Come What May

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Chapter 7

I was sitting in my Father’s cabin with my Parents and Ryder. The air was tense. My eyes went back and forth between them.

“You said they killed 15 people. Who are ‘they’ here?” I asked.

“We don’t know yet princess, but we intend to find out.” My father stated with a grave expression. He was the most effected person with the death of pack members. He is the Alpha after all.

“Honey please! I don’t think we should include her in this mess.” My mother tried to stop him.

“She needs to know Rose. She is going to be the Luna queen. She has to share this load along with the King.” My Mother sighed in defeat. My curiosity was killing me now.

“Tell me Father, please. Ryder say something.”

“Your Father will explain you better, Luna. I think I should give you some privacy. I have to inform The King about this incident.” Ryder then left the office.

“Let’s start talking now.” I waited for my father to explain me what is going on.

“Recently there have been many killings in some of the packs in a very odd manner. The dead bodies were found broken, in pieces. Yes broken, not torn. We found the frozen body parts. It’s like someone froze them inside out and then broke their body.

The killings have been done in all those packs which are not under the King’s protection. There is a total of twenty-three packs that are free from his rule. Nine packs have been attacked. The people from our pack who were killed were visiting one of these packs. This is the reason we signed the peace treaty with your mate. I think the only one who can protect us from these attacks is your mate.”

When my father explained this to me, chills ran down my spine and I could feel Goosebumps all over my body. I couldn’t believe this. I’ve never heard anything like this before. My facial expressions displayed how terrified I was because of this new discovery.

“I’m so sorry honey. I know it’s too much for you to take in. Why don’t you go back to your room and take some rest. I’ll bring your breakfast there and then we can have some mother-daughter quality time together.” My Mother said while hugging me.

“Hey! What about my father-daughter quality time.” My father pouted to which I burst out laughing and then they both joined me.

From the corner of my eyes I saw my father admiring the laughing face of my Mother. He looked at her with so much love and affection.

I wanted this. I’ve always dreamed of a relationship like this with my mate. I don’t see it coming anytime soon. This made my laughter die and unshed tears formed in my eyes.

I have the living, breathing example of a true mate bond, them being my parents and here I am one unlucky girl. Within a day Ken made it clear that he does not want to be associated with me. My parents saw my mood dimming and they pulled me into their embrace. My father lightly kissed my forehead. At least there are people who love me.

Just by spending a day at the castle I realized how much my parents have spoiled me. How much my brothers cared for me. I still have to meet Ethan properly. Where the hell is Jonathan? I haven’t seen Sasha either.

Oh God! I have to do so many things. I have to visit my favorite cherry blossom garden and have to say a proper good bye to the pack kids. A knock on the door broke my train of thoughts and Ryder came in.

“The Alpha wants us back tomorrow at the castle.” He informed us.

“But why? We are safe here. No one is going to harm us here. Please Ryder just a few more days. please, please!” I requested him.

“I’m sorry Luna. But they are Alpha’s orders. We have to leave early morning tomorrow. Please pack your bags and sleep early. Otherwise you will be tired.” I nodded my head. I didn’t want to go back just yet. But I cannot help it.

The moment I met the King my life turned into a roller coaster of unlikely events. First, I came to know my mate doesn’t want me, then about the prophecy related to him and then I get to know that he is cursed and I might die. And now there is some killer roaming around killing innocent wolves.

I cannot help the love part though. I already fell in love with him when I learned about the concept of mates. And when I met him, my feelings intensified.

I will be lying if I said that it doesn’t affect me that my mate has slept with many women, and that he doesn’t consider a normal werewolf suitable for him. I am not enough for my mate. He gave his first time to some other woman. Even thinking about him being with someone else makes my blood boil.

But what else can I expect. He is six hundred years old and an Alpha. A Lycan. His needs are much stronger than any other wolf. I hope that he can control himself now that he found his mate. I know I would not be able to handle my mate sleeping with anyone else. I cannot change the past but I hope it doesn’t happen in future. It will crush my soul if he chose any other woman over me. I will surely die.

The ride was silent. When we reached the castle, Ryder took my bags and kept them in my room. He then left to discuss about the attack with his Alpha. My mate.

That old hag came to my room and stared me down as if I have stolen her money.

“The princess finally decided to come back from her vacation. Listen you pup... I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. I’m in charge here. You have to inform me if you have to go outside the castle. Next time I will report you to the king. Now as you were so busy having a vacation so you don’t know but we have guests in this house. I want a good amount of food prepared for tomorrow. Make something delicious. Alpha King will be there too so don’t spoil anything.”

That woman didn’t even give me chance to speak. She just ordered me and then left.

Oh, you wait until I become your Luna. I’ll show you who Berenice Raine is!

And what guests is she talking about? I will ask Ryder or better I will ask my mate about them. I just want to hear his voice. And I have to do something of this old lady. I’ve never hated anybody. She is the first one. She is bringing out my unknown side.

God! I hate her so much!

Berry, just forget about her. You need to think about how to win your mate over.

I decided to prepare a dish for him. I got know that he often misses his lunch because of the workload. Well, Ryder told me. It’s not like I have a spy on him or something. The point is, I’ll prepare something good for him and I’ll take the food to him myself.

He needs to know how much I care about him and his health and what better way to tell him that other than making his favorite dish? None! So, let’s get started.

But I need to know his favorite dish. Oh god, I don’t know his favorite dish! Ryder! Yes, I should go and ask Ryder about this.

Where is this man? I’ve been searching for him for thirty minutes. urgh!

I was passing by the hallway when I saw him talking to some man. I stood at the corner waiting for them to finish their conversation. I’m a maid, I’m not allowed to interrupt the higher class.

The man left after ten minutes and Ryder turned towards me. He saw me standing there and came towards me.

“Miss me already” he winked. I giggled.

“In your dreams, I wanted to ask you something.”

“By all means, ask away.”

“What is the Alpha’s favorite dish?”

“Nothing particular. Whatever you prepare, it should have a good flavor. And he likes deserts very much.” Oh, my mate has a sweet tooth.

“If you’re planning to make food for him, then forget it, not going to happen.” My eyes widened.

“Why? I want to make some thing good for him.” I whined.

“He is the king Berry. If you prepare something only for him, you’ll be put under investigation.” I nodded and walked away, feeling defeated. I’m his mate, I should be the one preparing his meal. This is not fair.

I decided to sleep early so that I can be fresh and active to prepare the breakfast the next day. When I was adjusting my bed sheet I felt a Sharp pain shoot through my heart. I put my hands over my chest above my heart and was gasping for air. I let a shrill cry of pain. Tears were flowing freely and my face became red.

What is wrong with me?

After two hours, the pain subsided and I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up late. I had to rush to get ready so that I can prepare the food on time. There were 10 more women to help me in the huge kitchen of the castle. The food was mainly non-veg. Just a few vegetarian dishes were there. We all then started to set the dining table. I was satisfied with my table decoration skills.

After 15 minutes everyone started to get seated on the dining table. There were many faces about whom I was unaware of. My mate made his way towards the dining table, a red head woman on his side.

I don’t like her. She was dressed way too inappropriately for breakfast. Where are her clothes? It’s like she wrapped a towel around herself. Her butt cheeks are almost visible and if she pulled her dress a little bit down her breasts will hang out for sure.

She looked beautiful though and I looked as if I was in a train wreck. I felt threatened by her.

My mate pulled out a chair closest to his for her and she sat down. He sat in the middle one. The red head looked at me scowling at her and she glared at me. Great! now I’m on the bad list of his guest. Way to go Berry! Alpha started eating and everyone followed. After 15 minutes the red head clicked her fingers in my direction and called me.

“Listen you, Bring more vegetable soup for me.” I nodded and left for the kitchen. After a minute I came back and served the freshly prepared soup to her. She tasted the soup and suddenly threw the rest to my face. It was burning hot. I screamed. It was painful. My eyes were closed and I was desperately trying to get rid of the soup on my skin.

“It hurts doesn’t it. How dare you try to burn my tongue.” She snarled at me and then threw her glass of water on me.

“I hope it makes you feel better you bitch.”

I was crying uncontrollably now. I was humiliated. The old woman rushed towards me and took me to my room. I couldn’t control the sobs that escaped my lips. She gave me a motherly hug.

“Oh... everything will be alright dear. Let’s get you showered and changed so that you can take some rest.” I sniffled in her embrace and nodded. I was surprised of her behavior. She helped me to the shower and change and then left the room.

I lay in bed, thinking about today’s incident. My mate didn’t even spare a glance towards me. Someone insulted his mate and he didn’t do anything to stop that.

What did I do to deserve this hell? Is he really not concerned about me?

It was six in the evening when Ryder came to meet me.

“How are you Luna?” Ryder asked with pity on his face. He scanned me for any injuries which were not there. But there were angry red marks on my face and neck. I had applied an ointment which has a cooling effect on the burns.

“Please don’t call me Luna.” I said. I’m not their Luna until my mate accepts me.

“How are you Berry?” He didn’t put much of a fight. He knew I was in a foul mood.

“Well, I just got humiliated in front of everybody. I feel amazing.” I replied bitterly. He sighed.

“I’m sorry for what happened today.” He said.

“No, you don’t need to be. It is that red head’s fault. You know what hurts the most? My mate didn’t even stand up for me.”

“Give him time Berry. He will come around.”

“I will talk to him. I want some answers.” I said determined. I’m done taking his shit.



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