Come What May

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Chapter 9

I couldn’t stop crying. He threatened to reject me. Rejection is the most painful thing a wolf can go through. How could he?

All these thoughts were swirling on my mind when I bumped into someone. I stumbled backwards, I was about to fall down as two muscular arms held onto my waist and helped me stand straight. I straightened myself and looked up.

It was a tall man with fair skin. He seemed to be well muscled and a really gorgeous man. Not as good as my mate though.

"I’m so sorry I didn’t see.” I said still sniffling.

“It’s okay hot stuff. I don’t mind. You can bump into me as many times as you want.” He said and leaned into me. I took a step back. He came closer pulled my hair aside and his nose came in contact with the crook of my neck as he took in my scent.

“What are you doing?” I asked highly embarrassed. No other male is supposed to inhale a female’s scent this way apart from her mate.

“You are not a Lycan. And why is Alpha’s scent all over you? Oh, I get it, You’re one of his play toys. I didn’t know he is interested in normal wolves too.” He said smirking.

“You are mistaken. I’m not anyone’s play toy. I’m just a worker here.” I said slightly agitated. These Lycans have no respect for us. They are so prideful.

“Oh,Feisty, I see. You need not be just a worker here hot stuff. You can be so much more.” He says. His voice suddenly turning husky. I know where his thoughts are going. His hands reached out towards my hair but before it can make contact Ryder comes in between and I sigh in relief.

“Hey Xavier, What are you doing here?” Ryder asks completely ignoring the fact that he just stopped him from making contact with me.

“Nothing, just talking with this beautiful girl. Keeping her company.” Xavier winked at me and of course Ryder noticed.

“Well, You are needed downstairs.” Ryder informs him. Xavier just grunts and leaves. Ryder turns towards me and asks.

“What happened here? And why was he standing so close to you?” I smiled a little at this. He’s behaving like a protective elder brother.

“You just sound like Ethan right now.” He smiled at my response.

“Seriously Berry, tell me what happened?”

“I was just coming down when I bumped into him. He then.” I stopped. It was really awkward to talk to Ryder about this.

“He then what Berry?” He asked in a firm tone.

“He then pulled my hair aside and inhaled my scent. He called me Alpha’s play toy and said I can be so much more than a worker.” I spoke up hurriedly. Ryder sighed and ran his fingers across his hair.

“You need to stay away from him. He is bad news. I will also make sure that he doesn’t come near you.”

“Who is he anyway?” I asked.

“The Lycans that stay at a nearby pack are visiting us for a few days. Or maybe months. Xavier and Stella,that red head, are from that pack.”

“Oh, Of course, I will stay away from them. Bloody monsters!” I spat.

“Okay my dear Berry, calm down. Go and rest.” I nodded and left for my room.

I was just lying on my bed thinking about my future. It seems destroyed. The only thing I’ve done since I came here is cry. I feel so lonely. The only reason that my time here is bearable is because of Ryder. He understands me just like a brother.

I was getting home sick. But I couldn’t go back now. I just visited my old pack a few days back. I decided to take a walk so, I got up from the bed went towards the castle gardens.

It is huge and a sight for the sore eyes. The fragrance of the flowers attacking my nostrils. I closed my eyes, wanting to drown myself in the magic of nature.

The spell of nature broke when I heard voices coming from the other side of the garden. I slowly tiptoed towards the direction of the voices the saw Ryder and Xavier.

“I would like to take someone to my pack. For my entertainment of course. When I’ll be done I’ll send her back.”

“You know I don’t allow such things Xavier. Women are no toys.”

“What if she goes willingly?”

“Tell me the name of the girl.” Ryder said firmly, leaving no space for argument. He suddenly looked around sniffing the air.

“It is not a good habit to eavesdrop Berenice. Come out.” He says rather calmly. I come out from behind the pillar my head low.

“She is the girl I was talking about. I would like to take her with me.” Xavier says immediately. My head snaps up and I look towards Ryder, my eyes wide. Ryder tenses up.

Xavier steps towards me and pulls me towards himself by my waist. I start squirming under his hold trying to get away.

“Don’t you want to come with me hot stuff. We’ll have so much fun. I will treat you like a queen.” I start hitting on his chest to get away from him.

Ryder immediately pulls me away from his grasp and stands in front of me in a protective stance.

“You don’t treat females this way around here. It will be in your best interest to keep that in mind.” Ryder snarled at Xavier. This is the first time I saw Ryder so angry. He looked ready to kill. But being the fool that Xavier is, he didn’t back down.

“She is just a maid. You are disrespecting your King’s friend for a pathetic wolf.” Xavier snarled back.

“What is going on here?” a voice interrupted. We all turned towards the source of the voice. Much to my bad luck it was that red head woman whom I so wanted to kill with my bare hands.

“Nothing, my dear Stella. Ryder and I just had a minor disagreement.” Xavier said narrowing his eyes towards us silently telling us to agree.

“What is this useless girl doing here?” The red head, or I should say Stella asked pointing a finger at me.

“I think it’s getting late. We should all head inside. Alpha has called for a meeting tomorrow early in the morning and we don’t want to be late for that.” Ryder said stopping Stella from questioning any further.

Stella huffed and left, Xavier trailing behind her. Ryder turned towards me, an apologetic expression on his face.

“I’m so sorry Berry, you have to deal with all this stuff.” I smiled and held his hands in both my hands.

“It’s okay Ryder. You don’t need to apologize. It’s not your fault. You’re doing your best to protect me. Don’t feel bad, okay.”

He smiled softly and held my right cheek with his hand. He gently kissed my forehead and looked at me with an emotion I’ve seen so many times on Ethan’s and Jon’s face. Adoration and love.

“You’re like a sister I’ve always wanted. I will always protect you Berry. I hope Alex sorts his head out as soon as possible because I can’t see my sister in anymore pain. I promise you, I will rip Xavier into pieces if he ever dares to touch you.” Ryder had a determined look in his eyes. I smiled and nodded. God has sent my savior in form of Ryder, my brother.

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