Come What May

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Chapter 44- Season 2

Berenice’s pov

We sat there in silence for fifteen minutes in each other’s arms. There were so many questions swirling in my mind and I was scared for our kind. These demons are proving to be very dangerous. They managed turn our own people against us. They invaded our castle otherwise how did they contact Mark and those guards?

But why only guards? Why not any other high ranking Lycan?

Those demons can deceive anyone, they are shape shifters. Only our child can save us from them but am I ready to be a mother?


Even if we do have a child now, an infant can’t do anything to protect us.

My mate pulled away from my neck bringing me out of my reverie.

“Mate, what will they gain from those guards?” I asked him.

“They know every single corner of dungeons. There are many prisoners that can be very dangerous for us. They managed to invade the castle. I don’t know what they will do next and how will we stop them.” My mate said and ran his hand through his hair.

“I know it looks so difficult at the moment but I am sure you will stop them. I have faith in you. I support you in whichever way I can. Don’t think you are alone. We are in this together.” I reassure him. He smiles at me, his gaze holding pride while looking at me.

“Thank you, Berenice.” My mate said and kissed my forehead.

“I will always be with you, mate. And yes, one more thing, all the drama that we have at home with your cousin and Charlie, I will handle it. I don’t want you to stress over such issues, you already have so much on your plate.” I said and my mate happily nodded.

“We will start your training tomorrow, my brave mate.” I smiled and snuggled into his chest.

Everything will be fine, we will succeed I am sure.


We arrived at the castle in the late afternoon. I was a little worried because we had to talk to my mate’s parents. They found out something which looked like it will play a major role while dealing with those demons.

“Sweetheart, go and rest, you must be tired. We will talk with my parents in the evening. I have to talk to Ryder. That idiot did not show up today for the training.”

“No, I am not tired. I didn’t even do anything there today. I want to stay with you. And do you think it is a good idea to talk with Ryder right now? What if we walk in on him and Charlie…” I let the sentence hang in the air, wiggling my eyebrows. My mate groaned as if he already imagined the dreaded sight.

“Then what do you want to do now?” my mate asked me. I grinned at him.

“I want to snuggle with you!” I said excitedly and jumped slightly like a kid holding on to his arm. My mate chuckled at my behavior.

“I have something to do in my office. I will join you after a while.” I pouted at my mate’s response but let him go to his office.

Then I remembered about Savannah and Grace. I have to deal with these two bitches and I will do it in front of Charlie.

I guess I will have to knock on his door.

Should I take holy water with me just in case?

I shook my head and made my way towards Ryder and Charlie’s room.

The door opened before I could knock on the door and I came face to face with a refreshed Ryder.

“Hey Berry, came to see me?” Ryder said while grinning.

“No, I came here to see Charlie.” I responded. Ryder pointed inside his room where Charlie was sitting on the bed, munching happily on a wafer. He also looked freshly showered just like Ryder.

Charlie’s eyes snapped towards me and he stood up immediately which caused him to wince and he slowly walked towards us, his legs almost giving out.

What the hell did Ryder do to him?

I don’t even want to imagine.

Ryder was next to his mate in an instant, supporting him.

“Are you okay Charlie?” I asked him worriedly.

“Yes Luna.” He mumbled shyly. He was not able to meet my gaze and focused on the half eaten wafer in his hand.

“Umm, actually I wanted to deal with Savannah and Grace in your presence but now I see that you are not in the condition to accompany me.” I ran my gaze over Charlie and saw him covered with love marks. My cheeks reddened as I remembered the marks gracing my own skin which thankfully were hidden by my high neck, full sleeves top.

“I can still come with you Luna. I am alright.” Charlie said and was ready to leave the room but Ryder grabbed his waist, stopping him from doing so.

“No angel. You are not in a condition to walk around. Be a good boy and go back to bed. We can deal with those two tomorrow. You can’t even stand properly.” Ryder said, caressing his mate’s cheeks, removing the crumbs sticking at the corner of his mouth. I just rolled my eyes at his display of affection.

“And whose fault is that?” Charlie snapped at Ryder but got an arrogant smirk in return.

“All mine, baby.” Came Ryder’s smug reply after planting a kiss on his mate’s lips.

“I hope you understand, Berry.” Ryder turned his attention to me. I nodded at him.

“Yes, I do. Take care of Charlie and try not to assault him again.” I gave him a stink and left. I could hear Ryder chuckling and Charlie whining at him in embarrassment.

I started missing my mate so I decide to join him in his office.

When I entered his office, I saw him having a serious talk on his landline. My mate looked distressed. I walked towards him and wrapped my arms around his torso after he ended the phone call.

My mate wrapped his arms around me and from side to side. We remained in that position until we heard a clearing of throat that came from the open door of the office. we pulled away from each other when my mate’s parents entered.

“Why do you look so disturbed, son?” mother asked, worry clear in her voice. my mate looked at his mother and then his father before replying.

“Those demons demolished a whole pack overseas.” A gasp left my lips and mother and father looked shocked to the core.

“What?” his father asked in disbelief.

“They destroyed a whole pack father. No one survived. The neighboring pack contacted us. I just got off the phone with Adam. The pack that was attacked asked to be released from under our rule twenty years ago. All the packs did this. Now, all the remaining packs are requesting to sign a treaty with us.” My mate said.

“Then you’ll have to leave for those packs. Treaty cannot be signed without your presence.” His mother stated.

“They are getting stronger day by day, mother. We don’t have the time to visit all these packs to provide them protection.” My mate stated.

“Then what do you have in mind?” his father asked.

“We will bring everyone here. I know this is dangerous but we have to take the risk.”

“How will it work? The demons managed to enter the castle and-”

“WHAT?” my mate’s father roared, cutting me midsentence.

“No Berry. They did not enter the castle. The deal happened in the lands that are not under our rule. The guards sneaked out that Mark and took him to the demons.” My mate said through gritted teeth.

“So much has happened and you did not think it is important to inform us about this!” his father yelled.

“Calm down, honey.” Mother tried to soothe the angry former Alpha.

Oh god! My mind can’t handle so much at one time!

It felt like my head was spinning.

“Alex, we have something to tell you.” Father said in all seriousness. My mate urged him to speak.

“Let’s settle down first.” Mother said and we all took a seat. I dragged one chair to sit beside my mate.

“Son, we went to talk to a great woman, the woman who taught Fatmagul and many others who remain hidden from our knowledge.”

“What? There is someone above the level of Fatmagul?” my mate asked flabbergasted.

“Yes, son. There is. Her name is Nayanthara. She visited us after your birth. She wanted to give you her blessings and the way she looked at you was full of admiration. It was my first encounter with her. I could feel how powerful she is.

That day she said something that I couldn’t understand but now I do.

Beware of the people you trust for who you trust will betray you. the attacker will disguise as the savior to snatch away the light from your lives.

These words, now I understand. Fatmagul saved your mate that time so she could attack where it hurts the most. Your child who everyone thinks will be our savior.”

“Why is she doing all this?” I asked.

“Greed for power. It can make people do anything.” Mother replied.

“What do you mean by people think that our child will be the savior?” my mate asked, his eyes trained on his father.

I gasped as I recalled Father’s words.

Yes, what does he mean by that? Will our child not be able to defeat those demons?

“Your child is not the one prophecy stated about.”



My mate left with his Father, Ryder, Adam and Uncle Matthew after the meeting.

Mother stayed with me for a while because I was very disturbed after the revelation. We all were under a wrong impression all this time. She consoled me as I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. I was scared for my mate.

I know he is strong and I know he can handle any kind of a fight but I am his mate. How can I not be worried about him?

Mother left our room after I stopped crying. She asked me to have faith in her son which I do have. But there was a nagging feeling in my heart that we will suffer a great loss if this war happened.

I loud crash brought me out from my thoughts and I rushed out of the room to see what happened. My heart was beating very fast. My mate, Ryder, no one is here. What if we are attacked?

The sound came from Ryder’s room.

Oh no, Charlie!

I slammed the door open and saw Savannah holding Charlie up by his throat and Grace laughing at him. my blood boiled in anger.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” I roared. I couldn’t recognize my own voice. I suddenly felt a surge of power in me.

Savannah and Grace got startled and Savannah dropped Charlie on the floor, looking at me shocked.

Charlie was on the floor crying his eyes out and his had dark red marks on his neck by being held by the throat.

He could have died!

I took long strides towards Savannah with the intent to kill. She looked at me with her wide eyes full of fear. I slapped her with all the strength I could muster. The sound of the slap resonated in the room as she fell down on the floor with the impact.

I turned towards Grace who looked ready to faint.

“Lun- Luna, sorry.” She frantically said as I walked towards her. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled them as hard as I could. She started screaming which seemed like music to my ears.

“How dare you both put your hands on Charlie!” I said through gritted teeth, still having Grace’s hair in a painful hold. Savannah finally looked up at me and I see the corner of her lip bleeding and a bruise forming on her left cheek.


You deserve to bleed.

I pull Grace’s hair even harder and throw her down, her head banging on the foot of the bed.

I couldn’t control myself.

I stalked towards Savannah and picked her up by her hair. She tried to hit me but I held her hand before she could attack me.

Her actions enraged me more.

I twisted her hand until I hear the sound of a bone breaking.

“STOP! HELP SOMEBODY! STOP HER!” Savannah screamed as tears stream down her face. I chuckled at her.

“It’s hurting, right? Now you know how Charlie felt. You tried to split up Charlie and Ryder huh! You think you won’t face any repercussions. You’re wrong!” I said in a bass voice.

I slapped her hard again and again until I had her spitting blood.

“Luna Berry.” Came a little whimper from Charlie. I stopped hitting Savannah and turned to look at him who curled up in himself more.

“Charlie…” I whispered. I walked towards him causing him to back away in fright.

“Don’t worry Charlie. I will not do anything to you.” I cooed at him and sat on my knees, trying to uncurl him from himself. Charlie is a naturally submissive wolf. He gets scared easily.

He looked at me warily but allowed me to touch him. I managed to make him stand up on his feet and embrace him, giving him comfort.

“Charlie, are you alright?” I asked him to which he nodded.

“What is happening over here?” Gabriella and mother came running in the room.

“Oh My God, Savvy, Grace!” Gabriella screamed and ran towards his daughter. My face hardened when I looked at the two pathetic Lycans lying on the floor, bleeding. Grace fainted while Savannah wailed because of her broken arm.


“What the hell did you do to my daughter?” Gabriella screamed at me while cradling her daughter’s hand.

“Nothing she didn’t deserve.” I said looking at her with distaste.

“Her wounds will heal quickly. After that Savannah and Grace will serve as the house help for one month. No Royal treatment will be given to them as they tried to create misunderstanding between the Royal Beta and his mate.”

Gabriella stood up enraged. She stalked towards me with murder in her eyes.

“Who do you think you are?” she screamed at my face.

“Your Luna Queen. And you will obey every single order of mine.” I said with authority. She took a step back in fear and shifted her gaze away from my eyes.

“You are lucky I didn’t kill your daughter for attacking Charlie.” I said. I felt a hand on my shoulder which made me calm down a little.

“Calm Down, Berenice. You served the punishment. You gave justice to Charlie. It’s okay now. Calm Down.” Mother whispered, her other hand caressing my hair.

I took deep calming breaths. I need to get hold of my anger.

“Yo- your eyes were glowing Luna.” Charlie said, totally fascinated. I looked at him and a little laugh left my lips.

I ruffled his hair and looked at mother before leaving the room.

What the hell happened to me?


It was midnight and I was lying on the bed thinking of all the events that occurred today. I don’t know what came over me that made me so violent.

The thing that bothers me is not that I punished those two but the fact that I enjoyed listening their cries of pain. If Charlie didn’t call out to me, I don’t know what I would have done.

“Berenice.” I sat up instantly when my mate entered the room. All the pent-up emotions came in full force when I saw my mate after such a hectic day.

I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around him and started sobbing. My mate didn’t waste a second and wrapped his arms around me securely.

“I- I don’t know what got into me today, mate. I am so sorry. I am so sorry I did that to your sister. I am so sorry.” I kept apologizing and crying into his chest.

“Shh, sweetheart. It’s okay. I am not mad at you. It’s okay.” my mate cooed and kissed my hair repeatedly.

“I was just so worried for you, I lost control of myself. She- she was attacking Charlie. I couldn’t think of anything else.” I started telling him after I pulled my face away from his chest, his shirt already ruined because of me tears.

“Calm down, Berenice.” My mate said and cupped my face in his hands. I just stared at him with my teary eyes.

He slowly leaned forward and took my lips in a gentle loving kiss. I melted right away. I moved my lips following his pace, a calm feeling washed over me.

“I love you.” my mate said after releasing my lips.

“I love you too.” I replied. He wiped away the tears that continued to flow from my eyes.

He picked me up in his arms and settled me on bed.

“Don’t worry about me, love. Nothing will happen to me. We will be ready to fight when the time comes. I have you with me, everything will be fine. Don’t worry.” He said softly. I smiled at him gently.

He lied down beside me and I shifted towards him settling my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.

We spent the rest of the night kissing and cuddling with each other until we both fell asleep.


Charlie’s pov

“Baby, where does it hurt, tell me.” my mate asked this question for the thousandth time.

“It doesn’t hurt now, Ryder.” I told him and pulled his hand to make him sit beside me on the bed.

“That’s good, baby. If you need anything, tell me without any hesitation.” Ryder continued to fuss over me. when he came to know what happened, he was so enraged, he nearly turned into his Lycan form. I stopped him with great difficulty.

Now here he is fussing over every little thing.

“Do you want water?” he asked to which I rolled my eyes.

“I just did, Ryder.” I said.

“I will not leave you alone even for a second now.” He said and made me sit on his lap and nuzzled my neck. I exposed my neck to give him more access.

I turned on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist.

“Ryder.” I whined and buried my face in his neck.

“What does my baby want? Tell me, I will get it for you.” he said and caressed my back.

“Want Ryder.” I mumbled in his neck but I have no doubt that he heard me.

He immediately flipped me on the bed and looked at me with a naughty glint in his eyes.

“My baby gets what he wants.” He said and jumped on me, making me a moaning and screaming mess for the whole night.

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