Come What May

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Chapter 32- Season 2

Berenice’s pov

“We have to go down.” My mate said, his mouth firmly pressed against his mating mark that adorns my neck, making me breathless.

I squirmed on his lap. He had no intention of letting me go.

“M-Mate” I moaned. He growled against my mark sending shivers down my body.

“Berenice.” He whispered my name in his deep voice and started sucking on my mark, making me lose my sanity.

“Mate, p-please.” I moaned out loud.

He removed his face from my neck and cupped my cheek looking straight in to my eyes. His eyes turned midnight blue, hypnotizing me.

His other hand crept under my mid length dress, traveling up my thigh, feeling every inch of my skin.

His hand reached my back and held me close towards him, my whole-body shivering because of the intimacy it is sharing with my mate. I could feel myself getting aroused.

“You smell great.” My mate whispered while nuzzling his nose to my cheek and nipped at my cheekbone. He pulled away and looked at me intensely.

My lips were parted as I struggled to breathe, anticipating my mate’s next move.

I wanted him to kiss me and claim me. I wanted to be his completely.

He leaned towards my and slowly and gradually, our lips connected.

I closed my eyes as fireworks exploded, our lips danced together to a rhythm that only our hearts could hear.

He sucked my lips as if there is no tomorrow. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed myself as close to him as possible. His other hand also wrapped around my waist.

It looked like the time stopped and only my mate and I exist, living this beautiful moment.

He put a little pressure at my lips as if telling me to part them and I did just that.

I moved my lips according to his and kissed him back. His kiss turned slow, wanting to savour every single moment of it. He slowly slipped his tongue inside my mouth making my eyes open in shock.

His tongue started exploring my mouth, tasting every single inch of it, making my eyes roll back in pleasure as a moan got stuck in my throat.

The only sound coming from the room was of us kissing, our heavy breaths, my mate’s grunts and my desperate moans.

Our lips parted for a brief moment to breathe some air and my mate slammed his lips on mine again, the kiss turning aggressive as seconds pass by.

This was the best moment of my life. I felt like I was on cloud nine. My mate took my first kiss. He made me experience this heavenly feeling that I never wanted to end.

I whimpered when I had trouble breathing. My mate pulled away from the kiss and I wanted to whine at the loss but I controlled myself.

He continued to kiss my cheekbone and placed a final kiss on my forehead. We were both breathing heavily. He looked at me with so much love I wanted to cry. He caressed my cheekbones and placed a peck on my lips again.

“Thank you for giving me your first kiss.” He said smiling brightly. I blushed at his statement and hid my face on his chest. He chuckled at my reaction and got up from the bed taking me in his arms.

He put me down slowly and pecked my forehead.

“Go change.” He said in a teasing tone. My face turned red with embarrassment. I ran inside the bathroom to change my sneakers as I heard my mate laughing at my state.

“I’m so nervous.” I said to my mate and held on to his arm tightly as we walk down the stairs, towards the dining area. I don’t know why am I so scared. Ryder will be over the roof when he’ll see me.

“Don’t be.” My mate said and pecked kissed my cheek making me blush once again.

We reached the dining table and saw the maids setting up the table. They froze on their spots and bowed down to us, paying their respects to us.

“What is happening here?” Charlie came out of the kitchen when he saw all the maids greeting us. He froze where he was standing, his mouth agape when he saw us.

Oh My God! Charlie can speak!

I felt happy at my discovery. This poor boy went through a lot. He deserves his happiness and by looking at him I can tell he is really happy and well taken care of. His face is practically glowing and he looks healthier than before.

“Berry.” A slow whisper sounded from behind me and I turned around to see none other than Ryder.

Shock was written all over his face. He was trying to figure out that I was actually there or was it a dream.

“Ryder.” I called out his name sweetly, with a soft smile.

His expressions changed, the shock was replaced by happiness, his eyes sparkled with pure joy and he leaped towards me.

“BERRY!” he shouted and took me in his arms and twirled us around. I laughed out at his action.

“You’re back, you’re finally back!” he yelled after he put me down on my feet.

“Yes, Ryder, I’m back.” I laughed. My eyes filled with tears as I saw how happy he looked.

“Look Alex, she’s back!” he said to my mate. My mate nodded at him with a pleased smile on his face.

Ryder than turned towards his mate who still didn’t recover from his shock. He walked towards him with excitement and dragged him towards us by his arm.

“Look Charlie, Berry is here.” He said and shook his mate a little. That seemed to bring Charlie out of his shocked state. He let out a loud gasp when the situation finally registered in his mind.

“Alpha, Luna.” He said and bowed down to us.

“I am so glad that you are awake, Luna Berry.” He said in a small voice. I turned towards my mate to ask him why Charlie was being so formal with us but before I could ask anything, I saw my mate shaking his head at Charlie’s actions.

“I am happy to see you too Charlie. You look well. I hope my brother is taking good care of you.” I said to him with a smile.

“Yes, Luna. He is.” He replied with a blush. I just wanted to pinch his chubby cheeks.

“I am happy for you Ryder.” I whispered to Ryder and he nodded in acknowledgement.

“What discussion is going on here? I am hungry, give me food!” a tall man with honey colored skin entered the dining area who stopped on his track when he saw me.

“Luna!” he bowed down to me and then stood up straight.

He chuckled when he saw my confused expression, his light brown eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I am Adam Clifford, the Royal Delta. I know this Alpha King here didn’t let you meet everyone because he wanted to keep you all to himself. If you ever want to put him through hell, I’ll be your partner.” He said and winked at me earning a smack on the head by Ryder.

“How can you forget me? Can’t let any chance to annoy Alex pass. I am also in the team.” Ryder said and I laughed at their exchange.

Their friendship was so… adorable? I mean, I can never imagine anyone trying to tease my mate and here his friends don’t let any chance to tease him pass.

“You look good Luna, and ravished.” Adam said with a smirk and my eyes widened.

“Wh- What?” I squeaked and touched my lips.

“Your lips are swollen and neck is full of hickeys, Luna” Charlie said while blushing.

My face felt hot and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. I didn’t pay attention on my look when I was in the bathroom.

Oh God! This is so embarrassing!

“Hey, stop teasing my mate, you two are no less, and you don’t even open your mouth Ryder.” My mate tried to ease me and lessen my embarrassment.

“Where is your mate?” my mate asked Adam.

“Saraya is at her parents’ home. She’ll be back after two days.” He replied.

“I think we all should take our seats.” I said when I saw them standing at a side, waiting awkwardly for us to be seated so that they can serve us the food.

We all settled on the chairs and had a hearty dinner, full of laughs and leg pulling. I felt like the happiest woman on the planet. This place finally felt like home.

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