronger and stronger. The lightning almost hit my mate a couple of times and I looked at the scene with a heavy heart.

We went to various places where Fatmagul chanted some charm on my mate. I could see the charm making its effect known. The warmth of my mate’s body returned and the color was back on her face, she was no longer deathly pale.

My heart bloomed with happiness. The invisible pressure on my ribs disappeared that was making it difficult for me to breathe. My heart no longer felt constricted. I could not wait for my mate to open her eyes again.

After a span of two months we came back at Fatmagul’s place.

We were inside the small hut where I covered my mate with a blanket and sat next to her. Fatmagul was standing at the door.

“The Luna will be awake in no time, Alpha. I suggest you take her home.”

“I will.” She smiled and turned around to leave when I called her name. she stopped and looked at me with a questioning gaze.

“Thank you for saving her life. If you ever need my help, I will be there for you.” I said sincerely. She smiled and bowed her head before leaving and I started to prepare for our departure.

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