Come What May

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Five years later

Berenice rolled over in her soft bed giggling to herself. She cannot wait for Alexander to be back from his trip. Every six months he visits all the packs for inspection. It has been two weeks now and he will return back in a few hours

She laid tangled in the sheets with a dreamy smile on her face remembering the first time she gave herself completely to her mate.

After the coronation ceremony, Alexander lead Berenice in their room. The door was locked so no one could disturb their precious alone time.

Alexander stalked towards his mate who looked up at him with her bright twinkling eyes. She took a step back when he reached her and he took one forward. She did not know why she stepped back. She was just nervous by the way her mate was looking at her.

She was about to take one more step back when Alexander’s hand shot forward, grabbing her arm, stopping her from further moving backwards.

His predatory gaze ran over his mate’s delectable body who was squirming in his hold seemingly breathless. He raised his hand and ran the back of his index finger on her soft cheek.

Berenice’s eyes close on instinct as she leaned into her mate’s touch and a content sigh left her lips. Alexander rounds his arm around her waist and pulls her towards him so that her palms settle over his chest.

He presses a loving kiss on the side of her head and slowly moves forward, peppering kisses over her cheek. He presses a kiss at the corner of her lips making her squeeze her eyes even more tightly.

“Open your eyes Berenice.” He whispers in his mate’s ear which made a shiver run down her spine. She gulps and shakes her head, denying him.

She was trembling because of nervousness. Her heart was about to beat out of her chest. She will crumble if she looked at her mate.

“My Love, open your eyes for me.” she lets out a low whimper at her mate’s request and slowly opens her eyes, tilting her head up so that she could look at her mate’s face.

“Do you trust me?” Alexander asks her. His voice thick with need and want. Berenice nods shyly.

“Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Ye- yes.” Her heart was soaring at the gentle manner her mate was treating her and at the loving endearments he was using to address her.

A soft peck was placed on her forehead and then over the tip of her nose. She was already a panting mess, short breaths leaving her lips as her body hummed in anticipation of her mate’s next move.

With one hand around her waist and one hand on her cheek, he takes her lips into a loving, tender kiss. His lips trace her bottom lip asking for entrance which is granted immediately. Berry’s lips parted, allowing her mate’s tongue to explore the hot caverns of her mouth.

Her tongue participated in a sweet battle with his and lost allowing him to dominate the kiss. The kiss was broken only when it became difficult for both of them to breathe. Both panted for breath, their gaze fixed on each other.

Berry doesn’t know what came over her but she held his face in between the palms of her hands and kissed her mate. Alexander wrapped both his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against him.

She pulled away from the kiss as Alexander moved down to press soft kisses over her jaw and then to her neck. He sucked at the mating mark that made Berry’s legs tremble and a broken moan leave her lips.

“I will take care of you.” he whispers as his hands travel at her back and he slowly unzip her gown making her gasp. She fists at the front of his tuxedo as she gets ready for what is about to come next.

Alex tugs a little at her gown and it falls down on the floor surrounding Berry. His eyes rake over her exposed body and stops at her chest where her long tresses settled, hiding away the beautiful buds from his sight.

He holds her by her forearms and help her step out of the puddle of her dress. Her most intimate part was hidden by a beautiful lacey cloth.

His beautiful mate folds her hands over her chest shying away from his gaze and looked on the floor. She felt nervous to be the only one getting undressed.

His hands leave his mate’s body as he pops open the buttons of his tux, gliding it down his shoulders and throwing it away in a corner. He removes his tie as his mate watches him while biting her lips.

Instead of grabbing his mate back in his arms he gently unfolds her arms from across her chest and pushes back her hair from both her side exposing the beautiful brown buds.

His mate was sporting a full body blush which made him grin. He ran his hands on both sides of her waist which made Berry shiver in delight.

Alex felt himself twitching inside of his pants at the sight of his trembling mate. He picked her up, making her legs wrap around his waist and pushed themselves on the bed, Berry encaged in his arms, underneath him.

He took one of her perky buds in his mouth and started sucking on it while his hand fondled with the other. She arched her back beautifully, releasing a breathy moan. He bit on the brown bud which made Berry hiss. He then licked it to soothe the pain.

He switched to the other bud which was craving for attention and sucked on it to his hearts content. She was a moaning mess beneath him throwing her head to the left and then to the right.

He starts pressing kisses down her abdomen making her breathe heavily. His finger hooked around the lace and removed it off of her quickly.

He held her hands midway when she was about to cover her lower region from his eyes.

A low growl slips past his lips when he sees her glistening core and the air gets saturated with the scent of her arousal. A low whimper leaves her rosy lips when she looks at her mate and finds him licking his lips looking at her core.

His eyes snap in her direction and he hovers over her trembling body placing a wet kiss on her lips.

“My Goddess.” He says which turns Berry’s face beet red.

He buries his face in her neck and nibbles at it leaving beautiful red marks on its wake.

“Ahh!” she yelps when he bites a little roughly on her neck. Alexander’s hands caress her sides, gliding up and down her waist, feeling her soft skin against his rough hands.

Oh, so soft

His instincts were telling him to skip the foreplay and claim his mate in every way possible but he controlled himself. It was his mate’s first time. he will make it special for her. He will worship her body and make her feel loved.

“Ma- mate.” His mate whimpers.

“Say my name, Love.”

“Al- Alexander” she stutters and a rumbling sound came from Alexander hearing his name from his mate’s beautiful lips.

He slammed his lips on his mate’s in a rough hungry kiss. Berry struggled to keep up with his fast pace. He hooks his arms under her knees and leans back, putting her legs over his shoulders and sniffs at her core making her shriek in embarrassment.

He parts her legs feasting on her core with his eyes and them attaching his lips to it, tasting her sweet essence.

Berry jerked up as her mate’s lips devoured her lower region and she let out soft mewls and moans. She buries her fingers in his soft black hair and starts rocking her hips to get more friction.

Alexander’s tongue moved in and out of her making her go crazy. A shriek leaves her lips as she comes hard, her mate’s face buried in between her legs still sucking vigorously.

He pulls away from her core and unzips his pants removing it from his body along with his boxers. His hard length stood proudly in attention. Berry whimpers when she looks at her mate’s length.

Oh god, he is gifted.

He gives his length a few pumps and coats his tip with the already leaking pre-cum and then hover over his now scared out of her wits mate. He pins her hands on either side of her head, interlacing his fingers with hers, staring into his eyes.

“You scared?” he asks softly to which his mate nods affirmatively.

“I will try to be as gentle as possible.” He reassures her and takes her lips into a soft kiss as his manhood nudges at her entrance. He leaves her lips allowing her to breathe and gives feather light kisses on her neck.

He pushes in slowly, tenderly, stopping whenever his mate’s breath hitches or a whine leaves her lips. His hold on her hand tightens as he invades innocent entrance.

A shrill cry leaves Berry’s lips as Alexander breaks the sign of her virtue, taking away her innocence. His lips immediately find hers, swallowing down her moans as he tries to distract her from the pain with the mind numbing kiss.

Tears trickle down her eyes on her rosy cheeks as she adjusts to her mate’s girth inside of her. He is not even fully in and it hurts so much. His length is stretching her out to her limit.

“Breathe, sweetheart. Breathe.” He whispers in her ear as he waits for her to adjust to his length. When her breathing regulates, he slams it in all at once, making her scream and arch her back in agony.

He lets out a groan as her tight entrance was squeezing the life out of him.

“hu- hurts.” She whimpers. He presses soft kisses on her squeezed shut eyes.

She feels full, so full.

“It will be fine, Love. Give it some time.” he groans.

“Relax Berry. You are too tensed.” He tells his mate. The way she was squeezing him, he would come undone without even doing anything.

She soon relaxes and it takes her a few minutes to adjust to his size. When she gets comfortable, she moves her hips a little signalling her mate to continue.

He starts moving in and out of her in slow and rhythmic pattern. Soft mewls leaving her lips and groans leaving his with every single thrust. He lets go of her hands which she immediately rounds around his neck and adjust her legs around his waist.

He hits a certain spot which makes her yelp in pleasure and he knows he found her g spot. He picks up his pace and hits that spot again and again making her a writhing and moaning mess underneath him.

“Ahh ahh” she moans with every single thrust.

“You are perfect.”

“So good for me.”

“My beautiful mate.”

Her body went into overdrive after hearing the praises sent towards her by her mate. His powerful thrust sending her into a wild frenzy. Both of their bodies humming with pleasure.

She is close

Oh, so close

She climaxes with a shrill cry, her mate’s name leaving her lips like a prayer, scratching her mate’s back and arching her own as her eyes rolled back and she experienced the most intense orgasm she ever had.

Her walls tighten around Alexander and within a few thrusts his size increased inside her as he came hard, coating her insides with his seeds.

“Oh God, Berry!” he groans as he empties inside of her. They were locked in that position as he knotted her. She hissed when she tried to move a little and failed. His already massive length has increased inside of her making her walls stretch out of their limit.

“Don’t move, Love.” He instructs her. She lays beneath him without moving. Both of them breathing heavily and gazing at each other lovingly until the knot was released and he pulled out of her slowly making her miss the feeling of fullness inside of her.

She was hit by her heat the next day and her mate took her roughly, taking both of them to new heights of pleasure. He did not forget to wear protection during her heat to avoid getting her pregnant. They both were not ready for a child at that time.

She squeezed her thighs together as she remembers their first time. it was just the start. Since then, it became hard, almost impossible for both of them to keep their hands off of each other.

Now they know why Ryder and Charlie were always at it.

Why it was hard for Adam and Saraya to stay away from each other.

She decides to get up from the bed and prepare a special breakfast for her mate.

She hurriedly gets ready and skips down the stairs and walks towards the kitchen.

All the maids bowed to her and give her a bright smile when they get a whiff of her scent. She smiles shyly at them and pouts when Marry wiggles her eyebrows at her.

She laughs softly when she sees Emily and Noah hiding under the kitchen counter having their favorite chocolate ice cream.

Emily is Adam and Sara’s five years old daughter and Noah is Ryder and Charlie’s three years old son. Yes, Ryder and Charlie’s son. Savannah agreed to be the surrogate mother for their child.

“What are you two doing?” I ask and they both get startled.

“Ow, aunt Berry! You scared us.” Noah whines and she chuckles. Emily hold Noah’s hands and runs away taking the ice cream bowl with her.

Arms wrap around Berry’s waist as she gasps in surprise and her mate buries his face in her neck taking large whiffs of her scent.

He turns her around gently and looks at her with shock written all over his face.

She looks at him with hooded eyes and gives him a shy smile.

“Oh my god.” Alexander whispers and he picks his mate up and spins her around in his arms.

“I am going to be a father!” he says loudly with a face splitting smile on his face.

Yes, she is pregnant at the fine age of twenty seven and she couldn’t be happier.

“WHAT?” came the shrieks of the two mated couples who came running down when they heard Alexander’s happy scream.

“We are going to be parents!” Alexander yells at the top of his lungs.

“Oh my god, congratulations, Luna!” Charlie shrieks along with Sara and they both hug the life out of her.

Ryder gives her a light hug, ruffling her hair and so does Adam.

“We are so happy for you.” Ryder says as tears gather in Berry’s eyes.

“Don’t cry, My love.” Alexander wipes away his mate’s tears and brings his lips down on hers giving her an intense kiss.

He smiled though the kiss because he was so happy. He kneels on the floor and peppers his mate’s stomach with kisses.

His little princess is safe and sound inside her mother’s womb.

The news was shared with the entire kingdom as they all rejoiced for their king and queen. Every day was a festival for them as they awaited the arrival of their daughter.

The daughter who will be called

“Anastasia Rosaline Knight.”

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