Come What May

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Chapter 37- Season 2

Alexander’s meeting room

Kenneth Knight, Matthew Knight, Alexander Knight and Ryder Black. The most renowned and powerful royal men gathered inside the office.

It was time to take action against the dark force that were lurking in a corner waiting to attack at any given moment.

“I think we need to discuss the things mentioned in the green file.” Alexander stated.

“Yes, I have a lot of explaining to do.” His father said.

“Yeah. We need to know everything. You have dealt with these creatures before. It could be of great help.” Ryder says. He was bothered after reading the contents of the green file. He didn’t know why his best friend hid things from him.

“These demons are from the other dimensions. The most powerful ones. They are the source of dark magic. After every 200 years, during the full moon, the portal to their dimension is forcefully opened.

That is the only night when the force of nature is weak and can be manipulated to open the portal that should never be opened. Every time they enter our land, they bring destruction with them.

Time and time again, our people have sacrificed their lives to save our kind. We are not the only creatures in existence. There are many dimensions that separates all the kinds, so that we can live a peaceful life.

We have been their target from many centuries. No one knows what happened in the other dimensions. It maybe possible that we are their first target.

They want to rule over our kind. The demons became inactive after Alexander was born and the prophecy revealed itself.

Everyone thought that Alexander’s life will be in danger. But there were no attacks from their side. We raised Alexander without any threat.

100 years before Alexander’s birth, the greatest war in the history of our kind took place. These demons are very powerful themselves and they gathered their followers from every other dimension.

The collateral damage was irreparable. We lost millions of people. That was the darkest of times.

Those demons are shape shifters. You never know the person standing in front of you is your friend or foe. Many of our people betrayed us, surrendered to those demons, revealing our war strategy to them.

We lost almost everything. Even my parents died in that war. I was also badly injured. Matthew barely survived.

The portal remains open for one year. They always attacked with full force after breaks of one month.

The war ended but the scars never faded.

We accepted our fate. We knew we will die but not without a fight. We were ready to be martyrs for our people.

But the demons rushed back after the span of 1 year as the portal was closing up.”

Alexander and Ryder were stunned when they heard what the former Alpha king had to say. They could never imagine him on the losing side of a battle. They now realized how big of a danger those creature or demons are.

Matthew stood silently beside his cousin, reliving the horrible past.

“So, we don’t know any weakness of those demons? They can’t be defeated?” Ryder asked agitated.

“No, we don’t know their weakness. They cannot be captured. If you try to touch them all you will get is thin air. Only they can touch you.

We were able to tame them down because of Fatmagul and her followers. But only for a limited time. She made some potions that took three months to be prepared in which we dipped our weapons. They were able to pierce through those Demons.

It only injured them. We weren’t able to kill them.

“It did injure them severely though. They weren’t able to get up.” Uncle Matthew provided.

“Yes, that was the best thing we could do at that time.”

“Yeah, all because of the great Fatmagul.” Matthew said and let out a chuckle, remembering the fights between his cousin and sister in law because of the said woman.

Fatmagul didn’t let pass any chance to seduce his cousin which made Kenneth very uncomfortable. He couldn’t retaliate because her help was needed.

“Shut up!” the former king snapped.

Ryder and Alexander couldn’t hold their laughter as they always find the former king and queen bickering about this.

“Why did my mother doubt him? He is already whipped.” Alexander decided to tease his father too.

“Has been for many centuries.” Matthew said and laughed out.

“And you aren’t?” Ryder asked the two men and Kenneth Knight patted his back in appreciation for siding with him.

“What the hell, Ryder! You were supposed to be on our side.” Alexander snapped at his best friend.

“Let’s come back to the topic. I have a question. You said that no one can touch those creatures. But Alexander destroyed one with his bare hands. They couldn’t even defend themselves. How?” Ryder asked.

“What?” Matthew asked, shocked.

“How is this possible?” he added.

“Yes. A golden glow surrounded Alex’s body. It felt like a shield. How is this possible?”

Matthew was confused. He didn’t know what to say. He turned towards his cousin who did not look phased at all with the revelation.

“Time will tell whatever it was. The prophecy will come true. These dark forces will be defeated.” Kenneth Knight said with confidence.

“Father, do you know something?” Alexander asked in suspicion.

“Time will tell son.” His father replied.

“They are after Berry. They almost killed her.” Alexander said.

“Because she is the one who will give birth to the one who will destroy them.” Ryder provided.

“That is why I have decided that I will not mate with her. These creatures are silent now. What if Berry becomes pregnant and they attack her? we have to wait for a few more months so let it be. I will not put my mate’s life in danger.” Alexander stated firmly.

“She has shifted into her wolf. Her heat will strike very soon.” Kenneth said. It did not please him to talk about his son’s mating life but it was important.

“I will get some medication ready to repress her heat.”

“Fatmagul will be able to help.” Ryder added.

“Ryder should be the one to contact her.” Matthew stated. The less Alexander interacts with Fatmagul, the better.

“I also have one more question.” Ryder said. This question was bugging him from quite some time.

“What happened?” Kenneth asked. Alexander was looking at his best friend curiously.

“Charlie…” Ryder took a deep breath.

“Charlie what?” Alexander asked, worried for the little wolf.

“Charlie went through heat.” He blurted out.

Understanding dawned upon Alexander’s face.

“That’s because he is your mate. Even though he cannot give birth, nature ensures your mating.” Alexander explained.

“You knew about it? Why didn’t you tell me?” Ryder asked, annoyed at his best friend.

“You never asked me, how am I supposed to know what is bothering you?”

“Okay, stop you two.” Matthew stopped the two bickering, grown up Lycans.

“Ryder, send the message to Fatmagul to start preparing the potion in abundance.

All the Royal Lycans will be informed about this situation. we need to be prepared for war.” Alexander announced. The other three nodded in agreement.

“Berenice will soon turn into her Lycan form.” Kenneth said.

“I know, Father. I am looking forward to it.” Alexander says.

“She will need proper training. She will be the Queen. She needs to be capable to defend herself and save her subjects.” Kenneth said.

“You will really make her the Queen?” Matthew asked his cousin for which he got a glare in return. Alexander clenched his fists and stopped himself from snapping at his uncle.

“Is there a problem Matthew?” Kenneth Knight asked his cousin. His eyes had the think before you speak look.

“No, brother.” Matthew understood that it is not a good time to bring this up.

“Charlie will take some time. He is really fragile for a wolf. His body needs time to prepare for his Lycan form.” Alexander told Ryder.

“I need to have a talk with your mate, Ryder.” Kenneth Knight stated. Ryder did not like the idea one bit. His mate will feel threatened in the presence of this former king.

“Don’t worry, Ry. Father will not intimidate him. Charlie is like a son to him.” Alexander tried to console his best friend. He understands his worries.

* * *

Berenice’s pov

It has been almost an hour and these Royal men still didn’t come out from my mate’s office. I am pacing back and forth in my room. I want to visit Charlie but I don’t think Ryder will appreciate anyone near his mate.

“Here you are!” I hear a voice and I look at the door and see Savannah and Grace standing there. It was Grace who spoke earlier.

They were about to enter the room when I stopped them.

“Stop right there!” I rushed outside and closed the doors to our room. They both look shocked at my actions.

“My mate doesn’t like any woman entering his room other than his mother and I.” I explained.

Grace scoffed at this which made me narrow my eyes in her direction.

“Is there a problem Grace?” I asked her in a stern voice I didn’t know I possess. Grace flinched at my voice and lowered her eyes.

“No. It’s just that we find it funny considering the fair share of women Alexander had in bed.” Savannah spoke up on behalf of Grace.

I’m starting to not like these two girls.

I stopped myself from wincing when Savannah mentioned those women.

“Is your name Grace?” I snapped at her. I was getting angry minute by minute.

I glared at both of them and they both looked down.

“Alex will not be pleased when he comes to know how you are treating us. I am his cousin and Grace was his love. You should watch how you behave with us.” Savannah muttered.

“What the hell are you talking about? Grace? His love? If I wasn’t this mad at you, I would’ve laughed. Stop trying to put doubts in my mind or else you won’t even get a chance to regret your actions!” I roared.

My voice was deep. Even I couldn’t recognize it. The two women in front of me looked ready to faint.

“We are sorry, Luna.” They both whimpered.

“Get lost!” I snapped and they both walked away as fast as possible.

“HELP! HELP! HELP US, OUR KING!” loud chants were heard from downstairs. I immediately rushed down to see what’s happening.

There was a group of seven men who looked like they just escaped prison. There were fresh, bleeding scratches and scars all over their body. There clothes were torn and they looked ready to faint. They all had tears in their eyes and were crying for help from my mate.

My mate came rushing down the stairs, Ryder, my father in law and uncle Matthew followed him.

“What is the matter?” my mate asked, observing them from head to toe.

“Th- They attacked us Alpha! They killed everybody. Please save us. Those bl- black things are killing us Alpha. Please help us. They followed us when we ran away. They lost us when we entered your territory. Please help us my king, please!” an old man cried.

“Move them to the medical wing.” He said to Ryder and disappeared from our sight. His speed surprised me.

I stood there flabbergasted.

Where the hell did my mate go?

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