Come What May

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Chapter 41- Season 2

Alexander’s pov

When Ryder whispered the name of Fatmagul, I was shell shocked.

It couldn’t be Fatmagul, right?

She helped me save my mate’s life.

“How is this possible? She was the one who saved Berenice.”

“I know son. There are many people who excelled in magic. She is not the only one.”

“Who else can it be?” I wondered.

“I need to talk to someone. I need to go out for a few days.” My father said and left.

“Where do you think he is going?” Ryder asked me.

“I don’t know. Do you think I should go to Berry now?”

“I don’t know man. Do what you feel is right. But clear it out with her. Just tell her everything.” He patted my back.

“Are you alright?” I asked him. He also looked pretty low.


“Trouble in paradise?” I asked him and nudged his shoulder. He just sighed.

“Let’s not talk about it.” He said and I chuckled.

“Ryder!” I heard Charlie calling out for him and he stopped in front of us and I immediately shut my mouth.

Didn’t want to create more trouble for my brother.

“Baby.” Ryder said and stood up to give him a peck.

I averted my eyes. My mind wandered back to what happened between me and my mate.

“Alpha.” Charlie called me and my eyes snapped towards him.

“Luna Berry was looking for you.”

I stood up in surprise.

“Really?” he nodded his head.

I hurried inside and could hear Ryder shouting all the best to me.

There was only one thing in my mind.

I have to clear everything with my mate and she is willingly asking to talk to me.

* * *

Berenice’s pov

I sat there and cried for a long time. I didn’t know what to do. My body was trembling in pain.

Is it supposed to hurt this much?

I looked at the wet towel beside me and picked it up to clean my body with trembling hands.

It’s not my mate’s fault. I saw those silver rings in his eyes.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” I held my head in my palms and screamed.

What are you doing Berenice? Why are you hurting your mate and yourself?

I should talk to my mate. And that’s what I will do.

I need to get over this feeling of embarrassment. I saw the guilt in my mate’s eyes when it was not even his fault. I don’t want to make things difficult for us.

There is a whole army of unknown creatures wanting to separate my mate and I. I won’t add up more drama now. We need to talk like adults.

I am the future Luna and I can’t crumble at every bump in our way.

With the new found resolve I stood up, carefully covering myself with the duvet and went to the bathroom to wash away every trace of whatever happened today.

The warm water helped me soothe my nerves.

I got dressed and changed our bed sheets.

I took a deep breath and left the room.

No more pitying myself.

I went to his office but he was not there. I searched in Ryder’s office too but couldn’t find him there.

“Luna Berry.” Charlie greeted me when I got to Ryder’s room.

“Charlie, have you seen my mate?”

“No Luna. I will go look for him. I have to find Ryder too.” He said and I smiled and nodded at him before leaving the room.

I still decided to look for my mate and went towards my mate’s parents’ room.

Should I really check here? Should I leave?

I just stood outside their room contemplating my next move.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. There was no response so I knocked again. I pushed the door open to find the room empty.


Where are you mate?

I forgot the meeting room!

I rushed towards the meeting room and found it empty too. I stomped my foot like a kid but no one can blame me, I was getting impatient.

I closed the door of the meeting room and started walking towards our room in disappointment.

“Berenice!” I hear a loud voice which belongs to no one other than my mate. I turned around and saw my mate walking towards me. My heart danced in happiness when I saw him. I forgot about talking to him and ran towards him.

My mate stopped in his tracks when he saw me running towards him. my eyes welled up as I got nearer to my mate and launched myself in his arms. He caught me in time and engulfed me in his strong and secure arms.

I nuzzled my face in his chest as wolf like whimpers left my lips. I kept on clawing his clothes wanting to be as close to him as possible.

“Berry.” He said my name in satisfaction as he buries his nose in my hair and tighten his hold on me. I kept on squirming and whimpering in his hold.

He removed my face from his chest and started dropping kisses on my left cheek.

“I’m so sorry, love.” He whispered and resumed dropping his heavenly kisses on my other cheek.

“I’m sorry for making you go through all this at such a tender age.” He said and pecked my forehead three times. I closed my eyes, basking in my mate’s affection.

“I’m sorry for taking everything away from you.” He said and kissed both my eyes that were still closed after wiping the tears from the corner of my eyes.

“I was not in control of myself, Berry. I would never do such a thing to you.” He said and held my face in his palms. I opened my eyes and saw the pained expression on my mate’s face which hurt my heart.

“I know, mate. I know you can never do this to me.” I said and kissed his chin. He gave me a breath-taking smile and pecked my lips.

“I am so sorry, Berenice.” My mate said and I held his face in my palms.

“It’s not your fault, mate. But if it makes you feel better, I forgive you.” I said and got on my tip toes. My mate understood what I wanted and leaned towards me, taking my lips in a sweet, tender kiss.

When our lips touched, it felt like all my worries and problems disappear as pleasant tingles travel down my body.

I sighed as my mate tasted my lips and ran the tip of his tongue over my lower lips asking for entrance and I obliged. I opened my mouth as his warm tongue entered and tasted my mouth. My moans got swallowed by my mate as he pleasured me.

I moved my tongue with his and surrendered to my mate after a little effort to take over the kiss.

We pulled away only when it became impossible to breathe. I got shy and looked towards the floor. My mate titled my chin up using his index fingers to look at my flushed state.

His lips were swollen and I am sure mine were no better. We both were breathing heavily after our intense make out session. My mate ran his tongue over my swollen, sensitive lips and smiled, dropping a light peck on them.

We were still in each other’s embrace, not wanting to let go. He ran his fingers through my hair and kept looking at me, turning me into a puddle. I could feel my face heating up more and more at my mate’s intense stare.

“Stop looking at me like that.” I murmured shyly and looked down.

“You are mine. I can look at you whatever way I want.” He replied and pulled me towards him by my waist. I put my hands flat against his chest and slowly looked up into his eyes.

His eyes were content, relieved. I smiled at him.

“No Charlie! I am not letting you go anywhere. I don’t want any arguments about that.” We heard Ryder’s voice and both our eyes widened.

Where does Charlie wants to go?

We let go of each other and walk towards the direction from where the voice was coming.

Ryder and Charlie were walking towards out direction. Charlie was holding Ryder’s shirt from the back, following him but Ryder didn’t pay heed to him.

Ryder stopped walking as he saw us standing in front of him and Charlie bumped into his back.

“What happened Ryder? Why are you both fighting?” my mate asked his best friend. Ryder pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a frustrated noise. Charlie was hiding behind him and watching his mate with big doe eyes that were getting teary.

He was trying hard not to cry. I took a step ahead and gave a reassuring smile to Charlie.

He looked at me and gave me a teary smile. I was about to walk to Charlie when Ryder turned around and looked at his teary eyes mate. His expressions softened and he ran both his thumbs over Charlie’s eyes preventing him from crying.

“Baby.” He whispered and embraced Charlie, pecking his head.

“What’s the matter, Ryder?” I asked him. Charlie looked at his mate with a pout.

Ryder sighed and looked at me helplessly.

“Charlie wants to go and take cooking classes and continue his studies. I have no problem with either of these things but I won’t allow him to go out. he has to be schooled in the castle itself.”

“But how will I be able to give cooking classes then?” Charlie whined.

“We can arrange them on weekends.” My mate replied.


So much has happened in the past few months that the thought of my education flew away from my mind.

“We can arrange a tutor for you Charlie and Berry can also continue her studies.” My head snapped towards my mate as soon as he said that.

He gave me a reassuring smile.

Did he read my mind?

“Who will teach us?” I asked excitedly.

“The ones who are responsible for the education of the Royal family. The ones who taught Ryder and I.” my mate replied.

“But I want to go to uni.” Charlie insisted.

“Charlie, baby. You also have to compromise. It will not be safe for you to go to the university. You are a Royal now. Try to understand.” Ryder told Charlie softly as if talking to a child.

I on the other hand was excited about continuing my education.

“And my cooking classes?” Charlie crossed his arms stubbornly.

“We’ll arrange them on weekends.” My mate told him.

Charlie pouted again but nodded. I chuckled at his child like behavior.

“What is it that you want, Charlie?” I asked him. Ryder ran his hands through Charlie’s hair, looking at him expectantly to speak what he wants.

“I just wanted to go out of the castle.” He said and nuzzled his face in Ryder’s shoulder. Ryder sighed and hugged his mate close to him.

“I know you want to live a normal life, baby. I’m sorry I can’t make that happen for you.” Ryder said tiredly. Charlie returned the hug but didn’t say anything.

“Why is he such a troublemaker?” Savannah and Grace came walking towards us. Savannah gave Charlie a judging look which made Ryder narrow his eyes in her direction.

Oh oh… I sense a drama coming.

“You should stop spoiling him so much.” Savannah continued.

“Whether I should spoil him or not is my business.” Ryder said in a firm tone.

“No need to be offended Ry. I am just saying that he needs to know his responsibility and he can’t just always whine and show his teary eyes to get what he wants. He knows you will melt as soon as he drops few crocodile tears.”

This woman is asking for it.

I didn’t know what to do. I was angry at Savannah for bad mouthing Charlie but I couldn’t say anything because she is my mate’s sister.

Also, I wanted to rip Grace’s eyes off her face who was drooling at my mate and blushing for no reason.

“What did you just say?” Ryder said through gritted teeth and clenched his fists. Savannah was shocked seeing Ryder this angry. My mate was looking at their exchange with an amused expression.

Well, what do expect? You just badmouthed his mate!

We all shifted our attention to Charlie when we hear a wolfish whine coming from him.

He pulled Ryder to his level to embrace him and Ryder instinctively buried his face in Charlie’s neck. My mate’s arm snaked around my waist possessively.

“Don’t be angry, mate.” Charlie said as Ryder sniffed his neck.

“Ry, how could you talk to me like that?” Savannah asked, her eyes filled with unshed tears. She looked genuinely hurt.

But why?

“Go back to your room Savvy. We’ll talk later.” My mate said softly to his sister.


“Later, Savvy.” My mate said again. His eyes held love and understanding for his sister. Savannah gave a nod and walked away with Grace, disappointed.

Does Savannah like Ryder?

Hmm.. I need to have a talk with my mate about this and that Grace.

I scowled by just thinking about her.

“What are you thinking about love?” my mate whispered in my ear which caused the hair on my neck stand up.

“Umm, nothing.” I replied.

“Don’t lie. I know what you are thinking.” My mate said and nibbled at my earlobe.

“Mate!” I whisper yelled at him and pushed him away. He left my earlobe alone but wrapped his other arm around my waist too. I pushed him half-heartedly.

“What are you doing? Ryder and Charlie are here!” my mate scoffed at this.

“They are shameless themselves.” He said and nuzzled my neck. I sighed contently and enjoyed my mate’s attention. Our gaze snapped in Ryder and Charlie’s direction when we hear a squeak and we saw Ryder putting Charlie up on his shoulder and walking up.

My mate chuckled at the scene and I stood there open mouthed.

“I have some work with Father, I’ll see you later. Okay, love.” My mate said and kissed my forehead. I wanted to protest but decided against it and nodded in agreement.

It must be something important.

* * *

Alexander’s pov

I entered my parents’ room and saw they were busy packing their clothes.

“Where are you going?”

“Somewhere.” My father replied at which my mother rolled her eyes.

“Seriously?” I asked him with a little hint of fake annoyance in my voice.

“We need to see someone who can give us the answers to all our questions.” My mother told me.

“Why are you talking in puzzles?” I asked them.

“Son, we have our doubts. We’ll tell you everything when get sure ourselves.” My father said and patted my shoulder.

I sighed.

“Keep Berenice and Charlie out of this matter for a while. Let us find out who is the one betraying us.” I nodded at my father’s words.

“When are you leaving?”

“In half an hour.” My mother replied.

“You don’t need to see us off. Be with your mate.” My father said. I smiled at my parents and left their room.

I want to link Ryder to meet me but I am scared that if I tried to connect with him and get accessed to his thoughts when he is with Charlie. I shook my head to remove these nightmare of thoughts from my mind.

I will just wait for him in my office. He knows I will be waiting.

I was going through the green file for about half and hour, studying the attack patterns of the demons.

“Alexander Kenneth Knight!” a furious Adam came barging in my office.

“Yes?” I asked him with one eyebrow raised.

“Don’t yes me! Uncle Kenneth came to visit us and you didn’t even inform me! he already left! Why?”

“Why are you back early?” I asked, ignoring his question.

“Whoa, Adam is back early.” Before Adam could say anything, Ryder entered my office.

They both settled down across the table.

“What happened?” Adam asked sensing the tensed environment. We briefed him about how the demons conquered to bring me under their influence and he freaked out.

This was disturbing in many ways than one. Who can be this powerful to hypnotize me in my own dimension?

Ryder and Adam were suspicious about Fatmagul and I was too but I can’t say anything until I am sure. Fatmagul helped my mate so I will give her the benefit of doubt.

We were in the middle of discussing about the demons fighting pattern when I felt a bond breaking.

I stopped speaking and everything blurred out and I saw something that had my blood boiling with anger.

* * *

Ryder’s pov

We were discussing about the demon’s fighting strategy. They have deceived people using their shape shifting ability. If it ever comes down to war, we won’t know who is our friend and who is the enemy.

Suddenly Alex became stiff and his eyes started glowing. It was like something was happening in front of his eyes.

He started shaking in anger and shouted.


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