Come What May

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Chapter 46- Season 2

Berenice's pov

“Man, she just blasted so much information all at once and disappeared. It will take me a while to absorb all of this.” Ryder held his head and took a seat. Charlie walked towards him and settled on his lap, nuzzling his neck.

“I will take Sara to our room. Too much stress will not be good for the baby.” Adam picked up his wife in his arms despite her protests and took her away.

These past few days have been very rough for Adam. He could not spend much time with Sara because of his responsibilities and that made him a ticking time bomb. If a soldier made a minor mistake, he would explode. It’s not just him, everybody is stressed and it is affecting their behavior.

“We’ll take our leave.” My mate’s parents said and left the room after pecking both our foreheads and ruffling Ryder and Charlie’s hair who were way too engrossed in caressing and nuzzling each other to notice anyone else.

“Let’s go to our room. They both will need some time.” my mate said and led me out of the meeting room to our room.

We both showered and ate lunch in silence. It looked like everyone forgot to smile. The upcoming danger stole everyone’s peace of mind.

I was sitting on the bed while my mate talked to someone over the phone about their travel arrangements. My pack will arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet my brothers. It has been so long. I never thought that I will stay away from them for so long, but life happens, unexpected things happen.

I won’t say that all of this is not affecting me. it is. There is a throbbing ache in my head. Sometimes I really want to bang my head on a wall. But I have to be strong for my mate. I will not let him feel burdened by all of this.

I lay on the bed and open my arms for my mate when he finishes his talk. My mate looks at me and comes to me without wasting a second. His head is buried in my chest as I wrap my hands around him, gently caressing his hair.

His stiff body slowly relaxes in my hold and I sniff him to take in his calm scent as he does the same. There is a comfortable silence between us but I could feel how pressured he is at the moment. I want him to confide in me so I decide to talk to him.

“Mate, there is something bothering you. I want to know what is the matter.” I say and he looks up at my face.

“They slaughtered the whole back, Berenice. They finished them, just like that!” my mate exclaimed and sat up on the bed. I could see that he is about to explode.

I also sat up and looked at him, without speaking anything.

He needs to get it out of the system.

“I was supposed to protect them. I couldn’t. They all hate me so much that they refused to be under my rule. Still, they were my responsibility and I failed them. I am just sitting here in the castle like a damn failure. There is nothing I can do and now I get to know that I am the one who is supposed to defeat the demons. How Berry? How will I do that?

Your parents were killed, my own mate’s parents and I did nothing. My mate is so damn young and now she has to be a part of all this chaos. I am taking away her carefree days from her because I am just pathetic.” He ranted. I could feel the disappointment coming off of him in waves.

He had a look of anguish on his face.

I never thought that the Alpha King can ever doubt himself. I always heard the stories of his ruthlessness, his victories, his bravery but never known what happens inside the closed doors of the royal household.

I could never imagine my mate to be this vulnerable. He expressed all his sorrows to me. I am the one he trusts and showed his true self to me.

So, what if he is the Alpha King, there are times when he is also in need of comfort and encouragement. He can also go through an emotional turmoil. My eyes welled up with tears at my mate’s state.

I settled on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck to provide him as much comfort as I can.

“You are not a failure. Please, don’t you ever doubt yourself. I know things seem difficult at the moment but we will figure it out together. you are not alone, my mate. I am here with you. you trained me, you made me a stronger and better person. I am so grateful for this.

Your parents are there for you, Ryder and Adam are there. Your whole kingdom is there. Your people respect you and our kind, they are willing to sacrifice their life to support you, to support us.

We all will fight together and we will win. Whatever happened is in the past, we can’t change that. What we can do now is protect our future and that we will.” I said looking into my mate’s eyes as he looked at me in awe.

I leaned forward and planted a loving kiss on his forehead.

My mate

My brave mate


The next day

I was jumping in excitement as the people of my pack have started arriving. The doors of the other side of the castle were opened and they started settling in. I was standing at the entrance with Charlie and welcomed them all. They were also very happy to meet Charlie and I.

Charlie’s parents will come with my family so we know that they will be the last to arrive. Charlie met his old friends and chatted with them excitedly. His friends started teasing him about Ryder and that turned Charlie into a red tomato causing me to chuckle.

“Look at the mark, it’s so big!” one of his friends exclaim, mesmerized by the mark that adorned his neck. Charlie smiled proudly even though his ears turned red at the statement. His friends left to see their room and we waited for our families as they were the only ones left.

We moved towards the main door of the castle and two black cars stopped in front of us. I ran towards them as soon as Ethan and Jonathan and hugged both of them.

“Berry, my baby sister. How are you?” Ethan asked after we pulled away from the hug.

“I am good. How are you both?” asked them, jumping on my place. Jonathan chuckled at my behavior and ruffled my hair.

“We are good. Are you sure you grew up?” Ethan asked in a teasing tone. I whined and punched him lightly on his chest. Charlie also met his parents and was ecstatic.

“Let’s go in. I have so much to tell you.” I said and pulled both of them inside the castle.

My mate and Ryder were waiting there for us and greeted our families.

“Go and freshen up then I have a lot of things to tell you.” I said.

“You turned into your wolf form.” Ethan said that ceased my bouncing instantly.

“Who told you that?” I whine.

“We get regular updates about you from your mate.” Ethan chuckled. I glared at my mate who raised both his hands up in surrender.

“Whoa, our sister is scaring away her mate. When did you become so brave?” Jonathan teased me.

“Wait till you find your mate, you will know, how, when, where.” My mate chuckled.

“You might me tired after a long journey. The maids will show you your rooms.” My mate said and my brothers and Charlie’s parents left to their rooms.

Ryder, Charlie and Adam, Sara shifted to our floor for the time being. We do have to compromise a little if want to accommodate the guests.

“We have called our fellow Lycans and they will be arriving within three days. All the wolf packs will arrive before that because god knows how hard it will be for them to enter the castle when the Lycan population is present. It will be very overwhelming. One of the packs situated overseas will arrive today.” Ryder informed us.

The Lycans are not very fond of the wolves and it will be very hard to maintain peace when both have to live at the same place for many days, weeks or even months.

“Your best friend Sasha is mated to the Alpha of that pack.” My mate announced.

“Really?” my eyes widened in surprise. My mate nodded and I hugged him excitedly.

Finally, I will meet Sasha after so long!

“When will they arrive?”

“In the evening.”

Oh, we have a lot of time before that.

We won’t be able to go to the training grounds these three days as we have to make sure that everyone is settled properly.

All the wolves will be at the other side of the castle where the family of the house help lives. And the Lycans will live at this side. We would like to avoid conflicts as much as we can.

Father and uncle Matthew took charge of the training for these three days so I am sure all hell will break lose there. They are rough trainers and everyone is terrified of them.

I chuckled at the thought.


I knocked on the door of Adam and Sara’s room to give Sara some fruits. She was cooped up in the room since morning as her morning sickness took a toll on her.

“Berry! Thank God you are here.” She beamed and me and pulled me inside her room.

“Whoa, what happened?” I asked her, laughing a little.

Adam was with my mate and Ryder as they did some paperwork.

“You won’t believe what I almost saw!”

Almost saw?

I gave her a confused look.

“I almost caught Ryder and Charlie doing it in the kitchen!” she almost screamed.

“WHAT?” I shrieked.

Damn, those two are way too horny.

“I was about to enter the kitchen when I heard Charlie’s voice, more like, his moans. Oh God! I ran away from there as quickly as possible.”

“They get the kitchen to themselves and they ruin it too. We need to get it cleaned.” I said while giggling.

“I already got it done.” Sara said and snickered.

“Umm, Berry, I want to ask you something, if you don’t mind.” Sara asked warily.

“Ofcourse, Sara. Ask away.” I smiled.

“uhh, Alex, umm, you and Alex didn’t mate yet. I mean, how do you manage to.. stop him?” she asked and my face heat up in embarrassment.

“I- uhh.. uhmmm. I know I am making him wait. It’s… it’s not that.. not that I am not ready.. I just don’t want to disappoint me. I- I do want to be claimed by him in every sense.” I confessed. I couldn’t look Sara in the eyes.

Yes, I want to complete the mating process. I don’t know how to tell my mate about it. He thinks I am not ready. That day, at the training grounds, I wanted my mate to take me in every way possible. I thought he will lose his control and mate with me but he didn’t. I cursed my mate’s self control that day.

“Earth to, Berry!” she snapped her fingers in front of me and brought me out of my thoughts.

“You need to tell this to Alex, you know. Once he claims you completely, he will be at peace. And no one is forcing you to do so. You want to do this on your own will, he will be ecstatic.” She says and squeezes my shoulder in encouragement.

“But we have so much going on and it does not seem like the right time.” I argue.

“The right time comes when you decide. Stop giving excuses. If you are ready, go tell your mate and if you’re not, no one is forcing you.”

“How do I do that?” I asked her. thank god, I have someone to discuss all this with.

“Just seduce him. he’ll jump you. You don’t even need to put that much effort.” She said casually whereas I almost died at her words.

Seduce him?


Sara just chuckled at my reaction and ate her fruits like she didn’t just say those words to me.


Charlie’s pov

All the workers were busy preparing the rooms for the guests that will be arriving today. I came to the kitchen and saw our unwashed breakfast plates.

I decided to wash them myself and then make some fruit cream that Sara craves all the time.

I wore the yellow gloves and started washing the dishes. I jumped in surprise when arms wrap around my waist but relaxed when I realized it’s my mate.

“Do you need something?” I asked him while washing the plates.

“Yes.” He said and nuzzled my neck, breathing on my mark which made me shiver.

“wh- what?” I asked as I managed to stand upright. I wanted to put the plates away and melt in my mate’s touch but I managed not to do that.

“You.” he whispered in my ear and snatched the plate away from my hands, putting it away and bend me over the sink. I grabbed the tap for support as he pulled down my pants along with my boxers.

My heart was about to beat out of my chest as excitement coursed through my body about what my mate was about to do.

I squirmed as I felt exposed in such a vulnerable position. I felt a zipper go down and a sudden intrusion of something huge inside me as my mate thrust his length in me without any preparation.

“Ry- Ryder!” I screamed as he started thrusting in me harder and faster. His thick and long length making me feel full and complete.

I rocked back and forth, barely holding on to the tap to protect my head from banging on it.

The only sound coming our skin slapping and our moans and groans.

My mate set a brutal pace and made me a whimpering mess as my eyes roll back in pleasure.

I was so close to my release when my mate pulled out and made me whine at the loss. I turned around and looked at my mate in complete disbelief as he stared back with a wicked smile on his face.

“Why- why would you do that?” I almost sobbed.

I want my release!

Tear after tear left my eyes as my lips wobbled and I tried to stop myself from sobbing and my hands frantically scratched his shirt to pull him closer to me.

“My cute baby.” My cruel mate said and picked me up in his arms and in an instant, we were in our bedroom naked and my mate made his way inside me again as he made me stand on all fours on the bed.

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed at the force my mate used.

“Scream baby, scream as much as you want.” Says Ryder and continued slamming inside of me.

I don’t know what got into my mate today but I am not complaining.

We spent the entire afternoon in our room where my mate knotted me over and over again.


Berenice’s pov

I slept throughout the afternoon after my talk with Sara. Now, I am rushing to the other side of the castle as I come to know that the members of the purity pack have already arrived.

Sasha is here!

I asked Marry to tell me which room she is staying in.

Everyone bowed when I rushed past them but I was way too happy to stop and greet everyone.

I slammed the door open without caring that her mate might be there with her and came to face with a concerning sight.

Sasha was cowering away from her mate as he towered over her in the corner of the room with tears streaming down her face.

What the hell is going on here?

Her mate pulled away from her and looked at me wide eyed.

“My Queen.” He said and bowed a little in respect.

“I- uh.. I came to meet Sasha.” I said and looked at Sasha who awkwardly moved from one foot to another.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Her mate said and left without even sparing a look to Sasha. As soon as he left, I entered the room and closed the door. Sasha ran towards as I opened my arms for her. She started sobbing badly as her whole body shook and I grew concerned for my best friend.

I stood there for a few minutes, allowing her to calm down as I caressed her back, trying to comfort her.

“What was all that, Sasha?” I asked after her sobs quietened down.

“I don’t know, Berry. I don’t know.” She said, her voice full of agony.

I made her sit on the bed and gave her a glass of water. She gulped it down quickly and wiped away her tears.

“Tell me what happened.” I asked her as I sit beside her, holding her hands in mine.

“He was not like that, Berry. He treated me with respect. But after that attack on Bravery pack, something changed in him. he became cruel towards me.” she said in a weak voice and started crying again.

“That just happened a few days back.” I whispered.

“What exactly happened?” I asked her again.

“My mate went to the site where the attack happened with his Beta and some other men. I don’t know what happened there but when he returned, he was not my Maxin anymore. He changed. He would scold me for every little thing, he would force me to do all the work without any help from the maids.

He never made love to me after that. He just fucked. It felt so emotionless. I don’t know what to do anymore, Berry.” She said and hugged me as she started to cry again.


I was walking towards my room after putting Sasha to sleep when I heard yelling coming from the room that Ryder and Charlie occupied for the time being.

Why there is always a chaos wherever Ryder and Charlie stay?

I rushed there and saw aunt Gabriella already present there with Savannah and Grace.

Savannah was holding Ryder’s hand who was only in a bath robe, with tears streaming down her cheeks and there on the bed, sat a shocked Charlie with sheets wrapped around him that I am sure covered his nakedness.

The scent of mating was strong in this room and Charlie’s disheveled state was proof enough to know why.

“Why did you do this to me Ryder? Huh? Tell me! do you even know how much it hurts me to see you with this male. How can you mate with him? He can never give you your heir. He cannot carry on your bloodline.

I know you’ve always wanted kids. We always talked about it. Why did you settle for this abomination Ryder! Why?” She screamed at Ryder’s face.

Ryder’s eyes glowed in anger.

“How dare you insult my mate!” he roared and held Savannah up by her neck which caused Grace and Aunt to scream at him to release her.

Ryder’s hold kept on getting tight on her neck as the color slowly drained from her face.

Charlie seems to come out of his shocked state as he got up from the bed, carefully covering himself so that the sheets won’t fall down and rushed towards Ryder.

He wrapped his arms around the infuriated Ryder and got on his tip toes to nuzzle his face in Ryder’s neck submissively.

“Ryder.” He whined which made Ryder throw away Savannah roughly on the floor and wrap his arms around his mate.

“How dare you!” Gabriella screamed and walked towards Ryder. She raised her hands to slap Ryder but Charlie was quick to react as he held her hands in mid air.

“Don’t you dare touch my mate!” he snarled, his eyes turning golden.

I never saw Charlie in such a state.

I felt arms wrap around my waist as mate stood behind me watching all this drama unfold.

“How dare you touch me, you pathetic waste of space.” Gabriella yelled and snatched her hand away from Charlie’s hold.

“YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER ARE A PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACE!” Charlie roared. All of us looked at Charlie wide eyed.

“Your daughter is begging a mated male to take her back. She is a shame to all the females that exist on our planet. And you have the nerve to call me an abomination!

Thank God her mate did not find her. He would be so disappointed to have a mate who lusted over other mated males. Who just offered to have a child of someone’s else’s mate!

You take your characterless daughter away from my eyes!” he screamed.

Savannah stood there and took all the harsh words that Charlie spewed about her.

She deserves it.

Gabriella was shocked beyond believe and was about to open her mouth to argue when my mate decided to intervene.

“Leave.” Just a single word full of authority that had the troublemakers scurrying out of the room without any other word.

Charlie realized the presence of my mate as his eyes turned back to its original black color and he got frightened when my mate unwrapped his arms from around me and took a step towards him.

Ryder stood in front of his protectively, growling a little.

“So- Sorry, Alpha.” A whimper came from behind Ryder.

“You think I would attack your mate?” my mate asked Ryder in disbelief.

“You need to calm down, Ryder.” I said as I stood next to my mate.

“I know what Charlie did was necessary. I am not angry at him. I am just disappointed in my sister.” My mate explained that seemed to calm Ryder down as Ryder moved to the side bringing Charlie in front of us.

“Don’t apologize, Charlie.” My mate said and then turned towards Ryder again.

“We need to go meet my father. Nayanthara has something that can help us stop those demons.” He said and left the room in a hurry.

“I’ll also take my leave.” I said and left them alone.

Savannah shouldn’t have done that. Something needs to be done about her.

Nayanthara’s words echoed in my mind.

Beware of whom you let into your home.

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