Blood Vow

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Blood Vow - 3

By the time they released me from the hospital they hadn’t figured out what was wrong with me and/or why I fainted like I did.

That’s what I’m telling them I fainted and don’t remember anything.

Why didn’t I tell them what really happened? What I saw? Well because I don’t wanna be sent to a mental institute for the mentally insane because that’s how I feel!

“Lesley? What are you doing?” My mom says coming into my room.

I turn to face her and smile. “Getting ready for school, duh.”

“But Dr. Hart said that. . .”

“Yeah yeah, bed rest, but I don’t need it.” Mom looks at me with a weird look - a look as if she was trying to . . . to study me. What is there to study? “Mom seriously, I’m OK, really.”

“Well, if you feel lightheaded or you feel as if. . .”

“If I’m going to faint, call. I know mom. You’ve told me a million times already.” I walk over and hug her squeezing tightly as if I could reassure her that I’ll be fine, I hope. “I gotta go, Rache should be. . .” The sound of a horn blaring sounds from outside. “here.” I chuckle.

How ironic. . .

“I love yah!” I’m already halfway down the stairs by the time moms chasing after me calling out my name.

“Lesssssleeyyy! Wait I forgot . . .”

“Bye!” I open and shut the front door racing down the front stairs and into Rachelle’s car with my mom tailing me.



Rachelle backs out of the driveway and takes off down the road laughing. “What? She try and stop you?”

“Nah, she just wanted something but I didn’t care to stop and listen?” I swipe out my tube of lip gloss and apply a thin layer to my lips before looking to Rachelle grinning.

“What am I going to do with you?”

Poking her side laughing I wiggle my eyebrows at her, “Love me?”

Rachelle joins in laughing with me as she turns into the school parking lot. “You know I do. Now stop, I’m driving.”

Giggling I lean back in the passengers seat and stare ahead as she pulls into a parking space. “Hey, who’s that?” I point to a guy with black hair that’s standing next to a motorcycle talking to a blonde, Becca Hastings actually. “Ugh, and he’s with her.”

“Well of course. He has a bike, duh Lez. She goes after anyone who’ll boost her rep at this school, even if she has too sleep with him.” Rachelle makes a disgusted look and reaches for her bag while pulling out her key from the ignition.

“Smartass.” I open the car door and step out before leaning down and grabbing my bag from the floor.

“You love it.” Rachelle winks at me and gets out shutting her door and I follow suit.

“Yeah but. . . someone still has eyes for you.” I jerk my head over to where James Kirk sits on a bench staring at his phone but obviously is staring at Rachelle.

Rachelle smirks and shakes her head. “He can keep dreaming.”

I turn to face her linking my arm with hers. “Oh come on. Give him a chance. He’s hot.”

“Nah. Besides. . .” Rachelle looks at the biker guy. “He seems interested in youuuu. Maybe you should go for it.”

“What?” I follow her gaze to where the biker guy stands staring at me. “Oh,” I shake my head, “no.”


“But no.” I finish for her and hurry on to my locker dragging her.

Plus he creeps me out.

I turn my head looking back.

Ugh. . . He’s still staring.

I disappear inside the school.

And he looks to be in his twenties anyway.

I shake the image of him out of my head and head to my locker.




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