Come What May

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Chapter 4

Next morning....

My father called me to the meeting room. When I entered, I saw my mate and my parents already seated. I think he told them about us being mates. And here I was, doubting that my mate didn’t want me. I sat next to my Mother and waited for one of them to start.

“Alpha king told us that you both are mates.” My Dad said to me.

My heart filled with happiness that the Alpha King finally acknowledged us as mates. A huge smile made its way to my lips.

“Yes Father.”

“He wants to take you with him to his place and start a life together. You should start packing. Rose will help you.” He said without meeting my eyes. His voice cracked when he said those words. Is he not happy that I found my mate?

My Father was the one who used to tell me about how sacred the mate bond is. How one day I will find my mate and then from being his princess I will be my mate’s Queen. Now, when the time has come why is he so sad?

“No one can know that she is my mate.” The King spoke up. I was shocked beyond belief. I stared at him wanting answers but he ignored me. Why doesn’t he want everyone to know that we are mates?

“Yes Alpha.” My Father said. It was clear from his expressions that he wanted to know the reason but decided against it. Nobody can question the King’s decision.

I left with my Mother for packing.

“Why was Father so sad?”

“Because there are certain things about your mate that you don’t know. He is worried for your future, sweetheart.” she explained with tears in her eyes.

What has my mate done? Why are my parents so worried about him being my mate?

“Mother... Please tell me what is the matter. You’re scaring me. Please!” I begged. I wanted to know the truth.

“Berry promise me, you will look out for yourself. If a situation comes when you feel lonely over there, you will contact us. Please honey, promise me you will be strong. Your Father and I love you. If you ever feel you cannot handle anymore, you will return, promise me.” By now my Mother was bawling her eyes out. She embraced me in a tight hug. With that one hug I could feel all her love and concern for me.

"Yes Mother, I promise. I will never give up. I am the daughter of Rosaline and Richard Raine. I’m a fighter. Don’t worry about me. And I am going to my mate’s home, no one can hurt me there.”

“I- I want to tell you something Berry.” Her voice wavered.

“Yes Mother, I’m listening.”

“Your mate-” suddenly the door flew open, interrupting our conversation. It was my mate, Alexander.

“If you are done packing then we should leave. I don’t have much time.” He spoke with a blank expression. It is the first time he addressed me. I nodded and picked up my bags. Two of his men took them from me and went downstairs.

“Let’s go.” With that he left my room. I wanted to know what mother had to say about him but I was clearly out of time. Dread filled my heart. What are the things my mate did that had my parents panicking?

They once told me no matter how cruel a wolf is, he will always be loving and tender towards his mate. Then why are they so worried about me?

We made our way towards the cars. My mate made me sit in a car behind his. I wanted to sit next to him. I shot him a disappointed look but he payed no heed to it. Maybe he wants to make sure that I am safe.

We left for his place. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my brothers.

The ride was ten hours long. I even slept for three hours. After the long journey we came in front of a huge mansion. Hell no! it was a castle. Yes, a castle. It was so beautiful. A place fit for a King. My mate.

There were guards surrounding the whole area. There were seven guards at the main gate of the castle. They all bowed down in respect to the king even before he exited the car.

My mate got out of his car and stormed inside leaving me behind. The Royal Beta approached me.

“This way Miss. By the way my name is Ryder. Ryder Black”

“Hi!” I gave him a gentle smile and followed him inside the castle. My mate was standing inside talking to an old woman. The woman bowed down in front of him. He then looked at our direction and signaled Ryder to follow him.

I was left alone, standing in front of that unknown woman. He left me here all by myself. He didn’t even look at me. What have I done?

“Follow me kid. I will show you your room and tell you your tasks.” The old lady said to me in an emotionless tone.

“My tasks?” I asked confused.

“Yes. You are the new maid here, right? Do you want to sit here all day without doing any work?” She said in a harsh, sarcastic tone.

I stood there shocked. He told her I am a maid. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. A maid! Why is he doing this to me? I’ve done nothing wrong. I am his mate not maid!

“Right, I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“Whatever! Just follow me.” She took me to the rooms on the left side of the castle. All the workers live at this side of the castle.

“You will handle the kitchen with others. I hope you know how to cook, but as the king told me that he found you lost in the woods, I won’t be surprised if you don’t”

“I know how to cook. Thank you.” I said in a soft voice. She nodded and left. I was scared of being here alone. My mate should be here with me right now but he is not. Whatever is the reason he is avoiding me, I will find out soon.

I was wandering around the castle trying to track his scent. It was strongest in a room on the third floor of the castle. There were four guards placed outside that door. They looked so intimidating.

As I was about to knock on the door, one guard stopped me.

“What do you think you are doing?” he said rudely and then all four of them started sniffing the air.

“You’re a wolf!” he snarled and placed his sword at my neck. I was shaking with fear. The other three were also on high alert.

“I- I just wanted to talk to the king.” I said terrified. I couldn’t even tell that he’s my mate. The guards scoffed.

“How did you manage to enter the castle? Tell the truth or you’ll be dead.”

“I’m from Har- Harmony pack. Please let me talk to him.”

They eyed me suspiciously and then one of them knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Came his reply in his deep voice. He entered the room and closed the door behind. He came out after a few seconds and allowed me to go inside.

I gathered up all my courage and stepped inside the room. It was his bedroom. He was standing in front of me in a regular T-Shirt and jeans. He looked at me waiting for me to speak.

“You told them I’m a maid.” I whispered.

“That is what you are.” He said in an emotionless tone.

“What?” My voice wavered, scared of his answer.

“No one can know we are mates. I don’t want any of the Lycans to know that some weak, pathetic wolf pup is my mate. Don’t you dare run your mouth in front of anyone. Now get far away from my sight.” he said in an angry voice.

I stood there stunned. Tears freely flowing from my eyes. Not in a million years I thought my mate would treat me this way. He was supposed to love me.

“P- please don’t d- do this to m-me. Wh-why are you so ang-angry with me?” I couldn’t control any longer. I was bawling my eyes out in front of him. It didn’t affect him at all. He grabbed my arm and threw me out of his room like a ragdoll and slammed the door shut. The guards watched me with a smirk plastered on their faces.

I ran towards my room and sobbed uncontrollably. My voice echoed throughout my room. I calmed down after almost an hour. At that moment I made my decision. I will find out the reason behind Alexander's cruel behavior towards me.

I will show him that I will always be by his side. I won’t let go. I will wait for him even if it takes forever. I will never give up. I will never give up on ‘us’ and our happily ever after.


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