Come What May

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Chapter 5


I made up my mind to get him warm up to me. But at the moment I needed to talk to my mother about our unfinished conversation. What did she want to tell me about Alexander? I know this man harbors dark secrets. He is a six hundred years old Lycan after all.

I need to know what is stopping him from accepting me. If he says he doesn’t want me, I’ll change it. I’ll show him that I love him enough for the both of us. He’ll know that it feels good to be loved and most of all to be able to love.

I went straight to his office the old woman showed me earlier today. I bumped into someone.

“Hey hey! You alright?” Ryder held me from falling and asked me.

“Yes. I’m so sorry I didn’t see you.” I apologized.

“No worries Luna.” As soon as these words left his lips my head shot up to him and eyes widened. If Alpha comes to know that Ryder knows about us being mates, he will blame me and I don’t know what will happen next.

“H-how do you know?”

“I’m the Royal Beta. I ought to know who my Queen is. Alex told me.”

“He told you that we are mates?” I felt happy.

“Well, yes he did. I know he is not being.... Cooperative right now but he will come around eventually. Where were you going by the way?”

“To his office. I want to go home to meet my family.”

“What? But you just arrived here. Why do you want to go back so soon?”

“I- I have some important work to do.” I told him, I don’t want him to know the actual reason. He understood that I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

“Well okay! Will you mind joining me afterwards so that I can show you around?” he asked me with a smile on his face.

“Will it not look weird that the Royal Beta is roaming around with a house maid?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

“Whoa! What did you just say? A house maid!” he exclaimed.

“Umm, yeah. He doesn’t want anyone to know that we are mates, so I’ll be staying here as a maid.” I informed him.

“Is he out of his God damn mind? You just wait till his parents find out. They’ll lose their shit.”

“Is he scared of his parents?” I asked. If yes then they can be a lot of help to persuade my scary Alpha mate.

“Scared.... Alexander? He doesn’t even know what that means. But he respects his parents enough to obey their orders.”

“Can I ask you something Ryder?”

“of course! Go ahead.”

“why does he hate me so much?” it hurts me to say that but, truth remains the same. He hates me.

“He doesn’t hate you Luna. It is the very first time that a Lycan has a werewolf mate. He is having a hard time accepting it.”

“Well... if you say so. I think I should go and meet him”

“Do you even know where his office is?” he asked me. I slapped my hand on my forehead. I don’t know where his office is. He laughed and told me that Alpha’s office is on the third floor. That floor is called the Alpha wing. The same wing where his bedroom is. I don’t even know how his bedroom looks like because I was so busy staring at my mate.

How can I not remember how his bedroom looks like? Goddess I’m stupid.

“okay. See you later!” he said his goodbye and I left for my mate’s office with my pounding heart. I was going to talk to him alone. I was literally sweating like a dog.

I stood in front of his office door and took a deep breath. I gathered up all my courage and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” came his reply.

I slowly opened the door and entered. His office was huge. Like, very-very huge. He was sitting on his chair looked annoyed. He definitely got my scent beforehand.

In front of him was a long table and there were so many bundles of files piled up on it. The floor was well tiled and walls and the decoration gives a perfect feeling of a working place. On the left side was a full open window and two chairs and a small table at the balcony. I was so lost in staring his office room that I forgot he is there too.

“Why are you here? What do you want?” he spoke in his deep voice but with an annoyed tone. If this tone can make me weak in the knees than what will happen if he ever spoke to me in a loving tone. That he will for sure. One day!

"I want to go home for a few days."

“For what?” he asked slightly irritated.

“I just want to meet my parents and brothers.” I said, suddenly feeling nervous. I was afraid of him. I felt so vulnerable in his presence.

“Fine you can go. But don’t you dare run your mouth in front anyone over there. If I come to know you told anyone about us being mates then you will face severe consequences.” He said in a low dangerous voice. My eyes widened. He threatened me. My mate just threatened me right now.

“What is wrong with you? what have I done? You cannot treat me like this Alex. I am your mate.” I blurted out feeling annoyed. I suppose all my rationality went out of the window when I spoke these words. No one uses this tone on the Alpha King.

Within a blink of a second I was pinned against a wall with his large hands tightly around my neck. He was choking the life out of me. I writhed around unable to breath.

“You will not speak to me with such disrespect. And it is Alpha to you. You are not allowed to speak my name. Consider yourself lucky that I’m not killing you right now. Get the hell away from me. ” he spoke through gritted teeth and threw me towards the door. I hit the door hard. It hurts. Tears were brimming in my eyes.

I got up, opened the door and ran away from his office, not having the courage to look at his face again. He hurt me! My own mate hurt me! I got inside my room as the painful cries left my lips. My whole body was shaking with fear. It was so easy for him to hurt me. I was alone here. No friends, no family. With all these thoughts in my mind I cried myself to sleep.

When I woke up it was already late in the morning. I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. I cringed when I looked at my reflection in mirror. My eyes were all swollen, my hair were a mess and my neck bruised up. I touched my neck and tears left my eyes. Why did he do this? I never in my deadliest dreams thought that my mate would put his hands on me like that.

I shook my head in an attempt to forget the incidents of yesterday and did my business and got ready. I wore a cream colored knee length dress. I kept my hair open and put them on both sides of my shoulders so that my bruises are not that visible. I left for the kitchen to prepare breakfast and then I would leave for my pack.

I was making pancakes when a man stood beside me and cleared his throat. I gasped and my eyes shot up towards him. I sighed when I saw it was Ryder.

“Jeez! you scared me.” I said to him.

“Ha, sorry for that. Where were you last night? I thought we had a deal that I will show you around our kingdom.”

“I just got busy in some work. ” I spoke up not meeting his eyes. I don’t want him to know that his best friend hurt me. But much to my dismay his eyes were fixed on my neck.

“Did Alex do this?” he asked with a look of disbelief. My head hung low, I couldn’t get myself to answer him. This is so embarrassing. My mate abused me. He was supposed to take care of me.

“Now this... is too much. You come with me. It’s time to put some sense in his brain.” He said dragging me along with him.

“No, no please Ryder stop!” I yelled. He stopped on his track when he saw my scared expression. His eyes softened.

“Hey, It’s okay. don’t be scared. Fine we are not going to meet him okay. You go get ready. We will leave for your pack within an hour. Alpha ordered me to go with you.”

I nodded weakly and went to my room for packing. It took me an hour to pack my things. I didn’t even know for how much time I am going to be there. I met Ryder downstairs at the entrance of the castle. I saw my mate’s car leaving.

“Hurry up Luna!” Ryder called me.

“Yeah, I’m standing right in front of you Ryder. By the way, where is Alpha going?” at my question Ryder tensed up.

“He is visiting a few fellow Lycans, nothing else.” Nothing else huh? That’s why you are so tensed. He really thinks I am a fool. I have to find out what is happening.

After our brief conversation we left for my pack. The car ride was fun. Ryder is a good company to have. He is carefree. I wonder how him and my mate are friends. I mean he is a fun-loving person and my mate is......... Dark and mysterious. But I am happy I got Ryder as a friend now, or more like a brother. After many jokes and jabs at each other we arrived home.

We entered the pack house and I saw Ethan coming our way. As soon as he saw us he practically ran towards us and hugged me.

“Thank God Berry, you are safe! Don’t you dare ever leave without telling me.” Ethan said after breaking our hug. He didn’t even acknowledge Ryder at my side.

“I’m back to meet you.” I giggled.

“Yes, and you are not going anywhere now. Not that place at least.” He said in a serious tone.

“What do you mean Ethan?” I was confused. Why was he behaving like this?

“You know exactly what I mean. You my dear sister are not going back to that place.”

“What? Are you serious right now? You can’t stop me from going back to my mate.” What is wrong with him?

“Mate huh? I know how good a Mate HE can be. That’s why you are back a day after meeting him. You are not going back and that’s final.” Ethan said sternly. He started pulling me inside but Ryder stopped me and pulled me back. They both then had a deadly stare down. Oh boy! this is not good.

"I hope you know that she is the Luna queen now. And you cannot force her to do anything. Listen carefully you pup, if you don’t have a death wish stay out of their personal matters." Ryder threatened.

What the hell? he can't talk to my brother like that!

He called him a pup. Alpha’s don’t take it lightly when someone insults them, no matter their position. Ethan’s eyes were turning golden. Oh god! I need to stop him.

“Berry! Honey you’re back.” She hugged me and showered my face with kisses. Thank god! I love you so much Mother.

“It’s just been a day and you miss me already.” I said trying to make her smile. She did. Then she turned her attention towards Ryder and greeted him.

“Please come in.” she looked at Ethan and put her hand on his chest. She gave him a gentle smile. He calmed down immediately. It is the power of a mother’s touch.

We went to the living room. The pack house was strangely silent today. My father joined us and after hugging me for a good five minutes he sat next to us and everyone started having light conversation.

“Mother, I have to take few clothes from my room so will you please help me.” I said and she understood that I want to talk to her about my mate. She nodded and stood up. We went to my room and I closed my door.

“I need to know what you were going to tell me about my mate.” My Mother sighed.

“Very well. I think you should know about the curse.” I froze. What curse?

“Yes honey, The Curse.” I gulped.

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