Come What May

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Chapter 36- Season 2

Berenice’s pov

I stood frozen on my place, my mouth agape because of shock. I could not believe who was standing in front of us.

There stood, in all his pride and glory, the father of my mate, the former Alpha King, Kenneth Arthur Knight.

How do I know?

I could tell that my mate took after his father. The beautiful oceanic blue eyes, the fair skin, the firm jawline, the face shape, my mate inherited it all from this man standing in front of me. The only difference is the color of the hair. The former king had dark brown hair. I could see a reflection of my mate in this powerful man, who is also the father of my mate.

I had an urge to seek approval from him. I could feel the powerful aura surrounding him that dominated almost everyone here. I always feel the same aura surrounding my mate.

He was dressed in the traditional royal robe. A sword in his right hand.

He had a calm look on his face but I felt the threat in the words he just spoke in his deep voice.

“Father.” My mate whispered and that pulled me out of the trance that I was in.

I turned to look at Charlie and saw that Ryder was there holding a shaking and whimpering Charlie in his arms.

Ryder was trying to calm him down and pushed Charlie’s face towards his neck. But the shaking boy did not seem to relax. His whimpering turned into wails.

“He is hyperventilating. Take him to your room.” My mate told Ryder. I could see the worry etched on his face. He glared at uncle Matthew and rushed back to his room with his mate in his arms.

“Welcome home. Father, Mother.” My mate said and walked towards the new arrivals. That’s when I noticed a woman standing next to my mate’s father.

A tall, fair and slender woman stood beside my father in law which I have no doubt is my mother in law. My mate inherited his beautiful shiny hair from his mother. She looked like a goddess standing next to her god like mate.

Her long black tresses were falling over one shoulder in beautiful curls.
she emitted the grace and confidence of a Queen. Her stance so powerful that people will automatically bow down to her.

Perfect Queen for the ruthless King.

Victoria Knight.

Her face light up when she saw her son walking over to her and she opened her arms to take him into her embrace.

She looked small in my mate’s embrace.

After pulling away from the hug she ran her hands over my mate’s head, observing him from top to bottom. Her eyes full of longing and happiness of finally reuniting her son.

“I missed you so much.” She said softly in her sweet as honey voice after kissing my mate’s forehead.

“I missed you too, mother.” My mate said.

He then turned towards his father and nodded towards him.

“Welcome home, Father.” He said in an awkward tone.

My mate is nervous!

He didn’t know what to say to his father.

His father let out a laugh and grabbed my mate by his neck and pulled him towards himself to give a tight hug. My mate returned the gesture eagerly.

“Don’t expect me to hold back and not show any affection to my only son.” He said and laughed. My mate also let out a chuckle. They pulled away from the hug and my mate turned towards us and gestured me to go over to his side.

What? Are you crazy?

Why are you calling me?

Do you want me to die?

Stupid mate!

His parents were looking at me with twinkle in their eyes and big bright smile.

I gulped in nervousness.

“Come here, child.” His mother called me.

I walked towards them nervously. As soon as I reached them, I was enveloped in a warm hug.

I was surrounded by a blanket of love when my mate’s mother embraced me. I returned her hug and closed my eyes, to revel in the feeling of pure happiness.

His mother was much taller than me.

We pulled away from the hug and she caressed my face lovingly and held it in both her palms.

“You’re so pretty. My Alexander is so lucky to have you in his life. I hope he is taking care of you.” His mother said lovingly.

“Thank you. Yes, my mate is taking care of me.” I said while blushing. She cooed at me looking at my flushed state and kissed my forehead.

“Now, now, let me meet my daughter in law.” My mate’s father said and his mother pushed me towards him.

My nerves started to get the best of me.

“Do not be nervous.” He said and gave me a soft, fatherly smile. Something I could never imagine by this very well known scary former Alpha King.

I had to look up to talk to him. He is so tall.

He pulled me in for a hug. My head reached his chest.

Why are you so short Berenice?

Nah, 5’3’’ is not short.

“If my son ever troubles you can come to me. I will handle him. do not let him intimidate you.” He whispered not so quietly and the former Queen chuckled at him.

I also let out a small laugh.

“I surely will.” I said after pulling away from the hug.

I wonder how will they react when they’ll come to know what transpired between their son and I when we first met.

“Now, coming to the important matters.” My mate’s father sauntered his way in and stood in front of his cousin. His mother was quick to follow and stood beside her mate.

“I see you take great pleasure in terrorizing the ones who cannot fight back.” He said to uncle Matthew.

His cousin was not able to meet his gaze.

“I asked you something, answer me!” he roared and all of us flinched because of the anger contained in his voice.

“I I- uhh..” uncle Matthew stuttered.

“Calm down, honey.” My mate’s mother softly whispered, caressing her angry mate’s arms, effectively calming him down.

“You also saw what he did to that poor child.” He looked at his mate and spoke.

“I know, honey. But this is not the time to fight within the family. We can talk it out like adults.” She tried to reason with him.

He sighed and looked towards his cousin.

“Listen Matthew, Charlie is the mate of the royal beta. You do not have any right to disrespect him. It will be considered a punishable crime if happened again. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.” He said, a clear threat in his words.

Uncle Matthew merely nodded.

“Now everything is cleared up. Let’s get to our rooms and freshen up. We all will meet at lunch.” My mate’s mother tried to diffuse the tension.

“I want you to apologize to Charlie.” My mate’s father spoke up. Uncle Matthew’s eyes widen at that. He was about to argue but then decided against that and gave him another nod.

Savannah, Grace and aunt Gabriella greeted them and aunt apologized on behalf of her husband.

Although I could tell that aunt Gabriella has taken great offense to what has transpired here and the disrespect that her husband had to endure.

“Berenice.” My mate called my name.

“Huh?” I looked towards my mate.

“I think we should check up on Ryder and Charlie. We’ll talk about everything after the lunch.”

I nodded at him.

* * *

My mate knocked at their door and it opened almost instantly by Ryder.

“I was about to come down.” He said. He had a tired expression on his face.

“How is Charlie?” I asked.

“He was scared out of his wits, Berry. It took me a lot of effort to calm him down. He is sleeping now. I just wanted to tell that we won’t be able to join you for the feast.” He said. I was about to object when my mate spoke up.

“I understand. Take care of Charlie.” Ryder nodded at him.

We left for the dining area.

My mate’s parents and Uncle Matthew and his family joined us soon after.

My mate sat at the centre chair and I sat on his left. My mate’s father sat at the right followed by his mother, uncle Matthew and aunt Gabriella respectively. Savannah sat at my side followed by Grace.

The lunch was awkward. You could cut the tension with a knife.

The only sound heard was of the clattering of spoons and forks on the plates and bowls.

No one spoke a single word.

I let out a heavy breath when the lunch ended and we all stood up.

Thank god it’s over, I couldn’t handle another minute of this awkward atmosphere.

“Alex, Matthew, I would like to meet you in Alex’s office after an hour. Inform Ryder that he has to be present too.”

My mate’s father announced and left with his mate, leaving us all confused.

Well, at least the women present were confused.

The men seem to know what is going to happen in their meeting.

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