Blood Vow

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Blood Vow - 5

Sighing I look to the clock watching as the second hand moves its way slowly toward the final minute of the school day. “Come on . . .”

“Lesley?” Rachelle asks waving her hand in front of my eyes.

“What?” I look to her.

“You’ve been staring at the clock for the past five minutes. You okay?” She asks, her eyes full of questions.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Smiling she shrugs. “So, are we hanging out at your place today or what?”

I glance at the clock. “No, not today. George and I have plans. Sorry.” I bounce my leg under the table at a rapid pace.

“Oh . . . So that’s why you’re so eager to get outta here.” Rachelle laughs and shakes her head. “Just ask him out already.”

“Ew, no. He’s more like my brother than anything else.” I gaze down at the wood table. ‘Even though I’ve thought about it and have previously had a crush on him.’

“Ri - ght.” She rolls her eyes. “I believe that ′someone’ had a crush on him a while back. So, ha. He’s never truly been just your brother.”

I gather my things into my backpack. “You’re right, but that doesn’t change things because that was a long time ago.” Standing I look down at her. “Plus, even if I wanted to be more than what I am to him now . . . It wouldn’t work. He’s in the Army and deploys more often than I see him.” I make my way to the door as the bell sounds.

‘Besides, I’m too much of a freak that the thought of a normal relationship of any kind would be redundant.’ I think to myself as I head to the front doors of the school with Rachelle down the hall trying to catch up with me.

“Come on Lesley. You don’t believe that to be true.” She nudges my shoulder with hers.

“He’s just my brother Rache. Lets leave it at that, okay?” Groaning I hike my backpack further up on my shoulder and cross the grassy part on the schools campus headed straight for my car my mom said she left for me at school. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I slide into the drivers seat behind the wheel and toss my bag in the back.

“Okay, well bye.” Rachelle sighs and gets in her silver Miata, her worried expression never wavering. “I worry for you Lez.” She whispers and starts her car and peels out of her parking spot. Honking as she drives past. I follow but instead of turning left like Racheal, I turn right in the same direction as the lake that’s close by.

I know many of my friends care about me and what I do with my life, but sometimes . . . sometimes being alone and keeping secrets to protect yourself are a little more important at times. Especially when it comes to your love life. My love life. I’ll admit that I’m madly in love with George Cromer, but I wouldn’t want to ruin what we have just because I love him. It’d hurt me too much to see him wither away the moment I confess how I feel. I just can’t take the rejection or shame. Better yet, if things don’t work out in the end and I end up loosing him completely, I might just literally break apart . . . no, make that a definite. So, it’s better to keep him at arms reach. Where he’s still in my life and apart of what I know is best - Friends, Brother/Sister, Family.

I concentrate on driving down to the lake, changing lanes to get to the right side of the road and turning on my right turn signal. ‘Almost there.’ I grip the steering wheel tightly as my stomach turns at the feeling that something bad might occur, soon.

‘Why are you in such a rush love?’ The sound of the familiar male voice sends shivers down the length of my spine.

“Shut up and go away.” I reply without even realizing it.

He chuckles. ‘Oh, so she does speak. . .’

The moment I hear his response back I completely freak out slamming on my breaks on the dirt road, “Shit.” and grip my hair in my fists. “He spoke back.” He’s never spoken back to me, not this way.

‘What’s wrong love? You act as if this is our first time speaking.’ He asks.

“This can’t be happening. I’m fucking going insane.”

‘No you’re not. Why would you be going insane love?’

“BECAUSE! It’s either you’re a real person or I’m subconsciously talking to myself without realizing it. AKA insane and it’s most likely that one because people can’t randomly just start . . . mind talking or whatever this is.” I unbuckle my seatbelt and put the car in park. “Just calm down Lez. This isn’t real.”

‘Oh it’s real alright love. Just as real as the steering wheel in front of you.’

“Go away whoever you are.”

‘Let’s be reasonable now. I’m real whether you like it or not.’

Shivering I wrap my arms around myself. “How? How is this possible? Who are you?”

’You know who I am Lesley. Don’t play games now.′

“I . . .” An image flashes across my subconscious. The man in my dreams. “You’re the man from, my dreams.”


“No. No. You’re not real. It’s impossible.” I grip the handle of the door about to open it when my entire body freezes.

“You will not leave this car.” The sound of his voice right next to my ear causes me to scream and jerk my head around only to see nothing.

‘You are not leaving this car, not til you get to your destination. Too dangerous.’

“Maybe you’re the one insane.” I go for the handle again. “I know these woods like the back of my hand and there’s nothing dangerous. . . AH! I’m talking to a man who’s not real. Ugh!” I shake my head and shove the door open.

’Love, get back in the car and stop rambling. You’re fine and for the fifth time I am real!′

I get out and begin pacing the length of my car. “Calm down Lez. It’s not real. He’s not real. There’s no voice magically speaking to . . .”

’Get back in the car love. Don’t make me come and force you into the car.′

My face scrunches up in confusion at his words. “Not real.” I decide to walk the rest of the way to the lake even though it’ll take longer but it’ll give me the chance to clear my head, or try too.

‘Car, now!’

My steps falter at the tone of his voice. “Go away. You’re not . . .”

Just then a cloud of smoke and fire swirls itself around in the shape of a tornado in front of me before caving in on itself and leaving a tall lean man in its place. No, not man . . . creature? “You left me no choice love, you should of listened and gotten back in your car.” Eyes wide I scream and turn racing for my car, only to bump into a solid body that wraps it’s bare arms around me causing my body to freeze up and go still.

“Your real.” The man from my dreams. The man that haunts me in my waking and sleeping hours. The man that’s tortured me mentally throughout my existence and made me think I was going insane. He’s. Oh my god. He’s real.

He smiles. “Just as real as you, my love.”

“How?” Goosebumps form all alone my arms as I shake in fear.

Smiling he reveals a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. “I’ve always been real Lesley. It was your choice whether or not to believe it, but it doesn’t matter whether you believe or not.”

I look at him with a confused expression causing him to lean in. When I go to move my head away I realize how frozen I am. “Why can’t I. . .”

“Sh - hhh.” He grips my hair and pulls my head back. “You’ll be mine soon enough.” The moment his slippery taunt lips make contact with my neck I collapse in his arms breathing heavily. “See your body’s willing to submit to me. So beautiful.”

“But you are not even a man . . . what makes you think I’m yours?” I try to move again, failing.

“Because you my dear Lesley, are my mate and soon to be Queen.”

I should of stayed in the damn car.

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