Come What May

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Chapter 33- Season 2


“M- mate?” I called out my mate. We were back in our room after two hours of chatting. For the first time I saw my mate smiling and laughing so freely. They relived their childhood memories, sharing their embarrassing stories which made Charlie and her laugh like crazy.

I was lazily lying on my mate’s lap and he was playing with my hair, lying comfortably on the bed, under the warm blanket. We were both relaxed as if we were free from all our problems. I know we were avoiding the dangerous situation we are in. I wanted to live in my happy bubble for a few more days before the reality kicks in.

“Yes.” My mate replied.

“Can we go to our cabin?” I asked in a hushed voice, looking at him through my lashes, suddenly feeling shy.

“What? Can you repeat that again?” my mate asked in a teasing tone. He most definitely heard what I said. I gently hit him on the chest for teasing me.

“You heard what I said!” I turned my face away from him and pouted. He chuckled at my reaction.

“Do not be angry, my queen. I will take you there. I want to spend some time with you, without anyone disturbing us.”

Before the shit hits the roof remains unsaid.

“I can’t believe we are together, like this, being all cuddly and affectionate.” I told him in a little whisper. I wasn’t lying. It felt surreal.

“I am sorry I made you believe that you will never live a happy life with me.” my mate said in a dull voice, full of disappointment. My eyes snapped to his and I saw guilt swirling in his beautiful blue eyes.

“I- I didn’t mean it that way, please don’t misunderstand me. I just wanted to say that I’ve always dreamed of living a happily ever after with my mate but I never thought it would be possible. I am so happy that we found each other and our relationship is progressing.” I hurriedly explained him.

I just had to say the wrong thing and ruin our peaceful moment.

“I understand. I will make you the happiest woman on this planet, Berenice.” My mate said with conviction and I gave him a bright smile. But I knew deep down that my mate feels guilty about our past. He regrets his actions that hurt me.

I already forgave him for that. He had his reasons. I want us to move past that. Move past the bad memories. I know he loves me and he will protect me with all his might. I don’t need him to prove anything to me.

Ryder and Charlie also started on the wrong foot but they managed to move past that and have a happy mated life. When will we be able to do that?

If we want to be happy, we will have to move forward, forgetting the past. My mate needs to forgive himself for our happily ever after.

“We will be okay, Berry. You are overthinking. Go to sleep.” My mate said.

Oh… he could feel my emotions, I remember now.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to beat yourself up for what happened in the past. Can’t we just let it go.” I asked my mate, tears filling up my eyes as my vision blurred. My throat got constricted and it got difficult for me to breathe.

“Berry, No!” he immediately sat up straight on the bed with me still in his arms. He wiped my tears gently and peppered kissed all over my face.

“No more crying, Berry. No more.” He said and held me close to his chest and I sobbed. I don’t know why, but my heart felt so heavy.

“I’m sorry I made you cry, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry. Please.” My mate constantly murmured while he rocked me back and forth in his arms.

“Berenice.” My mate called my name softly after I calmed down.

“Hmm?” I answered without looking at him, my head still buried in his chest.

“I almost lost you.” I stiffened in his arms but did not try to get out from his arms. I did not have the strength to look at him while having this talk. I just wanted to feel the warmth of his arms around me.

He continued when he realized I won’t pull away from his arms to face him.

“When I saw your pale, lifeless body that day, it felt like someone ripped my heart out of my body. I did not know what to do. I felt so helpless that day, Berry. If something had happened to you, I would have died. I know I would have. I am still on edge because of that. I can’t bear the pain of losing you again. All my past actions towards you were looking right at my face and were laughing at me.

My blood ran cold at the thought of you dying. I would have ended everyone’s life and then killed myself if you were dead that day.

But you made it out alive. I was over the moon when I came to know that you can be saved. You are my everything Berry and to know that I behaved so horribly with you wants me to just punish myself.

I regret those actions. I truly do. I feel bad that you are in this mess because of me. But I promise you this, my mate, I won’t let the curse come true. Nothing will happen to you. I will protect you with my life. I can die for you and I can kill for you.

We will live a happy life Berenice, that’s my promise to you.”

I was sitting still on my mate’s lap. But after hearing all this I cupped his face in my hands and sealed our lips together in an urgent kiss. He responded almost immediately, we both wanting to ensure that this is all real, this love, this mating, us, everything.

I never thought I had it in me to initiate our kiss but I did it now. I am proud of myself.

I let out a soft moan that was swallowed by my mate’s mouth. When it became hard for me to breathe, I started whimpering. He left my mouth to give me time to breathe and started sucking down my neck, definitely leaving marks.

“Ahh” I moaned.

I gasped, my back arched and my eyes rolled back in uncontrollable pleasure as my mate dug his canines deep into my neck, marking me again.

He flipped us on the bed. He was now on top of me and then he retracted his teeth from my neck. My whole body was quivering, tears were streaming down my face, the pleasure too much for me to handle.

Soft whimpers left my lips as my mate hugged me closer to him, my front against his, my head tucked under his neck as we lay on our sides, facing each other.

“Shh baby.” My mate cooed softly.

I didn’t know when I drift off to sleep but I slept like a baby.

That emotional breakdown really drained me out.

* * *

Next Morning

I woke up to the empty bed. My mate was nowhere to be seen. I stretched up my body, still feeling sleepy but decided to get up. By the light that entered our room through the curtains I could tell that it’s still early in the morning.

Where did my mate go at this hour?

I decided not to think about that and to go freshen up. I picked out a light blue colored middle length dress and entered the bathroom.

I was drying myself with the towel after taking a warm shower when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“I’m leaving a dress for you here. Wear that. I will wait for you downstairs.” My mate said from outside and left without waiting for my reply.

My heart summer-saulted in my chest and I felt a smile appearing at my face. I hid my face in my palms and shrieked like a little schoolgirl whose crush just asked her out.

I wore the bath robe and exited the bathroom taking the blue dress with me. I’ll just wear it some other time.

I saw a very beautiful Cherry Blossom inspired full length maxi dress on the bed. I rushed towards the bed and picked up the dress to examine it.

It had a deep V- neck and button cuff sleeves. It had a detachable belt too. I love in love with the beautiful cherry blossom leaves printed on the dress. I twirled around with the dress still in my hands.

I got dressed quickly and twirled around in the room, admiring how beautiful the dress looks on me.

AHHHHHHHHH, my mate got this dress for me!!!!!

I felt so happy at the moment. I felt special. It feels good to know that my mate pays attention towards my likes and dislikes. I giggled and left the room with a bounce on my step.

I ran down the stairs and went straight into my mate’s awaiting arms who picked me up and twirled me around while laughing.

“Where are you running off to, my mate?” he asked after putting me down on my feet. My arms were settled on his broad chest and his were rested on my waist.

“You look beautiful.” He said when he noticed me in the dress that he gave me. I blushed at the compliment and moved my hands to round them around his neck and his hands were around my waist, locking me in his arms.

“Thank you for the dress.” I said shyly. His gaze was tender, caring, loving. I could tell he was admiring the blush on my face.

“You like it?” I asked in a soft voice. I looked up at his face through my lashed and nodded my head in response. He leaned down and gave a little peck on my lips and my blush increased ten folds. He chuckled looking at my state.

“Don’t laugh.” I whined and hid my face in his chest.

“Okay, okay, I won’t.” he said as I pulled my face away from his chest.

I then noticed that he was dressed casually dressed in denim shorts and a Tee-Shirt whose color was similar to my dress. My mate looked hot in this outfit. I could clearly see his muscles bulging from underneath the shirt.

I bit my lip as I admired my mate. My mate is the perfect male. No one can be better than him.

“What are you thinking?” my mate asked, knowing exactly what I am thinking.

“You look good.” My mate smirked at my answer.

“I am flattered.” He said and pecked my lips again.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get used to my mate kissing me. My heart always seems to jump out of my chest whenever he shows me any kind of affection.

“Hey lovebirds! What are you doing up so early?” Ryder came sauntering from the kitchen.

“I always get up early, why are you up early? What were you doing in the kitchen?” my mate asked in return.

“Busy eating Charlie, oh, I mean his breakfast.” Said Adam who looked like he came back from a run.

“Shut up.” Ryder snapped at Adam. I chuckled at their exchange and tried to get out of my mate’s arms but he refused to let me go.

“You’re going somewhere?” Ryder asked us and I just looked at my mate, hoping that he would answer.

“I am taking Berry out for the day.” He replied. Both Ryder and Adam looked at us with a teasing grin.

Oh no..

“Ohhooo, taking you’re mate out on a romantic date!” said Ryder.

“They’re gonna make babies and we’ll be uncles soon.” Said Adam in a sing song voice.

My face heated up in embarrassment. And I looked down at the tiled floor.

“Go on, Tiger!” Ryder patted my mate’s shoulders.

Oh, mighty Goddess of Earth, please open up and swallow me whole.

“What are you all talking about?” asked Charlie who just came out of the kitchen.

We all looked at him and we could notice his swollen lips.

“You know, if Charlie was a woman, he would’ve already popped hundreds of pups by the way Ryder is going.” My mate said and patted Ryder’s shoulders. Adam snickered at his response while Ryder swatted my mate’s hands away from his shoulders.

I could not notice Charlie’s reaction because he already ran inside the kitchen.

My mate turned to me and kissed my cheek.

“Let’s go, my queen.”

* * *

We arrived at our cottage and started to prepare our breakfast. My mate has already stocked the place with the things we will require for today.

We decided to keep it light so I decided to prepare vegetable sandwiches. I had to push my mate out of the kitchen because I want to be the one to prepare the food.

We ate the sandwiches in a comfortable silence and decided to take a stroll along the woods. I held on to my mate’s arm walking peacefully in the woods.

“What is your favorite dish?” my mate suddenly asked me, breaking the silence between us.

“Nothing in particular but I like desserts, just like you.” I replied.

“Oh, you think I am a dessert? That’s good.” And here we go. He’s teasing me now.

“Mate!” I whined and stomped my foot like a little kid. My mate laughed at my reaction. I pouted at him.

Suddenly I was hit by an immense pain in my heart. I screamed in pain and was about to fall down but my mate caught me. I could see the panicked expression on my mate’s face. He was yelling something but I couldn’t figure out what. The pain was becoming impossible for me to handle. I was starting to lose my consciousness. Soon, darkness enveloped me and everything went blank.

* * *

Check the wall.


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