Blood Vow

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Blood Vow - 2

Waking to nothing but the feel of drowsiness and pain was like waking up to a major hangover. Not pleasant. Not in the slightest.

Groaning I try to open my eyes, but they feel so heavy. As if they’d been glued shut. Fear that they might be causes me to whimper and movement to stir to my left.

“Lesley?” I soft voice asks coming so close that I swear it was right near my face.


“Mm. . .” I try to say ‘mom’ but the dry, parched, and itchiness of my throat prevents me from further doing so, so it comes out as a moan.

“Oh Lesley baby. Mama’s here.” Mom squeezes my hand lightly in her grasp that I wasn’t aware of her holding. “Let me get the nurse.”

Whimpering I try to squeeze her hand to let her know that I don’t want her to leave me, but I can’t move. Why can’t I move?

“Nurse!?” My mother yells further ahead of me in the room. “My daughter. . . she’s awake! Someone please. Darren! Darren!?”

“Christy?” My father. . . daddy?

“She’s awake!” Christy - my mother - says tugging my father into the hospital room.

“Hunny? You said that last time. . .”

“No I’m sure of it. She moved and moaned when I said her name baby, she,” Mom squeezes my hand tightly. “She. . . I’m sure of it.”

Mom leans down and kisses my forehead lightly. “Lesley? Please. . . please wake up, please.” Mom whispers squeezing my hand again.


Knock. Knock.

The sound comes from somewhere in front of me.

“Hi.” A female voice says and the sound of light footsteps make there way to the right side of me where a cold hand touches my forearm. “You called for me?”

The nurse.

“Yes. She’s awake. . . I’m sure of it.” My mother says stroking her thumb over my hand.

“Well ma’am, the last fourteen times you’ve said that,” I feel the nurse pull something from my arm, “she was still unconscious. Now I assure you she’s,” the prick of a needle is shoved in my arm, “not awak. . .”

“Mmmmmmmm!” I cry out with tightly closed lips and a slightly arched back.

“She’s awake! Seeee!” My mother leans in close kissing my cheek. “I’m here.”

The needle is removed and the nurse steps back.

“I’ll be right back with the doctor.”

After that heavy footsteps are heard thundering out of the hospital room and down the hall.

Whimpering I can feel the pain in my arm where the needle punctured my skin as well as the hot tears leaking out of the corner of my eyes.

“Darren hunny,” Mom looks to dad, “she’s in pain.”

“Well of course she is the nurse punctured her vein wrong somehow.” Darren moves to the other side of the bed and bunches the blanket against the wound in the crook of my elbow stopping the flow of blood, but doing little to help with the pain.

The pressure my dad uses though intensifies the pain, causing me to try and jerk my arm free but dad holds tight.

“No baby.” Darren squeezes. “There’s a lot of blood. You need to stay still.”

“I’m suing that nurse.” Mom mumbles watching as the doctor, followed by the nurse from before, enter the room.

“I here she’s awake and Ms. Cassidy here made a slight mistake with the needle.” The doctor - male definently from the sound of ‘his’ voice - closes in next to Darren. “Mind if I take over?”

Darren doesn’t say a word and just moves the pain lessening for the moment.

The doctor pulls away the blanket and inspects the wound hissing. “I need antiseptic Cass, go now.”

The nurse quickly hurries away.

“She definitely screwed up big time.” The doctor murmurs places the blanket back in its place and resuming the pressure, making me whimper again. “Can you talk at all Lesley?” The doctor asks me.

I try and shake my head ‘no’ but fail at the attempt. “Mnm.”

“Is that a no?” He asks.



The nurse comes rushing in moments later along with the sound of a metal cart on wheels rolling close to my right side. “Here Dr. Hart.”

Dr. Hart removes the blanket.

The moment the warmth of the blanket leaves my arm, the searing pain of liquid on a fuzzy thing - probably a cotton ball - takes its place.

The pain was enough to jar my eyes open and arch my back off the hospital bed.

“Why is this hurting my daughter so much? What are you doing?” My father asks.

“I’m simply cleaning the wound and reinserting the needle. As for why she’s in so much pain? I really can’t answer that ma’am, but I can give her a little something to take the edge off the pain of course once I finish.” Dr. Hart replies.

The tears were immensely pouring out now.

“Oh Lesley!” My mother says leaning into my line of vision. “It’s okay.” Mom places her hands on my chest slowly pushing me back down on the bed.

“I’ll have to insert the IV in the other arm, just to be safe.” Dr. Hart clarifies as he wraps a rubber elastic gauze around my elbow, still containing the cotton ball, before rolling the metal pole with a bag of liquid fluids hanging from the top to my left. With that he sterilizes the needle and inserts it into my vein in my wrist with ease. “There. Quite an afternoon huh?” Dr. Hart smiles at me.

I just stare blankly.

“Okay, well are you thirsty?” Dr. Hart asks.


Nurse fetches the water and comes back as Dr. Hart slowly helps me sit up.

Taking the cup he helps place the tip of the straw in my mouth and I swallow.

“Good. Nice to see you can swallow on your own.” He pulls the cup away handing it back to the nurse. “Can you try and open your mouth?”

With emense difficulty I’m able to open my mouth. “How long?”

“Hm?” Dr. Hart asks followed by many confused gazes from around the room. “What do you. . .”

“How long have I been out?” I simply ask my voice scratchy.

“Oh sweetie,” This time my dad speaks up, “you’ve been in a coma like state for about a month now.”

“W. . . W-what?”

A month?

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