Come What May

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Chapter 30-Season 2


Alexander’s POV

“WOW, that’s a lot to take in. I just hope Berry wakes up soon.” Ryder said, keeping his empty coffee cup on the table, next to mine.

“She will. Why were you so shocked when I told you I was at the mountains? I thought you already know that I would look for Fatmagul.”

“I had a rough idea but still I was shocked. We all know she is a troublemaker. I thought you would look for an alternative. I even refused to tell Charlie about Fatmagul. I just said that I promised you not that I will not disclose your location to anyone.”

“Why?” why did he not want to talk about Fatmagul to Charlie?

“Well, because then he will force me to tell where he can find her and I will have to tell him because I cannot win against his puppy eyes and then he will do whatever it takes to get to you and Berry and you know that Fatmagul is obsessed with the Alpha Kings which means you are her obsession now. She will definitely do something to come near you and then Charlie will think you are interested in her and he will go bat shit crazy on me and yell at me that I am friends with an asshole freaking cheat.” Ryder ranted and took deep breaths of air.

I just looked at him in amusement.

“You are terrified of your mate.” I chuckled.

“Wait till yours wakes up. Then we will talk.” He huffed.

“Your mate is scared of me. I do not want him to be terrified of me. We are family, it feels awkward when he shrinks to himself whenever I am in front of him.” I finally told Ryder that this behavior of Charlie bothers me. I want to treat him like my little brother but I can not do that if he always runs away from me.

“He is an Omega. It is hard for him to be normal around you. It will take some time. Don’t worry.”

“I am not worried. He will have to get used to my presence without cowering away.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now, let’s come to the main point.” Ryder suddenly sat up straight with a serious expression on his face. The air around us got tense.

“Ryder, Alpha.” Charlie interrupted Ryder before he could speak. We looked towards the door where a nervous Charlie stood.

“Why are you standing there? You can come in, Charlie.” I said softly.

What if he thinks that I am angry and starts crying? Ryder will go in all crazy protective mate mode. I will have to tread gently where this little guy is involved.

He walked in and stood beside Ryder.

“I am sorry to disturb you, I just wanted to know what you want to eat for dinner.” Charlie asked looking at the floor.

“Anything will be fine.” I replied.

“Damn Charlie, don’t be so tensed, come here.” Ryder said and pulled his mate into his arms and seated him on his lap. The younger male struggled but it was of no use.

“Alex is my best friend, him and Berry are the ones you can go to and bitch about me whenever I piss you off.” He said and pecked Charlie’s forehead.

I could just sit there and look at them in adoration, imagining the same scenario for me with my mate, happy with each other.

“You look lovesick, Alex.” As always, Ryder had to ruin the moment, earning a pinch on his stomach from his mate.

“You are the one getting all romantic with your mate.” I huffed.

“Don’t worry Charlie, he’s just jealous.” Ryder said and kissed Charlie’s cheek. I fought the urge to roll my eyes at them. They both look so happy together. I am happy for them. I wish for them to be like this forever.

“Can you two get a room already?” an annoyed Adam entered the room.

“Hey, man. It’s nice to have you back.” He greeted me and I stood up to hug him sideways.

“We have so much to discuss, don’t we?” said Adam, looking towards Ryder.

“Yeah, we do.” Ryder sighed.

“I think we should let Alpha rest. He just got back here. Why are you two so inconsiderate?” Charlie snapped at my two friends.

“Okay, okay. You don’t need to scold us every now and then.” Adam complained.

“He is right though. You two are so inconsiderate.” I sided with Charlie.

“Are you his best friend or mine?” Ryder asked, as if he could not believe what I did.

“Yours, that is why I am supporting your mate.” I chuckled.

“Thank you Alpha. I’ll go and handle the kitchen.” Charlie said and got up from Ryder’s lap giving him a smug expression. He then left the room.

“WOW, first I was always scolded by my mate, then Charlie came along and I am sure Berry will do the same once she recovers. Damn, I feel like a kid now.” Ryder and I could not help but laugh at this.

“I will take my leave now.” I said and was about to leave the room when Ryder stopped me.

“Our conversation is not over. Remember that.” He said and I gave him a nod.

It is time to go to my mate now.

I sat on the bed, looking at my beautiful mate peacefully sleeping at the center of the bed, pleading to her silently to wake up. To give me a reason to live.

I gently held her hand in my own and scooted near her. Her heartbeat was normal, her body was in normal temperature. My mate was in a stable condition.

“Why are you not waking up, Berenice? Do you like to torture me? is this some kind of revenge for all the bad deeds I did towards you? Do you want me to suffer? Huh? If yes then let me tell you, you are succeeding. I am in unimaginable pain. I cannot handle it anymore. Please wake up. Wake up!” I voiced my thoughts.

My pleas were getting desperate and so was I. I shook her lightly to see if she wakes up or not.

I gave up after a few minutes.

I kissed her forehead and trailed feather-light kisses on her cheeks and made my way down to her neck where my mark stood out proudly. I could not help but place a light peck over it. My emotions were getting too much for me to handle. I started to suck on my mark and froze when I heard my mate’s breath hitch.

My eyes widened in surprise.

“Berry! Baby, are you awake?” I shook her body a little forcefully.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

Her body is reacting to my touch on the mating mark!

I decide to test the waters and try to wake her up.

I began sucking the mark force fully and I felt her body twitch. I want my mate out of this state and I will anything to make it happen. Only one thing crossed my mind and I took action immediately. I sank my teeth on her neck, marking her again on the same spot and I heard the most beautiful sound in the world.

The sound of my mate moaning!

I buried my teeth further into her neck and her whole body started shivering. I could feel the pleasure pulsating between both our bodies.

Finally, my mate arched her body upwards and screamed.


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