Come What May

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Chapter 6

I nodded my head, signalling my mother to continue. I wanted to know everything.

“Alexander Kenneth knight as you know is the great Alpha King ruling all the Lycanthropes and werewolves for more than 3 centuries. He was born with a prophecy.

The prophecy stated-

The mighty king will produce an heir with his beloved, the heir produced with unconditional love and devotion will rule the world for the greatest revolution to take place. The course of time will change, the demons will submit, love will break through all the glass ceilings to make a perfect world.

Everyone knew that Alexander and his mate will produce our protector. Alexander himself is a mighty fighter, no creature could ever beat him. Just imagine how strong his heir would be. As per the prophecy, his mate will be special. Which means you are special Berenice. You just need to find out how.

He waited for his mate for 200 years. Then he gave up. He thought his mate didn’t exist. He believed that the heir could be with any female as the prophecy didn’t mention anything about his mate. He started using women to satisfy his needs. He didn’t care if she is mated or not.

He just needed someone to take out his frustration of not finding his mate. All the women he slept with are Lycans. He always considered us wolves inferior. He couldn’t even think of touching a normal female wolf. He was disgusted by the thought itself. As the anger for not finding his mate grew, he became ruthless. He never showed mercy to anyone. But he was and still is a successful ruler. No one could ever dethrone him.

It was a full moon night and his beast demanded his mate. He was going crazy, his eyes blazed with anger, that night he went on a rampage. Whoever came in his sight was hurt badly. He was headed to the forest when he saw a man, a werewolf decorating the area around a big tree with lights and candles. It was clear that he was doing this to do the mating ritual with his mate under the full moon. Alexander saw red at that moment.

That man possessed something that he didn’t. Blind fury and rage took over him and he slaughtered that man. As soon as he killed him a shrill cry of agony and pain echoed through the forest. The man’s mate came running towards him and was crying uncontrollably, trying to wake him up. But he was long gone. She turned her head towards Alexander who stood frozen in front of her. Her breaths were deep and irregular as if she will take her last breath any minute.

And then it happened. She cursed him.

“You killed my mate in front of my eyes. You took the love of my life away from me. We were going to complete our mating bond today. We were so happy. You destroyed my world in front of me. You are a monster. You won’t get away with this. If I loved my mate truly and unconditionally, if our love was pure, then I curse you that you will face the same loss as I did. You will lose her. It will happen in front of your eyes and you’ll be able to do nothing but watch. You will be as helpless as I am today. You will suffer the loss of your mate. I curse you Alpha Alexander Kenneth Knight, I curse you.”

With that said she fell to the ground next to the lifeless body of her mate and closed her eyes forever. Each word she spoke was full of agony and pain for the loss of her mate and anger and hatred towards the Alpha. From that day Alpha prayed that he never finds his mate and if he does then he will never fall in love with her.”

When my Mother was done telling me about My mate’s past, I was shocked beyond belief. He did not hate me. He was afraid that he would fall in love with me and then I would leave him.

He was protecting himself from the heartbreak, breaking mine in the process. Tears were freely streaming down my face. If he will fall in love with me, I will die. He will never allow me to be close to him. I will never be loved by him. My soulmate, My other half. What have I done to deserve this? We were created for each other but our fate decided to tear us apart even before we had the chance to be with each other.

“Wi-Will the Cu-Curse come true?” I asked my mother.

“No one knows honey. She was not a witch, just a normal werewolf. I can’t say anything.” She started crying, hugging me tightly. I could feel her emotions through the hug. She was scared of losing me. She was sad because she knew her daughter is in pain. That is why my parents were not happy when they found out I am the future Luna queen. How could they be happy when they knew that their daughter might end up dead?

“How do you know so much about him?”

“I am the Luna of this pack honey, I ought to know about our Alpha King.” I nodded my head. It was very difficult to take in all these details about my mate. And how can I forget, he didn’t save himself for me. He has been in a physical relationship with countless of women. The mere thought of my mate touching some other female in that way made my heart clench. Suddenly I felt sleepy. I wanted to sleep all my sorrows away.

“I will go to my room Mom. I want to sleep.”

“Yes honey, go take some rest.” She kissed me good night. As I was going to leave the room, one more question came to my mind.


“Yes honey?”

“How will he control himself this full moon?”

“His beast will control himself because he knows it is the matter of your life.” I nodded in understanding and left.

I went to my room and got under the covers. My head was full of thoughts. Will the curse come true if we love each other? The thought of my mate loving me brought a smile to my face. He is keeping himself away from me so that I don’t die. I am important to him. Unlike normal werewolves, Lycans do not have a second chance.

But will I allow him to torture himself because of a curse no one knows will come true or not? No! He deserves to be loved by his mate and so do I. I won’t let a maybe effective maybe not curse be a barrier between us.

The next day I woke up because of so many noises coming from downstairs. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and went down. My father was standing in the middle of the crowd with a very tensed expression. Ryder looked as if he was thinking hard about something.

“What happened?” As soon as I spoke, all eyes were on me. Then my father spoke up.

“15 members of our pack are dead. They killed them.”

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