Come What May

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Chapter 49- Season 2

Berenice’s pov

Father and uncle Matthew were standing at the door of the meeting room when my mate connected all the dots and understood the demons’ real intention. Uncle Matthew was very upset when they came to know about his daughter’s betrayal and comforted his mate who couldn’t stop crying.

Father remained stoic just like my mate. I don’t know what’s going on in their minds.

“We need to call all the Lycans immediately. The wolves are not strong enough to fight those demons.” Father spoke up, breaking the tense silence that engulfed the room.

My mate gave a subtle nod and stood up from the chair. He came towards me and picked me up from the chair and walked out of the room. My mate was brooding in silence. He did not say anything but I know he is furious by the betrayal of his own blood.

Everything got out of our hands. Our loved ones were attacked. Our enemies escaped from the dungeons. The one we thought was our friend turned out to be a foe.

He carried me to the bedroom and dropped me on the bed making me bounce on it.

“Wh- what are you doing?” I stutter. He was looking at me with such intensity that I was compelled to expose my neck in submission and let out a low whimper. He was above me within a second running his nose along the length of my neck.

My breathing intensified as his lips lingered over my mark. My whole body was set on fire when his lips touched my mark and he started sucking on it.

“I- nng- Ahh” a strangled moan left my lips as his hands roamed my body making me squirm.

“Thank god, you are safe.” He murmured before slamming his lips on mine trying to suck my soul.

He was reassuring himself of my safety. He was seeking comfort from my touch.

I buried my hand in his hair basking in his affection and tried to keep up with the kiss but my pace couldn’t match his. There was an urgency in his kiss, a passion, a determination.

“I love you.” he declared after pulling away from the kiss.

“I love you too.” I replied. My lips were swollen from his passionate kiss.

He buried his face in my breasts and took deep calming breathes and I raked my fingers over his soft hair.

We stayed like this for some time, cuddling and nuzzling each other, showering each other with kisses.

“We have so much to do know.” He said with a serious tone.

“I know.” I whispered.

“We have to be ready for the battle. It will not be easy.”

“I know.”

“Are you ready?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Ryder’s pov

I was sitting in the hospital, caressing my sleeping angel’s face. His face was not pale anymore and didn’t look lifeless. He was recovering fast and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Nayanthara told me that he would be in pain for a few hours after he wakes up but he will be fine.

“Ryder.” I turned around and saw Adam who looked worn out and had red rimmed eyes. I stood up from the chair that I was sitting in and hugged him.

We both share the same pain. Both our mates got attacked today.

“How is Sara and the baby?” I asked.

“They both are safe.” I said with relief evident in his voice.

“It’s good that you’re both here.” Alex comes along with Berry.

“How is Charlie?” asks Berry as she moves closer to him and caresses his head.

“He will wake up soon.” I say, smiling at her.

“We have an important gathering tomorrow. You both need to sleep. Tomorrow will be a hectic day.” Alex announces. Adam and I nod understanding completely.

“We will shift Charlie and Sara in a bigger room. It will be completely secured. Four guards will be stationed outside and Nayanthara said that she can make a protective shield around the room.” Berry says.

“Shield?” Adam asks just as confused as me.

“Yes. A transparent shield. It will manage to keep the demons away. Although we will have to make sure that the demons are dealt outside the castle. Nayanthara is working on it along with her apprentices.”

“If we can have a shield for the room then why not the whole place?” I ask.

“Yes, Ryder. We will put up this shield around the whole castle. It will buy us some time against those demons.”

“Have you both eaten anything?” Berry asked to which we both shook our heads in denial.

“I will get someone to bring dinner for you. You both will go to sleep after having Dinner.” She says firmly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Adam says playfully. She lands a soft punch on his arms and walks out of the room saying she will see Sara and then send our dinner to us.

Alex pulled Adam and I in a tight hug.

“Stay strong, brothers. We will be fine.” He says and pat our backs before leaving.


Next Morning…

Berenice’s pov

All the Lycans arrived at the break of the dawn and now everyone was gathered on the ground waiting for my mate to show up and address them all. Our entire kingdom was present in front of my eyes. I could see the ocean of people chattering among themselves and wondering what the meeting is about. Every wolf no matter what rank was present and some looked uncomfortable because of the presence of the Lycans.

All the Lycans try to emit a friendly aura around them which made me very happy. They were trying to make the wolves comfortable around them. Many even initiated the conversation to make them feel welcomed. No Lycan looked down on the wolves. They saw them as their fellow mate whom they have to protect. Lycanthropes know that they are the stronger one here and their protective nature wakes up at the times of crisis like these.

They were ready to protect and defend their kingdom along with their Alpha King. The entire Royal family was present. I don’t even know them yet they welcomed with open arms. It was hard to remember about all the distant uncles and aunts and cousins and their kids but I think I can manage.

The entire ground fell silent when my mate stepped out from the castle alongside Ryder and Adam. The energy around him was so dominant it made me want to press myself on him and bare my beck in submission.

The one standing in front of me was not my mate who was affectionate or the one who wore his feelings on the sleeves with me. He was the great Alpha King whose stories I heard when I was a little girl. The one whose name is enough to make the enemies tremble in fear and accept defeat.

The Undefeated

The Legendary

The great Alpha King

He made his way to the podium and everyone’s breath just got stuck in their throats in anticipation of what he is about to announce. Many of them held the look of Awe on their faces as they saw their King for the very first time.

“Our kingdom is under the attack of the demons who trespassed from the other dimension. They have declared the war on us by initiating the first attack.

They have injured the mates of The Royal Beta and the Royal Delta.

Fatmagul, the one who save the life of your Luna Queen turns out to be a traitor in disguise of a well-wisher. The captors of the Royal dungeon are on a run. Our own kind has betrayed us. They joined hands with the enemy. Fatmagul must have known by now that we are aware about her betrayal. They will try everything to defeat us, to break our spirits and rule over us.

We do not have much time left to prepare to defend ourselves. I expect you all to give your best and contribute in this battle. You all will be trained by our great warriors.

We have to win this battle for our family, our friends, our pack and greatest of all, our entire kingdom.

I, Alexander Kenneth Knight, your Alpha King, take the sacred oath to protect my kind by any means necessary, even if I have to sacrifice my own life.” My mate announced making the hair behind my neck stand up.

His voice held the promise to do what he said.

“We will fight tooth and claw against those demons!” one of the wolves shouted from far back in the crowd.

“We will not let them win!” came another voice.

One by one the confident voice of our people was heard as the air charged up with electricity and everyone started chanting and announcing their support. My mate’s chest puffed up with pride looking at the confidence of his people.

Everyone started to train in the castle grounds after the gathering as no one was allowed to go far. Nayanthara created a protective shield which could not cover much land. It bought us some time to be prepared for the battle.

The battle will be a no holds barred. It won’t have any rules. No one knows if we will even have the time to breathe after the war starts.

The battle will stop only when there will be a definite winner.

I was proud of Ryder and Adam who stood next to my mate as his support system despite their mates being in a critical condition. Although I couldn’t understand why my mate revealed everything in front of our people but did not mention anything about Savannah’s betrayal.

Uncle Matthew and Gabriella’s eyes were downcast the whole time when my mate gave out his speech whereas Maa and papa looked at him proudly.

Yes, Maa and Papa. My mate’s parents allowed me to call them that before the gathering. My eyes welled up with tears when they looked at me the way my parents used to. It seems like I got my parents back.

I took the responsibility of rationing and helped the maids in the kitchen. Everyone was determined to do their part and help their kingdom by whatever they could.

The ones who were incapable of fighting were given the duty to care for the injured ones at the time of the battle. All the floors were equipped for any kind of medical emergency.

Fatmagul is a big threat to us during this battle and now she knows that we have something to make those demons weak. She will definitely come up with something to counter our move and we have to be prepared for everything.

Nayanthara prepared her special potion in bulk in the castle gardens. The weapons dipped into the potion will help us to kill the demons as they will lose their power to disappear.

Everyone including me went through the relentless training given by Papa and my mate himself. Ryder and Adam would take over every alternate day as they had to care for their mates too.

The wolves got to see and interact with their Alpha King for the first time and were very happy about it. They wanted to show him that even thought they lack in strength in comparison with the Lycans they will bring the fight to those demons and prove their worth to him.

This attitude was highly appreciated by my mate.

Days went by as the same routine was repeated. There was no sign of the demons but we have to be prepared as they could strike anytime of the day.

“Alex! Berry!” Ryder came running towards us and picked me up, spinning me around in happiness and then pulled my mate into a bear hug after putting me down.

“What happened?” I ask and let out a chuckle at his silly behavior.

“Charlie is awake!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

“What? Really? Oh my god! I am so happy!” I squealed and my mate patted his best friends head.

“Hey, don’t do that. I am older than you.” Ryder slapped my mate’s hand from his head playfully and dragged us both to the room where Sara and Charlie were treated.

There on the bed sat Charlie talking with Adam who was sitting next to his mate’s bed holding her hand. The moment he saw us a face splitting grin made it’s way on his face.

“Luna Berry!” he says excitedly. I walk towards him and give him a light hug taking in consideration his injuries.

“How are you now?” I ask, running my hand over his hair lightly.

“I am fine Luna. I will be up and walking and fighting in no time.” he said smiling widely.

“You are not fighting or leaving the bed anytime soon. You need to rest.” Ryder stated without leaving any room for argument.

“Do you feel any pain?” my mate asked to which Charlie shook his head in denial.

“Don’t lie.” My mate said and Charlie looked at him sheepishly.

“When did you wake up?” I ask.

“it’s been an hour.” Ryder replies.

“And you are telling us now?” I raised my eyebrow.

“He was busy sniffing and rubbing himself on Charlie. Heck, I have to walk away for half and hour because it was getting too much for me to see.

Charlie blushed furiously and hid his face in Ryder’s chest who already sat beside him and had a smug grin on his face.

The light was back in Ryder’s eyes and he smiling again.

“Nayanthara had to kick him out to check on Charlie.” Adam rolled his eyes. My mate chuckled at this information and ruffled Charlie’s hair.

“Charlie, baby, listen. You need to take complete rest. Your bones were fractured and it will take a while for you to recover completely. Promise me that you will not get out of this room and will take care of yourself.” Ryder said and Charlie pulled away from Ryder looking at his eyes pleading him to take back his words.

“Promise me Charlie.” Ryder said sternly before Charlie could argue. Charlie nodded his head meekly but his eyes held defiance. He was ready to participate in the war and did not want to be stuck in this room.

“Listen Charlie. We need Ryder at his hundred percent. If he knows that you are safe, he will be able to concentrate on the fight. And Sara will be in this room and we need someone to protect her. do this for Ryder and Sara.” My mate explained and Charlie finally relented.

He went back to nuzzling his face in Ryder’s chest enjoying the way he coddled him.

“How is Sara? When will she wake up?” my mate asked Adam.

“She is healing. The poison given to her was deadly but Nayanthara managed to save her and my baby. Her body is very weak so she will take a lot of time to recover.” Adam explained. My heart hurt for Adam.

“She will be fine. We are here for you.” I said smiling softly. Adam smiled back at me and nodded. My mate patted his back before exiting the room with me.

“Berenice, listen to me.” my mate stopped me in the hallway and imprisoned me in his arms. My hands automatically wrapped around his neck.


“During the war if you ever have to choose between our people or us, promise me, you will always choose our people.” He asked me to promise him. my eyes widened at his sudden request. No. not request, demand.

I don’t know where it came from but I nodded my head.

“I will always choose our people over us. I promise. Because that’s what true rulers do. Put their people above themselves.” I whispered. A heavy feeling settled on my chest as my heart thumped loudly but I made the promise to my mate and I will not break it.

He smiled and gave me a loving peck on my lips and then resumed our walk towards the training field.


I was in Charlie and Ryder’s room picking out clothes for them because Ryder went straight to Charlie after his training session when Grace knocked on the door.

“Come in, Grace.” She walked towards me with an earthen cup in her hand and offered it to me.

“Here, Luna. The potion.” She smiled. She looked tensed and that made me look at her suspiciously.

“Why did you bring this to me? Where are the maids?” I asked raising my eyebrow at her. she chuckled awkwardly and moved from one foot to another.

“I- uh.. I just wanted to talk to you alone.” She said and I got even more confused.

“What for?”

“I- I wanted to apologize for all the troubles I have caused along with Savvy. I am truly sorry. Savvy was my best friend and she loved Ryder. I also thought that Ryder and Savvy are better off with each other. I didn’t know that she will be a traitor and try to kill someone. I am sorry.” She apologizes.

“It’s okay Grace. Don’t worry about it. Now is the time to be with each other and fight for our lives with those demons. I am happy that you realized your mistakes. Now, off you go to the training field. I will join you shortly.”

“I- I have a question, Luna.” She asks and waves of nervousness rolled off of her.


“We are practicing with all these weapons. Swords, spears and I see all the canons being prepared. Why? I thought no one can touch those demons except the Alpha King. How will those weapons harm the demons?” she asked and looked at me curiously. A little more curious than necessary.

My mate did not reveal the plan to people. So it did not feel right to tell her anything.

“I don’t know. Just trust you Alpha King and do what he says.” I answered and Grace gave me a tight smile. It looked like she was disappointed and frustrated.

What is wrong with her?

“Dr- drink the potion Luna.” She said along with a nervous laugh. I nodded and drank the potion. She eyes me till the cup was empty and took it away from my hands.

“I’ll take it away.” She said and left the room hurriedly as if someone put her tail on fire.

A sudden wave of dizziness hit me as I held my head and swayed. It lasted just for a minute and it was gone.

What just happened?

I just shook my head and left with the duffle bag in which I kept Charlie’s necessities and Ryder’s clothes.


There was something about this evening. A heavy feeling settled on the Alpha King’s chest who stared at the sky which was darker than the usual at that time of the evening. The winds were restless, the nature was in a state of panic.

The King stood at the door of the castle analyzing the surroundings. Nayanthara stood next to him watching the sky along with him.

“We need to start the preparations.” Nayanthara understood what he means. This night will not be easy for the kingdom.

The time has come.

They are coming.

She gave a subtle nod and the freshly prepared potion was served to everyone. All the wolves were ordered to turn into their animal form which turned the atmosphere inside the castle tensed. No one was allowed to go outside.

Everyone one knew what is about to come. Their King has sensed the attack coming and now they are being prepared for it. A massive container was brought inside by the Royal Beta and Delta that contained an indigo colored liquid. It was then transferred into bottles and sprayed into the fur of every wolf and their teeth were coated with it.

It was the same liquid that was used to create the protective shield around the castle.

The Lycans coated their weapons with the same liquid. It had the power to kill those demons.

The people were confidant that they would beat those demons but the king couldn’t allow them to underestimate their enemy. They have defeated the Lycans every single time and they are not to be taken lightly.

“Listen everyone! The war is about to begin and I am aware that you all are prepared to give you best to defend your kingdom. But do not underestimate those soul sucking demons. We have never seen them defending themselves. We have taken necessary measures to stop them from sucking our life force from our body but we do not know their fighting technique.

We all need to be prepared to face the worst. Do not be overconfident. Keep your eyes and ears open every single second. Even a single second of negligence can cost us your life. Be alert. I trust you all. And I need you all to trust me. we will fight for each other and for our whole kind. Be prepared everyone. The fight starts any minute!” the voice echoed in every corner of the castle.

The people were made aware about the grave danger they are in. The enemy will not be underestimated. The air charged with the confidence rolling off from the brave warriors who were getting ready for the greatest battle of their lives. The Alpha king couldn’t be more proud of his subjects. Despite knowing the severity of the situation they are in, he did not feel any fear lingering in anyone’s heart.

The people are ready.

The warriors are ready for the battle.

For the Kingdom!


The King orders his mate to turn into her wolf form. The Luna closes her eyes and imagines her gigantic dark brown wolf with the will to change into it. Seconds tick by but the transformation does not take place.

She opens her eyes and looks at her mate who wore a worried expression on his face.

“Why am I not changing?” she asks him with a tone of disbelief and panic. The king’s mind go haywire thinking about the possible reasons of his mate not transforming.

“Wh- why can’t I change?” the queen’s voice wobble and eyes well up with tears as she holds her mate’s shoulders and shake him. The King pulls her close to him by her waste and runs a comforting hand over her head.

He gets a whiff of an unpleasant scent coming from his mate. He holds his mate’s head still and buries his nose on her neck. His eyes widen in realization.

She has taken a suppressant that made her incapable of shifting. All her supernatural senses won’t work.

“What did you eat or drink, Berry?” he growls at his mate. She looks at her mate in confusion.

“You have taken a suppressant. Who gave you that?” he says through gritted teeth. Someone has tricked his mate and he does have a name in his mind.

“Did Grace give you something?” he asks and by the look on his mate’s face he knew who was the culprit behind this. He holds her hand and drags her to the room where all the pregnant women of the kingdom and children were staying.

“You will not step outside this room.” He orders and presses a loving kiss on her lips. He leaves the room before his mate could argue.

He knew by know that Grace has fled. The reason he did not take Savannah’s name during the gathering was because he knew Grace is lying. Something stopped him from peering into her brain. He tried to contact his sister but something was blocking it.

He shouldn’t have let Grace roam freely. He shouldn’t have listened to Nayanthara. She was the one who stopped him to take any action against Grace. She said it’s for the better good.

What better good? Now his mate is unable to defend herself. She is even weaker than before.


Alexander walked furiously in search of Nayanthara. The people made way for their Alpha King as the anger rolled off of him in waves.

He saw that woman talking with his father and he stalked towards her. He was about to shout at her when they all noticed the shift in the temperature. The wind speed escalated bringing the message of the arrival of the enemy.

The wind gained its highest speed making it difficult for the wolves to even stand steadily. Everyone struggled to keep their balance. They held on to whatever it was in their reach to keep them uprights. The wolves’ paws could not hold on to the ground as they slid and skid. Some even slammed into the pillars and walls.

It looked like the wind will blow away the whole castle with it but then it suddenly came to a halt. Everything became eerie silent. Not even a single sound could be heard. Everyone shook their head frantically trying to get the dust out of their eyes.

Fog begin to form as the temperature started to drop rapidly. Smoke left at every exhale of the breath. The ice started to form everywhere and deadly chills ran down everyone’s spine. All eyes were now focused on the sky expecting the enemy to appear any second.

Alexander’s fists clenched as he looked angrily up at the sky. The will to end this threat forever taking over. He walked towards the open door and stood in the middle of the threshold like a wall telling his enemies they have to go through him to reach his people.

His father and Uncle took their stance on his sides followed by Ryder and Adam. The Royal Beta and Delta got the chance to avenge their parents who were killed by these demons when the last battle took place. They never mention it to anyone but the fire of revenge always burned in their heart. They took their parents away and tried to take away their mates too. The demons have made them suffer in more ways than one and now it is the time for payback.

The high ranked Lycan warriors stood behind their leaders protecting their people.


Growls resounded inside the castle when they heard the sound that indicated the enemy’s arrival.

One by one the black monstrous creatures made their appearance from the sky flying around the castle, mocking the Lycanthropes who stood ready to attack and defend themselves.

“You thought your pathetic shield could protect you all.”


“No one can protect you from us.”

The whispery voice echoed in the surrounding. Soon enough an army of demons floated in the air looking at their pray with black hollow soulless eyes. Slowly, they all descended, standing on the ground, ready to fight. The demons were aware of the potion and they will not risk it to try and extract their life force of these wolves.

It was the first time the wolves manage to hold an advantage over them. The demons decided to torture them even more than before, even more than they ever had in any battle. Now is the chance to show these wolves the physical strength they possess and take over their kingdom forever. They will never leave this dimension. This will be their second home.

All the demons snarled and charged at the castle.

Alexander let out a roar that held the power to shake the ground as his eyes glowed golden and he charged towards the enemy. The others also let out loud growls and followed their king, charging towards their enemy with full force.

The bodies collided everywhere. Snarling and ripping through each other. The wolves aimed for the throat making use of their speed and flexibility. Not letting the demons get a hold of them. The indigo liquid that coated their teeth making the demons grow limp in their hold and then allowed them to tear them apart piece by piece.

The Lycans made effective use of their weapons when the enemy tried to attack from the sky. The liquid coated spears and arrows proving to be a great advantage.


Berenice paced the room feeling agitated. Her heart not allowing her to hide away while her mate fought the battle to save their kind.

I have to go out. I have to help my mate. So what if I do not have my wolf abilities. I can still fight.

She closes her eyes trying to gather all the courage. She has to do this. she can’t sit idly and wait for the fight to be over. She will prove her worth. She will be the Luna Queen these people deserve.

She takes a deep breath and walks out of the room tuning out the voices of protest coming from the women that were present with her. the guards could not stop their Queen as they do not have the authority to do so.

She walked with conviction. Her pace increased and so does her heart beat. She reached the weapon area and picked up the sword that had a little indigo shine to it. The weapon specially prepared using the liquid that held the power to bring down those demons.

She wows to destroy the ones who took away her mother and father from her. The ones who terrorized her kind from many centuries.

She walked out the castle door and looked at the scene in front of her. it was a little hard to see through the fog but she could hear the growling and snarling and could make out the figures colliding with each other. she took one step forward and then another and soon she charged towards the battle field with all her strength.


“The Luna is here.”

A demon came straight at her. her hands trembled and fear took home in her heart but that lasted just for a second. Determination and bravery took over as she fought the cold and faced the enemy head on. The sword beheaded the demon before it could touch a single strand of her hair making its headless body fall down the ground and head land far-away from her.

She stared at the headless body when another demon attacked her. She went ahead ripping away demon after demon.

There were the bodies of the demons lying here and there. The Lycans and wolves clearly dominating the fight. It looked a little too easy and something felt off.

Way too easy

Her eyes searched for her mate in between this chaos.

Alexander stood in the middle of the battle ground analysing all the happenings. The demons were not putting up a fight. They were allowing them to kill them. He knew something was up. The demons are giving them a fake sense of confidence. His father stood right beside him who also understood the plan of their enemy.

The fog settled in as the battle came to a halt and the warriors cheered in victory. The bodies of the demons lying on the ground, scattered like clothes.

“SILENCE!” Alexander roared making all the cheers die. Everyone looked at their King in confusion wondering what got him in a bad mood. They just won the battle like it was a piece of cake. They did not lose even a single life. The King should be celebrating just like them but he looked tensed and angry.

His eyes collided with his mate’s and that made him even more angry.

What is she doing here?

He snarled and was in front of a scared Berenice within a second and shook her shoulders violently.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay inside? You do not have your powers. Do you want to die?” he roared making Berry shrink in herself in fear.

He let go of his mate and looked at the warriors who stared back at him.

“We have been fooled.” He yelled.

“You impressed me, my Alpha.” Came a slow sensuous voice and a woman dressed in black, her eyes red came out from behind a tree. A small smile played on her lips as she looked over at my mate suggestively.

“I knew you won’t disappoint me.” she speaks and walks a little closer to us.

“Fatmagul.” A whisper leaved my mate’s lips and I look at the woman for the first time.

She is Fatmagul.

A rustling sound was heard and we all looked towards the ground only to find the dead remains of the demons crawling closer to each other. It just took a few seconds and all the pieces merged with each other and the entire army of demons came back to life, hovering in the air as if they were never harmed.

“Your Beta was able to finish one of our demons. Do you really think we would not do anything about it?” Fatmagul asks in a mocking tone and lets out a menacing laugh.

A demon made its way to one of the wolves and picked him up by the scruff burying its pointed nails in the wolf’s chest making it howl in immense pain. within a second the wolf’s heart was ripped out from his chest which turned into a frozen piece of ice in the demon’s hand who crushed it immediately and threw the dead body of the wolf on the ground.

It all happened in a span of short time that the situation didn’t even register in anyone’s mind.

One of the wolves turned into her human form and let out agonizing screams as she runs towards the lifeless body on the ground and picks it up on her lap and cries.

“No! please, no! wake up! Evan! You can’t leave me like this!” she screams.

The demon took hold of the crying woman and twisted her neck, snapping it, ending her life.

Alexander’s eyes glowed as anger coursed through his body. He puffed out his chest, his fists clenched on his sides as he let out a terrifying roar that made everyone shrink back in fear. His clothes tear off his body as fur dark black fur sprouted from his body and he took on the ferocious form of his lethal beast. His eyes blown golden, his canines on full display, face contorted in a deadly snarl. A golden glow surrounded his body like a shield.

Berenice takes a step back from her mate as she never saw something so frightening in her whole life. One by one all the Lycans transformed into their beast and the battle began all over again.

Alexander had only one thing in his mind.

Destroy them all!

He leaped on a demon who held two giant wolves by their scruff and buried his fingers in the hollow eyes and ripping the head from the body that turned into black smoke and got dissolved in the air.

Blood scattered as painful screams were heard from all over the ground. The King felt bond after bond breaking telling him about the lives lost.

Fatmagul stared at Berenice with a wicked grin and moved both her hands in a way Berenice couldn’t comprehend. A ball of red smoke was formed and she realized that Fatmagul was performing a spell. She threw that red ball of smoke towards Berry but it got destroyed before it could reach her.

Fatmagul’s face contorted in an angry snarl as Nayanthara stands in front of Berenice in a protective stance.

“You will regret this Nayanthara. you will wish you never came out of your samadhi. (Meaning of samadhi: a state of deep meditative contemplation which leads to higher consciousness)

“You will regret your existence.” Nayanthara said through gritted teeth and a war of spells started between the two women.

Berenice clutched the sword close to her and looked around. Her body started to tremble as the cold became too much for her specially when she did not have her wolf abilities.

“Keep attacking the demons! The serum can keep them down until the King reaches them!” Nayanthara screamed which as heard by everyone.

It was the only option now. Keep the demons down until Alexander finishes them off.

A blood curdling scream was heard and Berenice’s eyes moved in the direction of the sound and she let out a terrified scream when she saw a Lycan’s dead body torn in two pieces on the ground.

No no no! I have to stop this!

Berenice raised the sword high and let out a loud war cry and ran towards the demons who surrounded a wolf. Her sword pierced right through one demon’s back and she pulled the sword in upward direction ripping open its upper part. Alexander’s frightening Lycan appeared in front of her as he tore away the demon finishing him off.

“Stay away from the frozen dead bodies!” he yells in his deep voice and eyes his mate. He gives her a nod and vanishes.

Her fingers tighten around her sword and she runs wildly on the battleground ripping the demons apart.

She did not see the approaching demon from behind her. She turns around and her eyes widen at the incoming attack. Before the demon could reach her a spear was thrown at it which impaled itself on the demon and took him away with it. She looks towards the direction where the spear came from and saw a big grey Lycan running towards her.


He takes out the spear from the body of that demon that lay on the ground and continues to attack.

Berenice was tired and her body was giving out. But she held on to whatever strength she had left in her body.

She will fight till her last breath.

She felt a tight hold on her hair and she was suspended up in the air. She cried out in pain, her body thrashing wildly in mid-air. Sharp fingers dug deep into her cheeks as her face was grabbed harshly and she was thrown back down to the ground.

Her body landing hard on the ground as her heads collides with a stone tearing open the skin on her forehead making her dizzy.


“Bleed till you die. Hihihihi”

She was left lying on the ground as her vision blurred and she fought hard not to faint.


Ryder was fighting tooth and claw with these demons. Spearing right through them and putting them down so that Alexander could finish them for good.

He held the spear in his hand and started running. As soon as he was about to throw the spear, he felt immense pain. He looked down and saw a sword impaled in his mid-section. The spear fell down from his hands and he looked up at the face of his attacker and was left shell shocked when he saw Mark with an evil glint in his eyes.

“Y- You?” he stuttered. Mark snickered at him.

“Yes, Beta. It’s me. Shocked that I got my arm and leg back? The demons are far better than you.” he says and pulls out the sword from his mid-section.

“Die, Beta! Charlie was, is and forever will be mine!” he snarled and was about to attack him again with the sword when a body collided with him hard making him fall down on the ground.

A white wolf dripping with and indigo liquid paced around him snarling and growling. It looked like the wolf dived into the container of the liquid.

“Charlie.” A whisper of disbelief left Ryder’s lips seeing his mate in front of him.

The wolf charged towards Mark directly aiming for his throat. Charlie decided not to sit around in the room and take part in the battle.

He dug his canines in Mark’s throat and shook his head violently ending the life of his tormentor who dared to harm his mate. He bit out a chunk of his body and threw it away angrily. His muzzle now painted red. He ran towards his mate and nuzzled his throat, low whines leaving his lips.

“Why did you leave the room, Charlie?” Ryder held the wolf protectively in his arms. The massive Lycan completely covered the body of the little wolf in his arms. Charlie licked his mate’s fur in apology and pointed on his mid-section that was bleeding by his nose.

“It will heal, don’t worry.” The Lycan reassured his distressed mate.

Charlie’s eyes caught the seven members of the council who once planned to take his mate away from him hiding behind the trees with deadly weapons in their hands.

He shook violently in his mate’s arms until he was set free.

He charged towards those traitors with full speed and managed to tear away the throats of three of them ending their pathetic lives.

He growled menacingly as the four traitors surrounded him. they lost their ability to shift as their punishment and then decided to join their enemies for revenge.

One of them made the first move to attack him but before he could even lift a finger, Berenice sliced his head off his body.

Berenice and Charlie together finished the other three and Charlie wagged his tail looking at his Luna, thanking her for helping him. her whole face was covered in her own blood and she was barely holding on to consciousness. But the thought of her people battling for their life kept her awake.


Fatmagul gave a deadly blow to Nayanthara and threw her off of her. she took in her surroundings and let out an angry scream.

She has had enough.

“DEMONS, IT IS TIME FOR THE FINAL ATTACK!” she announce. The demons that are left disappear from the battlefield.

Fatmagul takes large strides towards the Alpha King and stands before him.

“So eager to die.” Alexander snarls at her. The woman had no fear of the ferocious beast standing in front of her. suddenly, he was surrounded by all the demons.

She gives him a smirk.

“Let’s see who’ll die.” She replies. The demons form a circle around them, revolving around them in a tremendous speed. Fatmagul’s lips moves fast as light as she mutters a spell. She moves her hands upwards as if summoning someone. The demons’ movements cause the winds to move in an undeniable speed.

The demons come to a halt as if frozen into their place in mid-air as twelve swords in the air surrounding the great Alpha King.

Fatmagul points her hands at the swords and then at the Lycan King, playing her final move. The swords landed on Alexander, piercing through his skin. All twelve of them impaled on his chest, as a roar left his mouth.

No one could do anything. They could just stare. Their mouths wide open in disbelief.

“I did not want to kill you but you compelled me to. My Alpha.” She mocks and laughs.

Her menacing laughter echoes in the surrounding as she waits for the life to leave the Alpha King’s body.


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