Come What May

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Chapter 31-Season 2

Berenice’s POV

It started as a tingling sensation, then waves of pleasure washed over me to the point where it became unbearable, which made me struggle to open my eyes which seems to be shut from eternity. I couldn’t help but scream about the only person by whom I want to experience this feeling.


I managed to open my eyes as my body trembled because of the overflow of pleasure. The sight in front of my eyes was blurry, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

I blinked my eyes rapidly to regain my focus.

I could feel a heavy weight on the side of my neck which felt pleasant. It took me some time to register what was happening, my mate was marking me, again!

He slowly pulled out his canines from my neck and looked at me with longing and happiness.

I couldn’t help but stare at his face, taking in his features. His beautiful oceanic eyes drawing me in themselves. I wanted to just stare at them forever. It felt like a lifetime since I’ve been with my mate, my king.

He looked at me with so much love that I couldn’t help but shed tears of happiness. He gently wiped the tears away from my face and cradled my cheek lovingly.

“You are awake.” He whispered ever so slowly, like he couldn’t believe it happened.

“Mate.” I let out a sob and held his hand that cradled my cheek with my own.

“Shh, don’t cry.” He said and kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling of pure joy at the gentle treatment from my mate.

“Can you sit?” he asked me to which I replied by nodding.

He held the back of my head with one hand and supported my lower back with the other and helped me to sit straight on the bed. The next thing happened all of a sudden. My mate flipped our position and now he was sitting on the bed and I was straddling his lap.

He buried his face in my neck and took deep breaths. I did the same. I greedily breathed in his heavenly scent that I craved.

“Mate.” I whimpered and nuzzled my face in his neck.

He gently pulled my head away from his neck and held my face with both his hands, looking deep into my eyes.

“I am so happy Berenice. I am so happy that you are awake.” He said in his deep baritone voice. hearing him say my name sent shivers down my body.

He kissed my forehead and then peppered my face with kisses until he was satisfied.

“Thank you for coming back, my mate!” he said and embraced me in his strong arms, my body enjoying the warmth he was radiating. I wanted to stay in his arms forever.

“I missed you so much, Berenice. Please do not ever and I mean ever leave me alone like this.” he said and I sobbed.

My mate missed me.

My mate cares for me.

My mate was miserable without me.

“I’m sorry mate.” I sobbed in his embrace. He swayed us side to side, trying to calm me down.

“I promise, I will never leave you.” My throat felt constricted, it felt like I was choking on my own breath.

“Calm down, Berry. It is okay. You are here now, with me. You are safe, back in my arms, that is all that matters.” He pecked my head.

We sat in this position for a long time, nuzzling into each other, breathing in each other’s scent. The separation too much for both of us.

“I love you, Berenice.” He said, looking deep in my eyes, staring into my soul.

“I love you, Alexander.” I said shyly and averted my eyes on his broad chest, playing with the button of his shirt. He gently lifted my chin so that we were looking at each other’s eyes again.

“Say that again.” He said huskily. Heat traveled up my cheeks but I still managed to say the words my mate wanted to hear again.

“I love you, Alexander.” He smiled brightly at me, as if I gave to him the greatest possession anyone could ever have. He kissed my forehead and muttered a thank you and I returned a shy smile.

“I will arrange some food for you.” My mate said and picked me up from his lap and made me comfortably sit on the bed. He poured water into the glass that sat at the bedside table.

“Here, drink water first.” He said and I obliged.

I emptied the glass and gave it back to him, asking for more.

“Ryder will be very happy to see you.” He said while I finished the second glass.

I smiled at the mention of his name.

“Where is he?” I asked my mate.

“In his room, probably. I will let you meet later. I want to spend some time with you.” He pecked my nose and turned to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” I asked, not wanting him to leave.

“To get you something to eat. I will be back shortly.” He assured me.

“I want to take a bath first. I don’t want to eat anything.”

“No Berry, you have to eat something. Your body needs nutrition. I will bring something light for you.”

“But-But…” I wanted to object but he cut me off in the middle.

“Do not be stubborn, mate. You have to eat, you do not have any other option.” He said and left.

I sat there on the bed smiling at this caring side of my mate. I was feeling giddy all of a sudden. I want to enjoy this time with my mate. I didn’t want any negative thought to invade my mind. I know things will get serious in the near future but I would like to cherish these moments. Life is way too precious to surround it with the negative thoughts.

I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up and brush my teeth.

My mate came back to the room after fifteen minutes.

“I got vegetable soup for you.” He served it to me.

“You made it?” I asked him hopefully.

“Yes.” He said and rubbed the back of his head, feeling embarrassed, I think. I smiled at him.

“Thank you so much!” I was excited to taste the soup prepared by him.

“Thankfully, Charlie was not in the kitchen.” My said, smiling.

“He handles the kitchen?” I asked, pleasantly surprised. My mate nodded at me.

“Let me feed you.” He took a spoonful of the soup, blew on it and brought to my mouth.

I moaned at the taste of the soup. I closed my eyes to savour the heavenly taste.

“It’s so tasty.” I said and opened my eyes and saw my mate staring at me, his eyes turned a darker shade of blue. Heat crawled up my neck when I realized that I moaned out loud and that is the reason for my mate’s stare.

He shook his head, as if shaking off his thoughts and fed me another spoon of the deliciousness that he prepared.

“Thank you.” He replied for the compliment I gave him.

“Pick your clothes while I prepare a bath for you.” He said after I finished the soup and went inside the bathroom.

I selected a cream colored dress that reached my thighs.

I took a bath while my mate waited for me. I came out of the bathroom already dressed. My mate took the towel from my hand and made me sit in front of the mirror to dry my hair.

I felt happy, I felt cared for. I smiled at him through the mirror and he gave me his own mega-watt smile. After he dried my hair, we both laid on the bed again with me lying on top of him, my ear pressed against his firm chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“We will have to go down to have dinner.” My mate said after a few minutes.

“I don’t want to eat.” I pouted.

“You will have to eat, Berry, you need your strength back.” He said and pecked my head. I huffed and then smiled.

We decided to stay in bed until dinner time, making up for our lost time, seeking comfort from each other.

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