Once Forgotten, Twice Gone

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I am Bella Anastasia Phside. Or at least that's what they told me. Truthfully I'm a forgotten no one, and I don't remember being anything else. I'm not a fairytale princess. I'm not a happy ending and yet I'm every ending to every story. Forced to watch everyone else get their happily ever after. Yet never to receive my own. I am Bella Anastasia Phside. Or at least that's what they told me. I can't remember being anything else. Heres my story, it's not much but its all I have. All I can ever truly call mine, and no one else's. Well, here it goes. Raise your glasses to all the forgotten stranger, to every person with no place, who doesn't belong. For those of us forced it to hide, where everything an auction. Just one, two, three gone.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I stirred awake to blackness. My eyes shut against the world. My mind stirred, waking up more. I caught the scent of cleaners and aspirin. It made me think of wounds, wars, and medicine.

As I slowly came into my body; I heard, to my right, the slow sound of rhythmic beeping. That seemed to keep time with my heartbeat. I tried to flex my muscles or to just open my eyes. Only to find I couldn't even twitch my eyes lids. As if they were weighed down by darkness itself.

I internally sighed, accepting I was currently trapped in the darkness of my own mind.

'Why?' 'Where am I?' I wondered. Thinking back as far, and har as I could. But I just couldn't seem to remember. There was only darkness, a dark empty void where my memories use to be. I didn't know how I knew they should have been there but I did.

I started to panic as I thought of what would become of me if I never could remember. My thoughts snapped back, stopping mid-process. As shock filled my head, and I began to panic more. I could remember the word past but I could understand how I knew it.

'What is a past?' 'What is my past?' 'My name!' I gripped at the thought. 'What is my name?' I searched and searched through the depths of my skull but came up blank. 'Though what is a name?' Even more, panic filled me along with other words I knew but didn't understand how I knew them.

I mentally reached and to grasp for anything, anything at all that I could label, understand. . . 'The beeping noise! Maybe I . . . no. Shit! I don't know . . . I can't remember. . . Anything. Anything, who I am or was? Where I am? Why I'm here??? Shit . . . shit . . . Shit!!!

NO!' I took a deep breath. 'I must stop panicking. I.Will.Not.Panic! I will figure this out and I WILL remember.' I swore as determination filled me. Now, focus, whats the beeping noise . . .

Beep . . . Beep . . . Beep . . . Bum-bum . . . Beep . . . Bum-bum . . . Beep. Heartbeat. My heartbeat. It's monitoring my heartbeat. A monitor. Its a type of monitor. I did a minny-internal happy-dance, I've remembered something! Or at least understood it.

My whole body suddenly twitched. Wait. I focused again, and I could feel my fingertips. I could use them! I tried blinking again. I felt my eye-lids shift. Finally after what feels like forever they opened.

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