Come What May

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Chapter 50- Season 2

“No!” a scream left Berenice’s lips as she sees all the swords impaled on her mate’s chest.

No, this cannot be happening.

My mate cannot die.

Her thoughts going haywire as she runs towards him. She straddles his head on her lap and shakes it frantically.

“Open your eyes!” she screams. She pulls out every single sword that pierced her mate’s body.

“You cannot do this to me. I said open your eyes!” she screams again.

Ethan looked at his sister with tears in his eyes. Jonathan was shifted to the emergency room as he was severely injured and now his sister is about to or already has lost her mate.

Nayanthara came up to her wobbling on her legs.

Everyone’s eyes were wet with tears as they see their King lying limp in their Queen’s arms.


A laugh left Fatmagul’s lips at the scene that played in front of her and Berenice’s eyes snapped in her direction.

“You did this to my mate.” She said with so much anger in her voice that was enough to make anyone whimper and quake by its intensity.

Fatmagul rolled her eyes and did not pay any heed to her.

“Wake up! Wake up!” Berenice cries, shaking her mate again and again.

“I SAID WAKE UP!” she screams. Fatmagul’s laughter adding fuel to the fire that already burns inside her heart.

“I WILL END YOU ALL!” Berenice roars as her eyes glow golden.

“YOU HARMED MY MATE!” she points at Fatmagul who now looked at her with horror. The dried-up blood on Berenice’s face, her golden eyes and the winds blowing her hair gave her a terrifying look.

Nayathara looks at the interaction with a knowing glint in her eyes. She now waits for the right time to make her final move.

Berenice stands on her feet as her clothes are ripped and her body transforms into a massive Lycanthrope. The dark chocolate brown fur adorns her body, her height equals to that of the Royal Beta. Her eyes set on the woman in front of her.

She lets out a loud roar and squeezes the life out Fatmagul’s throat. The demons were getting ready to attack her but were thrown away as soon as their hand made contact with Berenice’s skin. The golden glow that once surround her mate’s body, protecting him from the demons now surrounded hers.

Fatmagul’s face turned blue as she thrashed in the furious Queen’s hold. Berenice releases her hold on the thrashing woman’s neck but only for a second. The giant claws of the furious Lycan Queen hold Fatmagul’s head and twists it. The sound of the breaking of the bone reaches everyone’s ears.

The life left Fatmagul’s body, she did not even get the time to react. Berenice did not stop. Her anger getting out of control. She pulled her head violently from her body, ripping it away pulling the spinal cord along with it. Blood splashing everywhere and tainting the beautiful chocolaty fur.

The skies started changing the color. Lightning strikes as the winds, for the umpteenth time that day, gained speed. A big black hole started to form in the middle of the black sky causing a chaos among the witnesses of this event.

Everyone held on to each other, scared and unaware of the phenomenon happening in front of them.

“My Queen!” Nayanthara screamed so that her voice could be heard over the sound of the lightning.

“This is the door of the other dimension, My Queen. The door which was opened by this wretched Fatmagul. The door showed itself to you after you killed its manipulator. We have to put these demons back, My Queen.” She yells.

Berenice, who still hold the head of the deceased Fatmagul with her spine dangling in air looks at Nayanthara and throws the head away.

“We can save our King.” Nayanthara screams.

“How?” Berenice growls. Her voice making her subjects quake. The anger prevalent in her beastly deep voice.

“We have to make a sacrifice.”

“I will do anything.” She was ready to give away her own life to save her mate’s.

“You have to give up the immortality of your kind.”

Berenice stills at Nayanthara’s words. Her mate’s words echoing in her mind.

During the war if you ever have to choose between our people or us, promise me, you will always choose our people.

She promised her mate that she will put them above anything but she cannot let her mate die. She was in a difficult predicament. Her heart thundered in her chest as fear gripped her entire being. The thought of losing her mate became more real.

“Choose fast Luna or the door will close forever!” Nayanthara screams. She did not know why the Queen was taking so much time in choosing. She is not the type of person who will choose immortality over her own mate.

Nayanthara could not do anything without the Queen’s consent. She needs her to take a decision fast.

“Do it Berry. What will we do of our immortality if we do not have our freedom with us?” Ryder yells.

“Yes, do it Luna. Save our King.” Adam yells.

The wolves howl their approval as the demons try to flee from the place but the black hole restrained them from doing so.

“Yes, My Queen. If we fail to save our King, these demons will rule over our kind forever. Allow me to save our King, please.” Nayanthara pleads.

“I, Berenice Raine, the Luna Queen of all Lycanthropes and Werewolves decide to give away the immortality of our kind in exchange of the life of my mate and Our King, Alexander Kenneth Knight.” Berenice announces.

Nayanthara smiles widely and starts chanting, almost shouting a Mantra.

The lightening strikes on the body of the King who laid in the pool of his own blood from all directions. His body is suspended in the air and it shakes violently. A ball of golden glow leaves the body of all Lycanthropes and werewolves as they feel their body weakening.

The glow gathers in one place and soon a large golden colored sword appears in place of the ball of glow.

The King’s feet touch the ground as his bright golden eyes open. He lets out a loud roar and jumps up to take the sword in his hand.

Another loud roar is emitted from the king’s mouth as he jumps high in the sky slashing through the black hole. Another slash is made by the king making the X symbol over the black hole and gracefully lands back on the ground.

A bright white light exploded from the black hole almost blinding all of them. Everyone crouched down to the ground, covering their eyes

Loud demonic wails were heard as the demons were getting sucked inside the giant bright circle in the sky, throwing these entities back to their own dimension. The sound was so unpleasant it made everyone tremble and cringe in disgust.

The sky was screaming at those demons to return back where they came from.

The king stared at the magical and the most precious golden sword that was formed by his people’s sacrifice. The sword that represents his kinds’ love and respect for him. He looked at the bright circle that was pulling every single demon back to their own dimension. Nayanthara squinted and read the King’s expressions knowing full well what he is thinking.

“My King, this sword is one of it’s kind. It is the key to the door of all dimensions. If you throw it away to the other dimension it will be destroyed. Please, reconsider your actions.” She yelled, hoping he would hear her over all the noise.

As Fatmagul is now dead, this sword was the only thing that connected all the dimensions together. She did not know how Fatmagul did it.

The King looked at her and then at the sword and throws it inside the circle with all his might as it starts to shrink.

Maybe that’s for the best. She thinks.

With one final bang the circle disappears from the sky taking away its bright light as they all submerge in the darkness of the night.

It slowly registers in everyone’s mind that the battle is over and they are free from those demons forever.

They won the battle.

The Alpha King lets out a howl of victory along with the Luna Queen and rest of them follow. It was a chaos after their victory howl as they all ran here and there in search of their loved ones. Their family, hoping to see them alive.

The King and Queen embraced each other, nuzzling into each other, soft whines leaving their mouths. All the tension left their body and mind as they found solace in each other’s arms. It was a sight to see.

Ryder looked on to the mated pair as his own mate fussed in his arms. He put his mate on the ground and the white wolf immediately ran off to somewhere. Ryder’s attention was on his King and Queen as they were about to transform back to their human form. He was in and out of the castle in an instant. He covered his lower region and brought one for Alex and a blanket for Berry.

They both transformed at the same time and Ryder was quick to cover Berenice with the overly large blanket and cover her naked body. He passed on the shorts to Alex and ran away, looking for his mate. He could feel his mate’s emotions through the bond. His mate was sad.

He heard a loud sorrowful howl and followed the voice. His mate was howling in sadness as he pawed over his parents’ dismantled bodies.

Charlie lost his parents in the battle.

He rushed towards his mate who ran towards all their body parts in circles and picked him up in his arms. Charlie bit his hand wanting to be freed from his mate’s hold but Ryder held on to him. He could not let Charlie be in the presence of his parents’ body or what is left of them.

He took Charlie to their rooms as more sorrowful howls were heard. They lost many people in the battle.

“My parents are dead, Ryder!” Charlie wailed in his mate’s arms after he transformed back into his human form. Ryder did not utter a word. He ran his hand on his mate’s back in a comforting manner. He wanted Charlie to cry it out as his own welled up with tears, feeling his mate’s sorrow.

“I could not save them. I am a terrible son. Ryder. I am so terrible.” Ryder just held onto him as he cried and cried.


The war was finally over. Even though they won the war they suffered great loss. All the unmated wolves found their mates as they were under the same roof but many were left mateless as they lost their other half in the battle, many kids were orphaned, many families were destroyed. All the dead bodies were cremated in the presence of the deceased people’s family members.

Savannah was found unconscious beside Grace’s dead body. It turned out that Grace was the one who joined hands with the demons and Savannah came to know about it. Grace wanted the Alpha King to herself. Savannah was severely injured and was admitted immediately. She told that the demons killed her mate in front of her eyes whom she met the same day.

Matthew and Gabriella decided to leave with their daughter as soon as she will be out of danger. they need time away from all this chaos and it will be better for Savannah’s mental health too.

Saraya opened her eyes after two days of the battle. Adam did not leave her side even for a second.

Ethan and Jonathan also found their mates.

Mia, Jon’s mate, took care of him and stayed in the medical wing with him until he recovered.

Emily, Alpha Ethan’s mate was Alpha Maxin’s sister.

It has been fourteen days and the kingdom is still mourning the loss of their people.

Alexander decided to perform Berenice’s coronation ceremony. He already talked to his parents about it and they agreed. The ceremony will be held the next month. He wanted to give his people time to settle down and deal with the aftermath of the war.

Charlie was still coping with his parents’ death. Ryder supported him as much he could. It pained him to see his Charlie in such a condition but he understands the pain of losing one’s parents so he allowed him to grieve. He held him at nights when he cried because of a nightmare. Charlie would breakdown at any time of the day and would thrash in his mate’s arms.

His body was weak because he transformed into his wolf form when he was still healing from the previous attack.

Slowly and gradually he came into terms with his loss and started to get better.

Many people were going through the same turmoil as Charlie.

They suffered a great loss but life does not stop for anyone. It goes on.


One month later

Day of coronation

“Oh my god, I can’t do this!” Berenice panicked and got up from the chair she was seated in and all the make up artists look at her panicked state in amusement.

She was still in her bath robe as her beautiful dress laid on the bed of the guestroom

Berry thought she could do it but today it seems to be too much. She was about to be crowned as the Queen.

The Queen!

This ain’t no joke. She wants to slap herself for losing her shit at such a crucial day but she can’t help it. She is nervous.

All the beauticians left the room and she looked at her mate standing at the door with a mischievous smirk plastered on his face.

“I hear my mate is having cold feet at the moment.” He says and saunters in the room, his eyes fixed on his mate who is clearly naked inside those robes.

It took all of his self control not to tear away the robe from her body and have his way with her.

“Why is my Queen nervous?” he says and pulls her in his embrace. Berenice buried her face in his neck. Her height did increase after she transformed into her Lycan form.

“I don’t know.” She mumbled. Alexander chuckled at her response.

“Don’t be, my queen. Everyone is looking forward for their rightful queen to sit on the throne and run the kingdom by my side. You proved your worth in the war. My brave mate.

You don’t need to be afraid of anything. We all are your family. I will be by your side throughout the ceremony.” He cooed at his mate who looked up at him with her innocent eyes.

“Promise?” she asks with a beautiful pout on her face that he wanted to kiss so bad.

“Promise.” He replies and plants a loving kiss on her lips.

“Now, be a good girl and get ready.” He spanks her butt and walks out of the room before Berry could react.

The beauticians entered the room and giggled at the flushed state of their Luna who held her butt cheek with utter shock written on her face.


Berenice was ready for her coronation ceremony. Only the royals and Berry’s brothers and their mates were present inside the throne room.

They all looked in awe as the divine looking mated pair made their way towards the throne where Kenneth and Victoria stood happily with the crowns of the King and Queen.

Berenice looked like a goddess in the beautiful golden colored gown with a sweetheart neckline and off shoulder. The sparkly patterns increasing its beauty tenfold.

Alexander’s gaze was fixated on Berenice and it held so much love and tenderness, it melted everyone’s heart.

“Are you ready?” Alexander asked his mate as they reached the throne.

“Yes.” A whisper left Berenice’s lips as her hands trembled. His hold on her hand tightened in reassurance and she took a deep breath.

Everything will be fine.

They both sit on the throne together as the crowns are placed on Alexander and Berenice’s head by Kenneth and Victoria respectively. The King and Queen are welcome by loud cheers and applaud. A tear slips Victoria’s eye as she becomes emotional looking at her soon who was smiling from ear to ear looking at his mate.

She felt happy. her son has finally found his happiness. She was taken in a warm embrace of her mate who understood and shared her feeling.

“Our son is starting his own family now.” Kenneth said, his voice thick with the intensity of emotions he was feeling. Victoria nodded her head and looked at her son and daughter in law praying for their eternal happiness.

The king and the newly crowned queen stepped out of the castle gates as their entire kingdom waited for them in excitement. The entire kingdom hollered in happiness at the sight of their rulers.

Berenice was overwhelmed by the love and support showed by these amazing people.

“They are your people, Berry.” Her mate whispered in her ear and gave her a reassuring smile. He caressed her back and gave her a gentle push towards the crowd. It was time for the new queen to address her kingdom.

Everyone became silent when they saw their queen stepping forward. They all waited for her to speak.

Berenice gulped in nervousness when she saw all eyes fixed on her.

“You can do this Berry.” She heard her mate’s gentle and reassuring words and closed her eyes to get herself together.

She opened her eyes and started speaking with her new gathered confidence.

“When I was a little girl, I never thought that I will stand here, in front of you all as your queen. I was just a naïve girl who dreamed of a fairy tale. But now I understand that life is so much more.

Life is not just about the happily ever after. Life is full of surprises. We never know what kind of situation we will be in the next moment. My life taught me about unity, sacrifices, bravery, mutual love between every single person of our kind.

We all have been through so much together. We fought our loved ones together, we mourned for our loss together, we celebrated our victory together.

The love and respect you all displayed for our kingdom overwhelmed me and it made me proud.

I promise that I will be the queen that you all deserve. I will be by your side the way you were by mine.

You sacrificed your immortality to save my mate and I cannot be more thankful for that.

I love you all with all my heart and I will forever be faithful to you all.”

Loud chants of “Long live the queen!” resounded everywhere and Berenice looked at the people with tears in her eyes.

Alexander stood by his mate’s side, silencing everyone.

“This war has taught us many things. But most importantly it taught us the value of the people and relations in our life. We have all lost our loved ones. It is a loss that can never be recovered.

It is time we know how to cherish the people we have in our lives. We live peacefully and let others live peacefully too.

Treat everyone with respect. Don’t take anyone for granted.

Don’t ever disrespect your mate. Now we do not have forever to make up for our mistakes. I have done many wrong deeds and I was lucky enough to get a mate who forgave me for it. We don’t have much time now.

Do not create problems for others mated life the way some people decided to do for our Royal Beta Ryder and his mate Charlie.

Lucky are those who find their mate. Let them love, let them live.

Learn to cherish every single moment of your life.” His voice was loud and firm and was heard by every single one of them. His message loud and clear.

They are not immortals anymore. Life is short. Make the best out of it.

“Long live the king!”

“Long live the queen!” people started chanting.

Alexander raised his fist in the air and roared.


Loud roars of happiness were heard as the entire kingdom celebrated themselves and chanted for themselves.

“Long live the kingdom!”

Long live the kingdom, forever and ever!

Check the wall.

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