Come What May

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Chapter 43- Season 2

Alexander threw the last file he finished on his desk and breathed out a sigh of relief. The work load increased tremendously but he managed to get it done and now was more than ready to retire to bed.

He hurried worried his way upstairs to his bedroom. He opened the door and was greeted by the sight of his beautiful mate cradling their seven months old daughter and lulling her to sleep.

Berenice’s eyes snap to her mate and she smiles at him. Alexander makes his way to the bed and plant a kiss on his now, sleeping daughter’s forehead.

“My princess.” He mutters under his breath. His heart was content looking at the two most important people in his life safe and sound. His heart was soaring with happiness and love. He felt complete.

’My love.” He whispers and kisses his mate’s sweet lips.

Alexander wanted to imprint this scene in his mind. His perfect mate, his perfect daughter, his perfect family.

His perfect life.


Alexander’s pov

It was one of the best sleeps I had in years. I did not want to wake up from the beautiful dream. A smile made its way to my lips when I recall the image of my mate cradling our daughter.




The smile quickly wiped off my face when I find the other side of my bed empty.

“Berenice?” I call out her name but get no response.

“Sweetheart?” I try again.

“I’m here!” came the cheerful voice of my mate as she enters our room with a tray of food and a glass of juice on the side.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, confused.

What is going on in the pretty little head of my mate?

“I am just bringing breakfast to bed for my mate. You work so hard all the time so, I decided to pamper you.” She said and kept the tray on the bedside table.

“That’s a good thought. But I will have it after I freshen up.” I say and go to the bathroom.

I couldn’t help but smile in the shower thinking the sweet gesture of my mate.

I exit the bathroom and found no sign of my mate. I shake my head and enter the closet and get ready.

When I come out, I see my mate seated on the bed and looking at me with a smile.

“Is everything okay?” I ask her.

“Yes, everything is perfectly fine. Come, let’s have breakfast together.” she says and pats the space next to her.

We both have our breakfast in a comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s presence. Berry cleaned up the bed and kept the plate away. I was sitting the foot of my bed when my mate came towards me and round her arms around my neck with a smile which meant she was about to ask something from me.

I raised one eyebrow but still wrapped my arms around her waist.

“What is it?” I asked. She bit her lips and mustered all he courage before speaking. It was amusing to see my mate like this.

“I want to train.”


“Train? For what?” I asked totally lost. Where is this coming from?

“I don’t like seeing you stress out so much. I want to support you as much as I can. I want to become stronger and for that I have to train. What kind of a Luna I will be if I can’t protect my people?

You already have so much on your plate and then you have to worry about my safety too. It’s not okay. So, I decide to train and become stronger.”

I tightened my hold on her to bring her close to me and made her straddle my lap. I leaned forward to plant a wet kiss on her lips which made her cheeks rosy.

“Is it bad that I am getting aroused by your words right now.” I whispered which made my mate’s eyes widen. She seemed as if she is still absorbing what I said, her eyeballs frantically moving left and right and finally her eyes cast down as she continues to blush.

I flipped our position and pressed her small form to our bed hovering over her. She gulped, her form started to tremble underneath me in excitement and slight nervousness. I could always feel my mate’s emotions even when she is far away from me.

I know something happened last night that brought this change in my mate’s behavior. Yesterday I was hit by an intense wave of realization and I knew then and there they were her emotions. I wanted to rush to her side but then I decided to let her deal with her emotions herself.

Whatever Berenice said a moment ago is absolutely right. She is the future Queen. She has to be strong. It does not mean I will let any harm come to her. No one who intends to harm my mate will be spared. But I will make her stronger. I will let her do what she feels right.

“Mate.” She whispered, bringing me out of my thoughts. I caressed her cheeks with the back of my index finger, feeling her soft skin.

I kissed her forehead making her close her eyes which gave me a chance to plant kisses over both her eyes. Her breathing intensified just like mine making her chest move up and down.

I kissed her cheeks and then trailed down towards her neck, sucking her soft skin leaving prominent marks on her. the air around us was buzzing with excitement for what is about to happen now. Whenever my lips touched my mate’s skin I thrill ran over my spine.

Having my mate in my arms feels surreal. I did a mistake in the past by treating her poorly. The explanations hold no significance. No one should be treated that way. Ryder managed to stop the news of my mate working as a maid in the castle from spreading like wild fire.

I will cherish my mate and will treat her like the queen she is. She makes my life complete. She is my happiness and I can do anything just to see her smile.

My mate



Only mine

My hand travels under her top feeling every inch of her burning skin making her hiss at the touch of my cold hand.

I sat on my knees and held the hem of her top with both my hands wanting to see her skin under it.

“May I?” I asked my mate to which she nodded immediately.

I touched the sides of her waist and trailed my hands upwards taking the top with me slowly exposing my mate’s upper body. My mate clutched my shirt at the shoulders, moaning, arching up her body that seemed to be set on fire.

I managed to pull her top off. Now my mate lied in bed in her bra, trying to cover her chest using her hands and her eyes shut tight, small whimpers leaving her rosy lips.

“Sweetheart, don’t be shy.” I whispered in her ear. I could see her ears turning red. The atmosphere was charged with electricity and it took every ounce of control I had to not rip off her bra and have a feast of her breasts.

She slowly removed her hands and clutched the bedsheet on the side of her head giving me full control to do whatever I want with her.

“Open your eyes, my love.” I wanted to look into her beautiful doe eyes and reassure her that I will not do anything that she does not want.

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at me and I gave her a reassuring smile. As much as I want to devour her, I will not let her feel uncomfortable.

I traced my thumbs over her clothed breasts making her breathing halt for a second and then slid my hands under her bra and pulled it over her head exposing her upper body completely. I ran my gaze over her chest admiring her small, round and firm breasts. Pinning my mate with my gaze when she tried to move her hands to cover her bosoms from me.

“Perfect.” I whispered which made my mate blush a fifty shades of red. I could see how overwhelmed she felt under my heated gaze.

I slowly inched towards her and took her brown bud into my mouth which made my mate jerk upward allowing me to take more of her skin into my mouth while I played with her other breast with my hand. The pleasure I felt compared to no other.

I sucked her breast vigorously making her cry from pleasure and claw at the bedsheets. I moved towards her other breast and sucked it too until I was satisfied.

The air was saturated with the scent of our arousal and the room filled with the sound of my mate moaning and whimpering from time to time. i left various love marks from her neck to chest and trailed kisses further down her body.

I ran my tongue over her navel which made jerk up and she entangled her fingers in my hair, pressing me to her stomach with both her hands. I bit down a little hard, making her whine and then licked it to soothe the burn.

I took hold of her skirt to fold it and settle it over her lower belly. I looked at the ruined cloth that covered her most intimate part from my eyes. I looked at it as if it is my greatest enemy, trying to keep my mate away from me.

I looked at my mate who was already staring at me.

“Mate.” A whisper left her sweet lips.

“May I?” I asked her. my eyes pleading her to allow me to look at her completely and have a taste of her. She bit her lip and gave a small nod removing her gaze from my face.

My mate looks cute when she is shy.

Well, she is always shy.

I hooked my hands around the ruined cloth and removed it from my mate’s body. As soon as her core got free from the constraints of the cloth, her scent of arousal hit me a hundred times harder. A growl left my lips as I stared at her glistening core, dripping with arousal, begging to be touched.

I opened her legs further to give me full access to her heat and without waiting for another minute my lips found her lower lips.

A yell left my mate’s lips as soon as the contact was made and she started writhing on bed as I taste her sweet essence. My tongue lapped up her juices with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

I thrust my tongue inside her opening making her cry out for more. She kept on crying out of pleasure as I ate her out.

“Mate, I- I-… Ahhhh” I rejoiced, hearing her voice that showed the amount of pleasure she is receiving. Her body was shivering. She started thrusting her hips back meeting my movements, greedy for her release.

She was getting restless, wanting her release more than anything.

Wait a little more, my love.

I lapped up her essence with more vigor and her hold on my hair kept on tightening. She finally screamed out as her legs trembled, she experienced an earth shattering orgasm allowing me to taste her sweet nectar.

I did not pull away but kept on sucking her as she rode her orgasm. I held her legs to control their trembling a little. I could feel the intensity of her orgasm through our bond. I felt the restriction in my lower region ready to explode.

I pulled away after my mate stopped trembling. I looked at her and felt proud at her dazed expressions, her teary eyes and heaving chest.

I hovered over her face and cupped her cheek in my hand.

“Are you alright, love?” I asked her. She blinked her eyes rapidly and looked at me for a few seconds, as if adjusting her vision.

“I’m… I’m better than ever.” She said in a small voice but did not waver her gaze from me. I smiled at her reply, feeling content.

“Wait here.” I said and pecked her forehead before getting up and going to the bathroom to get a wet towel to clean up my mate. I will take care of my problem later.

I cleaned her body and then she got dressed again. She wore a V-neck top that did nothing to hide the marks I left on her body.

She looked at her reflection in horror, staring at all the love marks scattered and exposed on her body.

“Wha- this? What?” my mate was dumbfounded. I chuckled at her reaction and gave her a high neck top to wear.

“Don’t be angry, my love. You were looking so enticing, I couldn’t control my self.” I said and round my arms around her. her cheeks heated up and she lightly punched my chest and ran out of the room.

Now I can take care of my little… problem.

With that thought I ran into the bathroom.


Berenice’s pov

I ran down the stairs as quickly as possible, still feeling the tingling sensation in my body. I blushed as I remembered what transpired between my mate and I moments ago.

I reached the kitchen breathing heavily. I could still feel his hands all over my body and his lips on my…. I squeezed my legs shut when my mind wandered back, reliving that moment when my mate pleasured me.

Stop it Berry!

The smile did not leave my face even for a second.

“OMG! Luna! Finally, I get to meet you!” I hear a shriek and I turn around alarmed.

In front of me was a very pretty woman who was grinning from ear to ear looking at me. she was just a little taller than me and had beautiful fair skin. Her hair were all ruffled up so I could tell she just woke up.

“Umm, hi.” I said awkwardly.

“Oh, how foolish of me. Let me introduce myself to you. I am Saraya Clifford, mate and wife of the Royal Delta, Adam Clifford. You can call me Sara.” She says happily.

Oh, she is Adam’s mate. She is very chirpy, I like her.

“Hi, it seems you already know about me but still I will introduce myself. I am Berenice Raine.”

“Our Alpha King’s mate and our future Luna Queen.” She added. I nodded at her, smiling brightly.

“Whoa, someone is glowing.” Came a voice and Ryder came and stood next to me giving me a mischievous smirk.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked him, totally confused.

“You my sister, are covered in my best friend’s scent so I don’t need to tell you what you did with him in the bedroom.” He said in a teasing tone setting my cheeks on fire because of embarrassment.

“I- uh..” I was at a loss for words.

“Oh, stop teasing our Luna, you shameless person.” Sara scolded Ryder to which he just rolled his eyes.

“Welcome back, Sara.” He said and gave her a hug.

“Is everything alright with you and Charlie?” I asked him as I remembered their fight last night.

“Yes, we talked about it while having breakfast. I was here to get some water because my mate is very thirsty.” He said while refilling the jug.

“What happened between you and your mate?” Sara asked curiously.

“I heard whimpers coming from Savvy’s room. The whimpers were coming from the bathroom. It looked like she was in pain, I saw her crying in the shower. She saw me and pleaded for help. I thought she was in pain. I picked her up and put her on her bed that’s when my mate saw me.

Charlie says Grace asked Charlie to go to Savvy’s room and see what I am doing behind his back. It was all planed. I never knew Savvy could droop to such level.” Ryder explained. I clenched my fists in anger.

I want to kill them both!

“WHAT?” my mate exclaimed who just entered the kitchen. He looked like he could not believe what Ryder said.

“Alex, I know that she’s your sister and you love her but I am not lying.” Ryder stated, gauging my mate’s reaction carefully.

My mate walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I melted in his arms instantly.

“I am not mad at you Ryder and I did not say that you are lying. I cannot believe my sister did that.” My mate said, disappointment clear in his voice.

“Alpha.” Sara bowed a little to my mate.

“Welcome back, Sara.” My mate gave her a small smile.

“How is Charlie?” my mate asked Ryder.

“He is doing fine. We talked and settled everything.” Ryder replied, smiling brightly.

“Let’s get to the training ground then. My mate decided to join us.” My mate said proudly.

“Whoa, really?” Sara squealed. I nodded at her, feeling good about my decision.

“I am still not done with my mate. Need to have him for a few more times.” Sara and I groaned when we understood what Ryder meant and my mate chuckled.

“Poor Charlie. You need to control yourself brother or he might not be able to walk or sit for a long period of time.” my mate teased Ryder.

“Hey, it’s not my fault Berry turned you into a saint.” Ryder retorted and my mate glared at him.

“Where is Adam?” he asked Sara deciding to not reply to Ryder’s remark.

“Umm, he is still sleeping.” She replied a faint blush appearing on her cheeks which made me raise my eyebrow at her questioningly.

“Why the hell are you blushing?” Ryder asked her, she just played with her fingers, not looking at any of us.

My mate walked a little closer to her and sniffed the air around her.

“You masked your scent.” My mate whispered.

“Why?” Ryder and I asked simultaneously.

“I’ll tell you later. Umm, I have to cook something for my mate, I’ll do that, yeah.” Ryder and I nodded while my mate stood there without any expressions.

“We will leave then. Berry, you come with me. Ryder, do whatever you want.” My mate said and dragged me out of the kitchen.



“Yes, sweetheart.”

“How did you know that Sara masked her scent?” I asked my mate as we sat in the car, going to the training ground. It is very far from the castle.

“I am the King, Love. Nothing escapes me.” he replied and wrapped his arm around my waist to bring me closer to him. I happily did so and nuzzled my face in his neck.

“Why did she do that?” I mumbled. My face pressed against his chest.

“You will know soon.” I pouted at his reply.

“What happened with Mark?” I decide to finally ask this question.

“I will tell you after the training.” I did not say anything. Atleast he didn’t deny telling me anything.

The car came to a halt and we both got out.

“Whoa.” In front of me was a vast training filed which had hundreds and hundreds of people in different groups. The ground was scattered upto and beyond my vision.

There were not only males but females too. It seemed like they were all training for martial arts. One woman was standing at the front facing the other females guiding them. The enthusiasm in their voice made me happy.

“Will I join them?” I asked my mate excitedly. Before he could answer, the people sensed the presence of their king as they all stopped whatever their training and bowed to my mate.

“Carry on with your training, thank you.” My mate’s voice came out very loud, as if reaching every corner of the field.

Everyone resumed what they were doing.

“No, today you will only observe.” My mate said.


“No! I want to train!” I said stomping my foot like a kid. Thankfully no one paid attention to my tantrum.

“You are not dressed to train.” My mate said. Ohh…

“Umm, okay.” I said and looked here and there, not meeting my mate’s smug face. I forgot to change my clothes. 🤦‍♀️

My mate held my hand and lead me to see all the activities going on. He did not allow me to see the training of our soldiers. The ones I saw were still getting trained and then will have to pass their evaluation to become the part of our army.

I could feel the stares of everyone but it did not make me feel uncomfortable. There was admiration and respect in the way they looked at me. Some people congratulated us and expressed how happy they are to finally find their Luna. Happy tears gathered in my eyes which my mate wiped away before they could fall.

I was observing everyone when my eyes landed on the two figures coming towards us with a serious expression on their face.

“Mate, mother and father are here.” I pulled at his sleeve to direct his attention towards me. As if they both heard what I said a smiled graced their lips.

“She finally called us Mother and Father.” Mother said happily and I looked towards the ground feeling shy.

“Don’t need to be shy, my child.” Father said and patted my shoulder. I looked at them and smiled.

“You got what you were looking for?” my mate asked, the atmosphere suddenly becoming tense. Father gave a stiff nod.

“Fatmagul betrayed us.” Mother said and my mate’s eyes flashed with anger.

“How dare she!” my mate growled and was about to walk away from us but I held his arm stopping him from doing so.

His eyes softened as he looked at me.

“Don’t walk away. Talk to me.” I said gently.

“She is right son. Talk to her, your mate. You both are supposed to handle this together. We will have further discussion after you two talk.” Father said and Mother placed a loving peck at mine and my mate’s forehead before leaving.

“Mate, please tell me what happened with Mark.” I pleaded. My mate sighed and pulled me with him to an office situated far away from everyone’s view. He locked the door and made me sit on the small sofa and himself sat beside me, holding both my hands.

“Ryder did not kill Mark because he wanted to torture him. he did not want his death to be easy. When I returned with you that Mark was as good as dead. He lost his eye, hand and a leg. I will not go into details but Ryder surely made him regret his actions.

But that bastard did not learn anything from this. Even the guards stationed near his cell are traitors. They all sold their sold to the demons!” my mate growled out in anger. His grip on my hands tightened. I could feel the anger and the hurt my mate was feeling.

He was hurt by the betrayal of his own kind.

“What will they get out of it?” I asked.

“The demons lure them by offering their greatest desire. Mark will get his revenge and those guards will get to be the most powerful Lycans. This is what they think. They are false promises that will never be fulfilled, I will rip their body piece by piece by my bare hands!” my mate started shaking with anger.

“Mate, look at me. you can not lose control like this.” I said, cupping his face with both my hands and making him look straight into my eyes. My mate was getting overpowered by his anger and I need to calm him down before anyone becomes the victim of this Alpha King’s rage.

I pulled my self from the sofa and settled in my mate’s lap, soft whimpers leaving my lips to convey my despair looking at my mate’s state.

I nuzzled his neck, placing a soft kiss there that caused my mate to wrap his arms around me protectively. He pulled my face away from his neck and buried his own face in mine taking in my scent, trying to calm himself. I rubbed his back in encouragement.

I will never let my mate deal with his problems alone.

I will be his partner in everything.

His mate

His Queen

His other half

The Luna Queen.

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