Blood Vow

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Blood Vow - 4

“Did you at least see the way he was looking at you?” Rachelle asks following me through the crowded halls.

“Um, should I of?” I ask arching my eyebrows.

Rachelle groans shoving me forward with a huff. “He’s hot and you need to get laid.”

Smiling I shake my head laughing silently. “Seriously, Rache?”

“Seriously,” Rachelle snorts as we close in on my locker, “and Maddie and Hazel are at it again, it seems.”

I groan as I come to a stop in front of Hazel and Maddie seeing them kissing in front of my locker again, and not your normal make out. “You two are seriously asking for it, aren’t you?”

Smirking Maddie licks Hazel’s neck encouraging a giggle from her. “If it gets this babe in my bed, then I’m all for it. Fuck the consequences.”

Hazel moans lightly and tugs Maddie by her shirt closing the distance between them. “Thinking of me naked huh?” Hazel smirks as she leans in and whispers something into Maddie’s ear before nibbling lightly at it.

Eyes widening Maddie says, “Definently worth it.” to no one in particular.

“God you two are insatiable when around each other.” Rachelle speaks up and shoves them away from my locker. “And don’t look now but the principle is making his way down the hall as we speak.” At that both Maddie and Hazel jump apart and huddle around my locker.

One look at me and Hazel pouts. “Okay maybe we do care.”

Laughing I shake my head and reach to open my locker. “Well you should because. . .” I barely get it open before a giant hand, that comes out of nowhere, slams it shut almost catching my hands in the process. “Youu. . .” My insult is cut short when my eyes land on a ruff male - finely built - covered from head to toe in a military uniform.

“Well well well. . . she is alive, and here I thought she was dead.” George says smirking as he leans against the lockers and crosses his arms over his chest drawing attention there.

“And here I thought you had a stick up your ass and that was the reason for not coming sooner.” I step toward him standing as straight as my 5′2 frame allows.

“I do actually but it’s not in my ass. Wanna see?” George closes the distance as a smile spreads across both our faces. He reaches for his waistband and chuckles when my eyes widen. Leaning in he whispers, “Wanna go somewhere private?”

Blushing I shove him back and turn to my locker. “You’re so full of yourself.” I whisper while giggling.

“You like it.” George presses a kiss to the top of my head turning me around and hugs me tightly. “God I’ve missed you.”

Letting go of the tension in my body I wrap my arms around him digging my nails in deep. “I’m just glad you’re home.”

“Me too Lea.”

God it’s so good to have him back.

“Break it up already.” Hazel says.

“Hey I don’t wanna hear it you two. . .”

“Yeah so, come on-nn.” Maddie groans. “We’re already late as it is.”

Rachelle pulls me away. “You to lovebirds can caught up later.”

“Rache you know. . .”

“Yeah yeah.” Rachelle grabs my history textbook and thrusts it into my chest. “Now come on.” and drags me off to our class with Maddie and Hazel tailing behind.

I turn my head to look back at George. “After school?! Same place?!”

“Nothings changed Lea!” George yells back winking.

Biting my bottom lip I smile and turn. Hopefully this day with end sooner rather than later.

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