Lady Capricorn

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Cruel and cold, wild and strong. A beast like you cannot be contained for long. Come with me, my love, and you'll be set free. I promise you eternity. The stars are the all-seeing, the all-knowing, the storytellers in the sky. The stars made the starmen, the celestial beings who created all things living, all things breathing, and in the beginning, they had created the monsters.

Fantasy / Romance
Bealyn Rix
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Imagine a room. A small and narrow room with a tub to the right side closest to the door, an off white shower curtain hanging from its metal rod and everything necessary for a bathroom. This room looks almost normal, except now the lighting is dim, reaching from over the sink as the light from above the room had no bulb. Now the foundation is withering away the more the light flickers. Cracks lie in the walls and ceiling, chipping away with time. The floor? You can’t see the floor as dark murky water now covers it undisturbed, silent. A few bones rest halfway out of the water; a few resembling human skulls while others are rib cages, leg bones, and jaw fragments. Some lily pads with dull white flowers are growing near the already decayed. The water is two and a half feet deep and strangely warm in temperature. How odd. The area near the doorway and the tub are shadowed over making it harder to see. Though, the curtain remains a quarter of the way open, resting beside the bathtub that too is filled with the same murky water.

A disturbance sends ripples into the water along with a flickering blue light coming from the tub, as a creature, almost appearing human, surfaces. Dripping with water, it’s body thin with a pale blue coloration of the skin and pearl white hair that lengthened the entire tub. The creature possesses a young but stunning feminine face with small breasts and thin arms. With her hand, she grips onto the smooth white surface of the tub. Her nails are the color of her hair and stuck out more like claws. Her eyes alienlike, or perhaps resembling a goat, are glistening with a blueish green aurora as if the northern lights are trapped behind her gaze. Starting from the creature’s temples grew two dark horns, at least seven inches in length that crooked slightly down, similar to an ibex. Instead of seeing smooth bone, the horns are covered thickly with almost glasslike scales. In the light, they shimmered like her eyes, a range of blues, purples, and greens.

Reaching over the side of the tub, she dips her other arm into the water before retreating moments later with the jawbone of a crocodile, that had been stripped to the bone, now clutched in her hand. She then pulls herself upright in a sitting posture and takes a piece of her hair by which, using the jawbone, she begins combing it thoroughly. Each of the bone’s long, triangular-shaped teeth slide through the silk like strands with ease. After an hour of this constant combing, the creature places the ‘comb’ back down into the water.

Her body shifts suddenly, revealing soft white fur just below her abdomen and further down on a dark-colored fishtail with the same glass like scales, each shimmering with the colors of her horns. The white fur seems to blend with the colors of the scales as it continued down to her tail fin. Turning around in the tub, she descends into the water through a hole big enough for a small child to pass through where the drain should have been. With one flip of her fin, the creature is gone, moving beneath the water. To wonder where she had gone, you’d have to fallow her in through the hole; deep into the depths of place where no man has ever laid eyes upon and lived to tell the tail.
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