Blood Vow

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Blood Vow - 1

Where it all began . . .

“Hey, you coming?” Racheal shook my shoulder trying to get me to look up. “Leas? Leas? Earth to Leas?!” Racheal waved her hand in front of my face.

A flash of blood. No eyes? Red . . . eyes?

“Leas!” Racheal shakes me harder.

“Huh?” I groggily look up from staring at my desk.

“Are you okay?” Racheal asks her eyes pinching together in confusion.

“Yeah. Just tired is all.”

“Ok well let’s go.” Racheal hikes her backpack further up on her shoulder before slowing turning.

“Where?” I look around only to see that we’re the only ones left in the classroom along with our physics teacher Mrs. Carson.

“Home. Where else?”


“You sure you’re okay?”

“Never bett...” The words barely leave my mouth before everything goes dark and all I hear is screaming and a deep masculine voice saying, ‘You’re mine.’ Softly yet clearly enough in my mind sending shivers throughout my entire body. Before I knew it I felt more than saw as a giant broad form rushed at me knocking the air from my lungs and sending us both groveling to the ground. I could feel the slick mud and dead leaves underneath me and coating my body as if they were another part to me but I wasn’t fully focused on it.

Where am I?

The man, yes man, that’s it, was pinning me down as I struggled for my next breath due to the weight of his enormous body, heavily suffocating me, holding me to the ground. The mud felt as if it was sucking at me, trying to pull me into it and disappear forever. My hands came up clutching at the mans arms. I clawed and clawed at them desperate not to disappear from something I wasn’t entirely sure of of what was happening.

“Lesley?” Mrs. Carson. I hear her voice. “Lesss . . . ” Mrs. Carson’s voice again. “Her face is going red.”

What? Who’s?

“I don’t think she’s breathing.”


“Shit! Lessss . . . ”

‘Mine!’ The man growls. White teeth, no . . . fangs? flash in the pitch blackness of my thoughts before striking. Pain erupts at the base of my neck so intense that I scream and thrash.

“AH-H-H-H-H!” I scream thrashing in Mrs. Carson’s hands as the pain in my neck intensifies and the feel of his fangs go deeper feeling as if they were on the verge of baring themselves into my soul.

“Oh my god.” Racheal’s eye’s widened as she watched me thrash and scream for my life. “What is happening?”

He pulls back the pain turning into a dull ache and throb. ‘My Queen.’ He smirks the tip of his fangs just visible past his ruby blood stained lips. ‘You’ll never be able to escape me . . . ever again.’

Everything goes black then and my thrashes still and my screams cease as everything goes quiet. My body begins to slump in Mrs. Carson’s arms which were now wrapped tightly around my . . . dead form.

“Call 911.”

· ¬ · ¬ · ¬ · ¬ ·

Ever since I had turned sixteen the dreams of a man. A man where I couldn’t see his face. Where I can’t decipher what it is he wants from me other than the fact that that man - this man - wants me for some odd reason. I can’t see his face nor can I say that I don’t care, because he frightens me.

The only thing that frightened me the most . . . was the way he . . . always chases he and takes me . . . against my will. It frightens me to think that if this man was truly real then I’d . . . I’d hate to think what he’d do to me if I never wake up from these nightmares.

The dream started to get worst the moment I turned seventeen. It was. . . longer in a way. I could actually feel the man when he touched me. When we fought on the ground. When he would dig his fingers into my wrists, pinning me. Even the excruciating pain when his fangs sunk into the base of my neck. I could feel it all, all down to the very last second before I finally woke up.

But during those times when in school I began to see the dream as if it was actually there. . . happening. And trust me when I say I didn’t need it because of all the other crap that went on in school.

One word. Boys.

In high school everyone’s all about sex, dating, studying, partying, getting drunk, and getting somewhere in life. That my friends, is not a good combination.

I don’t understand why people need the negative things in high school - which you know what I mean when I say negative.

I have my fair share when it comes to boys. One in particular. Xavier Miles.

Handsome guy.

We spent six months together as a couple and I was happy, but I guess he wasn’t.

When I refused to have sex with him one Sunday night when he supposedly thought it was okay to sneak into my bedroom - through the window. Guess what? I found him the next day. Not with what, but with who. Marcy Gavins. The school whore.

But that. . . wasn’t even the worst part.

The worst part was where and how.

During my third period class -Chemistry - I went to the girls bathroom.

The most sick part of it was that when I had entered into the bathroom they both looked at me. Xavier actually smirked and continued to fuck her up against the bathroom wall. Not giving a damn that I was watching. Marcy just glared at me then kissed Xavier like it was the most natural thing. Before they could. . . or I could see anything else I bolted. Not home, but back to class. I wasn’t a wimp. I did cry myself to sleep for the next month though so?

Guess I am a wimp.

After that I completely ignored and avoided them.

Who needs a man when you got bigger problems to face.


And mine was staring me directly in the face.

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