Come What May

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Chapter 45- Season 2

Berenice’s pov

“Today I will train your wolf form. You will try to run as fast as you can. We’ll start with making you comfortable in your wolf form.” My mate said and I nodded happily.

Ryder and my mate decided to train Charlie and I as we can be an easy target for those demons if our mates are not around. My mate decided to train me himself and I heard that he is a very strict trainer.

Am I nervous?


Am I terrified?


Will I give my best today?

Hell yes.

“Turn into your wolf, sweetheart. Just close your eyes and think about your wolf form. Your will to change will do the work.” My mate instructed.

I closed my eyes and imagined my gigantic brown wolf. Slowly, I felt my spine bending and my bones transforming. I gritted my teeth as I felt the pain with the breaking and re-joining of the bones. The pain was bearable, not as intense and gut wrenching as the first time.

I opened my eyes to a clearer vision, enhanced hearing and strong sense of smell. I felt like I am in some else’s body. I looked down and saw two big furry paws in place of hands.

I put one paw forward but then retracted my step.

I want my mate!

I looked around but couldn’t find him. I opened my mouth to call out for my mate but only a whine came out.

I heard a whine that came from behind me and I turned around to see the most impressive wolf I have ever seen in my life. He looked bigger than me, his shiny black fur fascinated me to no end. His oceanic blue eyes stood out from his overall dark look. It is my mate, the great Alpha King, in all his glory.

The true king






The one true male.

I was mesmerized by my mate’s wolf form. My feet moved themselves towards my mate who was standing still looking at my form approaching him. I was so happy to see him that my tail started wagging in excitement.

His tail also started waging but not as rapidly as mine. When I got next to him my whole body started shaking in excitement as whine after whine left my mouth. I started sniffing my mate’s heavenly and much stronger scent and rubbed my body on him. he just stood there patiently letting me do whatever I want.

I nuzzled his neck and continued rubbing myself on my mate. I even jumped on him a few times.

When he sensed that I was done putting my scent on him he rubbed his muzzle with mine and licked my face many times. I also licked him in return.

“Let’s go for a run.” I hear my mate’s voice in my mind which startled me. I looked at my mate and he moved his head up and down to say yes.

I wriggled in excitement and bumped my nose on his firm jaw before taking of. My mate followed me, maintaining a short distance from me. I on the other hand explored the land where we ran.

“You need to be faster, Berenice.” I hear my mate and picked up the pace. My mate started to run fast and went ahead.

I increased my pace to catch up to him but he was way too fast.

“Mate, wait for me!”

“Increase your pace, Berry.” My mate replied. Then I realized I just talked to him in mind.


I gave it my all and ran with all my might. I was about to reach at my mate’s side when he ran even faster making me growl in frustration.

We continued this way for a long time. Every time I thought I can match my mate’s speed he ran even faster. How can he run so fast? And how much faster he can go?

We ran for almost two hours straight. It had me panting, my tongue lolling out as I heaved.

We both turned in our human form in the room and got dressed up after showering. I ignored my mate want went outside in the field after drinking 2 glasses of water.

“Don’t sulk, little mate.” My mate grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I bristle at the term he used to address me.

“I am not little.” I snapped at him. my mate chuckled at my response and pecked my forehead. I looked up and glared at him.

“What made you so angry?” he asked, feigning innocence.

“Why didn’t you stop for me? I wanted to run beside you! You are so mean.” I said as my eyes burned from the tears I barely managed to hold from falling. My mate’s eyes widened as he realized I am about to cry.

“I am sorry, mate. I just wanted to test your speed and I won’t lie, I am very impressed. You do need some training to get the best out of your abilities but I got a really strong mate here.

Don’t cry and please forgive your mate.” He said, gently caressing my cheek.

“You don’t need to apologize. I am over reacting.” I said and gave him a wobbly smile. He crushed me to his chest and ran his hand through my hair.

“Sometimes I forget how young you are. I love seeing you being all happy and bubbly over the smallest things or throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way. Don’t lose the purity you have in your heart, mate.” He said and kissed my head over and over again.

Suddenly a little ball of fluff came running towards us and skid as he wanted to stop. He slammed right into my mate’s leg.

He shook his head and realized we are in front of him and sat in a submissive posture.


I don’t know how, but I know the small wolf is Charlie. He is so small, even smaller than a normal wolf. He is a cute little white wolf. I want to hide him and protect him from the world.

My mate crouched down to pet the little guy who lowered his ears and wagged his tail a little.

Aww, so cute!

“You need to stop being scared of me Charlie.” My mate said and scratched his ear. Charlie wagged his tail rapidly.

Charlie was suddenly toppled over by a humongous grey wolf, as huge as my mate and I instantly knew it’s Ryder. Ryder stood over his mate’s small form that was belly up and groomed him.

“I also wanted to pet him.” I said my mate who stood up again.

“Well I don’t think we’ll get to be near him as Ryder is here.” He said and laughed.


The next day

My mate put up a board in front of me that had various postures and my made said it’s necessary for me to perform these exercises to warm up. As I am not an athletic person, I just got tired during the warm up only.

Then my mate made me run around the field and kept on pestering me to run faster. I barley held back from snapping at him. He would always smile at me devilishly whenever he saw my angered expression.

After that he taught me some self defense techniques. I was having difficulty with one move so he stood behind me and held both my arms but then instead of teaching me his hand slid down my arms and held my waist.

“Umm, what are you doing?” I asked him, squirming in my place as his hand went inside my tank top and touched my skin, giving me pleasurable tingles.

“Nothing.” My mate whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe making my legs wobble and lose balance. I was about to fall down when my mate tightened his hold on my waist and made me stand upright.

His hand traveled down my shorts and reached my most private parts. I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning.

Thank god we are at the very faraway end of the field where no one could see or hear us. Well, it is a massive field and it is not hard to find an isolated corner here.

A finger fumbled with my folds that made me cry out. I held my mate’s arm with one hand and the other hand was over his arm that was wrapped around my waist.

His finger slipped inside and started working me up immediately.

“Ahh.. ma- mate.. nghh..” I cried. It was getting hard for me to hold on to my sanity at this point. The pleasure was slowly building up as my mate slipped another finger and then another.

“I- I can’t.” I barely managed to speak as tears leaked my eyes and the pleasure became too much for my body.

“Just hold on, love.” My mate whispered in my ear. I could hear the barely contained lust in his voice. with one final thrust, I came all over is hand, my body trembling as my mate managed to keep me upright as I experienced the amazing, earth shattering orgasm.

After my body stopped trembling, my mind finally registered what we did publicly and that made my cheeks burn in embarrassment.

“Ma- mate.” I croaked out. He pulled his hands out of my shorts and turned me towards him. I was not able to meet his eyes.

“You look beautiful when you blush.” My mate complimented me which made me blush even more than I already was.


Days went by as I daily trained with my mate and he was very happy with me. he said I am a fast learner. He said that he will test my skills very soon. I hope I can make him proud. He is the one who taught me how to defend myself. He was very gentle with me at the start but then he started to challenge me and pushed me to give my best at everything.

I noticed that my height has increased and so did Charlie’s. I asked my mate about it. He told me that we are gaining our powers according to our ranks and our bodies are adjusting to that and growing accordingly.

Charlie’s wolf form is also getting bigger and stronger although he still looks tiny when he is besides Ryder.

I contacted my brothers and almost bawled out after talking to them after so long. When I heard Jon’s barely contained sob it just it me right in my heart. They were both so worried about me. I wanted to visit my pack but my mate forbade me to do so.

He is shifting everyone to be near the castle so my pack members have started preparing for their departure from the pack. I am ecstatic about meeting my brothers but also worried for their safety. My parents were attacked when they were traveling to come see me.

My mate has stationed guards at every nook and corner and took all the land under his control. The packs that are situated overseas have been ordered to relocate for the time being. It will be very hard to provide a comfortable environment for everyone but my mate is trying his best.

All the guest houses are being ready to accommodate our future guests. There are a gazillion empty rooms in the castle and can accommodate a fair amount of people.

Everything was going systematically but I had a feeling in my gut that it’s the calm before the storm.


We all sat on the sofa, stunned and processed the news that Adam delivered a few seconds ago. My eyes wide and mouth agape as his voice replays in my mind over and over again.

Ryder and Charlie also froze but my mate did not look shocked at all. He had a small smile playing on his lips.

“We are going to be parents.” Adam had said and was looking at us with a wide smile while Saraya blushed, one hand over her belly that protected a life inside her and looked at all of us through her lashes.

They both were the happiest people on the planet at the moment. My mate stepped forward and hugged Adam, congratulating him and patting his back.

“You will be an amazing father.” He said to his friend and turned to the woman who is carrying a new life inside of her. He put his hand over her head, giving her his blessings.

I came out of my shocked state and walked towards Sara.

“Congratulations, Sara. I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to meet the new member of our family.” I said excitedly and took her in my embrace. I hear a sob came from the woman in my arms that made me pull back instantly in fear that I hugged her way too tight.

“I am sorry. Did I hurt you?” I asked. Frantically checking her for any injuries.

“No, Luna. You just.. I.. you called us your family. It means so much to us. Thank you, Luna.” She said and hugged me tight.

My heart swelled up with emotions at her words.

“You are our family, Sara. You don’t need to thank me for speaking the truth.” I said and caressed her hair affectionately.

I hugged Adam, giving him my blessings and then Ryder and Charlie congratulated the to be parents.

We came to know that Sara is two and a half months pregnant.

Charlie’s face held a little sadness and I knew the reason why. My mate also noticed this and looked at him in sympathy.

Ryder sensed the change in his mate’s mood and kissed his lips in reassurance.

It was not the time to think about us. It is the time to celebrate but given the situation we are in it was impossible to do so.

“Adam, we all are very happy for you but for the time being, I would suggest you to hide this news from everyone else. We don’t want anyone to take advantage of Sara’s delicate situation.” my mate stated to which Adam agreed instantly.

Sara and I developed a good bond in the few days we spent with each other. The men were busy taking care of all the living arrangements and training of our soldiers. My mate would always send me back home after my training where Sara and I would take care of the kitchen and spend time with each other.

Charlie stays at the training field with the other males helping them out although I doubt Ryder lets him do anything on his own.

The alpha families of all the packs will arrive after their pack members safely reach here. My mate increased the security ten folds around the castle. My mate is still worried as everyone thinks the one who can save our kind will be our child. I am under direct threat and it made my mate stay on edge.


We were on the training grounds when Adam came running towards us. My mate’s parents called and called us back to the castle immediately. my mate tried to reach out to them but they were blocking him out from their mind.

We reached the castle as fast as possible. My mate’s parents were present in the meeting along with a strange woman. She had a glowing brown skin and long dark brown hair with a few streaks colored in pink. She wore heavy silver earrings and had silver bangles on one hand.

Who is she now?

Her eyes met mine and she gave me a warm smile. I unconsciously smiled back at her.

“Who is she, father?” my mate asked and looked at that woman warily.

“She is Nayanthara.”

She is Nayanthara!

My mate looked at that woman in bewilderment.

“Nice to meet you, Alpha.” Nayanthara bowed in front of my mate and then did the same to me.


She walked towards me and held my hands.

“You are so beautiful, Luna. Our king waited for you for so long. I feel elated to see you two together.” she said maintaining that sweet smile on her face.

She turned towards my mate and just looked at him.

“You are the one who told my parents..” Nayanthara interrupted my mate.

“That your child is not the one whom the prophecy mentioned. Yes. I am the one who told them this.

It’s not your child that will save the world. It is you! YOU are the mighty king’s heir that will rule the world.”

The mighty king will produce an heir with his beloved, the heir produced with unconditional love and devotion will rule the world for the greatest revolution to take place.

It suddenly became windy as Nayanthara’s eyes started to glow. Her voice echoed in the room that made the hair at the back of my neck stand.

My heart rate escalated as she pointed her finger at my mate.

“You are the one that will change the destiny of our kind. You are the only one who can do that. The almighty trusts you to do your deed. You will fulfill the purpose of your birth. You will save all of us!”

She announced.

The course of time will change, the demons will submit, love will break through all the glass ceilings to make a perfect world.

“WHAT?” Ryder, Charlie, Adam and Sara exclaimed.

“Yes. That’s true.” I whispered as tears stung my eyes. All the responsibility is on my mate’s shoulders now.

My mate

My mighty mate

“Don’t cry, my queen. You cannot lose your control. You will be the one to be by his side when he faces our greatest enemy. You will play a big role in this war. Stay strong, be the queen that you are.” Nayathara stated. My mate’s thumbs wipe away the tears before I could and I receive a soft peck on my forehead.

Nayanthara walks towards Saraya and puts her hand over her belly that’s starting to show a little. Adam barely held back a growl but looked at Nayanthara’s each and every moment carefully, ready to attack if something goes wrong.

“God bless you, my child.” She gave her blessing and looked at Adam.

“Take care of your wife. Keep the pregnancy hidden at all costs.” She said in all seriousness which made me tense up.

What does she mean? Is Sara in danger?

She moved towards Charlie and put her hand over his head in affection.

“You are your mate’s pride. He loves you. never let anyone come between you two. Hold on to your bond as tight as your mate does.” She said which made Charlie’s eyes widen. Ryder gave a thankful look to Nayanthara.

“Beware of whom you let into your home.” She said as she looked at my mate and I.

“It is time for me to go.” She said.

“Wait-” she disappeared into thin air before I could complete my sentence leaving all of us in complete shock.

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