Come What May

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Chapter 39- Season 2


Alexander tasted his mate’s essence while she rode her orgasm and saw stars behind her eyes. His animal instincts have completely taken over and he wanted his mate like nothing else. The image of his mate carrying his pups was plastered in his brain.

The thought of waiting till the threat eliminated was erased from his brain. His inner beast was calling out for his mate and wanted to fill her with his seeds.

The erotic sight of his mate coming undone, her body trembling and bare for him to feast on was not helping the tightening in his pants. If he was in his senses, he would have made his mate’s first time very special but the only thought in his mind right now was to get his mate pregnant.

His mate stared at his bulge with hooded eyes and a scared look marred her face. He growled at that.

His mate should not be scared of him!

Alexander, deep down, wanted to stop but it felt like he lost control over his body. He tried and tried but all in vain.

Berenice was not ready to go all the way. At first, she felt happy at the thought of her mate claiming her completely but her thoughts wavered at the size of her mate’s bulge that she could clearly see has formed in his pants.

She never had any kind of intimate contact with anyone before. Her mate was her first everything. She didn’t feel ready at the moment. Her mate was very rough with her. none of his ministrations were gentle. She knows how mating works and she couldn’t take it rough.

She was sure that if they do it today, it won’t be gentle at all. She won’t be able to handle it.

“Ma- mate!” she whimpered when her mate growled. Her mate hastily pulled his Tee-Shirt over his head removed his pants. She inched away from her mate till she made contact with the head board, her body shaking not because of pleasure but fear.

She could see carnal desire in her mate’s eyes. There would be no stopping him today. Her mate was Alpha in all sense. She could see how big he is as his manliness was ready to rip through his boxers.

She knew, once he removes the last item of his clothing, there will be no foreplay. He will take her roughly.

How she wished that her mate had not changed his robe after the lunch so she could have more time to think about an escape.

Alexander’s eyes were on his mate. He could see the reluctance and fear in her eyes but she is his mate. They are supposed to be completely mated by now. He wants his pups and there is no way he will take denial as his answer.

He got hold of his mate’s dress that was huddled up at her waist and pulled it down, completely taking it off.

“No!” his mate screamed making him growl in anger. He was immediately on top of her, holding her jaw firmly in his hands.

“Do not ever deny me of my rights.” He said through gritted teeth and Berenice looked at him wide eyed, tears rolling down her cheeks. She was scared beyond belief. Her mate has been so considerate with her, what suddenly changed, she didn’t know.

She wanted someone to save her. She didn’t want to be forcefully mated. She won’t be able to recover if she gets harassed by her own mate.

“Mate, don’t do this please.” She cried. Her voice wobbled. She looked directly in her mate’s eyes saw a silver specs floating in his dark blue irises. It was very faint, no one would notice if they didn’t pay attention.

She realized that something was definitely wrong with her mate. There was no way her mate will not ask for her consent before claiming her.

Alexander did not pay attention to his mate’s crying and his left hand travelled south, straight at her core and he plunged a finger in making his mate jerk up and collide with his chest screaming in pain.

Berenice was a crying mess. She did not want to lose her innocence this way. Her core clamped down on her mate’s finger which was furiously moving inside her.

“Stop, please stop!” she cried. Hitting her mate’s chest with her fists as forcefully as she can but it did not affect her mate at all. It seemed like he could not hear her wails, her pleads for him to stop.

She thrashed in bed trying to break free but Alexander firmly pressed her body to the bed using his own.

She experienced no pleasure. She wanted her mate to come back to his senses.

She could not just lie in bed and let this happen to her. She is well aware that her strength in no way can match up to her mate but she had to do something to get out of this situation or else it will scar their relationship forever. Even her mate will not be able to handle the guilt once he comes back to his senses.

The second finger entered her and she winced but bit her lips to stop from crying out. Whole body was shaking because of the force her mate was using to move his fingers inside her.

“M- m- Mate, Lis- listen to me..” she managed to croaked out. her second orgasm was building up which made it difficult for her to speak.

She got no response. Her mate’s eyes were fixed on her core which was being abused by his fingers. The fourth finger was added inside her which caused a painful stretch inside her making her cry out loud.

“Stop! Stop! please just stop!” she screamed and cried.

He pressed his thumb to her bundle of nerves and that was the last straw and Berenice came undone and her body quivered because of the powerful orgasm.

Berenice closed her eyes in humiliation as she rode out her climax. Her body betrayed her. Her body craved her mate’s touch and enjoyed his intrusive actions.

She held her mate’s face in her palms and made him look into her eyes. She did not look down as she didn’t want to look at the sight of his four fingers splitting her open.

She breathed heavily, trying to gather her voice to bring her mate back to her.

She looked right into her mate’s eyes, tear after tear falling down her own.

“Please, stop, mate. You are hurting me. please, come back to me. I need you. Save me.”

Alexander kept looking in his mate’s eyes that held so much pain and sorrow. His hand stilled, stopping their abuse and Berry saw the silver ring disappear from her mate’s eyes.

Alexander looked at his mate, his gaze shifted to his other hand and he instantly pulled out his fingers from inside his mate causing her to wince in pain.

He felt something stabbing his heart when he registered his mate’s face and the situation registered in his brain.

He closed his eyes and all his actions came back to him. He opened them and shot out of bed, standing at the door with a look of disbelief on his face.

No, no! What have I done?

He realized that he committed the biggest sin.

He violated his mate!

Berenice witnessed something she never thought she would. She looked at her mate wide eyed, not minding her naked state when a tear slid down her mate’s eyes.

Her mate was crying for her.

Her mate was crying for what he did to her.

A crack was formed in their budding love and she didn’t know how they will ever recover from this.

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